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  1. In the year 2374 it was discovered that in the centre of the earth there was the power to alter the universe by one man, but he was power hungry and super controlling. When he managed to absorb this power he became the "God" of the universe. His first act was he destroyed everything there ever was to make a new beginning but he left the souls of people and creatures to inherit new bodies when he was done. He created a world like an island the size of a planet during the day there was a bright blue star lighting up the planet, at night sky glowed with radiants of galaxies. He created new creatures and beings to live among this new world either with a partner of opposite gender or by them selfs with both genders. He then put the souls of former beings into new beings giving all former humans a weapon suiting their body and genetically binding them so that a weapon could not be lost or used by another. Now, new beings are living among this world violent beings making war and peaceful beings hiding from the violent.

    When a being of the new world is injured instead of beading they ooze green goo that hunts down other beings and is corrosive and toxic so if anything gets attacked by if their dead.

    For character creation these details must be met.

    -at least 1 fatal flaw
    -body is humanoid but not human
    -have up to 2 weapons but they cant clash with each other (not mageurly at least)

    Character sheet

    Fatal flaw(s)
    History (life before take over)
    Family (same creature as you)
    Weapon info
    Other info

    I will check over each character before it is allowed to play, i will be accepting up to 6 characters.

    1.No 18+ content
    2.no or minimal bad language
    3.Make sure every ones having fun
    4.1 character per person
    5.have out of character content in this forum and in character content on a forum i will make

    I am a very accepting kind of guy so if you have any questions or comments feel free to say them :).

    Thank you for considering this role play if its not for you i hope you find the right one for you :D.
  2. Name: Dora Grayfin

    Gender: unisex

    Age: 17


    Fatal flaw: cant breath air.

    Personality: kind and caring, yet vicious, short tempered.

    History: was a small young redhead boy that enjoyed video games and school.

    Family: n/a

    Skills: super fast swimmer, can breath under water.

    Abilities: can bite with the strength of a shark.

    Strengths: strong, swimming, water breathing.

    Weaknesses: cant breath air, weaker on land.

    Likes: water, eating fish.

    Dislikes: air, land.

    Weapons:[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Weapon info: uses minigun as main weapon but when in need of a melee weapon she uses her gun blade.

    Other info: can create a temporary water bubble around her head when on land, gains strength when listening to music.

    Does anyone think i should swap out the mini gun i thick its ok because guns are bad in water (well their worse at least) and shes weak on land.
  3. Name: Kira
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    Fatal flaw: sometimes has "magic flares" where she has an uncontrollable moment of destructive "magic"

    Personality: Loves to try and prove herself to be worth something because often she is seen as useless and dangerous. Tends to keep to herself most of the time. Very adventurous and is able to hold her own in a fight rather well. Has a fiery temper but has plenty of patience to counter it.

    History: As a child she aged without a family of any sort. She fought to survive and in doing so acquired a very decent amount of defensive skill. She grew up in an abandoned castle that slowly fell apart when she was 10. later on she developed an over active set of senses and her powers began to kick in. Though even now he has little control over them, when she is angry she can cause severe damage to everything around her. As she matured she to a style of her own and she never ever spoke to anybody outside of her own comforts.

    Family: none
    Skills: Aura reading and Phsycokinesis
    Ability: Occasionlly can use " dark magic"
    Strength: Nothing really bothers her
    Weakness: strong light and extreme heat
    Likes: Mist, rain, red and black, occasionally purple, coldness, and wolves
    Dislikes: frogs, Heat, Anything pink, loosing
    Weapons: Longsword and her powers
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  4. 1. Isnt your character just a woman thats totally black? Or am i not seeing something?

    2. I would prefer you use a weapon then supernatural powers, but it might be ok.

    3. I feel like you miss read the plot you werent always that same being

    And you need another one of your kind if your a specific gender. So since your female you need a male counter part even if your character hates him.
  5. no. she is grey not black. not human at all. I'm not even sure myself but definitely not human

    I may have left it out, not sure, but as far as her powers go they aren't fully developed yet, they grow as she ages. right now she has very little control over what she has of them.

    thanks. working on it right now.:writing:
    will have an opposite gender done soon.
  6. fixed it.
    Kira is my main character but now I have my opposite gender. now, correction...
    as of now, WE are the last of my kind. and I suppose we are also the first too... In this RP at least.
    other is Daámon. Bit of a wierd name but i'm going of the top of my head so it's the best I could come up with. Hope it's good enough.
    he is like me but my exact opposite in everything but perrsonality.
    He doesn't have any " powers".
    He dual wields VX7-scoprions.
    Personality: has a short temper and hates being pushed around. Not the easiest to get along with. Hates Kira but doest\nt want to loose her either. Can be indecisive at times.
  7. Cool and Daámon is really just a side character so you dont have to play as him a lot but is still important. Dual scorpions wow hes got good weapons, i dodnt know much about guns but im pretty sure scorpions are pretty good semi atomatic machine gun or assult rifle (i think).

    Id say your good. Would anyone else seeing this like to join?
  8. Awesome, so i guess I'm in. I think Daámon might come in handy, after all he is sort of close to me in a wierd sort of way. And, you were close. Dual wield scorpions are a type of automatic pistol. deal a lot of damage with a few bullets.
  9. im ready when you are. :bug:
  10. A question before we start do you think the mini gun is too much? I'll make the rp thread now would you like to start?
  11. no. the mini gun is plenty. now is as good a time as any.
  12. Sorry forgot about this lol. Ill make a rp thread now.
    Sky you idiot why you no tell me this amazing is happening?!?
    I will make a character right away!
  14. I forget about some rps lol. Sorry @viahra233
  15. it's alright. We all get loaded down some times. Overkill. LOL
  16. *sigh* nvm... I give up..... too braindead... Maybe I should work on making sure the rps im in just dont die.
  17. yeah. Have fun with that. Good luck.
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