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  1. Sol System, Stardate 41165.92
    (Thursday June 13, 2041. 11:00 PM)

    The human race is prospering and life on Earth is going well. Mankind has already sent and retrieved five manned missions to Mars. The first permanent, self-sustaining lunar colony has just celebrated its first decade of operation. Large-scale terraforming of the moon’s surface has been going on for the better part of three years and a plan is in place to artificially accelerate the rotational speed of the moon in order to produce a shorter, more suitable day/night cycle. It is estimated that the moon will have its own breathable atmosphere and will be able to safely support life on it’s own by as soon as 2061. Despite the recent discoveries of numerous habitable planets in relatively close proximity to the Sol system, any among us have started to accept the belief that we as an intelligent race are alone is the universe.

    We were wrong.

    In the wee hours of June 13, 2041, a spacecraft of titanic proportions emerged from warp undetected at the edge of the Sol system, just outside the orbit of Eris. Using an advanced cloaking device with capabilities beyond our comprehension, the vessel was able to render itself invisible to any detection systems currently available to the human race, as well as removing its image from the visible light spectrum altogether. Unbeknownst to us, the ship crept towards our planet and slowly made its way down to the surface. Still undetected, the aliens and the humans were initially unaware of each other. A few of the first humans to see them wound up discovering the visitors too late to save their own lives. Not from being intentionally killed, mind you, but from accidents by the still unaware alien explorers. A few humans were discovered by the explorers and brought back to the alien ship during the night where a very startling realization was found: the two species are practically identical… but the aliens are more than thirty times our size.


    -Out-Of-Character discussions and character submissions go on this thread.
    -No God-modding.
    -No perfect characters.
    -Keep the story going. (Don’t derail someone else’s plot or barge in uninvited.)
    -Be sure to add drama to the story!
    -Heavy Romance is allowed and encouraged, even (and especially) between the humans and the Erusians. All I will say is to 'fade to black' before anything explicit happens.
    -Swearing is allowed and encouraged. As Patrick Star would say, “Those are what you call ‘Sentence Enhancers’.”
    -I would prefer keeping male Erusian characters to a bare minimum, or not involve them at all if possible. (I’ve only got one for plot reasons.)
    -It will be easy for accidents to happen and for the humans to get hurt or killed by the Erusians, especially if the Erusian(s) are not aware of the human’s presence (whether they’re altogether unaware or just unaware in this particular instance).
    -If people/the military try to fight back against the giants, our weapons won’t be able to do much to them. Heavy machine guns (like a .50 caliber Browning) and heavy sniper rifles (like a Barrett .50 cal) would be the weakest things that could do anything, and they’d be about as concerning as a mosquito bite to the Erusians. Heavy tank main cannons, artillery, rockets/missiles, etc. would be necessary to actually pose a concern, but only if they were present in very large numbers. Also, they have bacta technology and we don’t, so the Erusians (and humans who they befriend and are befriended by) will be able to recover from injuries a lot more quickly than the rest of us.
    -The Pathfinder has landed over a suburb just north west and just out of sight of New York City. This is were the majority of the RP will take place. (The belly of the ship doesn't come close to touching the ground, and all of the six landing skids touched down either in small patches of woods, in an open park, or in empty lots. None landed on top of houses or in the middle of roads, and the Pathfinder rests above the suburb, so no humans died during the landing itself.)

    Other Important Info:

