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  1. IC

    Out there on a lonely planet called Earth is some shunned people. Well maybe not really shunned but not noticed very often, kinda strange, weird or simply not understood. Each and every one of the people has something in common with each other. None of them yet know what bonds them together but they, aye that they soon will.

    The Creator has made a place for these special people in a new Galaxy called Bridge Mix Galaxy and more specifically on the Planet called Safe Haven. On Safe Haven is a land mass called Sanctuary and more specifically on Caldwell's Lands. What matters most is that these special people with this ancient core are gathered and placed there where they will be safe once more and with others that have this old ability that is stored in their essence.

    The beginning of your new life…….

    Until the fated day, this misunderstood person sees an old picture of an academy somewhere, it doesn’t matter where it is found. The picture could be in an attic, museum, art exhibit, or anywhere in your imagination. Then when the misunderstood person happens to touch the picture, he or she is ‘drawn into’ the said picture. Under the picture is a plaque that may be dusty or dirty but if one was to clean it off, it would say:
    Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents and Draconic Arts. Please Touch to Enter.

    I have run this Academy before and I have added what I hope are interesting classes and ideas. I need more ideas and I hope to have help from those who join this RP.


    My Rules:
    1) Be online at least every other day. If you are going to be gone for more than two days, please post it on the OOC.
    At 7 days, you will no longer be in the RP without discussing with ME.
    2) I do not like one liners! Please post at least 3 full sentences of 5 words or at least 15 words minimum.
    3) Check the Bulletin Board frequently after it gets set up. More late on it.
    4) Follow the rainbow.
    5) No Godmoding without permission!
    6) Do not post before you are accepted into the RP.
    7) Keep Player Knowledge Separate From Character Knowledge.
    8) Place the line that is not a rule in the other line of the character sheet.
    9) Respect the other players.
    10) More will be added if I see the need for more.

    Possible characters are:
    Traditional Student: will be using basic magical skills
    Draconic Student: Will train a riding dragon in addition to using basic magical skills
    Student of both: Will be taking all courses offered in the levels
    Draconic Teacher
    Butler/Head Houseker
    If you would like to be a Long Term Character, please note that as well in the Other line.
    Long Term Characters are the ones who will pass all of the Levels and will leave to explore new lands.

    Here is the CS application:

    Students- ages 15 to 17
    Adults- ages 25 to 35
    Appearance in words:
    Room: 1-15
    Character wanted:
    Unique Traits:
    Rank of the Basic 4 (Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind): for future use
    1) Fire
    2) Earth
    3) Wind,
    4) Water
    Magic Affinity: (TBA until further notice)
    Pet desired: (All pets are just weaned or in eggs which will hatch on Day 3 of classes) (TBA until further notice)

    Education Completed:
    Independent Study Courses Completed:

    (TS = Traditional Magic Student; DS= Draconic Student; TDS=Student of both courses)
    Room Assignment (open)

    Room 1:Alianne (Aly) Lockwood by CynderTheDragoness; DS
    Room 2:
    Room 3:
    Room 4:
    Room 5: Matt Brett by Silverdawn; TDS
    Room 6:
    Room 7: Mystique Rose deForest by The Creator 8; TDS
    Room 8:
    Room 9: Kairi Ozaki by koolkat4595;TDS
    Room 10:
    Room 11:
    Room 12:
    Room 13:
    Room 14:
    Room 15:
    Headmistress: Lady Violetta Rose deForest by The Creator 8
    Draconic Teacher: Faye Norwood by koolkat4595
    Butler/Housekeeper: Housekeeper: Raven Blackthorn by CynderTheDragoness
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  2. This RP is now ready to accept characters. I will also be eagerly waiting for new ideas and any questions!
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  3. Name: Matt Brett
    Appearance in words: (Just look at the picture) and because the picture doesn't show it 5'9" 132lb


