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  1. Back Story...

    Elyssa and Lumiere were carefree siblings. They had a rich and happy life, with wonderful parents. Yet they always craved more. Soon, the life they had was not enough for them.

    On the day they turned 17, the two siblings challenged the Gods to a poker game. It was simple. If they won, they would be granted unlimited riches. If they lost, though, the only price was their free will. They were losing the game. Having foresaw this long before, Lumiere did the unforgiveable. He cheated.

    The goddesses didn't find out, though. But the siblings, living life luxuriously on Earth, feared that one day the truth would be exposed. To avoid this, they plotted to kill Nyx and Erebus.
    They told Apalos that the goddesses planned to kill him. Apalos, of course, didn't fall for it. He confronted the goddesses and came to the conclusion that the siblings had tried to manipulate him.

    Furious, Apalo struck down the siblings with a curse. Darkness shall corrode their physical bodies on contact, and they were bestowed with a scent that causes rage in demons. Their energy now has to come from consuming moonstones, which were extremely rare. Only then did he set them back to earth. He then considered them dead, for they might as well be.

    When they went back to Earth, their life was changed forever. Being constantly chased by demons, the goddess Selene chanced upon them when they were on the verge of death. She saved them, and gave them gifts. Immortality, increased speed, adaptation/evolution ability and two magical weapons. One was a gun named Greed. The other was the a blade named Wrath.

    With this, they became the original Lumenari. They are recognized as the originals by their pure white hair and light violet eyes. The other, lesser ones have darker hair and eyes.

    Thus, the Lumenari/Moonlight Phantoms came to be.

    Note: I do not play both, I play the brother, Lumiere.

    Lumiere blinked. He shook his head slowly, "Great, where did she run off to?" He muttered softly. His pure-white hair shined in the moonlight. It was a full-moon, so he wasn't completely worried about his sister. He cracked his neck, his light violet eyes glowing in the night, "As long as not too many demons she.. Should be fine.." His voice was evil, and cold. Some hunters would come after the Lumiere because of the fact they're so rare. Only two in existence. The only other way for another to be made is with him and his sister, though none can be full blooded like them. They were also hunted for other reasons: Their blood. Their blood was very sweet, which is one reason why they were targeted by vampires so often. He gripped the hilt of his blade quickly, hearing something in the bushes. He turned around, only to see a little bunny, "O-oh.." He sighed in relief. "Just.. a damn bunny.."
  2. Elyssa ran across the open plains of Earth. The slightly cold winter breeze tickled her long, pure white hair. She loved everything about running. She loved the adrenaline, the exhaustion that crept into her limbs, and the almost blinding light from the glowing orb that she must always have around. It was needed, for darkness was fatal to both her and Lumiere.

    Slowing down her run, she realized something: She had strayed away from the path they were on just before! Great. Just fucking great, she thought, finally coming to a stop, gasping for breath. She surveyed the area around her, careful to avoid the shadows. The orb followed her as she brushed past the numerous trees that surrounded the area.

    "Lumiere? Are you there?" she tried calling out, the only answer being her echo resounding throughout the area. Sighing, she had no choice but to stay here for the night. Her thin and fragile frame shivered a little from the cold. At least I still have my full body armor, she thought, looking at the black, skin tight material. It was good for speed, and could protect from the cold even a little.

    Under the light of the white orb, she fell into a light sleep, letting uneasy dreams take over her conciousness...
  3. Lumiere would growl in slight annoyance. He hated the god Appalo, and the goddess' Nyx and Erebus.. Unlike his sister, he was much more use to the cold since he had on warmer clothing, so he shrugged it off. Lumiere, already annoyed enough, looked like he was going to kill Elyssa for running off.. But of course, he would never hurt her. He sighed softly.

    Unlike his sister, who wore black skintight clothing, he wore black combat boots, that bore scars. Along with that, he wore black jeans that faded a little at the knees. He also wore a nightmare-ish black trench coat, that opened up to reveal a (Also black) T-shirt, with the words, "Toxicated insanity" Written in crimson and toxic green letters. Lumiere cracked his neck.

    He held out his hand, gacing the moon, "Yes.. Goddess Selene, give me your power.." He breathed in slowly. A white, glowing orb appeared in his hands. He smiled softly, and started to run, "Elyssa!" He called out. He coughed, and slowed down. He couldn't let anyone think that he was soft! He spoke again, much colder, "Elyssa, come here.. Where are you?"

    He smiled as he saw Elyssa's light orb. "There.." He ran to her, "E-" He paused, seeing her asleep. He sighed softly, his orb dissapearing. He sat down beside her, and pat her head.
  4. Waking up from her light sleep, she opens her eyes to see a blurry image of a person in front of her. Still drowsy, she had the faint sensation of a hand on her head, giving her a feeling of safety. It reminded her of mother.

