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  1. It was the beginning of a new day, the birds were chirping. The tree's brushing their leaves to and fro, creating their own soft lullaby. It was as peaceful as it could be, and Autumn had no trouble rolling over in her bed and falling back to sleep. That was until the perfect, peaceful morning was shattered by a shrill cry. "Autumn Blair, if you don't get your butt down here right now you are going to be late for your first day of school!" a female voice screeched from downstairs. "Just five more minutes." Autumn moaned as she pulled the cover over her face. She slowly opened her eyes from under the covers of her bed, and laid there emotionlessly. It seemed like forever before it dawned onto her that it was her first day of high school. With the sudden realization she snapped up in her bed. "I'm going to be late!" she screamed in a panic.

    From downstairs her mother could hear the thump of her daughter falling out of bed and her running footsteps as she tried to get herself dress and prepared for school. "I swear if that girl didn't have her head attached to her body she would lose it as well." her mother mumble as she was cleaning up from breakfast. Her father on the other hand simply chuckled and shook his head. "She is young." he reminded her gently. It wasn't long until Autumn came running down the steps of her two story home. "Why didn't you wake me up?!" she complained as she raced to get her shoes on. "We did, it's not our fault that you sleep in so much." her mother scolded.

    Autumn seemed to ignore her comment as she ran back into the dinning room area that was connected to the kitchen and chugged her glass of milk. "Whatever, I am going, bye love you!" she yelled as she rushed out the door. "Wait you forgot your-" before her mom could even finish the door slammed closed behind her. "lunch." she finished with a sigh.

    Autumn was rushing down the side walk, fixing her hair as she went. She grabbed a hair tie from her wrist and was pulling her hair up into a high pony tail. Running as fast as she could and trying to dodge around other kids that were on their way to school as well. After about five minutes of running she soon made it to the schools iron gates. Autumn came to a stop just outside of the gates, bending over with her hands on her knees huffing and puffing. Some of the other students walked by giving her odd looks and whispering.

    The school itself was rather large, looking almost castle like instead of school like. With it's three stories and large windows that seemed to line everything. The grounds also looked perfectly cut, and the flowers decorating the pathways the students walked down. Students had the option to live on campus there as well. Autumn slowly pulled herself together enough to stand up straight. She looked up at the building with large eyes before letting out a shaky sigh. "Alright...lets see what today has in store for me." she whispered before taking her first step onto school grounds.
  2. Tomoya heard his alarm clock start to ring. Groaning he lifted his head and saw the time. He had time to sleep in. Sighing he got up anyway and slammed his hand on the button shutting off the clock. He stood up on unsteady legs and yawned. Walking to his window he threw it open letting the cool morning air hit his face. Waking up he opened his eyes and moved about his room throwing on his favorite black outfit and made his way to the bathroom.

    The house was entirely silent and his mother was downstairs preparing breakfast for the teenage male. It was his second year here and he had a lot to look forward to and also a lot to not to. Flipping the light on he turned on the water faucet and splashed some water on his face. Looking in the mirror he flashed his "deadly smile" and grabbed a washcloth. Drying his face quickly brushes his teeth giving them that white shine and he moved out into the hall turning off the light.

    As he walked downstairs his mother called out in a sweet voice, "Good morning sweetheart." he smiled right back and sat at the table, "What is for breakfast?" she walked over with a plate and set it in front of him, "Your favorite. Pancakes and eggs." he grinned happily and kissed his mother's cheek in thanks. Quickly returning his attention to the food he quickly devoured it and cleared his plate, "Thanks mom." smiling he ran back upstairs and did a full brush on his teeth before grabbing his backpack and walking out the door.

