A new world, a forbidden age... (Arc and Misfit.)

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  1. The sound had shaken her awake, the candle lit room filled with smoke and soot. Her emerald eyes blinked, trying to find meaning in the sudden explosion, trying to understand what happened. Slowly the female swung her legs over the edge of her bed, a dark grey tail hanging limp behind her while she approached the blackness. All the candles on her partner's side of the room were gone, whatever happened had either destroyed or knocked them out. Soon she halted, fear crossed her vulpine features. Her bare footpaw had touched something. Slowly she looked down, what she saw terrified her. A hand, a single hand blown violently off at the wrist. What she found beyond that simply shattered her, the broken remains of the elderly bear that had kept her company these past seven years. Dead...

    It took days to get the smell out of the building, weeks to clean all of the soot from every nook and cranny. It took nearly three months to find a suitable replacement. They would be sending them soon, the cleric was to prepare for the induction ceremony. The female sighed softly to herself, looking across the empty hall that they would share, one side dedicated to science, the other to medicine. One large oak door on the entrance, two smaller at the other end and another by a bed on the medical side. It would be home, the dull grey masonry. A large fabric tapestry at the far corner, hanging above the two beds that sat side by side. Upon it a simple cross with a circle behind it, the sign of the order.

    Turning from the scorched wood of her compatriot she dressed, pulling the dull white robe over her slender body. A large red cross emblazoned upon it's back, the mark of the cleric of medicine. Her compatriot would wear a grey cross. She took care to pull her dark brown hair back, rolling it up in a half messy bun and securing it with a slender rose. It was a luxury that the woman would take when she could. She could wear nothing else to show her beauty to even show her as a woman, her robe so loose that it was difficult to tell if one didn't notice the feminine features of her face. Her hands quickly picked up a small set of tools, a metal rod with the mark of the order on it, the mark being the same as the pink scar upon her neck near her collar bone. A set of bandages for patching the initiate up. Lastly a small covered jar containing ointment. She would do the ceremony of inditing the new cleric.

