A Night with Ellisiere [Murder Mystery]

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    3 days have passed since you received that letter. It was written on a charcoal black A5 piece of paper, and sent in a crisp white envelope, sealed with a crimson circle of wax emblazoned with a small bird. The letter itself was only 2 lines of writing, however, the word survive has obviously been written in blood - while the rest of the ink has absorbed nicely into the page, the word has instead solidified on top of the paper, and you could probably pick it off like you might a scab if you wanted to. You are all too familiar with the name that signed it, and the crest of the seal.


    The name echoes cruelly in your head. You remember her all too well. A childhood "friend", she was, now a great political enemy. She was the daughter of the baron of the area, and inherited the title when her parents mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. She commands the police force and military of the land, and you have no choice but to attend her party. You know that it's probably just a light humoured game, at heart she isn't such a bad person, simply childish, but that childishness is also a downside. If you don't show yourself there, then she'd probably send someone to hunt you down and torture you until you explained why you didn't go. And then probably torture you some more.

    You arrived at the mansion an hour and a half ago. The huge oak door swung open before you had to alert anyone of your presence, and you found yourself in the main hall, taking shelter from the light evening drizzle that had begun. Ellesiere had gathered 12 people for this halloween party, and you, like everyone else, had come wearing a mask and very elegant attire, as is only fitting for a victorian era noble. Half an hour ago, the ominous thud could be heard as the one door to the outside world locked. The rain had transformed into a torrential downpour by then, and the moon was high in the sky. 15 minutes ago, the body of one of the 12 guests was found lying on a bed in one of the rooms upstairs, by a maid. All in all, there are 24 people in the mansion. 12 servants, the 11 remaining guests, and Ellesiere, who is yet to show herself. The 11 guests and 3 of the servants are gathered in the dining room, discussing what they should do next.


    This is a murder mystery RP. Once I feel enough people have assembled to begin, one of my friends shall pick someone at random to be the murderer. I have no say in this decision, as it is possible the murderer may become myself. I also do not want an unfair advantage. Each of you is a highborn victorian of a local court. Each of you has something to gain from the elimination of the other 12 political opponents in the mansion. Only one of us is a murderer.
    The servants and the unused guests are all there for your convenience. Eliminate them as you see fit. The aim of the game is to survive the night without being accused of being the murderer. You should do this by "encountering" a new dead body and framing someone else for it's murder. You could also do this by accusing one of your opponents directly by laying out the evidence infront of you. Whoever is the murderer is not allowed to openly say that they are the murderer, but should they feel fit, they could drop hints if they liked through their actions or what they say. If you wish to speak to someone so that only they can hear you, use PM. Do not write out your character's thought processes in the IC, unless you want people to meta-game and accuse you.
    Anyone may encounter a dead body, so whoever is the murderer must be able to cope with this kind of control. While you need not describe you actually killing them, if someone discovers a body, then the murderer character killed it, not anyone else. There is only one murderer here. Try to be good natured, and don't just keep accusing people based on your OOC differences.

    I don't really care about CS format. An image would be nice. A name is necessary. A backstory and personality is necessary. Everyone must have something in their backstory that gives them the motives necessary to kill a political opponent.
  2. Yes! Murder mystery! Something I can work with! I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there a character limit?

    2. So we basically need twelve people, including you and me, to get this thing started?

    3. Are we allowed not to kill anybody and just try to figure out who the murderer is? Or does every character have to murder someone?

    This seems really interesting, and I really hope you get members!
  3. i'm interested also
  4. Up to 12 people. I doubt that I will actually get 12, so any unfilled characters, both politicians and servants, will be used as NPCs. For now there will be a limit of one character per person, but if by the time I decide to start it then there are left over guest characters, then feel free to claim one of their slots for a second character. You don't have to ever discover a body if you don't want to, I simply detailed the rules regarding that happening incase anyone felt they needed to have someone die to advance the investigation. I will be playing Ellesiere, but anywhere between 5 and 12 people in total is a number I would be willing to start it on.
  5. Alright! I'll do my character profile tomorrow then!
  6. Yaay!
  7. I'll have a character sheet for you within an hour or two.
  8. great! I shalln't be posting Ellesiere's CS until her time to be introduced to the guests comes.
  9. Name: Daniel Sinclair

    Show Spoiler
    Stands at 5'10

    Personality: Ruthless and reserved in most situations, Daniel remains quiet so as not to show his hands to his enemies. Along with this, he is not above allowing innocents to suffer if the benefits given are great enough.

