A New World

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  1. Sorcha had just recently found a whole new kind of human. They wore metal, and had very odd homes and traditions. Sorcha's black hair flowed in the wind as her curious blue eyes darted from one thing to another. She was walking with a man who has been nothing but kind to her and even saved her life. They were on their way to her village to make peace between their two clans. She could only hope that all would go smoothly. They had a whole day's journey ahead of them, and the woods was rarely ever safe. At least she wasn't alone though.
  2. As Akira was walking throughout the woods with Sorcha, with his own camp not too far behind them, he felt himself shudder a little looking at the forest again. It wasn't that he didn't like her company or what was going on right now, but something about the forest just gave him the jitters, there were many dangers in the forest as far as he'd heard so far. However despite all that, he wasn't about to let their opportunity to make peace between the two peoples go to waste, he at least had his trusty spear by his side to help along with Sorcha's skill and guidance.
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  3. Unlike Akira, Sorcha was more than at home in the forest. It was her home and she was familiar with it. They walked through the woods and she guided their direction using the sun. By the time it was late afternoon and the sun was starting to fall in the sky they reached the small river that Sorcha's people often used to find the village. They walked along it and the lights of the night fires could be seen just ahead in the growing darkness.
  4. Thankfully, Sorcha knew her way around the forest alot better than Akira did, even if it still did take a while, they were able to reach a river before sun-down... As they were walking beside the river, lights could be seen, they looked like they came from fires, almost like torches on the ground. "How well will everyone take it when they see me?" Akira asked all of a sudden, the question popping into his head as they approached what looked like Sorcha's village.
  5. She looked back at him not having even thought of it. "Well. They might be skeptical at first but I will explain everything." She looked back in front of her and continued walking. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Don't worry. I'll protect you."
  6. Akira smiled and nodded, he trusted Sorcha enough to take her word on it... Though he could only hope that her people wouldn't take his presense as a threat or something, he would prefer not to ruin their one chance at making peace between his people and Sorchas.
  7. They approached the town where her people danced around the fire singing chants. Sorcha seemed excited about the event and took Akira's hand leading him to the chiefs tent. The chief was a very large native man. With dark skin and burn tattoos on his arms that resembled mountain lions. While on his bare back there was a tree of life. "Why did you bring him here? The white man is a danger."

    Sorcha only. Became slightly anxious in her response. "Uncle please I bring him here in an attempt to bring peace to our people. We want o make a peace agreement so we may live in harmony." She spoke with passion as she took two steps closer to the chief.
  8. The strange new place Akira was now in fascinated him quite alot, it was quite a ways different from the usually crowded and fortified place his own camp was, he sort of liked it actually. However he couldn't look around for too long as Akira was leading him to what should be the Chief's tend judging by it's size, and upon seeing the chief, he was reminded of his own litter, but with darker skin less armor on, and alot of tattoos. The Chief spoke to Sorcha first which was understandable; he was a stranger to them after all, a foreigner. After she was done speaking, Akira decided to stay silent for now, unsure if it was disrespectfull to speak just yet right at the moment.
  9. The chief murmured under his breath and turned his attention to Akira. "What is it your people want?" He crossed his arms and stared stoically at Akira. Sorcha wanted to be protective but knew that they weren't in any actual danger. She was just worried for her friend.
  10. Akira spoke as calmly as he could "Peace... Safe passage within these forests. The only reason we really came through here was to investigate rumors of another army making it's way to our homelands through these woods..." he explained to the best of his ability, he wasn't about to panick and back down right now... Plus, it would be better if the Chief knew their reasons for coming here.
  11. "There is no other army!" His brows furrowed and took a step toward the white man. "you need not be in our forests." Sorcha stood in front of Akira protectively. "Uncle be reasonable. " She was angry at him for not being understandable but the men in Akira's army had either attacked or killed a few of her people. Something she didn't really mention
  12. Akira frowned a little, confused, what were those reports of more armored men walking through the forest then? They had heard of distant lands from which heavy armored men had been marching from, was it all a lie? "If you really want... I can ask my men to leave, but at least tell me... Have you seen others... Like us, but with darker armor?" He asked, just to make sure they really did come here for nothing...
  13. The chief calmed himself and raided his eyebrow. "Are you not all the same?" He implied that he had seen men with darker armor but thought that they were just more of the same army. Sorcha looked back and forth between the two. Then the chief looked at her. "Sorcha. Go." She nodded and left out to the fires to dance. He looked back to Akira.
  14. Akira shook his head "Our people don't wear black iron... It's not something you find in our lands." he explained, but the way the Chief said that made him curious... Perhaps there was something to be worried about, if that was the case he was glad that they hadn't come here for nothing, but at the same time, worried about what this might mean.
  15. The chief was silent and just looked at Akira. "I will accept your terms of peace as long as we fight as allies if needed and when the fight is still...your people stay out of our lands. We will inform you if the black armor appears in our forests again"
  16. Akira nodded understanding the Chief's reason for these terms, they were good enough for him... Wherever that army was gathering, if they showed up in the forests again, they would be ready this time, but he hoped all the preparations that they'd undergo would be enough to hold off a possible onslaught of foreign soldiers.
  17. The chief nodded and motioned for him to leave. Outside the grim tent Sorcha danced happily around the fire. Having allowed all of her worried to melt away even if only for the moment. Drums beat in a calm rhythm, the cool night air always only refreshing and the stars glittered high in the shy around a bright full moon. Sorcha left the dance circle and went over to Akira. "Things went well?"
  18. Akira nodded once more, heading out of the tent now silently, looking around, he finally started to notice the sounds of drums beating in a rather calm rhythm, and looking around he smiled a little noticing Sorcha dancing. Despite the unfamiliar way she danced, it still looked quite spectacular, eventually she left the dance circle and approached him, asking how things went. Akira nodded "Yeah... I guess you could say that." he said with a small smile.
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