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  1. It was simply unbelievable. One day Wade had been sitting in his small and worn down kitchen in a small city apartment, crying by the dining table while he went through bills that he was unable to pay. His life was falling apart in rapid speed, and there was nothing to stop it. But then a letter had appeared between all the ones with bad news, and today he was standing here. In his very own mansion, with more money on his account than he was able to count.

    The letter had been from his grandfather. Or, no, from his grandfathers attorney. The old man that Wade had lost contact with while growing up, had died and left only one name in his will. Wade R. Holmes. He had read the letter five times, and still not belive it. Not until he was sitting in the attorneys office and signing all the papers that put him as the legal owner of it all. No, who was he kidding, he still didn't belive it. Standing there in the grand entry hall, he was still expecting someone to jump out and yell "gotchya!".

    All his grandfathers belonging where now his. He knew he shouldn't feel too special about it, he was the only grandson after all. Why his parents had been skipped was a mystery though. Or, they had never really liked his grandfather, saying he was weird and that Wade shouldn't spend so much time with him. Maybe not so weird that they had been left nothing then.

    "Mr Homes, welcome!" a tall and slim woman said when Wade hesitantly entered the entrance hall. The door had been opened, not to his surprise since he had been told someone would meet him here. He hadn't expected someone so well dressed though. She was wearing a grey pencil skirt and white blouse, which made him feel quit underdressed in his dark jeans and amber sweater.The woman walked up to him, a large smile on her face. "I'm Dian, the runner of this house. Sorta like your personal butler. May I take your coat?"

    Wade blinked at her in surprise. "You're my what?" he asked, and noticed the woman's outstretched hand. Oh right, the coat. He quickly shrugged it off and handed it to her. She looked quit young, maybe a few years older than him. Her dark blond her was tied up in a sharp pony tail, eyes a light brown and he got the impression that she was always smiling.

    "Yes, your new home is fully staffed and I'm the one who overlooks it all. Any question or trouble, please take it up with me," she said and folded his coat over her arm.

    "Fully staffed? Wait, you mean servants?" he asked shocked. "No no, that's really not necessary, I won't need any of that." People working for him? No, that just felt weird.

    Her smile haltered a little, but she quickly corrected it. "Please, Mr Homes–"

    "Wane, please," he interrupted. This 'Mr Holmes' was another weird thing.

    She sighed, but still smiling. "Fine. Wane, you have to understand that this is a large property that needs a lot of tending too. Are you going to clean all the room yourself? Take care of the gardens? Tend all the animals?" She tilted her head a little. "And not to mention all the people who would be very upset if they lost their jobs."

    "Oh..." Wane said. He hadn't thought that far. And she was right, he wouldn't be able to take care of all that by himself. "Sorry, you're right."

    "No need to apologies, sir," she said, her voice as friendly as ever. "Now, would you like a tour? Or maybe some refreshments? I hope getting here wasn't too much of a bother."

    Wane just shook his head and looked around. Would he ever get used to how big it was? "I don't need anything right now, thank you," he answered and looked at her again. "I thought I'd start with checking out the fish thank?"

    There had been a catch to getting all of this. His grandfather apparently had a rare fish collection or something. Anyway, Wane had to promise to take care of it and not get ride of any of the fishes. It sounded easy enough, so Wane had agreed to it. Now he wanted to check it out, since he couldn't remember ever seeing it on his visits at his young age. He was eager to see what was so special about it.

    "Ah, yes," Dian said and her smile disappeared. "The fish thank... That would be in the basement. I'll show you the way."

    Basement? That's weird, he thought and followed her. They went down a hall, and she stopped by a heavy door that needed a code to be opened. She pressed it in and told him the combination.

    "It's down here," she said when the door swung up. She leaned in and flicked a switch, and the next second a bright light showed him a winding staircase disappearing downwards.

    "Okay, thank you," he said and looked at her, but she made no move that said she was going to follow him. He sighed and headed down the stairs, eager to get the task over with so he could explore the rest of the house. The message had said he would find instructions by the thank. Hopefully the list wasn't too long.

    He stepped off the last step and looked into complete darkness. After some fumbling on the wall, he found the switch. Light after light flickered on trough a grand hall, and a gaps escaped him. Thank? This was nothin less than a pool.



    Name: Wane R. Holmes
    Age: 23
    About: Wane always tried his best and is a hard working student. He don't have a lot of friends after focusing on school rather than socializing. He is friendly but a little shy, always helpful (and can quickly put other before himself, but he learned his lesson after his last girlfriend), curious, adventures - but also a little nervous about trying new things.
    Likes: Reading, traveling, hiking
    Dislikes: ... don't know yet. Being the center of attention.

