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  1. (We're going to start in a week or so. Maybe two.)

    SHADOWRUN >noun
    Any movement, action, or series of such made in
    carrying out plans which are illegal or quasilegal.
    -WorldWide WorldWatch, 2050 archive


    Connecting to JackPoint VPN...
    ...Identity Spoofed
    ...Encryption Keys Generated
    ...Connected to Onion Routers
    >>>Enter Passcode: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    ...Biometric Scan Confirmed
    Connected to <ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN>

    "Saving people, hunting things, the family business."-Dean Winchester

    Welcome back to JackPoint, OMAE:
    Your last connection was severed:
    12 hours, 32 minutes, 57 seconds ago.

    Today’s Heads Up:
    > The Gateway to the West is still a popular place. The danger there is still high for a Runner, though. [Tag: Archenemies]
    > Can Superstition really have an effect on mages? [Tag: Step on a Crack]

    > The Religious and Magical organizations can be just as bad to run for as the Corps. [Tag: Run like Hell]
    > Shiawase is like a blood family. And you know what they say: Blood is thicker than water, even when they mix in the streets. [Tag: Family Matters]

    Top News Items:
    > Bomb in Korean Maglev station kills 33, injures 76. Ta Makrinia claims responsibility. Link
    > Shanghai goes under Martial Law due to the increasing number of riots from anti-government protestors. Link
    > CDC, DocWagon, and WHO investigating new Matrix virus that fries the host's brain when connected with Cyberware. Link

    Posted by: Peacekeeper

    -Don't know how closely you all have followed the Cain Winters case, but apparently some info was leaked, and I thought I'd post it here for you all to see, and make your own judgments. This is all the info on Operation Newfallen Snow, which Special Agent Winters was leading.

    • [​IMG]

      Operation: Newfallen Snow Personnel:

      Name: Special Agent Cain Winters

      Background: Special Agent Winters was the leader of Operation: Newfallen Snow. He had previously been involved in several operations. Agent Winters directed the implanted corporate agents, and kept their information on a commlink, which has since gone missing since his death. He was found dead one week ago in a hotel room in Washington FDC, UCAS.

      Status: KIA


      Name: Agent Rachel Kellogg

      Background: Agent Kellogg was the partner of Agent Winters. She graduated at the top of her class from Quantico, and has since been an able member of the Bureau. She has temporarily taken command of Agent Winters's post, and is awaiting promotion to it full time. She is currently focused on recollecting the information lost after the death of Agent Winters.

      Status: In Action


      Name: Doctor Michael Hope

      Background: Doctor Hope studied Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, UCAS. After he finished getting his doctorate in Forensic Anthropology, he immediately rose to prominence on finding the serial killer terrorizing the St. Louis area. He began consulting for various agencies and corporations. He became involved in the operation when he and Doctor Park were handed the Altis Virus and Shiawase papers during the Shiawase incident. (See Document: Exeunt Omnes.)

      Status: Missing, presumed dead.

      Last Known Location: Hong Kong


      Location of her and the bioweapons she carries are priority!
      -Agent Rachel Kellogg, FBI

      Name: Doctor Suyong Park



      Background: Doctor Park is a well known Biochemist who works for the Korean corporation "United Omnidyne-Cross Industries." She developed a cure for several diseases that were spreading through Korea at the time. She currently carries the briefcase containing the Altis Virus, a bioweapon produced by Shiawase Corporation under the guise of Project Arcadia, as well qs several papers containing information on Shiawase projects. She is to be approached with caution and care.

      Status: Missing, presumed dead

      Last Known Location: Hong Kong, believed to be with Doctor Alton.

    • [​IMG]

      Anti-Shadowrunning Office, UCAS DHS


      Case: FBI Special Agent Winters had been found dead in a hotel in Washington, FDC, UCAS. He had been gathering info on several cases for Operation: Newfallen Snow. He had three bullet wounds to the head. Nothing had been taken from the room except for his passport and his commlink. The evidence pointed to a Shadowrunner team of significant skill. A joint team of Knight Errant officers, FBI Agents, and members from our Anti-Shadowrunning Office were able to apprehend the suspects several days later.

      The suspects have been transferred to Knight Errant custody, and are currently awaiting transfer to FBI custody.

    • Operation: Newfallen Snow is an interagency and international operation between the FBI, DHS, NSA, Interpol, and the United Nations to keep the Status Quo between Corps and the people. It involves a network of agents, doctors, businessmen, and other figures in the corporate hierarchy to gather information on suspicious corporate activities that threaten the normal everyday life of Metahumanity.

