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  1. It had been more then 10 years since the world had ended. No one was really sure now how it happend but in one night that was all it took, the world that everyone knew had cesed to exist. Now it was a place of nightmares. The lanscape ruined and the humans were pushed to the very edge of extinxtion. Now they live in small pockets all over the world. All anyone knew was that it was a new virus that wipped the world out. Now the dead began to walk and rule this world. Even now the humans wait they just wait to become extinxt huddled in fear behind the walls they have built. Now the world is over and a new breed has risen. Hunters take on the jobs for those who hire them. They normaly go out and kill a target they are assined. There are some who lived out in the wastland on their own and avoid humans but why they do that is a mystery. Even now the zombie numbers grow stronger and stronger. There is one human out this day. His black hair being blown by the wind now as his blue eyes scann the surrouding area. He was walking through a small town looking for food and water. And if need be ammo. He smiles and keeps his foot steps quiet the soft moaning could be heard through out the town. He is keeping his eyes pelled for any movment looking for anything that can be of use to him. That is when his eyes caught something, what ever it was, it wasent slow it moved fast almost like it was trying to keep out of site of the man. He turns and points his gun at the presents" Come out slowly or i will kill you" he calls to it not sure of what it was just yet.
  2. Jasmine slowly came from her hiding spot hands first, trying not provoke the young man. She was wearing a black tanktop and black pants. She was wearing a cat mask to cover her face but her white hair was in a pony tail. She had a handgun on her side and belt of mags full of ammo." Please dont shoot"
  3. The mans name was James as he lowers his gun his blue eyes pericing looking at the women for a moment and them smiling gently" It is alright miss i will not shoot unless you give me a reason to" he tells her and walks over to her lifting the mask from her face he looks at her for a moment" are you alright what are you doing out here" he asks the girl wondering now it was a dangours place there are quit a few undead in this town seeing this girl here made him worryed that she was not ok
  4. "Im Jasmine." She was surprised when he came over and lifted up her mask." Im fine. I was searching for supplies."
  5. He nodds and looks at her for a moment smiling gently" then come on i am doing the same what settle ment do you come from" he asks her
  6. A young woman had been hiding in the shadows and had watched the other two humans interact with each other. Idly the loner with the long black hair wondered if these two would be friendly or would attempt to kill her. She has a pistol so as long as her hands are on it she should be safe to come out right? Slowly, cautiously, she moves out of the shadows, she wore a white mask, as well as a red top that had obviously been cut up and used to cover some wounds that the young woman obviously had, and she wore black shorts with a backpack on her back that was filled up, with what it was hard to tell but she obviously didn't mind letting people see her with the bag. Quickly the young woman raises her pistol and points it at the pair. "This is going to sound strange while I've got a gun on you but...are you friendly or are you going to attack me? Your answer depends on if I fire or if I decide to share some of my supplies. I've got plenty, I just went through the settlement nearest here." She didn't sound particularly malicious but simply cautious, and in this day and age who could blame her.
  7. The man had heard the women start to speak as he wips around and draws his gun on her. He looks at her for a moment taking her in seeing that she looked more carefull then anything he lowers his gun and nodds" we will not hurt you" he tells the women his blue eyes shining as he draws his gun again and fires one shot dropping a zombie behind her. He looks at her for a moment" come on i got a vehical not to far away from here soon the undead will be drawn to the shot we need to get the hell out of here" he tells her looking at her for a moment smiling gently looking at her." I have supplies if you need anything its all free of charge i have pleanty of it" he tells them looking at the two girls
  8. Jasmine nodded and began to follow james. She drew her pistol ready for a zombie. One stepped in front of her she spun and slammed her for into its face
  9. He looks at the zombie and curses as he draws his gun and runs up to the zomebie grabbing it and throwing it to the ground slamming his foot hard into the back of its next snapping the bone as it grows limp He looks down and sighs deeply kneeing down and muttering a prayer to the fallen one. He looks down and sighs it was an old women her jaw was missing as it had been torn off it looked like this zombie was decompsoing for a while now its bones were very frail so it didnt move all that fast." come on you two we have to get out of here soon or we are going to be food for the undead" he tells them sighing deeply he shakes his head" pour women" he tells them and keeps his eyes peeled now
  10. The woman didn't even flinch when the bullet zipped by her but once the shot rang out she was moving quickly towards the man who had saved her in a way. "We are going to hell in a handbasket soon if we don't move." She charges after the pair popping off a shot every great once in awhile, she was a crack shot and didn't mix any of them, quickly disabling the zombies with one bullet. As she runs she mutters under her breath, "I really wish I had a sniper rifle instead..." With a sudden yip of surprise she hollers at the two; she hadn't caught their names so she didn't know them yet but she told them hers. "I'm Sylvia, just so you know." Sylvia didn't look twice at the zombies she had dropped, they weren't human anymore and though she felt bad for their fate she didn't have time to lollygag around and be slow.
