A Newbie Horribly Abuses the Showcase Prefix; My Art

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  1. I've been on this site for barely a day, and yet, I'm already trying to scare up everything it has to offer! I was excited to see that there was a Writer/Artist Corner on Iwaku, since I (wrongly) claim to be most of things. The natural instinct, of course, was to be a big ol' show off. (I mean that in the nicest way possible, I assure you!)
    I'd love some honest opinions on some of my art. Feel free to give some constructive crit, i love it when people do that. :) Thanks guys!

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  2. I find myself loving the backgrounds of these pictures the most! They're so pretty and unique looking. ^.^ Does that creature in the top picture have a name or is that something you made up yourself?

    I'm glad you're posting your art. Put up as much as you want, my dear kumquat. *giggle*
  3. Thanks so much Fluffy! The creature in the top picture is intended to be a depiction of Mephistophles from Faust (or from D&D, i suppose). I tried to put a bit of a twist on the traditional depictions of devils; giving him the hand collar, the mouth on the throat, and the inverted eyes.
    I'm sensing the kumquat thing will become my legacy. The notion is rather horrifying, yet amusing.