A ninja's curse is a Samuria's blessing

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  1. Name: Winter Song
    Bio: Winter was born among the best of the ninjas her father guarded the palace where their leader lived and her mother retired to raise and care for their new daughter. Winter didn't get to see her father much as he worked a long way from home but, when he came home he taught her how to fight to protect herself in the world they lived. For a long time the world seemed calm and easy as Winter grew into a beautiful woman. At the age of twenty she had black hair that reached her hip and her eyes were blue as the ocean which was rare in that day. Standing at five feet and six inches she held her head high and proud. Her lessons with her father were going well and soon he would arrive home again to see his family. However, this time it would to take Winter to present her to their ruler. Practicing her katana work in the yard her long dress allowed her to move swiftly on her feet. Hearing hoof beats on the dirt she quickly placed the finely made sword into a wooden box and ran to the front to great her father.

    Days later the sound of gravel hit her horses feet as she looked up at the palace that her father had guarded for so many years. "Now what papa." She said nervously as they got closer to the palace."You will show your fighting skills my daughter and help defend and bring honor to your family." He said looking forward at the palace. Smiling shyly she had no clue that in in four years she would be known as the greatest ninja and called to serve for the leader against the samurias.
  2. Name: Taka Hayabusa
    Age: 25
    Appearance: 6', thin but toned build. Dark shaggy hair, slightly unkept, Seen with a loosely fitting gray traditional japanese men's robe, chest usually left open, with a pair of black hakama pants. Two swords are at his waistline, one white, one black, slid to be more across his back then at his side.
    History: Taka was born as a peasant in a Samurai ruled village, where at a young age the children first learned to fight each other with wooden bokken. He was not taken seriously by any of the children, they all came from family of Samurai, while Taka's family was simple farmers. He could not learn any skills from his family, but instead befriended the village's blacksmith, one of the most respected members of the village. He was taught in both the ways of the sword, and the ways to make a sword. By the age of 16, the teen left the village, joining a dojo deep in the mountains. He showed more promise then most of the students, but only after 4 years of training at the dojo, a clan of shinobi snuck into the compound at night, assassinating the defenseless resting sensei. This of course led to the fall of the dojo, and Taka begun wondering from village to village, doing odd jobs for money to live, never having a true home. After 5 years, he'd made a name for himself as a bodyguard for hire, but never staying in one place to long.

    ((I hope that is good enough. Lol))
  3. sitting on the back of her horse Winter watched as she looked across the forest of bambo that grew outside the palace. Her blue eyes had to focus just to see in the sun light. Seeing nothing she yanked her horses reins to move forward watching the hills in front of her ger horse carefully stepped down the slope in front of her. Pulling back on the reins she watched as the birds flew high in the sky over one of the hills. "Something spooked them." She whispered to herself. Dismounting her horse she put her hand on the hilt of her katana as she softly put a toe down followed by her heel she walked along the shoots of bambo quietly. Putting her hands on the shoot she felt for vibrations in the ground but could feel nothing throw the ground. Peaking over the hill into the forest bellow she crouched as she scanned the forest bellow.
  4. A village slowly fell under the horizon, distance put between him and his last contract is always the best bet for a wandering ronin. Cheap wooden sandles carried the weight of the young man as he made his way along the path, the next town his destination. It wasn't long until the dark shaggy haired man would find himself away from the village, and now in the rural landscape that surrounded the flat lands of Japan. The air was still, only the sounds of small critters running through the brush could be heard. That was until the sound of hoofs beat the ground with each step of the lumbering beast, they was distant but not far, causing Taka to stop in his tracks, turning to glance over his shoulder. He seen nothing, and pushed on into the forest of quickly growing bamboo.

    The path led through the thick brush of the bamboo, now the only sounds heard was the dirt under his shoes, and hints of hoof steps. But then they stopped, and with it so did Taka, again looking around his surroundings. The Ronin had two blades at his side, and had the skills to push those blades through nearly anything in his way, but he was always paying attention to his surroundings regardless. He couldn't see anyone, or hear anything at this point...which was almost worse then hearing the horse's hoofs, the calm before the storm one could call it...A soft sigh passed the Samurai's lips, holding his ground among the bamboo forest...He had a feeling he was not alone. Maybe he was being watched...
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