A New SNES game coming out in 2013

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It was 1998 when Frogger was released for the SNES and it would be the last game released for the platform. Enter Super Fighter Team; a small California based retro gaming publishers whose motto of "Never let dreams die!" has served them well since 2004. They have released games for platforms like the Atari Lynx and Sega Genesis, but now it's time for the Super Nintendo to get one more game.

Nightmare Busters is that game and already the hype is palpable. Super Fighter Team normally only runs 300 copies of a game, without taking pre-orders, but for this title they plan to release 600 copies and you can pre-order it right now. Apparently this game was a prototype that never made it to release. The images come from a SNES fan site and may not represent the final product. Nightmare Busters will release in 2013 and will be region free. You can get it for $68 in the U.S. and $75 internationally. Click here to reserve your copy today.
The problem being that a lot of people won't have these old systems anymore, even if they were old enough to have played on an SNES.
Some people keep them for nostalgia, sure, but think of all the people who moved out of their parents' houses and thought 'It's not like I need this'.
Things like that... I dunno. Then again, there might be 600 people who own one that still works. Limited numbers are their friend!
I still have a SNES (I still have a lot of things actually). Looks like a fun game, but not 60-70 bucks fun.