A New Time

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  1. "Welcome to Station 6-4-0. Please keep your windows up and please stay seated. This is for your safety. Thank you."

    The loudspeaker booms overhead. The jeep lurched forward, almost throwing everyone out of their seats. If you looked out the window, you would see a desolate landscape with bodies everywhere. The air looked as if it had a grey tint. A few shots rang in the air and a few of the infected that where too close fell. The jeep pulled into a large building. A girl with pale blue eyes and snow white hair walked up. She was wearing a dark navy tank top and a pair of black jeans paired with black combat boots. Her com was clipped onto her belt along with a pistol and a knife. An AK was strapped to her back and a sniper's rifle was in her left hand. She wore two dog tags with the words 'DEAD: Code name BLACK' and 'DEAD: Code name WHITE' and another that said 'CURRENT: Code name JAE'. She searched the vehicle with her eyes, then opened the door. "Come on out, it's safe. Please, stand in a line from shortest to tallest." She wore a smile, setting her rifle down and shaking each person's hand. "Welcome to Station 6-4-0. We call it Alpha. Questions?" A guy walked up behind her and whispered in her ear. He was wearing the same belt with the same weapons, except his rifle was strapped to his back under his AK. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a dark grey hoodie with a navy blue scarf. He had jet black hair and bright green eyes. He was wearing a pair of dark navy blue jeans and a pair of black nikes. He turned to the newcomers and waved. "Hey. If you would follow Jae," he motioned to the girl, "and I you will find the briefing room. Please, let's go." He followed Jae into the room and she nodded. "Thanks for the heads up Ace, keep everything clear." She gave him a friendly hug before he started away. He waved, then left, closing the door behind everyone. There where no windows, just a few lights, many chairs and beds, and a whiteboard. "Now, as I was saying, any questions?"

    ((Hello people! Above is the beginning. I will play Jae (red) and if someone would play Ace (the blue) that would be great. Ace is only his nickname, and his appearance is only for that one part. You can change it if you take his position =D Welcome, to 'A New Time'!))
  2. (ill play ace if you dont mind)
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  3. ((that is awesome and perfectly fine =D Welcome to 'A New Time'! yay, Another person XD lol))
  4. Ace walks up behind jae he leans in "the room is ready" after turning "Hey if you would follow jae.." .. He hurrys them up .. As they gather in the room he watches he pulls out his knife and places it in his left hand crossing his arms behind his back he stands infront of the door.. "hey jae how was the ride up hhere he smiles as he scans over the new comers faces..

    ( :) I will be on almost every night after 8 until an during the day between 12 and 3... )
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  5. ((That's okay =D My schedule is too changy to give specific times, lol))

    "Very...bumpy. Surprisingly, THIS time, everyone did what they where supposed to, so no accidents, but a few of the infected decided to...explore." She gave a fake smile as if it wasn't a problem, but clearly it wasn't the best thing.
  6. "oh .. " before he could finish hes cut off one of the new guys stands up.. "uhhh will u two love birds stop talking and brief us" he huffs and takes a seat staring at me. I quickly put my combat knife away drawing his ak .. He rushes to the kids face pointing the gun at his face.. "dont cut me off when im talking" from that ace assumed that this kid would be a problem.. He holds the gun there .. The kid shaking he replies "sorry man" ace smiles again....... Let me tell you all .. I may be nice but dont cross me..." Looking to jae "you can start when ever". The gun now closer to the kid
    ( its ok)
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  7. Jae shook her head. "Don't scare them too much." Then, she picks up a case of small knives, handing one to each newcomer and hesitating on a few of the younger ones. "Now, this is for emergencies only. If you are caught with these at any time that is not considered and emergency, than you are in BIG trouble." She cast a warning glance to a few. A red light flashed outside the window and Jae flinched. "Now, stay here. We'll be back soon. If anything happens, We'll throw you out." Her smile has completely disappeared as she pulled Ace out of the room, locking the door behind her. "We've got a problem." She motions to the flashing light and the closed iron doors. "Break in, sector 1. Probably in the garden area, considering the glass windows." Her hand was gripped tightly on the knife on her belt. "Ready?"
  8. " ugh im so bored! where is everyone? " He was sitting on a wooden box and leaning on a wooden table that had cards spread out as if he was playing a game, He smirked as he fixed his Army Kevlar vest. He wore a black shirt under that that said Death is only permanent, His pants were black cargo pants with extra pockets. He wore a black cap backward keeping his Crimson hair out of his eyes but it hung out the edges and back easily, He had black finger less gloves and a combat knife on his right arm that was strapped in. He had a tooth pick strategically placed in the left side of his mouth and he wore Black Puma running shoes, He had aviator glasses that hung from the dog tags around his neck. One said his code name"Fonz" and the other was his real name "Markov Brochivek" He also had one more that was red it was his friends nickname "Kilo" with his name under it " Liam Malchov". He had a Model M&P15 MOE Mid MAGPUL Spec Series rifle on his back, and a Model SW1911 pistol on his right leg. Markov was a former infantry man so he had all this in stock before...it all went down. He stood up with a smile and began walking as he saw the jeep roll up, He aproached it and saw Ace and Jae over by the hut. He leaned on the front of the jeep and looked intently at them wondering what they could be talking about.
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  9. we jump in the jeep as we pull off fonz jumps .on ."jae says its the garden again " he takes the bag off he was wareing and grabs a extra knife his own still clipped to the belt in the back he had on the formal attire for the new comers .. He was normally dressed in a dark green muscle shirt green camo pants and a pair of high top nikes. He carried a standard comando Ar a desert eagel and a sniperrifle ale silenced .. He had a pack he never put down and a belt with pouches. His hair flowing freely..

