A new world ( open sign ups/ plot discussion)

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are you prepared to discover your fate?

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  1. A long time ago, before the races of today were even thought of. A planet existed were nothing was alive. A creator of galaxies looked down upon this pathetic planet and saw promise in it's future. He gave forth a part of his soul and therefore gave life to this planet. He created hundreds of species of creatures to inhabit the planet and set a destiny for it. These creatures gained intelligence and chose sides ass fights ensued and wars became reality. These wars however soon ended, putting the planet once again in ruin.
    post-apocalypse.jpg welcome to reality. time to start over. rebuild our own world. Are you prepared for your fate?
    sign up content-
    Weapon of choice:
    Personality:( don't have to be specific. just saw what kind of person he/she is)
    Sexualitiy:( dominant,submissive,both)
    Past:( don't go to much into detail)
  2. name:Kira
    gender: female

    Weapon of choice: long-sword
    race: unknown
    personality: adventurous, strives to prove herself, keeps to herself
    sexuality: submissive
    past: (will learn throughout the RP)

  3. Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Weapon of choice: Great-Sword
    Race: Half human-Half demon (More human than demon)
    Personality: Bad guy with a good heart
    Sexuality: Both
    Past: Great fighter and Survivalist
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  4. hmmm, i like it.
  5. name: Gerinda Kilan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Weapon of choice: Double edged scythe.
    Race: Wolven.
    Personality:She doesn't talk much and is very cold hearted when she wishes to be.
    Sexualitiy: Ew
    Past: She grew up alone.
  6. Name: Feodosiy
    Age: 16
    Race: New, has the ability to turn into an eagle but it is painful
    Weapon of Choice: Lightweight dagger
    Personality: Soft-hearted and shy, very intelligent but is easily drowned out by other people
    Sexuality: Submissive
    Past: Was constantly teased and made fun of by other children

    Is this ok @viahra233
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  7. You know the "Font family" option up there? below it it haves "insert edit image" there is where you can use the pictures. That is what i use to put pictures...
  8. Thank you!
  9. Your welcome.
  10. accepted and accepted.
  11. i click on upload file to put in pics. when you have uploaded the image then you can paste it as a thumbnail or a full image.
  12. Before I do anything, I just wanna test something. Everyone go to tektek and make an avatar of your character and be as detailed as possible. It would be very helpful to me if you could post what you create so I can see.
    thank you,
  13. Ok, i will try to do one right now.
  14. k. thats one.
  15. What's tektek?

    And thanks for accepting me.
  16. Just wondering why
  17. Im testing something. and tektek is an avatar creating website. search it up. first on the search list. just wanna get a better grasp on your characters appearance. a full body image. it helps toknow as much of the body apearance as possible. ((( not in any sexual manner)))
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