A Night with Ellisiere

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  1. 3 days have passed since you received that letter. It was written on a charcoal black A5 piece of paper, and sent in a crisp white envelope, sealed with a crimson circle of wax emblazoned with a small bird. The letter itself was only 2 lines of writing, however, the word survive has obviously been written in blood - while the rest of the ink has absorbed nicely into the page, the word has instead solidified on top of the paper, and you could probably pick it off like you might a scab if you wanted to. You are all too familiar with the name that signed it, and the crest of the seal.


    The name echoes cruelly in your head. You remember her all too well. A childhood "friend", she was, now a great political enemy. She was the daughter of the baron of the area, and inherited the title when her parents mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. She commands the police force and military of the land, and you have no choice but to attend her party. You know that it's probably just a light humoured game, at heart she isn't such a bad person, simply childish, but that childishness is also a downside. If you don't show yourself there, then she'd probably send someone to hunt you down and torture you until you explained why you didn't go. And then probably torture you some more.

    You arrived at the mansion an hour and a half ago. The huge oak door swung open before you had to alert anyone of your presence, and you found yourself in the main hall, taking shelter from the light evening drizzle that had begun. Ellesiere had gathered 12 people for this halloween party, and you, like everyone else, had come wearing a mask and very elegant attire, as is only fitting for a victorian era noble. Half an hour ago, the ominous thud could be heard as the one door to the outside world locked. The rain had transformed into a torrential downpour by then, and the moon was high in the sky. 15 minutes ago, the body of one of the 12 guests was found lying on a bed in one of the rooms upstairs, by a maid. All in all, there are 24 people in the mansion. 12 servants, the 11 remaining guests, and Ellesiere, who is yet to show herself. The 11 guests and 3 of the servants are gathered in the dining room, discussing what they should do next.
  2. Sinclair quietly sipped at the wine that still remained in his glass as he watched each of his fellow guests argue amongst themselves. He been careful to not drink more than what was originally in this glass due to his paranoia caused by the letter. However, now he felt he would need it to survive listening to the others. Kill a single person in a visible place and the whole town is in a riot. It's quite pathetic, really.

    As he silently whispered insults towards most of the other guests, he began to observe the three that stood out the most to him. His eyes first came to rest on the figure he had identified as mister Felix Alder, the Chief Prosecutor for the state. In the past, the two had come to blows over Sinclair's possible involvement in the executions of several discontent nobles, tainting most interactions between them. However, Daniel could say that he respected Felix to some degree as the minor noble was always able to handle the lower classes and bring 'justice' both to and against them. While Sinclair himself found the idea of justice rather self-righteous, he could certainly give credit to a man willing opening lay stand against his political adversaries. Not that he could beat me of course.

    He moved on to the other two guests who stood out to him. What made them stand out to Daniel was the fact that they were relatively unknown characters in the game of betrayal and secrets. One, a young man by the name of Jimmy John, certainly had a fake enough sounding name and he doubted he would be able to connect any secrets or lies to him. The other, miss Lynette McCarthy, was an unknown not due to anonymity but due to Daniel's own ignorance of her. He had expected her father to arrive and prepared in advance for the man, not the rather pretty daughter. However, Daniel would not let the slip-up ruin his chances to survive as he knew that such pretty faces could hold twisted souls.

    Then again, she's not the only pretty aristocrat who could hold the murder weapon. Your game has only just begun, Ellisiere, and yet you have already made the mistake of trapping your worst possible enemy.
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  3. Felix looked around, repressing a sigh. They had only been there for an hour and a half and someone had killed one of the guests already. It was sickening that someone would actually do that in a group such as this. In any case, they picked the right group. We all hate each other, after all. It seemed as if nobody knew what to do, should they move and risk getting killed or looking suspicious, or should they stay and wait?

    Nearby was Lynnette, who shouldn't have even been there in the first place, and Jimmy John, whom Felix didn't even recognize. Those two must have been new to this entire politician thing, but if they knew Ellisiere...Felix didn't want to think about it.

    Then there was Daniel Sinclair, one of Felix's least favorite people, sitting at the table, sipping his wine like he had nothing better to do.

    Daniel and Felix had known each other for seven or eight years. They were always at odds with each other, what with Daniel being accused of killing his rivals and Felix being one of the more prominent people in the justice system. Felix personally did think that Daniel was a killer and wouldn't be surprised in the least if he was the killer now. Felix could understand why Daniel would kill his rivals, after all, politicians were in a tough job that required winning every time all the time. However, understanding a killers motives did not mean sympethizing with them, or liking them.

