A new year

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What is your new year resolution?

In just a few short days the new year will be upon us. Many people take this time to throw out old habits and start a new regime!

Don't have a resolution this year? Tell us why you hate change!
My Resolution: To get to make another resolution if the world doesnt end.
My resolution is to stop drinking milk...not that I drink very much as it is...just don't really like the idea of it.
Hmmm I'd was going to say to quit smoking, but already did.
I stopped doing resolutions when I realize that I couldn't either A. Think of any. B. Complete them. Or C. Think of any I COULD complete.

I don't hate change, I just don't converse with it often enough.
Forgive my family, and old highschool friends for their past aggressions, and insults. It's rather hard to reminisce about the past when most of the people are under my shit list.

My WISH for the New Year, though, is to lead a healthy and responsible life!
No drinking, never take drugs, Learn how to drive cars in racing games on the pc so my boyfriend doesn't fall off of his chair laughing at me again,
fuck it, my new years rant is oncoming. expect bitterness of iron warrior proportions and FAR too much angst for a 22 year old male with a great life. 'what, another years end, freinds come, others go, have job or dont have job, either way its a different form of shitness, although perhaps i should be happy that i no longer feel overwhelmingly apathetic. go out, dont go out, no matter where i indicate interest its the same shit on a different day, not into blokes, got a boyfreind, found better boyfreind material NOT TWO FUCKING MINUTES AGO, moving to another country, etc. etc. the excuses merely get more elaborate. freinds perform the same old stupid shit, leaving them disliking each other or obsessed about each other, with me in the fucking middle, trying to not only sort out their shit but simply give each equal time and care, fuck. on top of all this, this fucking year i get a fucked xbox for christmas, thanks city council, your fucking street drainage planning was impeccable, IF FLOODING THE FUCKING HOUSE WAS YOUR PLAN ALL ALONG! on top of all this theres all the shit to learn about social dynamics and shit so i can stop being "the annoying guy" or "the arsehole" fucking wonderful. its enough to drive a "man" to drink. which i do, because if fucking pleases me to do so. fuck i hate reflection....perhaps this should go in rant, but stiff shit, this is what the impending new year brings on in me. arsis
New Years Resolution Huh?


1. Find motivation and to do something I love.
2. Make a collage of all the things I love about the world to help me remember that there is always a silver lining.
3. Make a new friend every month.
4. Make life as fun as possible, you only get to live it once. (P.S. I don't believe the world is going to end. But when I die, I wanna die smiling. =) )
5. Try to make as many people smile as possible. =)
6. Overcome one fear.

I know it's a bit of a list but it would be great if I could achieve these things.

Happy New Year Everyone!
I have secret resolutions this year, which is weird because I don't usually make resolutions? I'm also looking forward to next December, seeing if the world ends. In the meantime my driving goal should still be... get a job.