      The Operation was led by FBI Special Agent Cain Winters and Agent Rachel Kellogg. They gathered together and ran the network of informants inside the corporations, some, as in the case of Doctors Hope and Park were suddenly thrust in. The operation has so far been a success, but with the death of Agent Winters, and the loss of all relevant information, the Operation is currently on hold.

    • 1. As GM, my word is law.
      2. All Iwaku Rules apply.
      3. All Singularity Rules apply.
      4. Please don't be a jerk to other players.
      5. No OoC issues in the IC and Vice Versa. If there is a problem you guys can't talk out, bring it to me.
      6. Put the code "Run like hell, and don't look back." in the other spot along with anything else that goes there.
      7. PM me for anything. I'm always open to questions, comments, criticism, and suggestions.
      8. Be cool as The Fonz. Everybody likes The Fonz.
      9. Have fun.

    • ((No, not that team.))
      Face: Akane Tsunemori @Verite (if you're still up for it. I don't have strict posting times. A few times a week at least.
      Hacker: Major Motoko Kusanagi Me
      Mage: Shaitan @Ringmaster
      Muscle: @Thuro 116 Pendragon
      Infiltrator: Faith Connors @york
      Sniper: James Bond @Cromartie Sarkissian
      Rigger: James Rhodes @Mighty Roman
      Medic: @FireDrake150
      Overwatch: Jesse McCree @CrunchyCHEEZIT

      Note on characters: An Overwatch, Rigger, or Sniper can have supernatural ability so long as they don't outclass the mage. Those roles are called Adepts. For more info on Adepts, PM me. I also have several fandom NPCs coming in. PM me if you are worried that I might take your character as an NPC.


    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish, Jason Abernathy
    Date: 6/25/2076

    Suspect Name:

    Mugshot: (just use a picture)

    Origin: (Canon)



    Crime: First Degree Murder of of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish
    Date: 6/25/2076

    Suspect Name: TY-945(All he'd give upon interrogation. True name is Shaitan.)



    Origin: Star Wars

    Skills/Force Powers.

    Force Powers are listed in order from most powerful to least in his repertoire.

    Force Lightning
    (Dark Side Ability. You can draw upon the Dark Side to unleash deadly bolts of energy)

    Force Heal(Light Side ability. Use the Force to manipulate energy for healing.)

    Affect Mind(You can use the Force to alter a targets perception, as well as plant a telepathic suggestion in a targets mind. Unusable on non-living and psionically shielded/strong willed people.)

    Enhance Ability(You can call on the Force to increase your Dexterity or Strength.)

    Drain Energy(Dark Side ability. You can drain energy from power packs, energy cells and other similar power sources. Used by Darth Vader to absorb Han Solo's blaster bolts in Cloud City)

    Force Grip(Dark Side ability. You can use the Force to injure a single opponent by finding the lines of energy that binds everything and using it to crush an organ or larynx.)

    Telekinesis(Use the Force to grip objects and people with your will and mind.)


    Stealth(You are skilled at avoiding detection, allowing you to slip past foes or strike from an unseen position. This skill covers hiding and moving silently.)

    Intimidate(You can use this skill to frighten your opponents or to get them to act in a way that benefits you. This skill includes verbal threats and displays of prowess.)

    Acrobatic(You can keep your balance while traversing narrow or treacherous surfaces. You can also dive, flip, jump, and roll, avoiding attacks and confusing your opponents.)

    Perception(Your senses allow you to notice fine details and alert you to danger. Perception covers all five senses, including sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.)

    Climb(You are skilled at scaling vertical surfaces, from smooth city walls to rocky cliffs.)

    Escape Artist(Your training allows you to slip bonds and escape from grapples.)

    Sense Motive(You are skilled at detecting falsehoods and true intentions.)

    Sleight of Hand(Your training allows you to pick pockets, draw hidden weapons, and take a variety of actions without being noticed.)

    Survival(You are skilled at surviving in the wild and at navigating in the wilderness. You also excel at following trails and tracks left by others.)

    Swim(You know how to swim and can do so even in stormy water.)

    Demolitions(Use this skill to use explosives to maximum effect.)

    Lightsaber Practitioner(Both classical duelist style as well as the traditional Lightsaber-Pike weapon of the Shadow Guard.)

    Weaknesses: Human, for a given value of human.