  2. The expansive fish tank in the basement was certainly a breathtaking sight. It was massive. Large enough, it seemed, to house at least one killer whale (though there certainly weren't any killer whales in there right now). The hall itself was suspiciously empty...save for a single large armchair that sat just adjacent to the tank.

    The tank itself stretched up several feet into the air. The top of the aquarium was mostly covered by a huge black top...but there was a metal walkway that wound around the right side of it. It resembled a fire escape and led to the top of the tank, where there was a large hatch. It could be used for feeding the occupants of the tank. Apparently, it could also be used to scuba-dive in the tank--a helpful sign had been hung on the wall near the hatch that showcased scuba-diving guidelines and safety tips.

    The basement seemed to delve deeper than just the hall the young man found himself in now. The mouth of another staircase poked out on the left side of the room. The room below was a fascinating one, indeed. This room, just as large as the hall upstairs, contained another similar armchair. But it was far from plain. From the floor to the ceiling, the walls were crammed full of all different varieties of art. Modern art, Renaissance art, pop art...anything and everything an art enthusiast could think of hung on those walls. The massive tank stretched down here, as well--it was huge!

    A third staircase sat on the right side of this room. It led down to a final, somewhat smaller room. The tank was also visible here--at last, the bottom of the expansive aquarium could be seen. The astoundingly massive aquarium was three stories high! This room was clearly an office space--a formal study. It too was littered with art. This was where the late master of the household did most of his work. And it was no wonder why! It was such a peaceful space, with the hundreds upon hundreds of different fish species swimming on by.

    And speaking of species...the tank had no shortage whatsoever of fish. Fish of all shapes and sizes swam by. Everything from cute little Flame Angels to startlingly massive Goliath Groupers. The vast majority of the smaller herbivorous fish were fairly common and easy to purchase, and it wasn't difficult to see why. The rarest fish in the tank were the large predators, who often snacked on these smaller fish. Several species of sharks whizzed by, of all different sizes.

    A Giant Pacific Octopus, fire red in color, seemed rather curious when the lights flickered on. It drifted lazily toward the acrylic wall of the tank to check out the new arrival. An intimidating Sawfish shot by, apparently embroiled in a fight with a much larger of its kind. A small group of delightfully-spotted stingrays glided by--other fish wisely scattered at the mere sight of them.

    Several moments later, a large school of silvery Yellowfin Tuna dominated the top section of the aquarium, and part of the middle section. They glittered like jewels in the aquarium's artificial bluish lights. They didn't stay still for very long, though. All of a sudden, they unexpectedly scattered. The entire group was in a panic, swirling around rapidly and trying to get away. They retreated to the bottom of the tank in a hurry.

    The source of their fright made himself known just a few seconds afterward. A haunting sound echoed throughout the entire basement--all three floors. It started out soft but quickly grew in volume. It sounded...just like someone was singing. A rather talented someone. The behavior of many of the fish in the tank abruptly changed once this enchanting song began filling the room. The tuna did not return, but other schools of fish as well as some of the lone predators began circling around the top of the tank, almost as if they were in a trance.

    The owner of the voice drifted slowly upward until he was in full view in the top section of the tank. His snow white skin stood out the most, blindingly bright. Long dark teal hair billowed out around him, shimmering beneath the water. That unusual hair framed an attractive face. Large dark teal eyes, the same exact hue as his hair, were zeroed in on the lone human in the center of the grand hall. His ears were exceptionally large and pointed at the tips. At the moment, these ears were pulled back with unbridled suspicion.

    His face was littered with what appeared to be oddly-colored freckles at first. Upon closer inspection, these were obviously scales. Dark teal scales, the same color as his hair and eyes. These scales were spattered in several places on his body, but seemed to be most concentrated smack-dab in the middle of his face, the back of his neck, the middle of his upper back, and around his waist. He wasn't all that muscular in the torso, but he clearly had a few muscles in his arms and back. On his upper back, right in the middle of those gleaming scales, was a spiky dark teal fin. It resembled that of a Sailfish.

    Precisely where a man's waist would ordinarily meet his lower body was where this mythical being's resemblance to a human stopped cold.

    This creature had no legs. Instead he sported a long shark-like tail. It was charcoal gray in color, but it was littered with those unusual teal scales. The shark-like split fin at the end of this long tail also sported some spines, like the long teal fin that ran down his back. A particularly small shark-like dorsal fin jutted out about halfway down this tail. His tail was longer than the rest of his body was!