    Age: 15
    Room: 5
    Character wanted: Student of both
    Unique Traits: Learns magic quite easily and good organisational skills
    Likes: Nice people, animals (especially dogs), food, video games and magic
    Dislikes: Annoying people
    Personality: Matt is the typical good student, he works hard to accomplish his tasks and tends not to give himself many breaks, unless he has a reason for them (hanging out with friends and that sort of thing). He is nice to everyone who is nice back. Tends to get confused when something suddenly happens to him like normal people would react.
    History: Matt grew up in a relatively well off family known for their magic, most of his family are well known by most people so he tends to not tell his second name to people to not have anyone know who he is. He was learning magic even before going to school as his parents wanted him to be a great mage/ wizard (you haven't exactly said what they where training for). With all the pressure on him he decided to take all classes possible so he could be the son they always wanted. Also when he got to school he found out that his sister is one of the teachers in the school, so she may be a bit of a problem from him.
    Rank of the Basic 4 (Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind): for future use
    1) Fire
    2) Wind
    3) Earth
    4) Water
    Magic Affinity: (TBA until further notice)
    Pet desired: (All pets are just weaned or in eggs which will hatch on Day 3 of classes) (TBA until further notice)
    Other: Follow the Rainbow.

    Education Completed:
    Independent Study Courses Completed:
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  4. Silverdawn, you are accepted!

    • Name: Kairi Ozaki

      Appearance in words: Kairi has waist length silver hair. Her eyes are deep amethyst. Kairi's has a slim waist and a large bust for her age. She has fair skin tone. Her weight is 125lb and is 5'7 ft. She has a treble/ bass clef lockett with a picture of her mother in it.

      Picture: As seen above

      Age: 16

      Room: 9

      Character wanted: student of both

      Unique Traits: music lover and studious. She plays the piano, and is learning how sing. Kairi is also very intelligent and loves to learn new things and facts.

      Likes: Music, chocolate, cooking, swimming, video games, reading, studying, singing, animals

      Dislikes: broccoli, rudeness, violence

      Personality: Kairi is friendly and kind. She does not go out of her way to make friends, since she is shy,. She sees value in every life, since she is well informed that every organism has a part in keeping the balance of life. Kairi Does not have much of a social life outside of video games. She keeps herself busy with study groups, private lessons, and volunteering at the local animal shelter and parks.

      History: Kairi lived a single parent house hold. While Her parents her married on paper, they were estranged and at odds with each other. Her father, being an influential diplomat and politician, made sure her mother lived comfortably. Her father lived in another household. Being the daughter of a politician had its' perks. Kairi went to the best school, had piano singing lessons from great teachers, had her own personal library, and was able to get exclusive internships for numerous botany labs. Since Kairi was a child she was loved to be outside gardening, playing her piano in her mother's greenhouse, and taking care of her numerous pets throughout the years. Kairi was very close to her mother, and although her father was hardly in her life she still respected and loved him for all he did for her. However that all changed when her father took up a mistress. Kairi and her mother knew that her father messed around with strippers and prostitutes when he went off on diplomat trips. It was when Kairi's father took up a resident mistress that her mother had the proof she needed to get a divorce on her term. Kairi's mother was a famous actress, and when she and Kairi's father got married they had prenup. If Kairi's mother filed for divorce she would only get half a million. Knowing how nasty her father was he would try to take everything else. Kairi's mother was well off before the marriage, but because of her father's insistence to close all her personal accounts, her mother would have no properties or money to live off of. In Japan, because of her mother's age and her father connections, she would not be able to get a good job acting. So Kairi's mother stayed married so that her daughter would not have to life in a divided household. Now kairi's mother had all the proof she needed to trigger the adultery clause in their prenup. Her mother would get half his fortune and keep the properties she wanted that had her name on them. Kairi had no idea about the new mistress or her mother's plan. The weekend that her mother filed for divorce Kairi's father sent her off overseas for a concert by her favorite symphony. When she returned her home was burned down with her mother in it. Kairi became depressed, having lost her home, mother, and best friend. This was the summer before her high school year. A year later her father had remarried. Kairi was finally picking up the pieces of her life. She liked her new step mother, and nothing seemed to be going amiss. It was not until one of her good friends told her that her father was asking thier mother to get Kairi into an american private school. Kairi was not aware of those plans, nor did she want to leave her school and friends. When she confronted her father about this, he confessed that her stepmother was pregnant, and did not want her around anymore. Her stepmother never liked her, and even told her that it was she that convinced her father to burn down Kairi's mothers ' home to scare her into not bringing up the adultery clause. It when horribly wrong, resulting in her mother's death. Kairi's stepmother didnt want her around because she felt that her mother was hauting her through Kairi. Kairi had never been so angry before. Kairi decided to packed her bags. Kairi come across a box of things that were salvaged from her old home. In it was a strange flier. She saw herself suddenly in the picture. She took this as a sign, since it was a flier for a school. She touched the flier, beginning her new life.