  11. Jasmine had reached the vehicle first. Once there she turned around ans started letting bullets fly. Not missing a single shot her eyes looking like a computer targeting system.
  12. He looks at both the girls and nodds running he was the last one to reach the vehical now he looks seeing a group of them ganging up on them he sigh deeply and looks at them running into his rv it looked more like a tank with how he outfitted it. he looks at them" my name is james by the way ladies" he tells them and smiles gently at them grabbing a sniper and handing it to sylvia and looking at jasmine and hands her a rifel now looking at her and then to the other" make them count" he tells them and grabs his hand guns they were both peace keppers as he open fire now dropping them one after another taking their heads clean off he didnt hit any limbs but now the sounds of the gun battle had awoken the dead city he smiles and jumps in" get in there are to many" he calls to the girls and hops in starting the rv and plowing through the army of the undead. He had made it out of the city by the time he had parked and sighs deeply looking at them" we are safe for now" he tells thme
  13. Up until James hollered at them to duck back into the vehicle she had been popping off shots as fast as the rifle would allow. Her skills shone through with this because she hit every single head efficiently and without a bullet wasted. Sylvia ducks back into the RV quickly resting for now because she'd been out walking for days at this point and it showed, she was exhausted and leaning against a seat where she had almost instantly fallen asleep with the rifle tucked close to her side; at least she was a cautious one and didn't seem too reckless but both James and the other woman who's name she still didn't know seemed trustworthy enough as they hadn't killed her on sight. Upon hearing that they were safe her eyes open and she smiles sleepily. "Thanks for helping me out James...I hope you don't mind that I rest..."
  14. He nodds" go ahead i will have some food ready for us in a moment" he tells her and smiles looking at jasmin looking at her for a moment" i have a working shower if you need it i do have hot water" he tells them both as he sighs and sits back down looking at how many rounds he had shot off he groans thinking about it for a moment." I may have to go to a large city to get more ammo" he tells the girl and smiles for a moment" i can take you to a settlement if you need me to or is there somewhere you want me to drop you both off at. I dont mind if you would like the rest we are not going anywere for a few days to let the undead lose our scent" he tells them and sighs deeply walking over to the back coming out with a can of peaches for the others and some water or beer if they wanted it" here i know its not much and its not cold but its still beer": he tells them and smiles gently this was his act of friendship
  15. Jasmine set down her belt of ammunition counting her ammo for her pistol. "Hey James can you take us around to the other side of the settlement so I can grab my bag" it had her canteen and her dual wazikashis
  16. He nodds and begins to slowly drive as he takes her to the other side of the settlement waiting for her he looks at her grabbing her arm for a moment" do you want me to wait here for you or just leave" he asks her
  17. "Wait I'll be back in 2 minutes," she stepped out of the rv and began to sprint back to the settlement. Two minutes later she returned covered in blood with her wazikashis in hand and her bag on her back.
  18. Sylvia's eyes slowly open as she spots Jasmine running back up covered in blood. With a light yawn she pulls her back pack up and a bottle of water out which she tosses to the other woman. "James says he has a shower so you should probably shower lady, by the way I still don't have your name." She smiles a bit as she's wide awake now and bored causing her to frown a little. She pulls a pad and paper from her bag and starts sketching, occasionally looking up at Jasmine with an observant eye.
  19. She looks at Sylvia. "I'm jasmine" she sheathed her wazikashis and walked to the shower with a black body suit in hand and a red skirt. Once inside the shower she locked the door and undressed. After a few minutes and washing all the blood off. She hopped out dried and put on her clothes she took in. She walked out and sat across from Sylvia. "Nice gun you got there" she pulled out her gun and then a cleaning kit from her bag.
  20. He looks at the women and nodds." is there anywere you two need to go i am heading for the deep wasts to find gass and stuff i can trade" he tells them and smiles looking at them he got up and closed the door and locking it before turning on the rv looking at the women he turns off the car and smiles gently he comes back to them and looks at them for a moment handing them some more food to eat." i have pleanty of food and water" he tells her and smiles" i am zero i dont know if i told you my name yet" he tells them
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