A new world

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  1. The world has turned into a dark, dusty, red planet. A red planet we one called earth. Trees are dead, the lakes and rivers and oceans are below their normal level. Red-like dust can be seen every where you look, like another dust bowl. Creatures have taken over this world. Vampires, werewolves, witches, elves, anything you can think of. A disease has spread infecting them, making them horrid, nasty beings. They loose all sense of reality. First they foam at the mouth, then pass out for a few hours. Once awakened they're memories are gone, and they are hungry, evil, and out for a fight. They hide in the corners of the world, waiting for some unsuspecting human to come across their path. A few creatures, though will never get this disease. Some are immune.
    Tokyo, Japan. 2013. October 23rd.
    Kiyomi looks up at the massive buildings of Toyko before her. The streets are quiet, all is silent. The breeze whisps her beautiful long red hair in front of her face as her red eyes look at the city in horror. "I didn't believe them when they told me this was happening...." She said, softly to herself.
    Kiyomi Yagami, a vampire, comes from Tokyo Japan, but lives in Central United States. This disease hasnt spread too far over there yet, but its going to. Her cousin Damien, an elf, told her of these happenings, and she made it a misson to herself to go back to Japan, where the diease is taking effect the most, to go investigate.

    She walks silently down the streets, the lonliness of it all was starting to set in. Her little feet careful with each step, making sure not to attract any of the sick creatures. She didn't feel like a fight. But something told her, with her being there, there was bound to be one.
  2. Tokyo, Japan. 2013. October 23rd
    Emiko walks through the land on what she used to call home. Looking around all she could see was the tall buildings of Tokyo and the now quite silent streets, she grew up here happily and now its just land with tall buildings on it. "I need to find someone, somewhere in this huge city there is a person" Emiko Koyuki is a young, mostly normal teenage girl, her mother was a werewolf and her father was a human, she has lived in Tokyo, Japan her whole life.

    Emiko slowly sprints down the well known streets of the silent city and hopes to find someone, all of her family and friends left her.
  3. Kiyomi loomed around the abandoned streets, keeping her guard up at all times. With a Katana strapped to her back, and her combat boots to help her run, she felt somewhat safe. Just then, she got the feeling she wasn't alone. "Hello?" She spoke silently, looking around and over her shoulder. When she saw nothing she continued to walk until some caught her eye. It was a girl and she smelled like wolf. Well...she didn't seem infected. Maybe a new parter? "Ahem...hello!" She cleared her voice, taking a small step closer.
  4. Emiko suddenly came to a halt and looked the stranger up and down and thought to herself "Oh my gosh a person...A normal person!"
    Emiko shyly looked at the girl. "Hello! Um...Who are you?" She said nervously while her palms sweated in her back jean pockets.
  5. "In this point in time, its better to ask what are you." Kiyomi said. She didn't want to sound mean or blunt, but she felt like she had a mission. "My name is Kiyomi, vampire." She nodded and looked at the girl. "And you?"
  6. Emiko took her hands out of her jean pockets and hung them by her sides "My name is Emiko, half werewolf...Nice to meet you" Emiko extended her hand out, shaking slightly, to shake Kiyomi's hand.
  7. Kiyomi looked down to Emiko's hand and stared at it for a moment before grasping it gently in her hand and shaking it. "You think you could help me find a cure for this infected creatures before we get infected ourselves?"
  8. Emiko shaked Kiyomi's hand firmly yet gentle.
    "I've been looking all over for somebody to help me, so sure! It seems like we are the only 2 people in Tokyo..."
  9. "No, there are others, they are just hiding, slowly being transformed into the rotten infected." Kiyomi said with a straight face. But then she realized she might be being a little too strict, and she gave Emiko a soft smile. "Listen, my cousin Damien is in New York City working on a cure, but my mission is to save the people like you from here." Kiyomi gave a nod.
  10. Emiko looked down at her feet briefly and looked back up at Kiyomi. "Oh um okay..." Emiko paused briefly "Hey, sorry i'm kind of stuttering and stuff I just haven't talked to somebody, calmly, in a long time. My family left me around 6 months ago and ever since then I haven't really talked to people that much..." She said slowly, her hands have stopped sweating and she had become a little less nervous knowing Kiyomi was just trying to help.
  11. "I know how that is." Kiyomi said, trying to give Emiko another smile of reassureance. "You're safe with me, okay?" She smiled. "Come now, we need to find someplace safe to sleep for the night."
  12. Emiko smiled at Kiyomi, it was a small one but at least it was a smile. "Thank you."
  13. "You're welcome." She nodded, and looked around at the tall buildings. "Um...do you have anything that bothers you? Like blood...?" she asked, looking over at Emiko, raising an eyebrow.
  14. Emiko laughed slightly "No, not at all" She put her hand back in her jean pockets and played with her feet.