    Her sight cleared, showing a familiar face. " Lumiere?" she spoke, voice quivering a little from the cold. She sat up, brushing some stray pieces of grass off her hair.

    " I got lost.." a tiny bit of heat came to her cheeks, as she sheepishly looked down. She hoped he wouldn't get mad.
  5. He sighed softly, "You know damn well demons could have found you while you were sleeping.." He stood. "But right now, all you have to do is lay down.. Alright?" He laid her back down and whispered, "And go to sleep. I'll find some shelter." He leaned down and picked her up, starting to walk.

    He whistled a soft tune that.. The tune could match that of a flute playing a lullaby, one that a mother would play to their children. The tune slowly faded when he came across a small house and shed by a large river.

    He ran into the river, shooting a small light 'bulb' from his finger onto the cieling of each room. He smiled as he found a still intact bed. He laid her down, and destroyed all the lights. He put down a smaller light that could resemble a night-light in the room. "There.. Perfect."
  6. Character Name: Shao Long
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Wandering monk
    Age: 17
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: Setting out on a journey to exorcise demons and maintain the balance of life.
    General Personality: Uptight and hardworking, yet flexible enough that his supernatural abilities focus around water.
    General History: As a child, Shao always had a strong affinity for water, yet his power was proven to be quite dangerous. He was taken to the temple for training, away from his family and anyone who had ever known him, and learned to be a powerful weapon against the darkness of the world. He was subjected to brutal training that gave him his rigid personality today, and he was known for his abilities with physical combat. Armed with his rosary and staff as well as a number of seals, he was sent on a journey to gain experience fighting against actual, powerful demons instead of the other monk's Shikigami. As such, he has no idea what an actual demon can look like outside of the ancient scrolls...

    Shao was woken after a long day of travelling by a wavering light, signs of spirit activity, according to his teacher's scrolls. He quickly scooped his staff up and stood up against the sakura tree he fell asleep against; a little shaky at first, then dropping into a rock solid stance as he kicked off his wooden sandals for stealth, folding them away in his robes while slipping his hand around a few talismans. His rosary was still wrapped around his left hand, and he quickly leapt off in pursuit of the fast moving creature that was creating these lights, but soon fell behind and had to use a shikigami to float after the demonic-looking figure. He made it into a house and quickly leapt up the stairs of the house right as the lights went out. He paused, thinking that he'd been discovered, then a soft glow appeared in one of the rooms. He crept, gripping his staff nervously, then tightening his grip, getting ready for the attack. There were two human-like demons; the most powerful kind, in the next room, yet one seemed to be asleep. He would bind that one and seal it before it could move, then focus his attentions on the one who was conscious. First he would have to get the male away from her, so he snuck as close as he could without being revealed by the light, loosened his rosary, then leapt through the doorway and clocked the male with his staff, making a satisfying *Thwack* as he connected with the jaw. In mid-flight he threw his seal on the sleeping form's forehead and spun, smacking her directly on the seal as he reached into his jacket and threw his holy water on her, dousing her quite effectively. Pulling his hand out of his robe once more, a ball of water floated, ready to attack as he crowed "Your days are numbered demon; for you shall be exorcised by Shao Long, just like your partner on the floor!"
  7. "The hell?" waking up, she finds herself drenched in a horrid smelling liquid. It actually soaked through her armor, the liquid sticking to her skin. Great, now she'd have to clean that off later. As her vision cleared, she finds a piece of paper blocking her vision and a young man crowing at her.

    "Mr. Human. The worst mistake you've made in your life is to underestimate a woman and mistake her for a demon." Rubbing her forehead gingerly, she did not seem to be affected by the seal and stood up with ease. She peeled it off, throwing it on the ground. She looked up at the moon before giving up a silent prayer.

    "Blessed Selene, lend me your light!" with that, she summoned Greed. The gun had never failed her once, and she couldn't help admiring the smooth surface for a while, before taking hold of it. The white surface, engraved with silver rune symbols, almost seemed to urge her to kill. It was a good feeling, and she didn't try to resist it.

    She composed bullets of compressed light, the bullet shaped orbs glowing brightly, before loading it and firing it at the stranger, aiming for his knees and face. The bullets practically grew white hot with the speed they were going at, which was about 50 meters per second.

    If they hit, they would be able to penetrate through bones. Even if he managed to dodge it, the light that would explode from the bullet would be enough to temporarily blind him.
  8. His eyes widened as the staff connected with his jaw. He fell over onto the floor for a second, "You.. Son of a bitch.." He stood up slowly, rubbing his jaw. His jaw popped satisfyingly. He smelled the air, and curled his lips in discussed, "Holy water? You have got to be fucking me.."

    His eyes widened when she held Greed in her hand, "Elyysa no!" He gripped her wrist and gun barrel, holding it upwards so she would fire the bullets into the ceiling. Lumiere narrowed his eyes. He was always protective of humans, even the ones like Shao when the made mistakes. "He just thought we were demons.. Sit down." He pushed her onto the bed softly, and turned to Shao.

