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  1. (If you have any questions just PM me))
    Name: Sorcha
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'3"
    Body type: toned
    Looks: ((can be seen in attachment. only she has tan skin and she has blue eyes))

    It was just another day in her peaceful village. She wore what she wore just about every day with the exception of the day of cleansing once every seven moons. Her dressing consisted of a loincloth around her waist and a cloth that covered her chest. Recently there have been sightings of strange man-like creatures that wore metal, and made so much noise as they moved through the forest. She walked past the sacred fire, and made her way over to one of the canoes. She went off even though the whole village was on high alert.

    After making her way down the river a little ways. She got out of her canoe, and climbed up into the large oak tree she often visited. She easily climbed to the top and looked over the land. The view was the most beauteous thing she experienced. She climbed down the tree and thought she had heard something, so she slowly started to make her way over to the canoe so she could go back to her village.
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  2. Name: Akira
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'6
    Body type: Average (but has a good amount of muscle mass)

    Akira had been lost for who knows how long now, he had been scouting for the group of soldiers that he'd been a part of, however he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, or something happened to the group... In either case he was lost, and on the last of his supplies, all thanks to his mistake of not marking the path he's took. It's been 3 days now and there wasn't any sign of his group nor any civilization in sight. Then, a sudden rustling noise in a tree near him caught his attention, it was a large oak tree, much larger than ones he'd ever seen in his lifetime. Could it be another group? It certainly couldn't be one from his own, otherwise whoever it was would have called out to him... Right?
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  3. The rustling became a little louder, and she looked back, slowly walking backwards until she was right next to the water. Her bright blue eyes darted from one place to another. That was when she saw a glint of something shiny. Something she had never seen before. Against her better judgement she took a few steps towards it, crouching down on all fours. A strange metal man. He looked human, like her, but he was dressed so oddly. Parts of him shined like water in the sunlight. She froze with her hand on her knife's holster.
  4. The rustling sounds in the Oak tree never happened again, Akira found this very odd indeed... He could have sworn there was someone, or something moving around in that tree. "Maybe I'm just going crazy..." He thought to himself, sitting down with a small sigh. It could just be that he needed some rest, since he couldn't remember the last time he even slept. However, there was a particularly strong feeling that someone else was nearby, and it refused to go away. That feeling he had was the biggest reason he'd been assigned as a scout in his group, which he strongly regrets now... Could there really be another living being out here, in the middle of nowhere? Though he figured was probably just hallucinating or something...
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  5. The stranger didn't seem to be threatening. Honestly he looked hopelessly lost. Going around some bushes Sorcha positioned herself so she was ready to attack. She pounced on the man in complete silence, knocking him on his back, and pinning him down with her knife drawn out up against his throat.
  6. Akira was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts when a strange girl who seemed to have come out of nowhere pounced on him, his attention was averted from the situation for a split second by her blue eyes, which he quickly looked away from after a moment. "Who... Are you?" He asked her, his voice was a little hoarse from the lack of water, his flask had run out a day before. Silently, he wondered if the girl was just another hallucination, or if this was really happening, he figured he'd find out soon enough in either case.
  7. She could tell it had been a while since he last had anything to eat or drink. She got up and sheathed her knife. Then she pulled him to his feet and led him by his hand. "come" She was leading him to her canoe. She let go of his hand and got the canoe into the water. She motioned for him to get in.
  8. With a nod Akira steps in, stumbling just a little before he steadied himself, realizing just how out of shape he was... Deciding it would be for the best to sit back down, he did so again, looking back at the girl wondering where she would take him. At this point, he'd prefer anywhere other than that seemingly endless forest.
  9. They shoved off and she knew just where to take him. After traveling down the river a little ways she got the canoe back on land, and started to walk off into the forest. Figuring he would fallow. She lead him up the mountain and to a fresh spring. She crouched down and cupped her hands and drank from it to show that it was safe. Standing up she pointed at the water. "drink." She stepped back allowing him to get some water. At this point she was simply curious and carefully observed him.
  10. "She seems to know this place pretty well..." Akira thought to himself as he followed her through the forest again, thankfully not for too long this time as they started to ascend a mountain. A moment after, they arrived at some sort of spring, the water looked surprisingly clean, which was proven when the girl drank from it and told him to drink. Nodding gratefully, he cupped his hands together and begins drinking the water, slowly but surely quenching his thirst, he reaches down after he was finished takingout his metal flask, and uncapping it before refilling in with the water and capped it before putting it away again.
  11. She watched him drink, and smiled knowing he would be just fine. When she saw him pull out a shiny object her eyes filled with wonder. She ended up hanging right over his shoulder and watched what he did with it. When he put it away she pulled it right back out and sat down crossing her legs. She turned it over in her hand like an excited child or more like a curious monkey. Then aggressively held it out to him. "what is this?" She demanded to know.
  12. Akira jumped a little as the mysterious girl suddenly grabbed his flask and asked what it was, albeit a little aggressively to say the least. "O-oh... That? It's a flask, something we use to carry water, there's not really alot of it all the time where we travel." He explained with a confused look on his face, it was clear this girl wasn't familiar with everything he was, she certainly wasn't from where he was.
  13. She fiddled with it some more and managed to open it. Then she closed it back up again. It was a very strange looking gourd then. She set it back down next to him. "who are you? what land do your people come from? Do you all wear strange shiny clothes?" Her bright eyes sparkled with wonder as she looked a him with interest.
  14. Name: Duncan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Height: 6,5
    Body type: Big and Muscular
    Looks: Like this but with less ornamental armor, and no cape