    Why did I ever accept Ellisiere's invitation?

    In any case, one person in that building was a murderer, and Felix, as Chief Prosecutor and as a (relatively) normal person who didn't want to get killed, was going to find out who the killer was.

    "Ahem!" Felix said, attempting to get everyone's attention. "I'm going to be investigating the crime scene. If anyone wants to come with me to investigate, they can." Felix walked towards the door, quietly paying attention to who would follow him.
  4. Daniel smirked as it seemed he wouldn't need to make the first move. Then again, it is expected of Felix to head the investigation. It would be bad form if the Chief Prosecutor did not lead us. Finishing up his wine, he set his glass aside before standing as well, "I'll join in the investigation if it means I can go home sooner. I'm quite done with this rather dead party of ours." While he had meant the 'dead' part as a joke, Daniel himself didn't laugh as he preferred not to be arrested on a mere whim. Then again, I am following an officer of the law who most likely hates my guts.
  5. Felix quickly stopped in front of the door that he had just opened to glare at Daniel. "I would prefer that you didn't make jokes during the middle of an investigation, Mr. Sinclair." I'd actually prefer to never hear you talk, Daniel. Again. "In any case, let's go. The crime scene's on the second floor." Felix walked off through the door, knowing that Daniel would follow.
  6. Daniel returned the glare. Don't think I can't think through the lines, Alder, it's not just the off color joke that pissed you off. Maybe I'll just not play follow the leader as well as you want. Stopping before the door, his smirk returned and almost seemed to reach from ear to ear, "Why such the hurry, Mr. Alder? Wouldn't you prefer for us all to stick in groups of three or more so as to prevent further deaths in this game. Then again, perhaps you want things this way so you can kill me and claim it was in self-defense. Is that what you want, Felix, to kill harmless little me?" The accusation came out in a rather deadpan tone, odd given the way Daniel's smirk continued to twist about.
  7. Felix was really starting to get irritated, and maybe a little too angry for his own good. Good grief, I shouldn't be blinded by my anger, but who does this guy think he is, making accusations right out the gate like this? "Excuse me? You're more likely to kill me than I am to kill you. Not only that, if I wanted to kill you, I would not have made a public announcement that said that everyone could come with. On top of that, that would be extremely suspicious, and I'd be more likely to follow you somewhere than to have you follow me, that is, if I wanted to kill you. Which I don't." Okay, I do, but I'm restraining myself.

    "So, if you don't mind, I will be investigating, and I will let you come with me. Oh, and by the way, my name isn't Alder, like the tree, it's Adler, like Irene Adler from the Sherlock Holmes novels." Felix smirked, then turned around and headed towards the stairs.
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  8. "Oh yes, Miss Adler. If I remember correctly, she was the former lover of the King of Bohemia. She was quite a clever woman, outwitting Holmes the way she did," Daniel cupped his chin and began to reminisce on the novels he had read while he followed behind Felix. Actually, it was almost kind of funny that Felix shared a common with Irene as he did seem to share the same spark of intelligence the character did. Daniel would never say it to prosecutor's face of course, as no amount of respect would justify demeaning himself.
  9. Felix nodded along with what Daniel had said. It had been a while since he read Arthur Conan Doyle's books about the eccentric detective Holmes, but he did remember that. He'd have to re-read the books when he got home. If he got home, that is. He had gotten up the stairs and opened the door to the crime scene, not noticing whether or not Daniel was behind him.

    "Well, this isn't as bad as I've seen, but...it's certainly up there," Felix muttered to himself. There were items strewn everywhere, and the victim was lying face down in a pool of blood that hadn't quite dried yet. "Be careful around that blood, Mr. Sinclair." Or fall right in the middle of it. Either way works.

    Felix took out his small notepad and pen and started writing things about the crime scene. "Hey, do you know who this guy was, Mr. Sinclair?"
  10. Lynette Marietta McCarthy Tears glistened in Miss McCarthy's pretty blue eyes as she sat in her seat, anxiously fanning herself and trying to relax. Her breathing was rapid and panicked, and she looked tearfully around at the other guests. Her gaze fell to Felix and Daniel, both of whom the young lady knew by name but not by face. Were they to introduce themselves to her, she would certainly recognize them from listening to her father's talk, but neither did, instead talking amongst themselves before heading off to investigate the crime scene. They didn't offer her a single word of comfort or introduction, and as she watched them walk away, she allowed her head to fall back against the backrest of the chair in which she sat.