    Slinging it over his shoulder he walked down the street calmly nodding hello to his neighbors and his fellow classmates from last year. Soon enough he was surrounded by a large group of teens who either were his friends or admired him. He flashed his famous smile and a couple of the girls in the group squealed. One of the guys whispered in his ear, "Dude Samantha totally wants you to ask her out." Tomoya just looked at him ridiculously, "You think so?" the guy just nodded and slapped his shoulder, "Classic Tomoya being clueless about love." Tomoya just shrugged and continued walking until they reached the school grounds. Looking up at the familiar school he smiled and stepped onto the grounds the same that Autumn did and he bumped into her. One of the girls immediately flipped out and yelled at her, "Hey watch it you bitch! You just ran into this guy." she pointed at Tomoya who shook his head and extended his hand to help her back onto her feet, "Sorry about that I wasn't looking." he smiled apologetically and looked at her, "The name is Tomoya. You must be a freshman right? What is your name?"
  3. She seemed content in her own little world as she picture just what the school might look like inside. But that all came to a shattering halt as she felt her body knocked to the ground. The only noise that escaped her was a rather unpleasant and ungraceful 'Gah' sound. She had fell forward onto the stone before her, scraping up her knees in the process. "Ow, ow, ow." she complained softly to herself. Her eyes were filled with tears at first from the sudden pain. Though when she heard the other girl yelling at her, she blinked them away, about to yell at her in return.

    Autumn was cut off though when she heard the male voice. It was almost a soothing sound and just one look at him killed the fire that had started to burn. Slowly she reached out and took his hand and started to stand back up. After the shock of meeting, what seemed to be the most popular boy at the school, a deep blush fell onto her face and she quickly pulled her hand away, waving him off. "No no it's fine." she said laughing. "I wasn't watching where I was going either. So it's fine really." she manged to squeak out. "Oh my name, It's Autumn, though my mom calls me Autumn Blair when I am getting in trouble. Blair is my middle name by the way, but sometimes she also uses my full name and-" she was cut off by one of the other girls in the group. An annoyed expression on her face. "Your rambling, all he asked for was your name." she told her

    "Oh right." Autumn said softly, she took a deep breath slowly starting to calm down. "Autumn is my name, and yes I am a freshmen. It must be pretty easy spotting the fresh meat huh?" she asked as she stood there before her eyes got wide again. "Unless you are a freshmen as well. Which is really neat too, because you are really tall and it seems like you have lots of friends as well. Which is always good to have friends right, it's hot out here isn't it?" she asked giving a nervous laugh before starting to fan her face. "Or maybe it's just me and I am catching a cold and that would be awful since it's just the first day of school."

    "Rambling, you are doing it again." the girl said again before some of the others started to laugh, as Autumn seemed to be just making a fool of herself.
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  4. He stood patiently listening to her go on a small grin forming on his face. He couldn't help but laugh very quietly as she kept going but he shot a short glare at the girl before returning to her, "It is quite alright Autumn really." he smiled again looking into her eyes.

    "Don't mind them they can be a little overbearing at times." his soft voice was just loud enough so it wasn't drowned out by the noise of all the students passing by. Especially so for the girls who looked at him with lust in their eyes and hatred at Autumn, "I am a sophomore here at this school. I came here last year and I seem to be quite the hit with everyone." he chuckles quietly and gently pats her head to sound of many girls gasping.

    Turning around he looks over his shoulder, "Take care Autumn." he raised his hand in a wave and started to walk off to the school door. As the group that was with him passed her one of the girls pushed her back onto the ground as hatred could heard in her voice, "I bet you think you are that getting special attention from our Tomoya but you had better watch your place." she glared at Autumn letting the threat hang in the air as she glared at her for a little.
  5. When Tomoya glared at the girl she looked taken back and like she was going to cry as well. Autumn on the other hand couldn't help but blush when he looked into her eyes. Slowly she nodded her head a bit before looking away. "Well I am glad you can be so forgiving." she told him with a small smile as she stood there. Though she could feel the daggers stabbing into her from the glare of other girls. Though she tried not to pay much mind to it.

    "It seems like you are a big hit." she agreed with him, a smile on her face. "That has to be a good thing though with how many friends you have. I bet that is exciting." she said with a small laugh. When he pat had touched her head, he could feel how soft and silky her hair was, though that just made the girl blush even deeper. She didn't know why, but the boy had a charm to him that she couldn't shake. Now she could understand why the girls looked at him the way they did.