    "AKIRA!" shouts Duncan as he trudges through the brush. He had been sent out to find him after we went missing, and was worried that he had been killed by nearby tribes, and that he could get surrounded by said tribe.
    He decided that it would be useless worrying, and continued to push onwards in hope of finding his fellow soldier.
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  15. Sorcha saw some birds fly out of the trees a little ways away. That meant something wasn't too far off, and it was probably a big animal, but she had so many questions that she wanted answered. She figured her and the strange man would stay in this spot a little longer since she couldn't very well take the stranger to the tribe. Her father would be furious, and she might endanger her people.
  16. "My lands are beyond the forests, though not everyone wears metal around there... Just us soldiers." Akira explains after a moment of thinking, then a flock of birds flying out of the trees not too far off caught his attention for a bit. He wonders if it was someone looking for him, and if that was the case, it worried him what they might think of this girl he just met. It sure wasn't going to be like him to just stand by if things got ugly around here, and plus; despite what his fellow soldiers have told him about the tribes around here, so far the only member he'd met was friendly.
  17. As Duncan stumbles along through the undergrowth, he begins to notice plants that were pressed closer to the ground and broken twigs. "Either im walking in circles or i found his trail" he thought to himself as he started to follow it, before long he noticed that the trail was too wide for just one person and that at one point there were signs of a struggle but no blood, after he saw this he called out "Akira!" again thinking that Akria must have been captured. Duncan drew his claymore from his back and quickly moved along the trail
  18. The sun just starting to lower in the sky. "so...are soldiers anything like a mighty warrior?" That was when she heard a man call out what seemed to be a name. She jumped to a defensive position. "that did not sound like one of my people." Her eyes became wild with awareness, and she tugged on his hand. "we should go!" She looked to the man with fearful blue eyes.
  19. "Th-" Before Akira managed to finish his sentence he hears someone call his name, it sounded familiar but the girl he was with seemed scared by it, urging him to go. After a quick moment of deciding, he nods and lets himself get dragged along by the girl, perhaps it would be best to stick with her for now, if it was someone he knew, he'd explain himself later.
  20. Duncan faintly hears the voices, and makes his way towards them shouting "Akira, are you there, its me from your scouting group, i was sent out to fine you!" hoping that he would get a reply
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