A New Take on Les Miserables

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  1. She gasped, shivers of pleasure running up her spine as he added another finger into her. A soft moan escaped her mouth as he pulled his fingers from her, the sound increasing a little as he played with her clitoris. His repeated actions pushed her closer to climaxing, his increasing speed not helping in the slightest, something that caused her blush to deepen. As he further deepened the kiss,she returned it, before finally needing to pull away for air.

    When she had caught her breath once more, she came to her senses. "Ellery," she said, "I-I can't. I made a promise. I'm sorry." She pushed herself away from him, picking up the discarded towel from the floor and wrapping it around her again. Standing up, she headed back in the direction of the bathroom, turning around to apologize once more before she went back in. After cleaning herself up, she put her clothes back on, and some of the dust from Victor District that stuck to everyone's clothes there came up from the movement, landing on her face and in her hair. Sighing, she headed back out, telling him, "I've got to go do something, I'll be back before it gets too late." And without even saying good-bye, she left the house, shutting the door behind her, before realising that she hadn't properly removed her fingerprints. Believing she could get rid of them later, she sighed, cursing herself for her infallible loyalty.