    Clutched in his hands, which were completely covered in scales and had fingers tipped with lethally sharp talons, was a single Yellowfin Tuna he must have plucked from the school. He intended to eat it, of course...but now, with this unfamiliar presence in the room, his attitude seemed to have changed. The music stopped short. The fish scattered. The handsome siren bowed his head slightly, gaze locked on the human. His upper lip lifted up...and it was revealed that he had massive and surgically sharp shark-like teeth, much like the choppers on a Great White Shark. A terrifying rumbling growl escaped him.

    He was daring that human to come closer and intrude further upon his territory. Just daring him!


    Name: Obsidian
    Age: 50 (22 in mer-years)
    Species: Merman (sub-species: Greenland Shark/Sailfish)
    About: A bit standoffish and hostile, especially towards new people. It takes some degree of time for him to warm up to new faces. Playful, insanely curious, and the slightest bit spoiled. Being a mythical siren, Obsidian has a naturally breathtaking singing voice. He can also hypnotize people with his voice if he so wishes...but some humans seem to be immune to the call of the siren. Bold and fearless. Exceptionally strong. If he didn't have a tail, he would stand at just under six feet.
    Likes: Music, tuna, art, animals (particularly cats), the ocean
    Dislikes: Females, small children, vegetables, confined spaces, strangers
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  3. Once coming over the shock from the size of the tank, Wane looked at it with amazement. It was incredibly, all the different kind of species swimming around in it, amazing! He instantly got the feeling that he could look at this for hours, and he definitely understood why his uncle loved it so much. Who wouldn't? And the music was wonderful, he needed to find out what was playing as soon as possible. He had never guessed his uncle had such good taste.

    But then the fish had scattered and a different kind of species came forth. Or, creature more like it. Wane took in the tail, the pale skin, the dark scales covering it, the large eyes... Something taken from a fairy tale. He couldn't belive what he was seeing, but then it sneered at him and instantly seemed a lot more real. Wane immediately pulled back, his heart beating faster and eyes huge with fright. This isn't possible...

    Without thinking, he spun around and headed back up the stairs. Within seconds he was stumbling out into the hall, catching his breath. His face quickly turned red when he saw that Dian was still standing by the door. This was not a good first impression, he felt.

    Her smile was gone, and she looked down at him with worry. "Mr Holmes? Did he do you anything?"

    "He?!" Wane gasped and pulled himself back on his feet, a little shakily. "You knew about that thing?"

    She nodded and closed the door before glancing around, and then looking at him again. "Yes, I and a few others know about Obsidian. He has been here longer than me actually, and I am probably the one that knows the least about him. He isn't too fond of females, you see. So if you have any questions about him, you are better off asking one of the tanks caretakers."

    Wane's mouth was hanging open. This couldn't be true, he thought. No way. "You're not joking?"

    Dian frowned a little and then shook her head. "No, I'm not. Your grandfather was very proud of Obsidian, but he kept him a secret. I would advice you to do the same, so don't go talking about him to anyone."

    "Obsidian...?" Was that his name? Wane blinked and pulled his fingers through his hair, giving the wall behind her an empty stare. "My grandfather have a mermaid–a merman in his basement." He closed his eyes and laid his hands over his face. "Oh my god."

    Dian's smile returned. "How about that refreshment, Mr Holmes?"


    And here he had thought that the tank's size was a shock... Wane didn't go back down that day, but he couldn't stop thinking about it. A merman. How was that possible? And why was it here, and not at some museum or whatever? And even more important: what was he supposed to do with him? Take care of it. The thought made him groan every time.

    Luckily his grandfather had hired someone to do most of the job. From what Dian had told him, Wane's job seemed to mostly consist of him giving the creature company. How did you give a merman company? Was he supposed to jump into the tank with him? Not likely, after that sneer he had received.

    The next day he planned to explore the property, but he found himself passing the basement door more times than necessary. It was impossible to not think about what was hiding under the house, and eventually he didn't manage to stay away any longer.

    He was back in the grand all and stood looking at the tank for a little while. The music wasn't playing this time, and he couldn't see any merman. Maybe he was sleeping... So Wane went exploring. Dian had said something about there being different rooms down here, and he soon found them. Or, he found one, he didn't get any further than the office.

    "Wow!" he said when he saw the view the desk had. It was no trouble understanding why his grandfather had chosen to do his work down here. Wane was already tempted to do the same.