    When he gave her his goodbyes, she smiled and waved back at him. "You too, please have a nice day." she said happily, the smile bright on her face. That was until she was knocked to the ground. The push was full of anger and so much jealousy that it made her fall harder to the ground. Autumn had let out a small cry when she hit the ground and slowly looked up at the girl. "Are you crazy?" she asked as she slowly sat back up. "I don't think highly of myself at all for him talking to me!" she told her. "He seems like a nice guy, but I am not going to walk around like I am better then anyone." she told her.
  6. The girl looked shocked at Autumn like she didn't expect the girl to come back at her. She then regained her bearing and scoffed before turning around quickly her hair flipping a little as she stalks off clearly not happy with the outcome.

    Tomoya was already inside walking through the halls humming quietly to himself as girls adored him as he walked by. Nodding at some and smiling at others he continues on down the hall to his first class of the day. It was a combo class for grades so he wondered if he might see Autumn again. Sliding open the door deep in thought he doesn't hear all the girls squeal at his arrival and rush up out of their chairs to get closer to the most popular guy in school.
  7. Autumn watched the girl go and shook her head ever so slightly. "What a nice first day." she said softly. "I don't know how it can get any worse." she slowly picked herself up off the ground and looked at her knees. They were pretty scraped up now, and bleeding ever so slightly. Dusting herself off she went into the building. Autumn wandered around until she found the girls bathroom.

    There were some other girls in there, watching her and whispering, though she tried to act like she didn't hear them. Grabbing a paper towel from the dispenser, she took it to the sink and got the cold water running. Wetting one edge and dabbing it with the towel. She let out a small hiss as it stung her, though the pain didn't last too long. When she was done she throw the towel away and started to head back out of the bathroom.

    In the class room, some of the girls were trying to get Tomoya's attention. "Tomoya, I have an extra lunch if you forgot yours today!" one girl called. "Tomoya, you look really nice today!" another called out. It just sounded like a buzz of squeals and overly sweet voices. Autumn was just starting to step into the room, but once she spotted the group and Tomoya, she spun on her heel and walked back out.

    She stood just outside the door, her heart beating hard against her chest. 'Okay, your fine.' she thought to herself. 'It's just a boy, and I am sure he won't notice me with all those other girls screaming for him...I'm fine.' she thought over and over again. With a deep breath she turned and started to walk back into the room. Trying to sneak around the crowed and find herself a desk to sit in.
  8. He continued to walk into the class not listening to the girls. Smiling at them hoping they might leave him alone but to his dismay they just squealed louder. One of them even fainted. He sighed and sat down in a desk.

    Looking over he saw Autumn sitting in the desk next to him and nearly jumped. It wasn't often that he was startled but this surprised him deeply. Calming his heart he looks at her soft face and reaches over gently knocking on her desk.

    As he waited for her to regard he wondered about what to say. He admitted to himself she was pretty in a natural way not how the girls here are. They prep themselves to be pretty but she had this air of naturalness to her that he couldn't shake. It intrigued him and drew him closer wanting to know this strange freshman girl.
  9. When he saw Autumn at first, she had a half concerned and confused look on her face as she watched the girls. She tried to pull her mind around why they acted like they did. Though she had flashbacks of that morning and a blush fell onto her face once more. Autumn seemed so lost in thought, that when he knocked on her desk she jumped and banged her knees against under it.

    Though she didn't seem to notice the pain as she slowly turned her head to see who knocked. When she was met with Tomoya's perfect face and his princely air. She covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming as her eyes got wide. Now he might of expected a squeal to come out next. Or an 'Oh my god I can't believe you are sitting by me!' or maybe violent throwing up from a girl. But Autumn did give any of that.