    Backstory: A relative newcomer to the courts, Lord Sinclair rose to power once his grandfather died and his father was skipped over in the line of inheritance. The reason for this strange act was that at the time, the father stood accused of treason and would soon be put to death for his supposed crimes. Due to this and subsequent spying on him, Daniel has made it a point to prove his loyalty by ratting out those would hope to usurp power from both himself and the lords around him. In his endeavors, he has had many men killed along with their families as he knew of how vengeance could later come to haunt him. (Basically, if he suspects, even with just shaky evidence, that you planned to overthrow his liege, he will have you killed or have plans drawn up to do so.)​
  10. Looks good. I bet he becomes a suspect straight away :D
  11. Probably since most people would know about his habits of spying on others.
  12. And probably also because his political enemies had a tendency of disappearing :D
  13. Actually, given what how things will go, that might actually help him since he would prefer not leaving a trace of his presence. Why would he leave even a body to be found?
  14. Name: Felix Adler
    Age: 27
    Job: Chief Prosecutor
    He's around 5'7.
    Personality: Felix is a very childish, immature, and selfish person who doesn't care about how he shows himself around others. Despite this, he rarely jokes around and is fairly serious and extremely formal, which is why he's still in his position of Chief Prosecutor. What he's saying and what he means are usually very dissonant from each other (for example, he'll say "Hello, it's nice to meet you." when he means "I don't like you, but we need to pretend that we do, so go with it.") He's very bossy (which probably comes from being the Chief Prosecutor), and doesn't care about others feelings, unless they're children. Matter of fact, the only people he's nice to, and for the most part gets along with, are children.
    Backstory: Felix was always hanging around kids and childish people when he was younger, which is probably why he acts like a kid as an adult. It's also how he met Ellesiere, but that's a story for another day, really. He was always distant from other people, especially people that were older than him and for the most part, people the same age as him. He never did homework or anything that wouldn't benifit him, because for him, it was too much work. He never liked people who hurt others or bullied them and often protected little kids he ran into on the street from bullies, and was always telling the adults he knew about them and making sure that they got justice served to them. When he got into school, he still protected the little kids, and found out about criminal prosecution, which would allow him to punish the bullies, even as he got older. He had to work with many, many, many different politicians and leaders in the law enforcement system, and the conclusion he made by working with them was that they're bullies too, they just bully much older people and beat them up in a completely different way, which is why he doesn't like politicians. It's less that they're opponents and more like they're jerks who will do anything to get their way. Felix has met everyone at the party before, and knows how much they hurt others, which is why he doesn't get along with most of them. There's one or two that he can stand, but in any case, he knows that he won't exactly enjoy this party.
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  15. Daniel and Felix are either going to be best friends or kill each other.
  16. I have to say, that took me way longer than I expected it to....

    And yes, I get the feeling that they won't like each other from the get-go, and will refuse to work with each other, period.
  17. Let me guess, you couldn't find a picture you liked and the backstory had to be long enough to explain everything?
  18. I found the picture relatively easy, but the backstory and personality took forever, especially since I was trying to figure out if this took place during modern times or Victorian times, and I wasn't quite sure what Felix was going to be like when I started.
  19. @Elemental*Stars Accepted! I'd appreciate it if you could write something about the motives he might have for murdering politicians though.
  20. @Ruko *confused* But he does have a motive....He thinks that politicians are like bullies and that they hurt a lot of people that are defenseless kind of like how bullies are always attacking defenseless little kids (in his opinion). I probably should add that he really doesn't like bullies, though....Was I not being very clear in the bio?