    He puts the pack back on .. "fonz u wanna lead this one his stare was dead ahead on the gated area leading to the garden
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  10. " Ill lead but...what led you to this suspicion? " He looked around as he came closer and closer to the gate to the garden, His crimson eyes scanning the area for anything that seemed out of the usual or something moving to quick past something else. You know the usual things you look for on an intruder.
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  11. "Glass windows, the weakest place in the whole Station." She had her AK in hand and her rifle re-strapped loosely to her back. Her headpiece was pulled over one eye, scanning for anything unusual. "It was just suspicion." ((I've got to go for tonight. I'll be on later sometime tomorrow.))
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  12. "lets hope your gut lead you right " Ace playfully nudges her arm... Hee puts his com unit to his are "testing check .." He pauses "coms are good" he throws over his nightvision gogles switching between inferred banoculeers n heat vision he seas the smoke rising from the engine. .... The jeep drifts to a stop. He steps out checking each weapon ending with the combat knife and his pistol.
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  13. Magnas was one of the new guys. He was standing at the end of the line towering over the others and on his back was a small girl that really didn't seem to think any of the infected were scary or a problem, her name was Rose. Magnas had a sword hidden under his coat that he never told anyone about and really the only one who knew about it then was Rose whom had been following him around ever since he saved her a couple years ago. She laughs at the infected because Magnas would just start to cut them down like they were nothing, most of the time he didn't even move from his spot, the sword just went threw whatever was in front of him.

    When Rose was handed a knife that was originally handed to Magnas her eyes lit up and she stashed it away inside her coat, she probably would never take it out from there but it made her happy just to have a weapon like Magnas. The jeep they had been brought here by drove away so Magnus took it as a, 'Do as you please' moment. He broke formation, followed by everyone else, and sat Rose on a bed before laying on it. Rose crawled onto his chest and looked down at him, "Can't we play? Where are all your friends?" (When she says friends she means infected) "Sleeping." "Aww, their no fun." She falls on her back and rolls next to him, "Can't we do something?" "Sleep." "I'm not tired." "If you want to play then you have to wait." "What about them?" She pointed to some of the others with a 'Hmmp'. "Do they look like our special friends? No, so they wouldn't be into our game." "But... fine." She groans giving up.
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  14. " So your suspicion came from the garden? " He looked around as he jumped out the jeep and looked around the wind brushing past him, He walked up to the gate and put his hands on it pushing it open slowly. He looked through as he began to walk, He new they would follow at there own pace but he wasnt going to wait. If there was an immediate threat he had to get rid of it or something bad could happen.
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  15. Walking into the room with the other newcomers, that had no windows made Senon feel trapped like she was in a cage, but she knew that it would be safer not to have any at all. After being handed a small knife she thought to herself 'I don't really need another knife, I have at least a dozen hidden inside my jacket.'
    Senon has had a thing for knives since she was young. She has considers herself an expert at throwing knives due to years of experience. She can easily hit her target without ease. One of her favourites are the butterfly knife because she could do all sorts of tricks with them but aren't really the throwing type.
    'Just take the damn knife. It's cute, you can just add it to your collection' said another voice in her head.
    Senon suffers from a split personallity disorder, which means she has two completely different personalities. One that is neutral and laid back and the other is brutal, excessively-violent and lethally-short tempered. She tries her hardest not to show the brutal/violent/short tempered personallity around people and most of the time is able to shut it out.
    "Why don't you just shut up" She said out loud, thinking she was saying it in her head.
    After getting a 'What did you just say to me?' look from the guy standing next to her, she realized she said it out loud. "I'm sorry not you, I was just talking to myself" She said to guy that was beside her as he started to walk away.
    Senon then started to examine the room, and went to sit on the bed in the corner of the room putting the knife she just recieved inside her green miltary style jacket.
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  16. Ace follows not to close behind but close enough his left hand holding the knife under his right arm holding the pistol...... His eyes scanning every inch o the area.. Feint moans are herd up ahead...

    "Ayy fonzzy where were u .... You were supposed to be there to meet the nubies " a stern look in his eyes showing aggrevation and curiosity..
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  17. Jae walked behind both if them at a distance of a few feet. She had her AK up and her headpiece scanning for heat signatures. A sudden movement caught her eye and she headed slowly towards the back of the garden. A window had been smashed in, traces of blood where outside, but nothing was inside. "Found the window.. But there's no evidence that they actually got in. Fixing it." She took a few boards to block the window and then looked around. Nothing seemed to be an infected, but there was a few shelves moved and a few plants upside down on the floor. She swept her gun across the room, staying by the boarded window in case the infected tried to return to entry.
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  18. " I was on guard duty like usual " He then followed jae and looked inside the room before she boarded it up, A small smirk on his face he said " Well something was here...but it must be gone now " He said as he turned around looking around his scanner coming down over his eyes, he continued to look around to cover there back his hand on his lower knife.
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  19. She nodded. "Maybe." Nothing seemed wrong as she lowered her gun and started a perimeter search. Everything seemed mostly clear other than scratch marks on the wall. "Any ideas why an infected came this far? First time they've actually came in since we installed the security whistles." She pushed a button beside the door, shutting off the red lights as the emergency doors re-opened and the regular lights came back on. "That's better." She mumbled to herself, even though she felt like something was forgotten in the back of her mind.
  20. He came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder saying " Better safe than sorry " He loosened the grapple of his hand on her shoulder and began walking back towards the jeep, He then heard a rustling and his body shifted and moved fluently to the side. His hand hand his two combat knifes in them already from his sudden movement he had pulled them. He looked at it and switched on his heat vision, He scanned the area wondering what the fuck it was.
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