    Crime: Murder of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning,

    Other: One energy-blade based weapon, one specialized armored outfit; helmet equipped with heat vision, electromagnetic and UV light sensors as well as binocular vision. No other weapons or items.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish, Jason Abernathy
    Date: 6/25/2076

    There's no way we could ever love someone else, but we want someone to love us
    And even if yesterday went on never changing, we can't go anywhere at all
    You and I

    Suspect Name

    Akane Tsunemori

    Lord in Heaven, where have you gone to? Please, you never respond to me
    Are you still here?



    You'll never walk alone
    I'll go with you
    No matter your sin, I'll shoulder it for you
    I'll walk the unpaved paths
    All alone with you




    Come here
    Touch me, kiss me
    It's okay for you to mess me up even more, you know?
    Everyone will die one day
    If I'm going to be forgotten
    Right now, I'll believe only in something concrete



    - Decently skilled in firearms handling and CQC, enough to defend herself at the very least.

    - Uncanny ability to remain calm even in the most stressful of situations, able to fool even herself with how she might react on the outside. In other words, simply does not crack under pressure once her resolve is gathered.

    - Good communicator due to somewhat natural charisma and intelligent enough to possess a degree in psychology and criminal justice.

    Lord in Heaven, pretentious people say
    "Hey, it's a total lie"
    That people are strong
    Do you agree?



    - Prone to doubting herself every now and then

    - Doesn't sleep very often, a little on the unhealthy side of workaholic

    - Sometimes too cute to be taken seriously :|

    I will stay with you
    Embrace me in your arms with all your strength
    Don't be afraid
    You know me; I'm fine now


    First Degree Murder of of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning.


    Run like hell, and don't look back.

  4. Question, is this still open?

    I have an idea for an Overwatch.

    And it'll be the most predictable shit on gods green earth.
  5. PM me the idea, I think I know who, but PM me.
  6. Looks great, just reread the rules.

  7. [​IMG]

    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish, Jason Abernathy
    Date: 6/25/2076

    Suspect Name: Motoko Kusanagi



    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex


    Motoko is a skilled leader, and an extremely skilled hacker. Her body consists of 99 percent cybernetic enhancements. She is good with guns, and has in depth knowledge of police and Spec-ops tactics.


    Motoko is incredibly heavy due to the systems inside of her that help her function.

    As a hacker, she can also be counter-hacked, and the hacker can pretty much control her actions from there.

    Due to the amount of Cyberware on her, she literally can not use magic at all.

    Crime: First Degree Murder of of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning.

    Other: Run Like Hell, and don't look back.

    ((I should probably tweak it a bit, but I'll do it tomorrow at a computer.))
  8. [​IMG]
    First Degree Murder of of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning.
    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish, Jason Abernathy
    Date: 6/25/2076

    Suspect Name
    Jesse McCree

    "You look like you jus' seen a ghost."


    "Oh, it was this lil' group called..."


    "Heh, not bad...if I do say so myself."

    - Master Gunslinger: McCree possesses inhuman reaction speed and a talent for guns. Before he was officially trained by Overwatch prior to joining, he was known to be one of the deadliest gunslingers of the Deadlock Gang. He was notorious enough to be locked up in maximum security prison-- back in his world, anyway.

    -Deadeye: McCree is known, combined with his mastery of gunslinging, to be a deadeye shot. Each bullet he fires will always hit the mark, even if it involves some crazy ricochet tricks. He has known to be able to wipe out entire squads just by standing still to take aim.

    -Flashbangs: A surprising ability picked up during his criminal days, McCree knows how to concoct homebrew flashbangs from conventional materials. They are cheap, and sometimes they don't even blow, but they get the job done. The couple seconds of stunning they provide is enough time for McCree to take out the unfortunate souls caught within.

    -Synthetic Arm: McCree had a bad run in once, and it costed him his entire left arm. Fortunately, cybernetic advancements granted him a medical-grade prosthetic replacement. The strength of the arm far surpasses that of a normal human arm, allowing for McCree to deal devastating blows at close-range with a sucker punch. He has increased throwing range with the arm and the speed of the arm allows him to fire his Revolver at lightning speed.

    -Sure As Hell Ain't Ugly: Sometimes, you just gotta give 'em the bedroom eyes.


    "Hey, I ain't perfect."

    - Revolvers First: McCree is masterful when it comes to revolvers and pistols, but he isnt the master at arms. Rifles, shotguns and other guns aren't the best when used by McCree. This puts him at a disadvantage when snipers are in the field.

    -Radiaphobia: McCree despises magic and all things supernatural. He won't admit it, but he possesses a huge fear when such unearthly energies are being used around him-- or, even worse, on him.