      Rank of the Basic 4 (Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind): for future use
      1) Earth
      2) Water
      3) Wind
      4) Fire

      Magic Affinity: (TBA until further notice)

      Pet desired: Lyre bird

      Other: Kairi is going to be a long term character. Among her belongings is a keyboard,

      Education Completed:
      Independent Study Courses Completed:

    • Name: Faye Norwood

      Appearance in words: Faye has golden blonde hair past her waist, usually in a single side braid. Her eyes are bright green. Slim waist and large bust. Her weight is 135lb and is 5'5 ft. she has two piercings in each ear, and a bar in her left ear.

      Picture: As seen above

      Age: 27

      Room: for draconic teacher

      Character wanted: Draconic Teacher

      Unique Traits: Faye loves animals. she has the ability to communicate with them.

      Likes: animals, junk food, excising, nature, organic food, the beach

      Dislikes: meat, snobs, disobedient children

      Personality: Faye has a passion for animals of all kind. She does not take kindly to people who abuse animals or take them out of their natural habitat. Faye is not a stickler. She is very fun and a strong drinker. Faye loves a good party, and enjoys volunteer at the local Zoo. Faye loves children.

      History: Faye grew up on a ranch in Virginia. Her early childhood was filled with open fields, horses, and a dysfunctional family. Her parents were drug addicts. When her mother found out she was pregnant, she checked herself into rehab into Faye was born. After that both her parents disappeared. Her aunt and uncle raised her of their ranch. Faye could talk to animals for as long as she could remember. The three horses at the ranch were her first friends. Faye seemed to have a natural infinity for animals. She grew up to be outspoken. Faye never backed down from her convictions against killing for sport, which was a very popular pass time in her hometown. Her fellow classmates loved her firecracker attitude, though that did not mean that she was rude or disrespectful to adults. Her guardians supported her lifestyle change to vegetarianism and even her animal rights activism. Faye had great grades in high school, and coupled with her many scholarships from volunteer activities she went to North Carolina State University. There is where Faye got her degree in Veterinary medicine. A year after she got her license She opened up a clinic in her hometown. Everything was going great for her. She even had started to rescue dogs when she bought herself a house. At her clinic she a local attorney. A year after they met she was engaged and just had a baby girl. Her 27 birthday had just passed when her mother showed up at her doorstep. She claimed to had struggled with her addition when her father died of an overdose. Faye's mother claimed to become clean after his death and was looking for her. It took a few months, but Faye decided to forgive her mother and accept her back in her life. Her now husband did not approve but he supported his wife's decision. That would prove to be faye's greatest mistake. 2 weeks after that Faye left her mother to babysit her daughter, jade. When her and her husband came back the house was burglarized and the baby was left under a toppled crib. Her died due to suffocation. Faye's mother was never seen again. This lend to a strange in Faye's marriage. Faye threw herself into her work and community service. During closing time she found a flier that was strange. Faye was in the picture with a building in the background with a large dragon. Something about it spoke to her. She wrote a note to her husband and left.

      Rank of the Basic 4 (Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind): for future use
      1) Water
      2) Earth
      3) Fire,
      4) Wind
      Magic Affinity: (TBA until further notice)

      Pet desired: Water lesser dragon

      Other: Also a long term character.

      Education Completed:

      Independent Study Courses Completed:

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  5. koolkat4595- Both are accepted! We need at least 2 more students!
  6. Name: Mystique Rose deforest
    Appearance in words:

    Age: 15
    Room: 7
    Character wanted: Student of Both
    Unique Traits: Mystique has no unique trait except her green eyes which are consider a witchy trait.
    Likes: chocolate, gardening, crafts, reading
    Dislikes: loud noises, people walking up behind her, canines,
    Always helpful, Mystique will go out of her way to help others and forgets her own needs. Quick Temper, Distrustful, Curious
    Mystique was dropped off at an orphanage when she was first born. She has bright copper red hair and deep green eyes which was considered a witchy trait. She was sent out to various couples but the couples would bring her back for one reason or another. She had her room even though it was quite small. It used to be a walk in closet at one time. Mystique had a special way with animals and she claimed to be able to communicate with them. She also had a hot temper and with the hot temper came her ability to make a fire ball. Once she was able to make fire balls at the young age of 5, she was no longer considered adoptable. She was taught that throwing fire balls was not a good thing and she would get herself into trouble. In fact the people at the orphanage did their best to make sure that Roisin did not get angry until she was much older and had learned how to control her temper. She grew up and was the eldest child in the orphanage.
    One day while in the attic of the orphanage with one of the staff, Mystique found the picture of Caldwell’s hanging on the wall. She was entranced with the picture and walked over to the picture. She took a finger to dust off the tiny sign and she was pulled through the picture- much to the surprise of the staff person.
    Rank of the Basic 4 (Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind): for future use
    1) Fire
    2) Air
    3) Earth
    4) Water
    Magic Affinity: (TBA until further notice)
    Pet desired: (All pets are just weaned or in eggs which will hatch on Day 3 of classes) (TBA until further notice)
    Follow the rainbow.
    Long Term Character
    Education Completed:
    Independent Study Courses Completed:

