A nonlegitament idea that no one will ever think is awesome ever.

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  1. What about...... profile views and a list of people that previously viewed it. This can be used to maybe talk to those who was interested in your roleplay resume or i dont freakin know. Just do it.
  2. Oh please no. This should not be a thing. I have anxiety, and if I'm poking at your profile or accidentally click on it because touch screens, and you messaged me about it, I'd be freaked out so hard. Privacy people. It's a thing! And the fact this may encourage random pms makes this even less appealing of a thought.
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  3. *Slaps the idea way*



    I poke around too much. Although, at the same time, it'd be hella interesting to see who the fuck is stalking me.
  4. One of the previous sites I RP-ed in have this feature... I second Joker's statement, the last sentence to be more specific. :P
  5. No thanks, I like to be able to stalk people without them knowing it. :bitelip:
  6. Well, it could be tied down by your current privacy settings. You'd only show up in the list by name if you have "Show Where I've Been" checked, or something like that.
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  7. good idea!
  8. What this guys said.
  9. I'm fairly certain we had this when I started on iwaku. It's a pretty pointless feature. I don't particularly care if it comes back or stays away, but I will probably set up those privacy settings if it does come back. A stalker needs some privacy.

    The only knowledge you will have from a profile visitor list is that this specific person has visited your profile. You won't even know if they looked at your roleplay resume or if they were interested in talking to you except if they tell you so themselves. If you want it to see who was interested in your rp resume, then that's impossible, cause that's not information it can give you. As far as you know, they could as well have looked at your blog or your profile posts or checked the roleplays you are in to check your roleplay partners. From the profile visitor list alone, there will be no information on what they looked at, how long they stayed at the profile or if they liked you or not. Contacting your visitors to ask them if they were interested in a roleplay would be like searching for a needle in a haystack, cause people don't just visit profiles cause they're searching for rp or chat partners, and those who do might have realized that you might not be compatible as partners from your resume.

    Those who are interested in roleplaying with you after having looked at your resume are very likely to contact you sooner or later, except if they are extremely shy. But as stated, finding those few who didn't contact you even though they were interested would be like searching for a needle in a haystack, and if they are super shy, they will probably have some privacy settings on anyways, so you might not even see that they have visited you.

    So yeah, a visitor list isn't really that interesting as it don't give you any specifics about why they visited and what they thought of you. o_o
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