    He managed to turn his gaze away from the tank and then instead looked over all the art that was displayed, and then the shelves. A huge smile showed on his face when he discovered a large collection with vinyls. "Nice, grandpa," he said and looked through them. He picked out one of his favorites, a classic piece called 'Flight of the bumblebee'. This was a piano version, which was not his favorite, but still good. He located the vinyl player and carefully laid the record in place, and slowly dropped the needle in place.
  4. Indeed, the expansive tank was devoid of any lingering traces of the merman that occupied it the previous day. The only large predators out in force this time around were the resident sharks, who seemed to be moving rather slowly and sluggishly. The tank's caretakers must have already fed most of the predators either last night or this morning.

    With the predators sluggish and well-fed, the other fish--the herbivores and brightly-colored tropical schooling fish--came out of hiding. They filled the tank with a literal rainbow of colors. There were plenty of Lionfish, covered from head to fin in toxic spikes--they had nothing to fear from predators. The school of Yellowfin Tuna was apparently there for eating, judging by how violently the siren attacked them the other day.

    Perhaps it was his favorite dish?

    The office bordered the very bottom of the tank. While the very top of the tank was mostly clear and bright and the middle was dominated by a few long strands of seaweed and kelp, the sandy bottom of the tank was heavily embellished with a myriad of different species of coral and sea plants. Clownfish swarmed around tiny forests of sea anemones. Starfish clung to the sides of coral-encrusted rocks.

    Many different kinds of eels occasionally poked their heads out from small nooks and crannies in the rocks--there were Giant Moray Eels, European Congers, and even beautiful Zebra Moray Eels. Stingrays and Manta Rays alike stuck close to the sandy bottom. Many different sorts of crabs and other crustaceans scuttled about, picking up food scraps and disposing of waste. A few clams and other mollusks sat atop the rocks, the largest being a critically endangered Giant Clam.

    But, while beautiful, these creatures simply couldn't hold a candle to the merman. He was still nowhere in sight...but it was fairly easy to guess where he was holed up. The rarest creature in the entire tank had to have rather luxurious lodgings...

    ...and the sunken ship smack-dab in the middle of the sandy bottom fit that bill. It stretched almost from one end of the tank to the other, facing the office horizontally. It appeared to be a real sunken ship--a pirate ship, to be precise. It very well could have been--it looked just like the real thing, even though it was somewhat small! There were two gaping holes in either side of the ship, presumably entry points for the tank's residents. The sharks hovered around this sunken ship constantly. Apparently, this was their turf as well as the merman's.

    It wasn't until that fast-paced music echoed throughout the whole basement, and the tank itself, that the atmosphere in the aquarium began to transform. At first, there was only an influx of fish from the top and middle parts of the tank into the bottom...but then these fish began circling around the sunken ship. Just like they circled around the top part of the tank the previous day!

    In less than a minute, that hauntingly beautiful voice reverberated throughout the entirety of the basement. The voice was a lovely lilting baritone. Now that it was at volume...it was obvious that it wasn't coming from the record itself. That voice had an echoing quality to it...and there was no mistaking it!

    It was coming from the water.

    Slowly, gradually, the fish began to rise. With them rose the strikingly pale siren, rising up from the depths of the sunken ship. With his large eyes closed and his mouth open in song, he expertly twirled and pirouetted as he hit every note without fail. High note or low note...it made no difference to him! In mythology, sirens were portrayed as beings who used their elegant good looks and their hypnotically beautiful voices to lure sailors to a watery grave. With this sight and these enchanting sounds, it wasn't difficult to see where that poor reputation came from.
  5. A shiver ran down Wane's spine when the voice started. This time it was clear that it wasn't a record, he could hear the difference. Every hair on his body stood up, he had never heard anything more beautiful. Slowly he turned to face the tank, which seemed to be the source of the sound. And he was right. There, floating over the massive ship that impressed him every time he looked at it, the merman was practically dancing while singing.

    "Wow..." Wane walked over to the glass and pressed his hands against it, looking at the creature with large and impressed eyes. He was so beautiful, and that voice... Wane knew several people who would seriously kill to get a voice as good as that. So this was why that evil octopus wanted the mermaids voice so bad...
  6. (( Sorry for the delay. Real life and then the holidays got in the way! D: ))

    Completely oblivious to the fact that he now had an audience, the merman didn't skip a beat. That enchanting watery voice seemed to bounce off of the walls and echo back in a most mesmerizing manner. The thick reinforced acrylic of the aquarium did nothing to muffle the siren's singing, which was impressive--that stuff was supposed to be impenetrable when it came to sound. The siren twisted this way and that, gracefully pirouetting in the water in time with the beat. His dark teal scales shimmered in the artificial light, illuminating him even further. Fish gathered around him in droves, drawn in by the alluring notes. It wasn't difficult to understand how the phrase 'siren call' came into being now.

