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  1. ((I should preface this by saying that this is an RP between fluffy and I, set in the Star Wars universe. As I am yet unaware of what will occur please do not read if you have an aversion to swearing, romance, bad-assery, aliens, or anything else that would make you angry for what may or may not be a rational reason. If those things are okay with you, please enjoy the following tale of... well I'm not entirely sure yet.))

    "Captain, we are now within Velmor Aerospace and will be docked aboard the nearest Imperial Cruiser within a few minutes."

    Avar quietly acknowledged the pilot as he sat in the cargo hold of another Imperial Shuttle. This wasn't the first time the empire had moved him around to suit their needs, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. He buried his head in a slim glass tablet in his hands, reading the official reports of the planet and it's inhabitants, trying to remember as much as he could.

    It had been only five days prior that they had him stationed on a dig site in the Yavin System, when they sent out orders to hundreds of officers in a huge redistribution. His fists tightened and began to pale at the thought of splitting up the entire team from the dig site and reassigning all of them, deeming them among the 'Transferable Positions' in the Empire.

    Another set back in my work,
    He thought as he clenched his teeth in disgust. I was close to something that time; it was days away at most!

    He kept reassuring himself thus as the ship quietly coasted into it's docking space.
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  2. A large screen lit up with the face of a man dressed in uniform. Standing before it was Cyana Kurn, or Darth Cyana as some called her. The added syllables were important to her; it had a better tune to it than Darth Kurn did. If a name of any kind didn't sound good in a song, then it was no good at all. Nobody dared question her rules.

    "My Lady, the team you requested will be here shortly."

    Cyana cooed satisfyingly, the feathers on her head attempting to perk up beneath her hood. "Let them board. I will meet them on the dock." she replied in her flute-like voice, both hands joining in front of her.

    "Of course."

    The screen turned dark again when the transmission was complete. She turned her back to it, her dark eyes shifting to the direction of two men who stood obediently by a doorway. One was a male Zabrak, the other was a female Twi'lek. The two of them were partners whose abilities went hand in hand. Together, they provided suitable protection for their Sith Lady. They were clad in armor that she designed herself. The Twi'lek's was lighter, the Zabrak's heavier; this easily showed who was the strong one and who was the agile one. Cyana never felt so safe since hiring them.

    "Come along." She made a commanding whistle at them before joining her hands together in the sleeves of her black robe. They followed her past the automatic doors so they could accompany her to the docking bay.
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  3. The whir of engines died down to a low hum as the shuttle coasted into land. With a brief hiss and a pronounced thud, Captain Avar Malark had finally arrived.

    "Welcome to Velmor Captain Malark. A few droids should be here to move your things shortly."

    "Excellent, Make sure they know the metal crates are all to be handled with the utmost care."

    With that the back of the shuttle hissed and whirred, as it slowly opened and lowered itself into a ramp. Avar quickly strapped his vibrosword to his waist and briskly marched off the shuttle and took a look around.

    "Sir, all the crates are metal."

    Captain Malark nodded and then turned his back to the begrudged pilot, taking stock of his new surroundings.
  4. When Cyana reached the entrance to the dock, she was met by a 3D-4X administrative droid who was programmed with a masculine voice and a friendly personality. There were meetings he'd attend to in his Lady's place. He also was a servant of sorts, and backed her up during negotiations. There was a wide variety of uses for him that she often put to use.

    "Threeeee~deee!" she called out to him in a singsong voice, watching him stand aside so she could walk past the doors.

    "Your voice gives me goosebumps, madam!" commented the droid, who was also programmed to compliment her. Within the darkness of her hood, she couldn't resist a smirk; droids couldn't get goosebumps. Nonetheless, the robot made her smile.

    She, her guardians, and her droid showed up to meet the leader of her mission. Compared to the armed beings who protected her, she looked smaller than usual. This woman was not to be trifled with, though. At the snap of two fingers, she could have you gasping for air because an invisible force was crushing down on your windpipe.

    Cyana caught sight of the man she was about to be introduced to. She stayed where she was, fully expecting him to approach her with a greeting like anyone else was expected to.
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  5. Avar absorbed himself in observation of his surroundings as the daily routines of the ship unfurled before him.

    Ships moving in and out in short windows, suggesting squadron rotation on the planet; or perhaps simple ferrying of supplies. Droids seem to be operating as manual labor, not surprising given the location with regards to the Center of the Empire. Little sign of emergency response gear, either a sign of efficiency or one of unpreparedness. Perhaps this ship is new to war? Fresh looking crew from what I can gather.

    During all this, however, he did not realize that his back was turned to his new commander and her entourage.
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  6. Cyana's two bodyguards exchanged glances when they realized the human wasn't acknowledging their Lady's appearance. He looked distracted, however that wasn't a good enough excuse. What could be so tantalizing that he failed to sense her presence?