    She fought back her tears in silence as the handful of remaining guests meandered around. She could tell that they were all afraid as well, and this fact made her feel uneasy, almost nauseous. Was there nobody who would stand by her as she sat here in her panic? Nobody who would come and offer a young lady some comfort? Perhaps she shouldn't have come, perhaps she should have refused as her sister had done. But no, Lynette hadn't expected any of this, how could she expect that agreeing to attend a party would end in a night of murder and mayhem?

    Finally, one of the other guests, a woman whom Lynette knew to be the Lady Gilbert, wife of the baronet Lord Gilbert, approached with a tissue and a glass of wine. She offered both to the young blonde, smiling nervously. "Miss McCarthy, you really must relax. It will do you no good to be in such a panic," Lady Gilbert said to the young woman, who took the glass with two trembling hands and tentatively bringing it to her lips. She lifted her head to down a single sip, her startling blue eyes shut as she held the liquid in her mouth for a moment before swallowing. Lady Gilbert took the wine and dabbed delicately at the younger woman's face with the tissue.

    "Miss McCarthy," said Lady Gilbert, "you should go and compose yourself."

    "Step out to my own death?" asked Lynette in a weak voice, her thick lashes opening to reveal those bright eyes filled with tears as she shifted her gaze towards the other woman.

    "We're all right here, Lynette, save for the two gentlemen who have made their way upstairs. You'll be safe," reassured Lady Gilbert in a very steady voice. Lynette couldn't help but wonder how it was that the other woman wasn't in as much of a panic as she was - perhaps it was her more mature age and experience that helped her to remain as calm as she was. Letting out a weak sigh, Lynette rose from her chair. Her legs felt weak beneath her, but she made her way towards the staircase to go to the powder room. She firmly grasped the railing as she headed up the stairs. The layout of the house was, she hoped, similar enough to the others she had visited that she would be able to find the powder room with ease. Her hopes were dashed, however, as she pushed open a door only to see Felix and Daniel standing by a pool of deep red blood, in which a body lay motionless. A sharp gasp left Lynette's painted red lips and she quickly whirled away so that her back was to them, her breathing beginning to speed up once again.
  11. "Yes, yes, not my first time around blood, Felix, and no, all I know is that this man was a minor noble and the poor first victim of tonight's case," Daniel turned at the sound of heavy breathing behind them and his eyes found Lynette beginning to hyperventilate. His eyes narrowed as it seemed she would prove an obstacle in their investigation.

    "Miss McCarthy, unless you have business with one of us or relevant information to the case, please return to the dining room so we can work in peace," He made a shooing motion with his hands before turning back to Felix. "I would say we can both agree that the victim put up a struggle based on the damaged environment at least. You wouldn't happen to have some gloves with you, would you, Mr. Adler?"
  12. Felix quickly checked his pockets, to somehow find three gloves in his pocket. Hm. That's odd, I must have left them there from the last time I investigated. What's with the extra glove, though? He looked over to the young Miss McCarthy, who appeared to be panicking.

    "Do you want me to get you a chair, Miss McCarthy?" Seeing as you'll probably stay well out of our way anyway, I might as well act a little bit like a gentleman. Felix took his gloves out of his pocket, and gave one to Daniel.

    "I only have a pair and a half of gloves. You'll have to make do with one." He put the pair of gloves on, and waited for Lynnette to respond.
  13. Daniel sighed as he slipped the single glove on. Working with one hand would make things much more difficult for him, however, he couldn't risk touching the body with his bare hands and leaving false evidence, "This'll be fine, Mr. Adler, though I'll have to use only one hand. Now then, do you have any thoughts on who the killer is?"

    As he waited for an answer, Sinclair began to examine the body without stepping into the blood. From what he could tell, the wounds had certainly been inflicted by a bladed weapon, most likely a knife of some kind as he remembered guests having ceremonial sabers and rapiers taken away before the party began. "Felix, do you believe the killer would have been able to smuggle in a knife of some kind? I doubt a sword would be easy to hide even amongst drunken fools and some of these wounds appear too small for the average sword to inflict."
  14. Lynnette still hadn't responded to his earlier question, so he quickly headed to the next room over to grab a chair for her, sat it down, and went back into the crime scene to investigate with Daniel.