    It was only when the music softly came to a stop that the merman's song ended with a flurry of notes. He stilled, tail swishing this way and that. Gradually the fish began to disperse, seeing no reason to linger now that he was finished. After all, he was a predatory merman and could easily snatch any of them up if he so desired. He seemed rather content, basking in the pleasant feeling left over from his singing...

    ...before he realized that it was impossible for music to play itself.

    The merman's head swiveled around, large eyes zeroing in on the human male in an instant. He bowed his head and squared his shoulders, a low and intimidating grumbling sound escaping him. He bared his teeth at the other male and let loose a cat-like hiss, the sound deeper and much more intimidating...just like the hissing of an infuriated tiger. And, just like that, he was gone--in a flurry of bubbles the hostile siren turned on a dime and disappeared back into the sunken ship. He was in no mood to socialize.

    He despised strangers. And he wasn't used to them, either. This had to be a harrowing experience for him.
  7. «Wait, no no no!» Wane called out when the merman suddenly swirled around and disappeared back into the ship. The hissing hadn’t scared him this time, he just felt disappointed now. It had been so close, and then he had somehow scared it away. Him, he corrected himself. It was a he, not an it.

    «Crap…» he sighed when it was clear that the merman wasn’t going to come back. Not knowing what esle to do, he put on another record before living to explore the rest of the basement. When he was done with that, he went back up and found Dian to talk to her about what to do with the merman. He had promised to look after it, and he didn't feel he was doing much of a good job yet.

    It turned out that his grandfather had left him some tips on what to do if the merman didn’t repost that well to him. In fact, there was a whole list. Wane went to work on it right away the next day, starting with changing up the display in the art room. Dian showed him where the other pieces were stored, and was pleased to learn that even som new ones had arrived. So Wane gave them the best places, thinking that the merman would appreciate a good view to something completely new, and then went on with changing out all the other pieces. It took a few hours, and when he was done he left the room, only throwing one glance over his shoulder to see if the merman was there. If he was, Wane couldn’t see him.

    The next thing on the list was a little simpler. He brought one if the cats with him to the lounge area, and turned on the tv. He found a channel with classical music only, both live showes and documentaries. Leaning back in the sofa with his back to the tank, he ate his dinner while watching the screen. The cat walked around the room, sniffing and exploring every corner off it. Wane had been a little worried about bringing it down here, but it seemed completely fine with the situation.
  8. Obsidian must have been one pigheaded merman. Even though he must have heard the human shuffling paintings and sculptures around in the art gallery--those massive ears weren't merely for show, after all--he stubbornly refused to come out of hiding. Merpeople were incessantly curious beings, however, and that burning curiosity often outweighed other emotions. Which could be both a good and a bad thing, mind you. That powerful curiosity landed his kind in trouble quite often. He could certainly attest to that.

    It was only after he was absolutely certain that the strange human male vacated the area that the ivory-skinned siren emerged from his hiding place. Still leery about being spotted from a different floor of the basement, he stuck to the acrylic wall as he rose upward from the bowels of the sunken ship. It took him ages to ascend to the art gallery by using this method, but the surprising reward was well worth the effort. These were all new pieces! The merman's huge ears perked upward and his large eyes widening as they darted from piece to piece. His tail swished about contently. He fully intended to stay put, nose pressed up against the acrylic wall of the tank...

    But just then, a most delightful, as well as distinctive, sound reached his ears. Those dark teal irises were drawn upward, toward the lounge area. With his almost bat-like ears angled in that direction, he caught the telltale sound of the lounge television running. Hm. It must have been the human operating that television...and watching something having to do with music. Judging by the other sounds echoing down from that level, he dragged one of the mansion's cats down with him.

    What suspect behavior. It was almost as if...he knew precisely how to lure him out of hiding. Which was worrying, to say the least...quite suspicious, indeed.

    Despite having serious reservations about confronting the stranger lurking so dangerously close to his territory, the ever-curious siren decided to throw caution to the wind. Just a few short moments later, the behavior of the lone cat changed dramatically. This particular cat was a handsome red tom--a Somali cat, to be precise--with striking green eyes. All of a sudden, the long-legged cat stopped in his tracks, ears twitching wildly. He turned on a dime, trotting eagerly toward the tank and out of view of anyone seated on the couch.

