A new world, a forbidden touch

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  1. Okay, so... this is based off of a post apocalyptic idea I had...

    It's anthro, the time passed and cataclysm allowed for massive mutation in the surviving animals.

    Far in the future the world has rebuilt itself from the ashes of the old world, created a new society. This society functions at a bronze age level of technology, relics of the past are confusing but useless due to the sheer age.

    This world is ruled by the Clerics, six individuals who have all the say in their field. They are, law and justice, agriculture and livestock, medicine and science. They are grouped into twos, they work together closely, sharing the same building within the order's land.

    The Clerics are forbidden to have relationships, no love, no friends, no family. Their duty is to serve their field and continue the advancement. Death is the punishment for those who break these laws.

    My cleric, the cleric of medicine, is a young fox, barely out of her twenties.
    I'm looking for a male or female to play the new Cleric of science.

    The goal of this is to have them have to flee and uncover the ruins of the old world, find out what happened... blah blah.

    Any takers?
  2. Oh! I'm a cleric and I get to do Science! And pretty furry people!

    Where do I sign. ^^
  3. ............

    Right on that dotted line! I'll get my post right up! Yay for stock rp's!
  4. Damn that was fast, girl...

    So fast I have the feeling I just time travelled into the future, xD
  5. Muahahahaha, I my favourites all saved for quick posting. :3
  6. Oh, then no time travelling form me.... : )
  7. There you go, beautiful! ^^

    Hope you like it.