A Night in the Pokemon Tower (OC sign up)

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  1. Plot: Alyssa Robinson and her friends are at a party at her best friend's, Samantha Barlows, house for a sleepover. When playing truth or dare, a dare arises saying Alyssa and two friends must spend a night in the allegedly haunted Pokemon Tower. Now she must survive the haunting and solve the mystery of the Pokemon Tower. Will Alyssa survive? Play this RP to find out!
    Name: Alyssa Robinson
    Age: 16
    Favorite Type: Fighting
    Personalty: A great friend to have, but a terrifying enemy to confront.
    Relationship Status: Single, but has a crush on Samuel Henderson.
    Backstory: She spent most of her life in Kalos, but when she started Middle School, she moved to Shaffron City. She has made many close friends.
    Team: Machamp, Tedursa, Breloom, Lucario, and Ducklett.

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  2. 1. Name: James Derek (JD)

    2. Age: 28

    3. Personality: JD is a very laid back and takes things in his stride.

    4. Background: JD never speaks of his home town so no one knows where he lived before becoming a pokemon trainer. He was 14 when he started his journey with his sneasal. He has been travelling all over the world to see new pokemon and challenge anyone he can find.

    5. Favourite Type: JD hasn’t got a favourite Type but his favourite Pokemon is Weavile

    6. Pokemon Team
    Weavile, Flygon, Aerodactyl Durant, Meinshao, Delphox

    7. An image of the character.


    one small question does the 4 move rule apply, if it does that's ok
  3. I made a pokemon character a while back named Anna! I'm going to post her bio-- and if this is before pokemon tower was closed-- well-- then ignore that little tidbit :p

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