    Just as he disappeared from view, he began to purr. And startlingly enough, a similar, but much deeper purring sound joined it. The merman had his hands pressed up against the tank, affectionately cooing to the attractive cat as it rubbed against the tank. His fish-like tail seemed to wag back and forth just like the tail of a dog!
  9. Wane glanced over his shoulder, as discreet as possible, when the purring started. The second he caught a climbs of the merman, he looked back at the tv. He didn't want to scare him away already, so he leaned back and continued with his food, enjoying every bit. The cook was really good. He still couldn’t really belive he had his own cook. It all felt like a dream, and the merman behind him didn’t really help.

    After a few minutes, he finished his plate and slowly sunk furter down in the couch. Then he rolled over to his stomach, and was now lying low enough that only his eyes peaked over the back. The cat was still walking back and forth along the tank, rubbing against and pawing at the class after the merman. They booth seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Wane grinned, quite happy with himself for arranging this.

    The purring coming from the merman was really amazing, Wane could almost feel the vibrations in his chest. The merman seemed to really like the cat, which surprised him. How could someone living in the sea like cats? But to be fair, everything about the merman surprised him. Heck, the merman himself was the biggest surprise of them all. He had never imagined merpeople were actually real, and at least not that they had such an interest for music and art. Did it mean they made music and art down in the oceans? He would love to hear what that sounded like.

    Slowly, Wane started sitting up. He couldn’t be lying there and spying on them forever, and the merman might get offended by it. He seemed like the kind of person who would. But when Wane though a little about it, who didn’t get offended about being spied on…

    He cleared his throat and smiled a little unsure. «Hi! I’m Wane… Don’t know if my grandfather ever told you about me. Oh, can you hear me in there?» he asked, speaking so fast that the words practically stumbled out of his mouth. «And, eh, can you speak?» He felt very awkward, not really knowing what he should say or how to act. He really wanted the merman to like him, or at least accept him. For his grandfather. And because he was curious.
  10. The siren seemed almost offended that this unfamiliar human dared to interrupt his bonding time with the cat--the glare he fixed on the land-dwelling creature was fiery enough to melt through steel. He quickly tore his dark teal irises from the other male, instead focusing his large eyes on the overly-affectionate cat before him. Even though he was still purring, the sound rumbling throughout the entire room, his posture was anything but relaxed. That Sailfish-esque fin that ran along his back rose into a hard arch, the spines tall and sharp as needles, and his large ears pulled backwards aggressively.

    For a long time he was content to pretend that the human wasn't even there. It was only when the cat began losing interest and sat down to start washing its paws that he finally turned his attention on Wane. He rose up in the tank until he was eye-level with the human, arms folded across his chest and head turned slightly so that only one suspicious eye was trained on the unwelcome visitor. His tail whipped about with a visible degree of unease, much like that of an angry cat. The shark-like split fin at the end of his tail curled and uncurled several times, further hinting at just how uneasy he truly was.

    "Of course I can speak, monkey."

    Obsidian's mesmerizing voice echoed throughout the aquarium and the room itself. It bore an alien accent--one that sounded an awful lot like a peculiar and rather enchanting mishmash of English, French, Northern Irish, and Italian. Every word he spoke seemed to have a musical quality to it, and it sounded very much like he was always singing. That large eye squinted warily in the human's direction, sweeping over his figure with mild interest, and a single massive ear angled itself in his direction.

    "That walking fossil was your grandfather, then?" The merman rose up even further. Keeping himself above this unfamiliar human, and thus having the higher ground, would bolster his confidence. "I don't see the resemblance. He was a respectable creature, for a monkey." The most impish of smirks curled his pale lips. "And you...well, you're just a punk. A young and inexperienced hooligan who thinks he can handle me."

    Obsidian turned to face Wane, tail lashing back and forth like a fast-moving metronome. "I know why you're here." His voice was little more than a low and distinctly threatening growl. "You're here for the mansion. The riches. The countless servants waiting on your hand and foot. But there's a little catch. And that catch...is me." He bowed his head somewhat, refusing to blink as he stared the human down. "That old codger never made mention of your sorry hide to me. I suppose he knew what my reaction would be."

