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  1. Long before the human race, or even earth had begun. A lone planet floated about in distant space. A god took this planet, seeing promise in it's future, and gave part of his soul to give it life. The life on the planet evolved into multiple species and they were all very intelligent. Some were gifted with strange powers and others were left alone. The species began warring over things and the planet fell into a chaotic abyss of war and ruin. However, soon the warring species died off and new ones were born to populate the planet.
    Can you survive in this cruel world?
    Can you create a fate better than the ones before?
    Are you prepared for what destiny had laid out for you?
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  2. Ears perked up, listening out for anything that might that there was danger ahead. Soon, a snout could be seen sticking out from behind a boulder, sniffing the air for anything that seemed off. Moving out further, small brown eyes could be seen, used as a last resort to find any danger that may be ready to pounce. Satisfied that nothing harmful was out there, the wolf pulled out from behind the boulder, its tail sitting upright, much like its ears. The creature then huffed, shaking out its dusty fur as it trotted out into the open, followed by its friend. Gerinda's eyes search the area for anything the wolf may have missed. Adjusting the skull over her head, she started out and away from the cave, her short sword in hand. It was another day to survive.
  3. Somewhere a short distance from where the wolf and it's friend were, a small clearing ( maybe an acre, at least) was being readily used to build a home. Large stones being placed in a rectangular shape and other materials lazily placed in piles around it. A strange, human like being paced in front of the stones, a look of frustration spread across her face. Her skin grey like the stones before her. She was exhausted from moving the rocks into place. She stepped back, pushing up the sleeves of her trench coat, with its torn and tattered ends billowing about in the wind. Bending over slightly to lift up another rock, her hand slipped and it fell on-top of her leg. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth together, straining to move the rock. Then, her eyes opened up and she wore a look of rage as one of her hands lifted to her shoulder, spread open with her palm facing the rock.
    Then, within a seconds time, the rock was nothing more than dust and pebbles.
    She had blown it to pieces with an unseen force.
    The rage melted away and she slowly got to her feet, her leg shedding blood and covered in dirt, as she had gained a slight limp.

    " another flare. well, at least my leg isn't broken..." she muttered to herself.
  4. RafaDark sucking out the soul of a mercenary that came to kill him, he saw that the mercenary partners were fleeing from there with fear and horror. Seeing that with delight, RafaDark grinned a creepy smile and said "RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!". Satisfied with his "food", he walked toward the small destroyed city where the others mercenaries went. When he reached the location, RafaDark saw that it was not a city, it was an mercenary camp site. Sneaking around the camp site, he saw that just five mercenaries were in there. Killing one by one easily, RafaDark got totally satisfied with the bloodshed and continued with his quest to find the powerfull rival to defeat him.
  5. Gorrin had been camping in the woods, he heard some screams. He went over to where he heard them. What he saw was a man having just killed five mercenaries in rapid succession. Gorrin reached into his pocket, and pulled out a letter. It was a paper with a drawing bearing the likeness of the man Gorrin was watching. He looked back and forth between this part-demon and the picture. He muttered to himself. "I don't think that's worth the pay..." and he tore the bounty letter up. He started to make his way back to the road, his greataxe slung over his shoulder. Gorrin had had a long day, his head hurt, and he didn't feel like wagering his life to see if he could buy another drink. He muttered once again, "He was probably just minding his own business anyway... The letter I got said he was a criminal... but it didn't state anything specific."
  6. Finally getting comfortable under a nearby tree, watching the sun set, making way for the moon and stars. her favorite time of day was arriving, night. She could finally have some fun. She looked once more at her leg, it felt broken but she could still walk on it fairly well. Rising to her feet, she walked along marking the perimeter of her clearing before making her was to a dirt path. Looking up into the stars she closed her eyes as she walked, absorbing her surroundings. She felt a new energy surge through her as she made her way to what appeared to be a town.
  7. Making his way to the forest where he would find more easy meals, RafaDark realized that it was already night. "Why the good things always ends?" He thought, "Anyway...I will need a place to sleep..." Said RafaDark while he looked around and saw the improvised beds of the dead mercenaries and then he spoke "I will use those...If you guys don't mind it" Laughing at the dead bodies and kicking them away from there.
  8. Letting out a yawned, Gerinda stretched, finally accepting that the clearing was safe. At least for now. Night was near and night was the time for hunting. She needed to find food and water before the creatures came, and they knew where she lived, too, so it was likely that there would be a trap. Perhaps if she had more time, she would have gone looking for a new cave, one that wasn't so obvious. But then again, this cave had the boulder, preventing large beasts from the depths within. Gerinda pulled her arms down, using only one to hold the sword. Her eyes swept that clearing once more before she left, running towards the mountain in the distance.
  9. As the night closed in, Gorrin had both hands on his axe, his eyes were well adapted to the darkness of the underground holds of the dwarves, but no doubt strange beasts will awaken under cover of darkness. He saw a figure run past the path he was heading towards and called out. "Oi, you know where the next town is?" His eyes caught the glint of a blade, so he still held his axe in both hands.