    Surprisingly, she wasn't yet annoyed. She herself was distracted, taking this as an opportunity to size him up. Cyana was shameless in the way she judged people, taking into account how strong, attractive, and old they looked. Eventually though, her gaze became fiery. She couldn't be expected to keep staring at only his back, after all. The longer she stared, the easier it was to imagine him exploding into thousands of pieces. She could stay patient for only so long...

    "I'm sorry, Captain. Is this a bad time?" Her crooning voice was laced heavily with wryness, ending with a spine tingling sting.
  7. Avar freezes up for a moment, takes a deep breath, and then turns to Darth Cyana. In an instance he realizes that she is not only the commanding officer of the ship, but also a Sith Lord, and quickly decides to pay her the proper respect before anything goes south.

    "Forgive me your ladyship, I was not given anything in the way of specifics of your army or resources; and, as such, I thought it wise to assess the situation here myself." He bows in a precise and calculated motion, as a sign of necessary respect. "I am ashamed to admit Imperial Command did not even tell me who to report to or my exact business here; though I can tell by your very presence that you are certainly the one I am to report to."

    He quickly shoots upright and smirks, "Captain Avar Malark of the Imperial Reclamation Service, at your disposal."
  8. When the man explained herself, she rolled her eyes. Not at him, but at her supposedly professional employees. Though, not all of it was entirely their faults. Cyana liked to brief people, such as this captain before her, personally. The armies she commanded were unique, to say the least, so she found it easier and more meaningful to share that knowledge herself.

    The fact he didn't even know why he was here irked her, though. They couldn't at least fill him in on that?

    Her anger was dismissed for later when he respectfully gave his name to her. The way he bowed told her he had fluid body movement; she liked that. He didn't cower, or stammer when he spoke to her. Now, she could see why he was recommended. She could tell he took his work very seriously. Just the kind of man she needed for this job. There were far too many incompetent candidates lately. How far was she supposed to travel to find a decent person for hire?

    "Walk with me, then. I will tell you what you need to know."
    A hand slipped out from her joined sleeves and beckoned him. They could go someplace more private to talk, plus she had something to show him.

    Her two bodyguards were also given a hand gesture, signaling for them to start for the door so she and Avar could follow. Then, she turned to her droid: "Three-dee, my blueprints?"

    "Right away, madam!"
    The droid hurried away to fetch the item she asked for, then Cyana started for the quarters she was staying in, expecting Avar to walk alongside her. Three-dee would be waiting for them.
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  9. Avar nodded and quickly moved himself next to Cyana, attempting to make sense of her as he did.

    Rather direct, no banter, appeased by a simple bow, it's a good day when I don't have to deal with one of those Sith who take me for someone to bolster their ego. Straight to work with this one.
  10. The Omwati took her time getting them where they needed to be. She was purposely taking the longer route through all the hallways, her guardians eventually stopping their walk so they could be behind them. They weren't aware of their Sith Lady's intentions, so it would be wrong to assume they were leading the way for any reason.

    From time to time, they would be passed by members of her troops. They varied in type; battle droids, aliens, humans, even aliens and humans who were half machine. "I recruit all sorts for my army. A lot of them joined me for my cause, and because they know what I can do. When a soldier is brutally injured to the point of near death, I save them using my technology, whether they're flesh or metal. If they're in no condition to return to the battlefield, even with the repairs I do, I put them to work in my lab. I can find a use for anyone."

    The way her plans operated were different, unlike how most Siths were. Part of it had to do with how physically vulnerable she was. Being accepting of all who swore loyalty to her came with more promise for protection, plus it gained her some alliances. Of course, serving under her came with some strict discipline. Screw ups that could have been easily avoided didn't go unpunished.

    "Tell me, Captain Malark, what you know about velmorite." It was a giveaway as to what his task was going to be, but she was genuinely interested in what he knew, if anything. In addition, Cyana enjoyed intelligent conversation.
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  11. Avar thought for a moment and replied, "A crystalline substance that comes from the planet below. I think it is of some relation to Velmstone, which also comes from the planet, though the precise relation between the two I do not know. I presume it's used for Lightsabers and other force related creations, but beyond that I can't tell you anything about it."

    He quickly makes a mental note to pull up any field reports on the substance when he has a minute to himself.
  12. "Impressive," cooed the Sith Lady, already pleased with what knowledge he had already. They then arrived at the door that would take them to her private quarters. A sensor had to first recognize that it was her; there were some modifications she made to the ships she boarded. There were precious plans and treasures that she often traveled with, so she liked to assure their security.