    The merman opened his mouth wide to yawn, in turn displaying those massive shark-like teeth. "Don't pretend you're here to be my friend, monkey. You're only here because you have to be. Because if you don't take care of little old me..." Another mischievous grin stretched its way across his face, "...then you don't get your nice house, and your loyal servants, and your oodles of cash." All of a sudden, that grin turned into a surly pout. "How did you know how to lure me out of hiding anyway?" He sounded almost accusing. "Did that ancient monkey give you tips or something? Because that's just unfair. He had to figure out how to woo me all on his own, you know."
  11. Wane had been called many things, but never monkey, and although it clearly was meant to offend him, he didn’t feel much of an reaction to it. Staring at the merman with huge and fascinated eyes, he listened to him talk with the strangest voice he had ever heard. It had an accent he had never heard before, and the tone was very soothing to the ears. Like music.

    Walking fossil… That was a weird thing to call someone you found kinda respectable, wasn’t it? This merman sure said a lot of weird things. Wane climbed over the couch and stepped closer to the glass while the other man talked. Wane grinned up at him, feeling a rush of adrenaline from the excitement of being so close to a merman, and talking to one, too!

    «Yeah, he left a list,» Wane answered when he was done talking. «Seems like he wanted you to be taken care of as good as possibly possible, so I’m trying my best.» He nodded a little and smiled up at the incredibly creature in front of him, feeling quit confident that he was doing something right. Or he wouldn’t be here now, right?

    «And to all your silly little assumptions - Yes, I’m here because I got the house and all the money. That’s how inheriting something works.» He scratched his chin a little while moving his eyes down the creatures body, taking in all the details. «I wasn’t aware that there would be servants here though, and I tried to fire them, but Diana convinced be that it would be rude. Those people need their job after all, and I definitely don’t need all the money I got. It is all a little too much for just one person, I think. Not sure what I’m going to do with it all yet…»

    He took a pause, sighing a little. At least is debt was payed off, so he didn't have to worry about that, but he really should think out something more practical to do with all the money he now had. Maybe find a charity or something... He would have to talk with Diana about it.

    «So, are you inn there alone?» he asked and looked behind the merman. «I mean, there aren’t other merpeople inn there, right? Because isn’t that lonely? And why are you here anyway, shouldn’t you be out in the sea or something?» Wane had never cared for animals in cages, and even though this thank was pretty huge, it was still a thank. And the merman was clearly more then just some fish, which made the whole thing seem even crueler.
  12. "Whoa, whoa, whoa." Obsidian made a point of moving his head in time with the cheeky human's wandering eyes, keeping his gaze locked with the other's. He folded his arms across his chest, effectively hiding it from view, and raised a single dark teal eyebrow. "My eyes are up here, monkey. Or didn't you realize?" Despite his obvious annoyance, a hint of mirth danced on his every word. "There's nothing for you to see here. Well...nothing a simple monkey is worthy of seeing, anyway. So quit looking."

    A condescending little chuckle escaped the siren. His head angled somewhat to the right. "A little too much for one person? Preposterous. What is the monkey saying again?" He lifted his hand and moved his wrist in a circular motion, eyebrows furrowed together, as he racked his brains for the right words. "...Money makes the world go 'round? Money can buy happiness? Or something like that. I suppose it doesn't really matter. Material possessions, including whatever form of currency you use, mean quite a bit to your ilk, do they not? Ah, yes..." The merman turned so that once again only one eye was trained on the creature beyond the tank wall. "Such selfish beings you are. Your dearly departed kin was selfish, as well."

    Obsidian closed his eyes, tail lashing angrily back and forth. "You want to know if this is my territory alone. Well, it is. I'm the only merperson in here." As he was speaking, a rather large Sand Tiger Shark rose from the depths until it floated directly above the merman. It stared down at him with its unblinking eyes, its wickedly sharp teeth glistening in the artificial light. "This entire territory belongs to me. So don't let me catch you dipping your feet in here." He bared his own teeth, which were surprisingly similar to the choppers of the magnificent fish behind him. "Or I'll chomp on them."

    He definitely seemed to be a predatory species of merman. Those weren't the teeth of a gentle herbivore by any means.

    "...You wanna know why I'm in here alone?" Rhythmically, he swished his tail back and forth. "I once roamed wild and free, in the vast ocean where I truly belong." Obsidian glanced off to the side, absently scratching his cheek. "But I was stricken with an illness that very nearly took my life. It weakened me, to the point where I could no longer fend for myself. I was attacked and driven out by other merpeople, who feared contracting my illness. I was eventually ensnared in a monkey net."