    "Don't sneak up on me like that." she half whispered to him as she pulled her hand away from her mouth. Laughing she looked at him and slightly pointed to the group of girls once her own heart rate calmed down. "So tell me." she started as she looked at him. "Are you like some actor, or pop star or something?" she asked with a teasing smile on her face.
  10. He stopped himself from laughing at her jumpiness but couldn't stop the laugh that came forth as she asked if he was a pop star. Hitting his own desk his eyes closed from laughter. When he calmed down after a few seconds he turned to face her.

    He points at himself, "This guy...a pop star?" He laughed again. Shaking his head he smiled, "I am just myself. Simple as that." Shaking his head again he looks forward, "A pop star...you know how to make a good joke." He raised his hand, "Sorry for startling you. I just recognized you from this morning so I figured I should say hi."
  11. She looked at him shocked as he was laughing at her. Once again a blush fell onto her face, but this one from embarrassment. "It wasn't that funny." she muttered as she sat there. His laughing seemed to get some attention from the other students. Some of the girls mouth hanging open from the fact that he was sitting beside her. A freshmen none the less!

    Though from his laughter she couldn't help but have a smile fall onto her face. "Hey I don't know about you Mr.Heart Breaker." she said laughing. "Just one look at you and all the girls swoon." she told him. "And it's okay, I am just a bit jumpy is all, I was kind of spaced out trying to figure out those girls."
  12. "If they bother you too much the best thing to do is ignore them." He smiled and some squeals could be heard behind him. Some of jealousy and others of happiness at seeing his smile. Looking back at the front of the class he saw the teacher walk in who happened to be a female. She walked to the little podium and called the class to attention, "Please find a seat everyone!" She surveyed the class seeing the new and old students then her gaze rested on Tomoya and she gasped. She was able to get him for first period on the first day! She felt like she had just been accepted as the ruler of the world. Smiling she started the class and explained they would be going to an assembly soon.

    Tomoya returned her smile and listened intently to her instructions as he brought out a piece of paper and started to write on it without looking. He had this curvy handwriting that was very neat and he was able to do it without looking. Once he was done he slid the paper to the edge of his desk for Autumn to read. It read as this, "If you ever have any questions about the school just ask."
  13. "Sometimes that is easier said then done." she said wincing at the squeals behind them. When the teacher walked in she couldn't help but notice the way she looked at Tomoya as well. 'Even the female teachers?' she thought to herself. 'I wander how the male teachers are then...' she let her thoughts trail off as she listened to what the teacher was say. It wasn't long before she was slowly starting to space out, though she came to again when she saw the paper out of the corner of her eye.

    She glanced at Tomoya for a moment, before slowly opening the paper and looking down on it. A small smile fell to her face as she admired the way her wrote. It was very elegant looking. It wasn't long before she started to write him back as well. Her writing not as half as pretty as his was. Slowly she placed it on his desk as well, keeping an eye on the teacher as she did so.

    "Is there anyone in this school that I should truly avoid?"
  14. He felt the paper hit his hand so he looked down at it and slowly unfolded it to read what she had to say. Smiling softly he was happy she was trying to hold a conversation instead of fangirling which was a nice change of pace. Taking his pen in hand he started writing again. Keeping his eyes on the teacher his hand wrote out his reply, "If you come across a guy named James I would advise you walk away from his advances. He dates, fucks, then leaves the girl all alone."

    He gently refolded the paper and slid it onto the top of her desk again. His eyes never leaving the teacher up front who turned around right after and announced, "Okay everyone we still have about five minutes until the assembly so you have some free time." As soon as the words free time left her mouth guys and girls alike got up and flocked to where Tomoya was sitting.
  15. She looked to the paper as soon as it hit her desk again, she went and picked the paper back up. Reading over his message, she was about to respond to it, until the teacher said they had some free time before the assembly. With those words she didn't find a need to write back to him as she turned in her desk to speak to him.