    -The Good: McCree holds a strict moral code that prevents him from killing the innocent or murdering without purpose. He is willing to put his effort towards reducing civilian casualties before trying to get the job done. He won't hesitate to put a bullet in the skull of anyone who kills innocent folk-- even if they are on the same side as him.

    -Synthetic Arm: Yes, that arm is indeed vulnerable to EMP. When McCree is EMP'd, he effectively loses his left arm until it can be repaired, which instantly nullifies his gunslinging ability. Consider it his primary weak spot...that is, if you can get close enough.

    The Peacekeeper:
    McCree carries with him his special revolver, known as the Peacekeeper. It is a futuristic take on the classic western revolver, but made personally for McCree. The way it functions only favors those with inhuman speed in their arms, thus making it useless when used by someone other than McCree.

    ...unless, that someone is just as fast as McCree.

    Run like hell, and don't look back.​
  9. Alright, the roster has been updated!

    I also found a smaller FBI seal. It wasn't transparent, but eh.
  10. I'm making it, just getting delayed a bunch.
  11. Ah, that's fine.

    Take your time.
  12. [​IMG]

    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish, Jason Abernathy
    Date: 6/25/2076

    Suspect Name: Faith Connors


    Mirror's Edge


    - Parkour; Faith was trained as a Runner from the early stages of her life... And as a runner, she had to do insane amounts of parkour to continuously evade law enforcements and persuers every step of the way. As a result, everywhere she ran, she could always make out a path... A place to navigate herself across an seemingly impossible to navigate the landscape, just as long as she had the right things to grab onto, land on, leap across, and more.

    - Close Quarters Combat; Using her own momentum, Faith is capable of incredibly quick and efficient combat techniques, able to knock most opponents unconscious with a few punches to their unprotected facial region, or simply reacting fast enough to disarm them... Often times, she uses the environment around her to help her in a fight, but... Alot of the time, she is encouraged to run rather than fight, if she is able to.

    - Weapons Profficiency; Having disarmed a large variety of foes, Faith is capable of wielding various weapons, typically guns... Snipers, shotguns, pistols, automatic weapons, you name it... As long as it has an identifiable trigger and muzzle, and fired projectiles at her foes, chances are, Faith is able to use it... Though she rarely carries bulky weapons with her when she travels, if any at all, since they tend to hamper her movements.

    - Tech Savvy; Though it is unknown exactly how skilled Faith is at operating electronics... She is certainly capable of using them to monitor fellow runners, or allies, given the proper equipment, and even establish communications with them through com links... However, it is unknown how able she is to set these things up herself, in order to begin using them in the first place.


    - Stamina; Faith is capable of running for considerable amounts of time, but without a few moments to catch her breath, her movements slowly but surely become sluggish, often leaving her at risk of being caught if she is unable to escape, or at least reach a safe place befire she tires herself out.

    - Manueverability; Though Faith is capable of incredible feats of parkour, she is often more suited to an urban or suburban environment... In other words, the more buildings, pipes, hand/footholds, usable scenery and heights she can go, and more, the better of a job she can do "running", with less of those around, she tends to find it more difficult to escape from her opponents, and will often resort to fighting as a result.

    - Luck; Alot of the time, Faith's maneuvers and endeavors operate solely on pure luck, and that has it's limits... Sometimes she can end up biting off alot more than she can chew, or is simply stuck in a terrible situation... Though she still has the possibility of getting herself out of whatever mess she ended up in, luck can only carry her so far.

    Crime: First Degree Murder of of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning.

    Other: Goes under a variety of aliases as an infiltrator, most common one being Elana Rayes.​
  13. Its a work in progress at the moment
    Itll be up soon

  14. And, accepted. Let me add you to the OP.
  15. [​IMG]

    Arresting Officer: Shawn Cavendish, Jason Abernathy
    Date: 6/25/2076

    Suspect Name:
    Bond, Jame Bond
    Mugshot: (just use a picture)
    Origin: (Canon)

    James Bond Franchise


    Master Marksman
    Expert in hand to hand combat, espionage and efficiency


    007 is easily distracted, whether it be by fine women or a fine martini. He's also a frequent smoker and drinker, despite rarely showing any the negative side affects of the habits

    Crime: First Degree Murder of of FBI Agent Cain Winters, blackmail, Shadowrunning.

    Run, Run like Hell...Dont look back​
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  16. You are amazing, oh my God.
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  17. Shoulda played George Lazenby Bond and really lay on being an Australian trying to be British :T
  18. #Inb4 we all play Bond versions.

    I'd play Daniel Craig Bond.
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  19. Updated Roster!

    We now have someone to fill all positions. @Mighty Roman is going to play our rigger.
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