A New World With Better Days

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  1. You sat idle for weeks, or maybe you continued on with your life, going to school, going to work, taking care of your children, none the less, the wait was finally over. A New World With Better days have finally been released! Its the latest VVMMORPG game for the Tech Helmet, the newest and the only virtual reality system released in the world. A New World With Better Days have said to be a new Earth, a world filled with so many endless possibility's that it was beyond countable. It had a day and night cycle, seasons, even the pain was real, not including when you became injured you actually bled, it included not only a game, but a game with all five of the human senses. 1.7 million people logged into its severs on its launch day, including you, only, its was far more then just a new virtual reality game, it was a brand new life, a life that could only be lived once, for everyone within its severs were struck forever, or till you beat one of the five main quests. One of the games makers were driven to understand why most people so desperately wished for virtual reality games, and he discovered that most wished to take a break from there daily lives, others couldn't stand there lives and wished to vanish into a virtual reality, while others just wished for a new life entirely. So that's what he gave them, a way of escape, a entire new life.

    Here are four of the main quests,

    Find the seven relics and open the sacred vault.

    Take to the stores, build/own the largest shopping building on the planet, have over 3/4 of the game population shopping at your store.

    Lead the worlds biggest cult, have over 2/4 of the worlds population daily practicing your religion.

    Conquer unknown territory, and build a settlement to eventually turn it into your kingdom, have 2/4 of the worlds population living within your borders.

    Run the biggest clinic/hospital, heal over 2/4 of the worlds sick population.

    That's all I have, any ideas would be nice :D if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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  2. I'm definitely interested in joining this ^^ I've got a question though, are there any specific races or can we just come up with our own? :)
  3. You can come up with your own!, any race is allowed, one of my main characters is a very strange race, shes a being called Spell-tech, shes artificially made by magic, making her physical body extremely weak. She can easily be killed, or even weaken since shes made of pure magic. She's very poweful with magic though, she can cast elemental spells while being able to heal and cast curses. I also want character death though, and for this to run from beginning to end. Anyhow! Got any ideas for the last two main quests? Or any ideas in general? :)
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  4. Wow your chara sounds pretty impressive and well thought out :D Thats good to know then cause I'll be starting to brainstorm for a new race too ^^

    Some ideas for the main quests:

    conquer unknown territory, build a settlement, then eventually create your own kingdom.

    Capture and tame the seven legendary beasts. (the 12 horoscope signs)

    Defeat the Demon King and his 7 legions of demon armies (Each general is one of the seven deadly sins) or choose to rule them as the new Demon King (good or bad ruler).

    Help Death and Life settle their issues. (I have no idea if this is meant to be a joke or not).
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  5. I love the conquer unknown territory, and build a settlement to eventually turn it into your kingdom. Great idea! :)
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  6. So, I have a few ideas for the main story line, but I wanna hear some of yours first, what do you think it should be about?
  7. Oh well before I go ahead thank you ^^ and I have another question (sorry ^^;). If you beat one of the five quests does that mean everyone in the game will be free to go or only you?
  8. It depends, lets say I beat the goddess quest, I get a wish correct? Of course it is! Anyhow, I could wish for myself to be free from the game, or a certain list of people to be free, or even the entire population of the game to be free, or I could not wish to be free at all and instead wish for something else. Now lets say I beat the Take to the Stores quest, if I run a shop all by myself then I'll be the only one released from the game, now if I ran a shop with 5 partners then we'd all be released. It depends upon the quest.
  9. Oh I get it! As for the storyline, the obvious one would be each of the players trying to get out of the game or beating one of the five quests.
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  10. Well of course! :) Any last ideas? I'm still waiting for others to take interest.
  11. Hmm maybe trying to get into the 'Why?' factor a bit more. Like why was the game made, why are the players trapped, why would someone make something like this in the first place? Maybe there could be an alternate route like that and the backstory of everything could be revealed.
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  12. Besides a crazy game master? There isn't much else I can come up with xD

  13. This RP has the SAO feel to it so yea maybe the game master is a bit on the loose side but he felt that he had some type of purpose. For example maybe he just wanted to create a world of his own and wanted the experience to be as realistic as possible. And since you can't escape from real life he/she made it so that you couldn't get out of the 'game'.
  14. That is a good idea, hmm, I had him already create the game to give people a escape of the real life, so adding the last bit of your post would be perfect~ :D Thanks. So how many people do you think we should wait for? and two more questions, how many characters do you plan on playing? and do you know their races yet?
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  15. Thank you~ ^^ Well for this type of open world RP probably about 2-4 people to keep things from getting too erratic unless of course you want this to be a massive universe RP type of thing where there are a ton of RPers (if so then be prepared to wait for a LONG time). I usually play two characters with one being the opposite sex but maybe for this one I'll just be playing one since I would like to advance my character and get a better depth on her/him.
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  16. Um, I'd love to play goodness gracious o.e this sounds so fun I love the whole idea of being stuck in it and yeah I already have in mind what type of character I would be striving for! =)​
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  17. Also um for the kingdom building quest would everyone in your kingdom be set free or just you since you were the one who made the settlement?

    ((Sorry for double posting I hate when I do this .-.))​
  18. Depending on how you ruled your kingdom, everyone could be set free, sure. Let's say I ruled with a monarchy, then only the royal family would be set free, if I ruled with a Democracy then both the ruler and the people would be set free. It depends upon the government the kingdom rules with.
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  19. What type of character would you like to play as? :D
  20. Okay! Sooo I'm sorta mixing some species up here to make what I want..basically I sorta want a fairy mermaid thingy, but sorta with a tail that can turn into legs? I don't know I just with games I sorta have to run around and flying with a floppy tail is sorta weird the wings are more for decoration when she would have her tail out but when she has her legs they could actually fly, I feel it might be a tad op but I wouldn't be flying more just hovering I want her wings to be decoration really because I think they look cool. I have many plans for her late in the game but I do have plans for her main quest already =)
    Fairy Mermaid Thingy (open)
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