    "It certainly wouldn't be unreasonable for someone to sneak a knife in, and even if they weren't able to sneak one in, they could snatch one from the kitchen if they had to." Felix carefully turned over a few items, and sure enough, there was a small knife hidden under one of the piles of books. He picked it up and turned it over to find a fancy seal on the handle. "This seal isn't Ellisiere's, that's for sure. It's not mine either, if you were curious, and I don't think it's yours. There's blood on it, so I'll assume it's the murder weapon. There's also fingerprints on it. I'll lift them with some tape later." Felix set the knife down on an empty table, utilizing it for holding evidence. He walked over next to Daniel, avoiding the blood, and squatted to look at the wounds on the body.

    "Daniel...I don't think that it was just the victim that put up a fight. Look at the victim's arms and face. It's as if the person they were fighting was desperate at the time, and was scratching them and biting them to get the victim down so they could get their knife out to deal the final blow. The victim seems to have some of the perpetrator's skin under his nails. Based off of all of that, I'd guess that the murderer was about the same height as the victim, who looks to be around...5'8. The murderer stabbed him several times, which is a little unusual. I'm guessing that he or she either really hated the victim, or had the strength to stab this guy multiple times. Do you see anything else that might indicate clues about our killer?" Felix asked.
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  15. Daniel sighed as he surveyed the scene before him. While death wasn't new to him, he still didn't care much for it. Is this really what you wanted in your game, Elli? Sometimes I wonder if any of us knew the real you when we were younger. "With the amount of blood and the fact there was very little time to change outfits, do you think the killer would still have some of the victim's blood on them?"
  16. "It's certainly possible. They'd probaby find a way to cover it up, but it'd still be on them. When we get back to the dining room with Miss McCarthy, we should ask for everyone to take their jackets off. It might narrow down the list of suspects, unless, of course, they're changing right now, when we're investigating." Felix sighed. There didn't seem to be anything else that could give them a clue in the crime scene, and they barely had any clues about the suspect other than that he was around 5'8. Seeing as Felix was 5'7, he was hoping not to find evidence that would make it seem like he killed the victim. Speaking of the victim, they have to have some form of identification somewhere on their person. I should search for that... Felix dug into one of the victim's pockets, and ran into something that felt like a wallet. Well, that's good news. Let's see who this guy is.

    And of course, as he was pulling it out, he accidentally dropped it in the rather large pool of blood around the body. Luckily, none of it got on Daniel or Felix.

    And now I probably look extremely suspicious to Daniel. Great. Felix picked the wallet up out of the blood, hoping, no, praying, that Daniel didn't notice.
  17. Daniel flinched at the smacking sound the wallet had made when it had landed in the blood. Frowning as he glared at Felix, his voice came out rather harshly, "Could you be more careful? I would prefer neither of us to indicted simply because your cock-up caused blood to splash on us."

    Stepping back from the body, Daniel gave it a final look over before turning back to Felix, "Is there anything useful in the wallet?"
  18. Felix slowly opened the wallet to see what was inside. Thank you, blood, for not covering up the inside of this wallet, or our clothes, Felix thought when he saw that the in side was intact.

    "Let's see...this says that the victim is Jacob Smith, age 45. He seems to be a small noble, and new to the job too. No wonder we didn't know him. By the way, Mr. Sinclair," Felix said, looking over at Daniel, "since when do you care about people besides yourself?"
  19. Smith, a peasant name. No wonder I wouldn't see him as a threat. "Yes, I doubt he would have done much in the future at his age, unlike the young ones like us," Daniel muttered out. Shaking his head, he then turned a withering gaze towards Felix, "Don't mistake my concern as affection for you, Mister Adler, I simply do not want to lose someone as useful as you. You're quite the little investigator, no doubt having earned a great deal of experience in your job."
  20. Lynette Marietta McCarthy Lynette remained quiet after the men address her, the first harshly shooing her back to the dining room, but the second kindly fetching her a chair to sit and make sure that she felt alright - she was quite queasy in her stomach, after all, having stumbled upon the sight of so much blood and gore. She quietly sat in the chair, keeping her pretty blonde head turned away from the sight in the room before her.

    "Thank you," Lynette said in a soft voice, addressing Felix. She was quiet, listening to them speak. They identified the victim as Jacob Smith, and she gave a light nod. She had heard her father mention the name only a few times, and from what little she gathered, he was very much a lesser noble in the area, his jurisdiction less than her father's, or Ellisiere's, or pretty much anybody's. She listened a moment longer, thinking back on what her father had said.

    "A baronet," she said quietly towards the men. She would have shifted her gaze towards them, but as they stood in the room surrounded by the blood of Sir Smith, she thought it best not to. "Not a fortnight ago I heard my father mention him over dinner, but only because he's local - he pay a yearly fee to the crown for his title."