A New Use for the Twilight series

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's still better than using People Magazine.
  2. I saw this like a year ago, Kyubs
  3. Verbal is a hipster.
  4. Damn, how did you find out?
  5. Old pic is old.
  6. Generations from now they will see what we once used as toilet paper and they will know at least some people used that book for its intended purpose.
  7. Possibly fellow hipster
  8. And here's another use for the Twilight books.

    *Chucks them at all the hipsters*
  9. Sorry Rory, I don't want anything like that remotely near my balls for fear of stephanie meyer stealing them.
  10. Oh she wouldn't know what to do with them. I think you're safe.
  11. Oh, come now, what's wrong with a couple hipsters? They're just like everyone else, except with a different sense of style. There's the good and the bad.
  12. Fluffy wasn't suggesting that we use them as joint papers? D:
  13. I would hate to have my joints contaminated with those poisonous words.

  15. Stephenie Meyer can't even write the word "sex". I highly doubt she could write about testes without having a case of the vapors. Karsikat's balls are probably safe.

    Anne Rice, now...
  16. [video=youtube;KzuX33_7Dug]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzuX33_7Dug[/video]!!!!!!!
  17. I'd do dirty dirty tings to some of her characters, things that would make Slaanesh go Celibate.
  18. I fail to see how anyone can find any aspect of those books titillating. I'd swear she purposefully sets out to make the sex scenes (if they can be called that) as sexless as possible.

    Unless you count her fucking Lestat with her pen on every page he graces.
  19. I didn't say I'd call back afterwards, just hit it and quit it.