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  1. "You can believe in the Devil, but not in a little girl?"-----> Devil's Ruin {post apoc/medium fantasy}
    "This is a war, it would do you well to remember that."-----> The Ultimate Betrayal {high fantasy}
    "It's no longer safe for you to be out...but it's too late for that warning, I think."-----> Working Title: Aliticky's War {high fantasy}
    "It's been years, guys. How much do you think the real world has changed since then?"-----> The Islanders {realistic--or can be used as fantasy/sci-fi}
    "I'm not trying to be, Dad! I don't want to be Dad! I just want you to listen to me."-----> WT: Family RP {realistic--or can be supernatural if asked for}

    Devil's Ruin--The apocalypse has come in the form of the devil being released. It's not exactly a retelling of Revelations, but the devil has been released to walk amongst the living. Not too long after, he takes control of what he hasn't destroyed--though he destroyed most things, what little remains are some parts of North America--and his rule is dictatorial. He controls what remains of the human race and kills those who seek to defy him. There's a secret group, though it is rather small, that is something of a rebellion. They have been doing research in as many abandoned libraries as they can. Most large libraries and schools were destroyed, though, because knowledge is power, but Lucifer is the only being allowed to have any power. Scavenging through wreckage for bits and pieces of knowledge, the group finds themselves able to hide from the devil and his demons. They find weaknesses of demons first and with all the churches destroyed, along with seminary schools, and any other place of religion, it's hard to come across a crucifix or holy water. But there are some things that the demons cannot see through, some materials, such as pure cotton and so long as someone has a sheet of pure cotton or clothes made of pure cotton, they are invisible to the shadow-like things.

    It takes years to come across this though and making pure cotton items isn't easy, neither is finding them, but after more years of scavenging they manage to scrap together enough to make their own clothes and one cotton sheet. At this point, the first leaders and creators of the group have died or been killed off by either one of the four horsemen, the seven deadly sins, or natural causes. [The sins and horsemen being under Lucifer's control] So, the small group elects the strongest to lead and finally, they stumble upon a prophecy. A prophecy about a young girl who can defeat the Devil and end his reign of terror.

    The search begins immediately for most, though there are some in the group who doubt that a child can take down someone so powerful.

    The Ultimate Betrayal--Half-human, half vampire Princess betrays her parent's loyalties, siding with a vampire who has never lied or mislead her the way her parents have. This young princess (only about sixteen) is "The Lord's" apprentice. She has been a secret shadow in his corner and under his mentorship since she was only a child and first questioned why she never met with any other vampires aside from her parents and her quickly fading grandmother. After the reveal happens to both sides as to where the princess stands, the war begins.

    Aliticky's War--Elves of Light have joined an all out war against the creatures of Dark. It is an absolute massacre on the Light Palace's front yard. Quite literally. *Aliticky is under direct attack and their forces are breaking quickly. Light elves weren't meant for war anyways. But with Nataky forces and Lydern militia, it leaves the Dark Palace open to attack.

    Deciding he's a better strategist than his father, the prince of Light Elves disguises himself and wonders through the forest on the outskirts of the battle grounds to get to Nataky. Only to be captured by a Lydern soldier and held hostage for negotiations.

    (*Aliticky is light creature territory.

    Lydern is the Dragon territory.

    Nataky is the territory under the control of Vampires, though it belongs to Dark Elves and is the home of several other Dark creatures as well.)

    The Islanders--Stranded RP basically. I won't go into detail.
    Family RP--Dead parents...no more details. I drained them above.

    So let me know who is interested in what. I can go more in-depth or less as needed.
  2. Might be interested in the Islanders
  3. Devil's Ruin sounds really cool, I would be down for that.
  4. Island one sounds cool. :o
  5. Awesome to hear.
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