    He shifted uncomfortably. "They sold me to the highest bidder on the black market. Not your ilk. A repulsive, abhorrent, and disgusting monkey, who lived in a country called...India, I believe. This monkey kept me confined in a cramped space and did not treat me well. As a result, I grew even sicker." His shoulders rose, further showcasing his discomfort. "But this monkey made the mistake of trusting your ilk, that ancient monkey, with his secret--me. The two of them were once close friends. The moment your ilk laid eyes upon me, and took notice of my condition, he offered the disgusting monkey twice what he paid for me. The disgusting monkey accepted. And so, he took me."

    The lurking Sand Tiger Shark chose this moment to slink forward. Obsidian didn't even blink. He reached out and stroked the fearsome beast on the head--it immediately melted into his touch, curling up with him like a massive dog. "He nursed me back to health. Even managed to figure out what my sickness was, and how to treat it." He cracked one large eye open to stare pointedly at the human. "But my sickness will never go away. I will be afflicted with it until I die. I require a daily dosage of medicine--monkey medicine. And thus..." He worked the muscles in his jaw, irritation etched on every inch of his face. "I cannot fend for myself back home, in the ocean. I'm stuck here, where I don't belong."
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  13. "That's horrible..." Wane said when the merman was done with his story. He was glad his uncle had found and saved him, even though the merman didn't seem so grateful about it. Wane was sure that he was grateful though, but he certainly hid it well.

    "And no, money can't buy happiness," he corrected and crossed his arms. "But I won't say they aren't good to have, since they can buy big tanks, and all what's inside it. And art to look at, music to listen to. All thing that you enjoy, if I'm not mistaken. And not to mention medicine... So you shouldn't be too negative about them, I think."

    He smiled and let his arms drop again. The merman seemed to do his best at acting all scary and threatening, but since there was a very thick glass between them, Wane felt pretty much at easy. And all the things that were meant to offend him didn't work the slightest.

    "I got the impression that you were smart, but maybe not." He tilted his head a little. "Do you know what a monkey look like? Because they are pretty different to humans."
  14. "I just think the concept of your much-loved 'money' is utterly ridiculous." One of Obsidian's huge ears angled in the human's direction. "My kind trade goods and services in return for other goods and services. The concept of money simply doesn't exist in my world." Merpeople were a vastly different species from human beings, even if the two species looked somewhat alike. As Wane would come to learn over time, their behavior, mannerisms, and viewpoints on various subject matter differed drastically from humans as well.

    The merman scoffed, happily scratching away at the head of that fearsome-looking shark. It seemed perfectly content in his grasp. It wasn't even making a single motion that suggested it was going to bite! "Human beings. Homo sapiens sapiens." His eyes flashed. "Shares a common ancestor with all of the great apes, if I am not mistaken. Rather closely related to chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. Essentially..." He rolled his eyes, a smirk curling his lips. "A large, mostly hairless primate. So...a monkey, in layman's terms."

    Obsidian laughed--a pleasant, lilting sound with a watery quality to it. The shark in his grasp seemed to react to it, pushing its nose against the siren and silently asking for more affection. "Of course...we merfolk also share a common ancestor with you monkeys. We are, perhaps, closer to you than the mighty great apes are. We can certainly match you tit for tat when it comes to intelligence. Though, in my opinion..." He struck a pose, mischief glinting in his dark teal irises. "We are obviously superior to you monkeys."

    The cat, still seated near the wall of the tank, seemed jealous of the attention Obsidian was lavishing on the shark. It mewed, pawing insistently at the acrylic wall. The merman reached a hand out to press it against the glass and the cat happily rubbed itself against the transparent wall. He was quite a popular fellow with the animals.
  15. «Fine,» Wane said with a slight chuckle in his voice. He sat down on his knees and started petting the cat, while he looked at the shark with great fascination. How strange it must be, living in the ocean and treating shark as your pet. «You call me monkey, and I’ll could you fish. Or maybe even a sea horse.»

    He was pretty certain that this would offend the merman, but he didn’t really care. If the merman expected him to tip toe around and do whatever he wished, he would be very disappointed. Wasn’t Wane after all kinda his owner? Not that he liked to look at it that way, but he was in control with getting him food or whatever else he desired. So you would think it was the merman who should tip toe around, or whatever you did when you had fins and not feet.

    What he hoped for, was some mutual respect, but that seemed unlikely. Not that he had a big wish to be respected for his authority or anything, he just wanted them to be friends. Friendly. Was that such a crazy thought? He felt he was running around, doing everything he could to please the merman. It would be nice to just get some sign of appreciation.
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