    She just had her mouth open when the students started to swarm around his desk. She closed her mouth and started laughing shaking her head. "Tomoya will you sit by me in the assembly?" one of the girls asked hopefully as she stood by his desk. "No you should sit with me instead!" another girl said as she stood on her tip toes to look at him. Autumn smiled softly as she looked down at the paper they had been writing on, and it wasn't long before she started to doodle on it. She kept glancing at the group, not in a hopeful way that they would part. But in a studying away, and it didn't take long to realize that she was drawing, how she saw, the scene before her.
  16. He leaned back in his chair and studied his situation then started to answer the questions, "I am sorry everyone but I already have plans to sit with somebody else." He stood up out of his chair to the sounds of disappointed groans then one spoke up, "Who is it?" he smiled making more squeals of adoration ring forth, "That is for me to know and you to find out." his voice was silky and hinting.

    Reaching up he stretched his back and turned back to his desk and Autumn. Kneeling down he reaches into his bag withdrawing his phone and he winks at Autumn as if to hint that he had been speaking of her. Standing up he calmly walked through his little crowd to the front of the room nodding at the teacher who just about fainted. He then walked out into the hall turning on his phone and walking a little ways before stopping and leaning on a wall.
  17. Autumn had looked at him just as he winked at her and a blush soon fell onto her face as she sat at her desk. She watched him get up and leave, a small smile on her face. She watched the door way for a moment more, seeming to space out or be in a little trance. Quickly though she pulled herself out of it and tapped herself on the face as if to help herself come out of it even more. Even if it was unknown to her at the moment, she was starting to form a crush on the popular boy that just left.

    "Man this is so unfair." one of the girls complained as she stood in the classroom. "I really wanted to sit by him too." another pouted. One of the girls turned and looked at Autumn. "And who do you think you are sitting beside him?" she jeered at her. Autumn looked at her shocked and shrugged a bit. "Well sorry to upset you, but he actually sat by me." she started as she sat there. "Even so I didn't even know he was sitting beside me until he knocked on my desk." she told them. "Even so you should of got up and left so one of us could take the seat!" another girl sneered at her.

    Autumn looked at them and took a deep breath slowly letting it go as she sat there. "Don't think you are anything special either!" one of the older girls said. "Just because he is talking to you, doesn't mean anything. He most likely feels sorry for you!" she said with a bitter laugh. "I mean come on, you could use some makeup, ew is that a pimple I see, how gross." she said with a smirk.
  18. Tomoya stood there wondering if she had gotten the hint. Shrugging he looked up at the ceiling away from his phone. This freshman intrigued him. She had a calmer air about her and wasn't a snob like most girls who asked him to be theirs. He laughed quietly to himself as he thought about why people liked him so much. He wasn't particularly great at things other than being great at martial arts and running.

    A short bell rang telling kids to head to the gym for the orientation assembly so he turned off his phone sliding it into his pocket as he patiently waited for a sign of Autumn, "Autumn...such a nice name." his voice was a whisper and his black hair fell in front of his eyes as he leaned against the wall.
  19. Autumn didn't have too much of an escape as the girls made snide comments at her. Thought it was just shortly before the bell rung that she got up from her desk. Grabbing her backpack, she had hit some of the girls with it as she swung it to her shoulder and started to storm out of the room. The way she was walking at first was a tell tail sign that she wasn't happy and that their words bothered her more then anything else.

    She almost walked past Tomoya, having not noticed him at first. Though just like a spell something drew her to him and she came to a stop just short of being at her side. "So where is it that we go?" she asked as she stood there. Pushing back all that had happened to her in the class room when he was gone. "Or are you going to stand here and daydream all day?" she asked him with a grin as she stood there. "Also thanks for the heads up about James. I will keep that in mind. And if I ever get fooled by him, you can just slap me upside the head to pull me back." she said laughing as she stood there.
  20. His all too well known smile appeared on his face as he heard her. Lifting up his head he gazes in her eyes his voice coming out softly, "Greetings Autumn." He chuckled and raised a hand pointing down the hall.

    "Let us go. The gym is this way and don't thank me. I am merely looking out for my freshman." His voice implied hidden meaning but it was so subtle she probably wouldn't notice. He stood up away from the wall and gestured for her to follow him, "Come on I will show you the way."
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