A New World Order

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  1. All yours doll
  2. 2 more males needed when those are filled females will open back up again
  3. I am going to just put my face claim here ahead of time: Segovia Amil
  4. Hello! Do you have a limit to how many characters we play?
  5. No ma'am
  6. May i then take a male for zeus, a female for hephaestus and a male for athena? (:
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  7. Yes yes and yes
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  8. Might I join?

    I was planning on taking on Male Hermes if you'll have me.
  9. Sure, but the 2 we really need at the moment is a male Persephone and and Female Hera not both need to be taken by the same person and if you want 2 you can have 1 plus your Hermes character
  10. I'm not really good at doubling. Hm, but I'll work on Hermes first then decide if I can make that male Persephone. Gotta read on that Hades sheet too.

    Edit: Yeah I think I'll get male Persephone. Sounds like it'll be quite a ride.
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  11. Cool that works, was going to say probably not to the Hermes then, because those 2 are needed before other gods are taken.
  12. Wait so I can't have Hermes along with Persephone?
  13. No you can
  14. One more Female needed and this will be closed
  15. Still open? I can do Hera.
  16. Need 1 more Female but Hera is taken there are others open
  17. Open God's and Goddesses
    Hestia Goddess of the harth
    Iris Goddess of Rainbows
    Hypnos God of Sleep
    Nemisis Goddess of Revenge
    Selene Goddess of Vampires
  18. Are you still doubling up? Because I could do Hypnos and either Nemisis or Hestia? What genders do you need?
  19. You could do a male and a female because if @practically.a.fairy joins with a female then it keep it even and I can then close the rp
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.