    Once they were inside, she went over to her administrative droid, who was holding a rolled up paper in his hands. After taking the scroll from Three-dee, she opened it up to reveal detailed plans for a lightsaber powered by velmorite. The blade had a more faint outline to give a representation of what shape the velmorite would give it. It was thin and refined, perfect for someone with a fluid, graceful fighting style. She wasn't designing it for herself. It would be put in the hands of a champion who would fight for her, eventually.

    Turning to Avar, she showed the drawing to him. "This is why you are here, Captain."
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  13. Avar was wordlessly drawn to the scroll and smiled softly, gazing upon the design of it. He congratulated himself on what was an entirely correct series of deductions about a substance he knew virtually nothing about; he had first heard about it earlier on the shuttle from the pilot who gave it a passing mention.

    His congratulations were cut short when he quickly envisioned how light the blade would be. He had seen many a lightsaber built for power and brutality, yet this would be a weapon of finesse and fluidity. Thoughts raced through his head of how the fighting style for such a weapon would be a departure from the lightsaber combat he had seen. His mind over poured with ideas as he stood there, wordlessly gazing.
  14. The Sith Lady was pleased with his reaction. They stood in silence, but it was clear to her that he was impressed with the design. Unsurprisingly, it contributed to her ego. He was a man of somewhat high status, so his approval definitely meant something to her.

    "You like it?" Cyana asked, even though she already knew the answer. She was interested in any comments he might have, though. Like any true inventor and scientist, she was open to new ideas. She was thrilled that she would be able to finally turn this dream into a reality. It opened more possibilities for her army and assassins.
  15. "This is no mere tool of brutality, this is a weapon of finesse and masterful grace. To even attempt to wield it as intended would be an exercise in self control and a massive departure from most Sith forms of combat."

    Avar did not turn to face Cyana as he continued to pour over the scroll.

    "Who designed this?"
  16. Cyana nodded in agreement, even though he wasn't facing her. His eyes were glued to the paper in his hands. The sight of this made her smile, reflecting her appreciation for the way he admired her work. Such a smile was a rare treasure; it was too bad nobody was around to witness it. Not that she minded. The scar across her face made her feel too ugly to leave her hood down anymore. Not even her gift of youthful beauty was enough to let her forget about it.

    "I did," she crooned. Cyana chuckled then, amused that he didn't realize she was the designer.
  17. Avar froze at the sound of her response and quietly put the scroll down; petrified at the thought that he had confused the work of a contemporary Sith with one of some far flung era. He picked himself up and squared his shoulders; attempting to work out an appropriate response as he turned to face her.

    "So then, what exactly is it you need me for? I presume you require this Velmorite for the construction, but I fail to understand why you need me over some grunt who can go in and take it by force."
  18. After he set down the scroll, Three-Dee walked over to the table to pick it up. One of his jobs was to keep his Mistress's belonging's safe. Only he and Cyana knew where some of her best work and treasures were hidden.

    "Because, Captain, I don't hire grunts for my most important projects. I need people who are more experienced and trustworthy, like yourself. I think you'd be very interested in another item I need you to find for me..."

    A beautiful chirp punctuated her words as they went into more of a sultry tune. She loved arts of all forms, including theatrics. Curiously, she wondered if he had any musical talent. He could become her new favorite very quickly if he happened to have a nice singing voice. She had to shift her mind back into business mode, though.

    "I feel like you would enjoy being involved with this sword's creation, even if you're overqualified for this first step. I'll need your archeological skills next, though. I seek the ancient texts on Sith Alchemy. Get them to me, and I will make it worth your while."
  19. Captain Malark was once again shocked, he did not expect the Sith to be so... forthcoming. They were often deceptive and cruel in order to conceal their true plans out of fear of betrayal; but this was something else entirely, as if she wanted to trust him. And for some strange reason, he wanted to go along with the plan, if only to determine whether or not it was a hideous trap.

    "I would be more than happy to help, If only to correct you in your knowledge of the Alchemical. What do I have to work with?"
  20. Cyana was pleased with his answer. She had total faith in the people who recommended him to her, therefore she trusted him fully. Betrayal was nothing she feared, really. Traitors and failures seldom escaped the grip of her Force powers, let alone the goons she hired to hunt and kill for a high price. There was nothing she couldn't have. Needless to say, the woman was haughty.

    "We could learn a lot from each other," she suggested, truly interested in his knowledge. Cyana was drawn to people with big intellects, craving conversation and eager to learn from them.

    "I can provide whatever you need. I've done a lot of preparing for this project. You'll have a team to help you, of course. Droids for the labor, some guards for protection. Make a list of equipment you need and give it to Three-Dee. I have necessary tools for research, as well. When she mentioned her droid's name, he made a friendly wave at the Captain.
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