A Ninja's Way

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  1. Syaoran sat in an alley behind Ichiraku. He puts his glasses on and starts reading Make Out Paradise.
  2. Rin was walking down the road. She had gotten back from a mission, had reported it back to Lady hokage and was now free to do whatever she pleased. She thought for a moment, maybe some training? Yeah, training would be nice. She decided she would go to a part of a forest. She figured it would faster if she took a short cut; an alley she saw once before that was behind Ichiraku. As she started to walk down the alley she noticed someone; he looked like he was reading something.
  3. Syaoran looked up at Rin. "Damn. Please don't tell Lady Hokage I'm in the village." He puts a bookmark in and closes the book. He fixes his glasses and stands up.
  4. "Why would I say anything to her?" Rin asked him. She looked down at the book in his hand. "I can understand wanting to rest for some time."
  5. He puts a hand out. "Syaoran. Nice to meet you."
  6. "Rin." She replied. She took his hand gently; shaking it a little. She let go, turned away from him and was about to walk away. Rin wasn't very sociable; she usually focused on her training or any mission Lady Hokage gave her. Was that about to change?
  7. "Hey, can you help me with something? Its been a while since I've been here and I don't remember the way to Lady Hokage's." He puts his glasses away.
  8. Rin turned back to face him, "Sure. Just follow me." She said to him. She began to walk out of the alley. "Just keep up. Okay. I'm not going to wait for you." Rin usually did missions on her own; Lady Hokage usually picks her for missions that are hard and only need one person. Sometimes even undercover missions; where she looks like she is in league with bad guys but really isn't.

    (I figured that what the character looked like. It might be interesting having her personality change throughout the RP.)
  9. Syaoran kept up with no problem. "Thanks for the help." Little did Rin know, Syaoran had had plenty of training himself. The Hokage had asked him there for a special mission.
  10. "Not a problem." She answered. She walked down a few streets. She could see the Hokage's place slowly coming closer in the distance.
  11. Syaoran whistles and his faithful wolf companion runs up from the back streets. "I almost forgot. This is Fenris. She's my partner."
  12. Rin looked down at the wolf. Her eyes began to sparkle a bit. She was so cute, Rin thought. She had a weakness for cute and furry things. "Fenris." She said her tone was different. Before she had been blank with not much emotion; this time it sounded like Rin was a little girl fascinated by an animal that she happen to run into during a walk around the town.
  13. Syaoran can't help but laugh. "You look kinda cute right now."
  14. Rin began to blush. "Huh?" She was embarrassed. She turned away; trying to shake what Syaoran said off. "There." She pointed to a building that they were coming to. "That's where the Hokage is." Her tone still gave away her embarrassment.
  15. Syaoran laughs. "Okay, thanks." He walks in with Fenris by his side. When Tsunade sees him she nods. "What have you found out?" "Its true. They're on the move." Tsunade thinks for a moment. "I need your help again. Form a team, then come see me." Syaoran nods. "Understood."
  16. Rin stood outside of the Hokage's room. For some reason she was waiting for him; unsure of why though. "Cute..." She pouted with another blush. "Hm...whatever." She mumbled to herself. "I'm not cute. I'm a ninja. That's it." She claimed although most actually thought she was. It gave her an advantage when undercover. It was easier to deceive people.
  17. Syaoran walks out, almost running into Rin. "Hey again. Follow me. I need you for my mission."
  18. Rin looked into his eyes, "Me?" She paused, "I don't work well with others." She stated plainly. "I'm more of a solo act...but what is the mission?" Her arms were crossed.
  19. "There's a band of rogue ninja in the land of waves that have been attacking nearby villages. We need to get into their hideout and stop them. I saw in the village roster that your skills would be perfect." He smiles.
  20. "Alright. Fine." She said. "Lead the way then." She watched him smile; Maybe he wasn't so bad to talk to after all.
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