    With careful steps she left the halls, crossing the massive campus that held each high vaulted near gothic cathedral esque hall. In silence others joined her on her way, be them the clerics or those who dedicated their lives to serve them. They were all headed to one place, the large circular building, reminiscent of an ancient theater. Entering she approached the middle, placing the bandaging material on a table and the end of the stick in a fire before turning to face the heavy oaken doors that would allow the new initiate in. Another brought a new set of robes, placing them next to the bandages. The rest of the clerics sat, watching the fox before the fire while she shifted, waiting for the doors to open and guards to bring them in.
  2. The oaken doors glide open, allowing two guards to lead a tall, lean male inside the cathedral. The man's long, black hair effortlessly conceals the scales that riddle his masculine features, falling over his shoulders and down his back to his waist. With every step, the simple grey robe draped around his body sways. Soon, the male is led to the center of the behemoth room, his snake-green eyes focused at his feet. Drawing a steadying breath, he raises his head and peers into the eyes of the young female. Controlling his breathing and keeping his slight nerves at bay, the male patiently awaits the beginning of the induction ceremony, for the start of life as a member of the order.
  3. The female felt a slight hint of surprise run through her as the male entered. Compared to her he was a giant, though she didn't say a word about it. Doing her best to compose herself while small whispers echoed from the clerics she gave him a nod. "Welcome..." She spoke up, her voice cracking just a bit showing how nervous she was. "Please, remove your robes..." Her voice was kind, soft a good linen. Waiting for him to oblidge she would glance to the other clerics before she guided him to kneel, mainly out of the fact that she was too short to do any of the ceremony with him standing. Moving his hair she made the pain quick, leaving the brand upon his neck only long enough that the mark would stay before she dropped it to the cold stone ground and gathered the ointment. Quickly covering the wound she did her best to make it somewhat comfortable. "Welcome... Cleric... rise and speak your name." She spoke taking a step back ad gathering his new robes.
  4. The male nods stiffly and rises, allowing his robes to remain on the frosty ground, the pain from his brand nearly non-existant. "Orochi." He replies, his voice fairly deep yet soft at the same time. Fighting the urge to rub his neck, Orochi balls his hands into fists at his sides. Unsure of what to do next, he chooses to study the female. With great curiosity, he watches her gather his new robes in which in slides into only moments later, allowing the fabric to fall around his body however it chooses. After adjusting his long hair, Orochi returns his full attention to the female.
  5. She gave a nod as he stated his name, her ears reactivly flattening as applause erupted around them. She took a small step back from him while he donned the new robe, though she would have to lie to say she hadn't done a cursory inspection of his... health. With a small sigh she cleared her throat. "Welcome to the Order of Clerics Orochi... you have been called here to be the new cleric of science and as such you shall be him. There are few rules to be abided by... No relations with anyone outside of professional friendship, no leaving the campus without express permission by the council of clerics, and no forsaking your post unless you are to die soon or are dead. I hope you will agree, for if you do not..." The guards drew their weapons, "You will be killed."
  6. Orochi snickers softly to himself, only loud enough for the female to hear him. While watching the guards draw their weapons, he experiences a tinge of amusement and struggles desperately not to burst out in sudden laughter. "Death sounds rather unpleasant at this point in time. Therefor I shall agree to your rules, miss." He replies, His voice joyous with a mere hint of sarcasm. The rules repeat themselves over and over within his mind, imprinting the worlds into his brain. Unsure of what he's to do next, Orochi continues to peer at the Cleric beside him.
  7. His snicker made her blink, many showed fear at this point, regret even but he simply showed entertainment. It perplexed the female, leaving her cantering her head just a bit before he agreed. "Then welcome, Cleric Orochi." She spoke the other clerics clapping in acceptance before slowly filing out. She had take the time to gather her things as well as his clothes, placing them all together in a neat wrap before looking back to him. "Well I suppose you should follow me, seeing as we'll be working together..." She spoke softly giving him a small nod. Her pointed ears lowering upon her head just a bit, a small sign of submission due to his imposing nature. She would lead him out, her tail wagging out of a hole in the back of her robes. She led him across the verdant campus, to the large hall that would be their home. "Welcome..." She spoke again pushing open the door with a small grunt and a bit of difficulty. Leading him in to the large spacious room she dumped the roll she had made upon the raised bed next to her large desk. "That side is yours... sorry for the scorch marks." She spoke with a small nod, "Do you have any questions... I'm sure that all went fast..."
  8. Orochi glances around the room, his mind making a quick note of where everything is. "Well yes actually. If it isn't too much to ask, miss, I'd like to know your name." His eyes shift their gaze back to the female. For a moment, Orochi remained standing before taking a few steps backwards and perching on his new bed. Though not the most comfortable thing he's ever had to sleep on, it'll have to do for the time being.
  9. She blinked a bit, surprised by the question. "My name is Beya..." She spoke, her voice rather soft while she put away the excess bandages and the like. Her ears swiveled while she heard the bed creek as he sat. Taking a slight glance to him she quickly looked back to her duties, scurrying about her desk trying to tidy things up just a bit. Her tail drug the ground while she moved, though she did her best to try and appear less concerned. Her green eyes took a small glance to him again, wondering why he was simply sitting there.
  10. Nodding, Orochi files the woman's name in his memory. "Well then, Miss Beya, it's rather nice to meet you. Now. Is there anything specific we're supposed to be doing right now?" He asks shyly. The question had been bouncing around in his mind for sometime now but the opportunity to ask it just didn't seem to be open until this moment. As a soft sigh slips through Orochi's pursed lips, he leans back, propping himself up with his arms, the bed creaking loudly because of his slight movements. His robe slips off his shoulder, revealing a small patch of scales on his upper arm. Orochi gives a small uncaring shrug, as if hoping the robe would slide back into it's place on it's own.
  11. Beya blinked, a but surprised at being called miss, or anything other than Cleric. Her ears lowered just a bit upon her head while her tail swayed behind her. "Well, you can start doing... whatever your please really... Your career here is a bit more lenient than mine." Her voice seemed as shy as his while she glanced over catching the patch of scales. Giving a small nod she finished tidying up her things, leaning against her desk. "You can take a bath, or go explore the gardens outside if you wish..." Stealing another slight glance she felt her ears lower a bit more. It was obvious that she was nervous about having a new partner to work with, specifically after the tragic end of her last partner.
  12. Tapping a slim finger against his chin, Orochi contemplates what he should do. A bath seems like a good idea to him yet exploring the gardens could also be fun. While his many options circulate throughout his mind, Orochi smiles devilishly and stands, automatically adjusting his robes accordingly. He strides over to Beya before coming to a standstill behind her. Gently placing his slender hand on the girl's shoulder, Orochi leans in close to her, his lips nearly brushing against up her ear."As appealing as your suggestions are, I think it'd be far more... Beneficial to me to divulge in the study of other Clerics. Perhaps I should start with the medicine Clerics." Orochi whispers seductively. To him, having a little bit of forbidden fun is much more amusing than exploring the gardens.
  13. Beya looked up, a bit surprised as he began to approach. Silently she adjusted the thick lensed glasses upon her slender muzzle, a small blush forming under her fur while he placed a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes darted up to him, her ears twitching from the feeling of his breath upon the soft velvety fur that lay there. His words made her want to swoon, want to simply collapse. No one talked to her in such a way and as such it made her curious. Fear filled her heart however while she began to think of the repercussions of what he meant by it. A small gulp escaped her lips, her head slowly turning to look up at him, ears drooping showing her nervousness. "W-what do you want to study?" She questioned, slowly shifting her body to face him just a bit more. Her cheeks felt as if they were on fire while she watched him, a small part of her hoping he was simply curious and asking questions. Anything else could get them killed. At the same time, however, another part of her wanted companionship.