  10. Gerinda froze, holding onto her blade tightly. She turned slowly to face the person before her, tilting her head to the side. "The next.... Town?" she asked him, peering at him through the eyeless sockets of the skull. "It's that way," she whispered, pointing away from herself, where she was coming from and where she was going. She didn't know where the town was. She just didn't want him to bother her or attract anything. "Bye," she added before running off again.
  11. Gorrin had looked that way, and as the figure was running away he said, "Many thanks! If you ever need help, send a letter to Gorrin!" He was wondering for a moment if this was actually the right way... she had not seemed to have been sure herself... Gorrin made one last yell, just in case;
    "How far is it?"
  12. If it wasn't for the wolf in her, Gerinda wouldn't have heard his call. Letting out a huff, she skidded to stop, the wolf behind her stopping as well. It looked up at her with questioning eyes. "Just once," she told it in the language they used. Turning back, she followed her own scent until she had reached the person again. "Why would one wish to go?"
  13. Gorrin had looked to see a wolf replying to him. He wished for a moment that he could consider that strange. "Well, I'm on my way to the next town so that I won't get torn asunder by the creatures of the night." He was stroking his beard with one hand, and had once again held his axe over his shoulder with the other. "I'd take refuge in a tree... but Dwarves aren't exactly natural climbers, just yesterday I fell from a tree and hit my head."
  14. That explained some things Gerinda could feel about this person. Sighing once more, she shrugged. "We do not honesty know the way." she murmured, finally pushing up the skull to reveal her face to the dwarf. The wolf nodded in agreement, then turned away, ready to leave. The girl glanced down at it, as if wondering what it was doing, but then turned to follow, pulling down the skull once more.
  15. Gorrin looked disappointed for a moment, then looked forward, visible in the dim light was a mountain. He asked; "Do you think thee could be a Dwarf town in that mountain?" He took his helmet off, to get a better look at it, his eyes squinted, and after a few seconds he put his helmet back on. He said "I'm sorry, I tend to get lost a lot... This one time a worg dragged me for what seemed to be a mile..." As he added in the last part, one of his eyebrows raised. "I don't know why it didn't kill me..."
  16. hearing the conversation she slowed and just before the tree-line ended to reveal an open field she quite skillfully hid herself just at the edge of the moonlight. not daring to speak, she stood crouched in one of the larger trees, looking down upon the short person below and but a few feet from where she was hidden in the shadows of the trees widely spread and yet still entangled branches. Listening in on what these two people said, she was laughing on the inside.

    "a little lost are you?" she thought to herself.
    She knew where all the towns and villages were. She new the flow of the land. She new how to use the stars as a guide. She even knew the more frequent places where travelers and soldiers would camp and sleep at. Down to the last grain of sand on the farthest beaches, she knew. Wanting desperately to help him, but refraining from doing so. just listening and waiting for them to leave so she could make her way to the mountaintop, hoping that was not where they were heading...
  17. Avarice opened her eyes and yawned. It was a fine evening to go out and soak up the moonlight. She pushed the blankets off her body and wrapped her tattered scarf around her neck. Her swords tip was glowing light blue as it always did in the evening. She looked around her small house that was hidden high up in the trees of the forest. She had plenty of provisions so she didn't need to hunt yet. Avatice fixed herself a small meal to take with her and she pulled her bag onto her shoulder. "You ready to go?" She asked her blade. Of course. She climbed down the branches and leaped into the forest floor. She began to run deeper into the forest smiling at the wind that was pulling on her hair.
    She stopped in a small clearing and looked up at the moon. Avarice waved and sat down amid the branches of a small bush. She took out her breakfast and began to eat it slowly.
  18. RafaDark sat himself on one of the beds and waiting for the tiredness of the day to fall on him to get some rest, he looked at the pile of corpses that formed after he kicked them in a corner. "This will smell bad later, better take them out of here...Or just...throw them on fire..." Thought RafaDark as he walked towards the pile of dead bodies. Prepared to burn the corpses to ashes, he get some wood from the ground and nearby trees, he made a campfire with them, he started to cut limb from limb of the corpses because that would be more easy to burn all of them. After a while, RafaDark saw that the fire was warm and cozy that remembered him of home, he slept on the ground close to the campfire that now was looking like a huge burning bush made of corpses.
  19. Seeing a brightness out of the corner of her eye she snapped her head to the side to see a fire burning brightly off towards one of the several mercenary camps. She gazed at it, her eyes glowing green with memories from when she was younger, a softness rising up from the dark abyss that was her entanglement of emotions.
    As if falling into a memory herself,a tear rushed down her face but she quickly stopped herself from crying.
    She once had a mother, and she was beautiful, always one with the world around her, showing her the smallest little things and the beauty in life itself.
    And her father had always been there for her, but they were gone. they both died a long time ago. But still, she was curious as to who would make a fire at this time of night. Certain, "creatures", were attracted to such things. perhaps he didn't know about them. Careful not to reveal herself, she climbed out of the tree and practically flew across the ground she was running so fast and with a flying leap she disappeared into a shadow...
  20. Do people just not know how to take a hint? Perhaps so as this dwarf was beginning to get on Gerinda's nerves. "It very likely," she told the dwarf. "Though nigh' is falling. Unless you wish to be maul' alive, you should find shel'er." The wolf's accent had gotten a little thicker as she spoke, making her words just a little harder to understand.
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