    Name: Lady Violetta Rose deForest
    Appearance in words:
    Age: 25
    Room: Head mistress room
    Unique Traits: Lady Violetta tends to be slightly negatively because of her past. She is very lonely. She will disappear at times just to get away from the school.
    Likes: quiet, chocolate, animals, crafts, books
    Dislikes: loud noises, thunder, fishy food, gardening
    Personality: Lady Violetta is kind but a bit aggravating because she is quite strict and stubborn in her ways. She can be a bit of an introvert and prefers to be with animals than people. She enjoys teaching those who are willing to learn and will obey her rules at all times. However, she is a bit lonely.
    History: She was a Librarian in the young adult section of a big city library. One day she was cleaning some new paintings that came in when she was pulled into the picture. She landed on the lawn which she named the Fall. The Creator met her and instructed her about her new position- the HeadMistress of Caldwell's.
    Rank of the Basic 4 (Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind): for future use
    1) Fire
    2) Earth
    3) Water
    4) Air/WindMagic
    Magic Affinity: (TBA until further notice)
    Pet desired: (All pets are just weaned or in eggs which will hatch on Day 3 of classes) (TBA until further notice)
    Other: Follow the rainbow.
    Long Term Character
    Education Completed:
    *She inherited the knowledge when she came through the picture*
    Independent Study Courses Completed:
    *She inherited the knowledge when she came through the picture*
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  7. I'll make both a DS and the housekeeper. I'll try to get a CS up by this weekend.
  8. Thank you CynderTheDragoness! I appreciate that.
    If anyone know of anyone that might like this RP, feel free to contract them!
  9. Tomorrow we shall start the RP. I will need all staff to post first then it will be open to students who will fall into the Academy. Find the most creative way to 'fall into' the Academy. Also be sure to glance through my blogs for more information on the RP. The Mythical Creatures will have all of the Pets that you may have as well as a coloring page if you wish to color your pet. I will be working on this blog today and it will be posted by tomorrow afternoon.
    Any questions?!
  10. my main question was about the extra bits such as the pets and dragons. Also, because of my schedule I may not be about to post every other day, not saying that i absolutely cant, but since my summer courses are accelerated there will be times when i have multiple essays to write and will not be able post but one time during the working week and one time on the weekend if i finish early. I will tell you if its the case so i wont be MIA suddenly. i can't wait to start!
  11. koolkat4595,

    That is fine about your posting. Just keep us posted if you have troubles with the speed. I hope to start today. I am ready for Staff to report so we can start the school year.

  12. For those of you who are ready to choose a pet, I have them in my blog section.

    Here is the Magic Affinity List:

    1) Elementals
    2) Mentality
    3) Dragon Riding
    4) Light or Dark
    5) Spell Casting
    6) Life Skills
    7) Creator Magic
    8) Void
    9) General Necromancy
    10) Ley and Wey Lines, Mapping,

    I hope that everyone will start posting today.
  13. I'll have internet access for my laptop tonight. It will be easier to make a CS for my DS and housekeeper.
  14. That will be fine. I am eager to start when we can.
  15. I will post today for Faye. I went over the blog entries and I can already tell which one will be good for kairi but I'm having a harder time pinning the best pet or dragon for Faye. I will update their CS accordingly before I postl
  16. I am still waiting on people to post.........:flail:
  17. Thanks for posting koolkat.But got to go . My granson is teething pains. bbl
  18. Can I get a link to the blog? And do you mind if i only fill out the minimum for the CS for now? Just to have a character up. I'll add to it as I have time.
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