    "Like I've said, you have mistaken us, sir. I am Lumiere, and this is Elyssa, my sister." He took a small bow. He looked up, and narrowed his eyes, "And the next time to hit me with that damned staff, I'll snap it into five." He smilled softly, holding out his hand. "But don't fret, we do give off a smell that.. Seems to enrage and lure demons, so stick with us, and you could exorcist thousands!" He laughed.

    Lumiere grinned, taking his hand, and walking downstairs, "C'mon." He whistled as he walked into the kitchen. He was actually a mighty fine cook. He shot a larger light onto the ceiling. Lightning up the kitchen, and part of the living room, he started cooking.
  9. Shao whipped around to face the new threat. She must have been pretty powerful to tear off his seal like that, and he gripped his rosary harder around his hand, grabbing a scroll from inside his robe that sent a cold chill up his arm as she formed bullets of light within the barrel of the gun. He was an agent of balance, so he would have weapons that worked on both sides, even if it affected him negatively like the demonic print of this particular scroll. The other one, the one he'd hit in the face, suddenly grabbed her arm and pointed her weapon at the ceiling, right as he grabbed the scroll and started to pull it out. As the shots hit the ceiling his hand started shaking as the scroll tried to break free, giving him pause and reason to believe that they weren't demons. He grimaced as he silently recited the binding sutra, both for his hand and for the scroll and quieted the demonic influences. He nodded and stood up from his defensive roll, then smiled kindly at Elyssa, saying "Sorry about that, I shouldn't have doused you like that, but if you were demons, it's not a good idea to let a second remain when you don't have a partner. Those are some interesting powers you have there... if you're not demons, then would you be celestial beings?"he asked innocently, mildly curious as to their natures that would infuriate demons so.
  10. He smiled at Shao, "I have no idea what we are!" He tapped his lips, "Cursed by three, and blessed by one. We cannot live in complete darkness, and we give off a smell that makes demons want to torture us!" He laughed lightly. He wasn't a demon, but damn did he have the humor to match them.

    He started to make rice, along with putting gravy, and different kinds of meats and vegetables into a pot. "Now, while we wait.." He sat onto the table. It creaked lightly, "Why don't you tell me about yourself? I mean, it's the least you could do for hitting me in the jaw there." He smiled

    His ears twitched lightly, seeing that they were done, he got a bowl, spoon, and a large type of spoon. He put some of the rice into the bowl, then the gravy, meat, vegetable mix with it. He handed it to Shao, "Here. It's gumbo." He made himself a bowl, and then a third for his sister. He yelled for his sister to come down.

    "Elyysa, come down for supper!" He smiled kindly. Odd. Why was Lumiere being so kind? Inspecially to someone to nearly broke his jaw?
  11. "...Tell the gay monk that he's a jackass." she did not move, but rather, stood still, right where she was. She sulked, crossing her arms and sat down cross legged. How dare he block her bullets?! She traced a hand over her gun lovingly, after reaching into her pocket and taking out a small piece of cloth. Slowly and carefully, she cleaned it, starting with the barrel and ending with the butt of the gun. Satisfied that it was immaculate and polished, she let it retreat into the wormhole that it was stored in.
  12. Shao tried to ignore the dimunitive female, instead wondering what the male was planning. He was sure that they weren't demons based on the reaction of his Black Scroll, and the buzz he still felt in his sealed hand, but at the same time he still didn't want to reveal too much about himself. He decided that since his answer of their origin was cryptic, that he could play the same game with them and smiled disarmingly, saying "I was a boy in a small mountain village far from here; I was taught to control my magic as a force of balance in the universe. I'm far from good, but I'm not bad either. It's easiest to say that I just am and leave it at that." Once he said that, he took his staff, which sustained a hairline crack from the force of his initial blow, and started to polish it while chanting the repair sutra, which suffused it with a soft golden light that lit up the poorly lit corner he chose to sit in. Pulling out a bag of rice, he also uncorked his flask and pulled some water out, agitating it until it reached a fast boil and adding the rice to the floating ball of water in midair. He'd been instructed by his sensei not to trust food from strangers, and so when the rice cooked, he simply pulled out his own bowl and chopsticks to start eating it plain. He would have seasoned it with something, but he'd foolishly opted for more weaponry instead of food, and was now paying the price for it.
  13. " Sure, that's what they all say." eavesdropping from where she was, Elyssa absentmindedly let out a few wisps of soft light, the orbs swirling around her form in a strange way. The light blueish colors of the wisps reflected off her white hair, giving it a look of being underwater. The wisps were easy to master, and did not use up much energy, if any at all.

    " Why do you try to kill demons? Are they really that bad?" she asked out of the blue. It was a rather strange question, for demons and such had tried to assassinate them countless times, but it wasn't really out of their own will. They didn't seem to be such horrible creatures, Elyssa had thought.