    First and foremost, the aliens call themselves Erusians (pronounced ‘e-ROO-see-aans’) and come from a planet they call Strangereal (pronounced strange-REE-all). The planet is about six times the size of Earth, but is much less dense so in the end the gravity of the two planets is close to the same. (Strangereal’s gravity is slightly stronger, so the Erusians would weigh slightly less on Earth and be slightly stronger than they were back home). The planet orbits a binary star (a blue giant and a brown dwarf) has three main moons (the largest and closest of which also has a small moon of its own, and this tiny satellite is covered in lush forests with a few small seas) and two sets of planetary rings (two noticeably separate layers vertically spaced about one degree north or south of the equator), so to them Earth’s system and the Earth itself might be a little bland compared to what they’re used to. The Erusians (for all intents and purposes) are essentially human, except for the fact that they and everything else on/from their planet is scaled up thirty times what its Earth equivalent would be. (Someone who is five feet tall to them would be one hundred fifty feet tall to us, someone who is five feet tall to us would only be two inches tall to them, their 176-foot-long spacecraft is an even mile long to us, etc.) They use the same measurement system as we do, just scaled up to their size. The country they come from is a democracy very similar to the United States in terms of equal rights for everyone, the people have freedom in many different forms, etc.
    The Erusians came here as explorers/colonists, and were intended to stay on the planet if it was deemed habitable and safe, whether or not there was already an intelligent population. In the case of there already being a native, intelligent population, they were to attempt to establish communication and form a bond of peace with the natives, but still remain there to set up a colony (though were to try and do it as non-intrusively as possible) and continue to learn from the natives. They were only intended to leave the planet if it was deemed not suitable for a colony’s prolonged prosperity or if there was a native population that posed a real and serious continual threat to the colonists.
    The crew of the Erusian’s vessel, the E.N.S. Pathfinder, is predominately women. There are few males on board, and most of them are part of the ship’s security team. (Can’t really think of any better excuses for having almost all of the giants be girls, and frankly I don’t really care. The crew is mostly chicks because I said so, bottom line. lol)
    Most of the Erusians would have nothing but kind, friendly intentions towards the humans once contact has been made. Most would look upon them as more-or-less equals or very slightly inferior, and some might think of them as inferiors but recognize that they’re still people and fellow sentient beings. (For one example, a young woman/girl finds a human boy that she likes, falls in love with him, and decides to keep him for herself as a bit of a pet/boyfriend. She takes care of him very well makes sure he has everything he needs to be comfortable, healthy and relatively happy, but for all intents and purposes she owns him as a pet.) There could be a few that might rather see to the mass-enslavement of these people, though they would be an overwhelming minority. Not destruction, mind you, but enslavement. You know, subdue and take control of the worldwide human population, then start shipping them back to Strangereal to be sold as toys/pets/servants or something, that sort of thing.
    The humans and Erusians do both speak Basic (which is what English is now called) as their primary language.
    Most of the Erusians are young adults. (Early-to-mid-twenties) There are a few crew members and colonists in their late teens, though none are below seventeen.
    The Erusians have pretty sensitive hearing and are adept at controlling the volume of their voices, so they’d be able to clearly hear the humans and speak with them without it being difficult or uncomfortable for either party, so long as the Erusian(s) are paying attention. If they aren’t focusing on it, however, their hearing is only about as sensitive as ours.
    If a human is encountering one of the Erusians for the first time, keep in mind the fear that would be gripping their heart and mind, even if the Erusian was speaking to them comfortingly and trying to convey that their intentions were simply friendly curiosity. Most likely the human(s) would panic, freak out, and run for their lives, and would likely struggle furiously if and when they were caught. On a similar note, the humans would have agility on their side if they were attempting to evade one of the giants, plus the fact that the Erusian(s) would be trying to be careful and catch the human(s) without hurting them. On the other hand, trying to hide some places wouldn’t work very well because the Erusian’s strength and size would allow them to force their way through whatever blocked their way. The giants would also be much faster than a human on foot and would eventually be able to get them if they didn’t hide somewhere inaccessible or get into some vehicle that could outpace the giants.

    (This doesn’t really have much to do with the story, but I just thought I might as well throw this in.)

    Alright, for all you Trekkies out there wondering how I’ve messed up the Stardate so badly, I’m not using any regular Stardate system. I’m using one I came up with myself that uses the following format: YYYDDD.TT YYY is the current year, minus two thousand (since 2000 A.D. is Stardate 0 on this system). Whenever there would be a zero as the number on the far left hand end of the number, it is removed unless it is the only number to the left of the decimal (just like in regular math), but zeroes on the far right hand end of the number are not removed, even if they are the only numbers to the right of the decimal. DDD is the number of days that have passed since the beginning of this year (not including the current day). .TT is the time of day measured in increments of ~15 minutes, with each increment equaling .01 for the Stardate. For some examples, Midnight on January 1st 2000 would read ‘Stardate: 0.00’ 11:45 PM on December 31st, 2015 would read ‘Stardate 15364.95’ and so on.

    Skeleton Character Form: (In the ‘Height’ category, please put their height from their people’s perspective first, then in parenthesis put their height from the other species’ perspective. To convert, take their height in inches and divide by 30 to get looking down on the humans and multiply by thirty to get looking up at the Erusians, then convert back into feet and inches. For example, a human might have 5’ 6” (2.2”) while an Erusian might have 5’ 6” (165’), etc.)

    Name (First and Last):
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  2. Name: Dirk Hodges
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 6' 1" (2.3”)
    Personality: ADHD, a great guy once you get to know him, is very protective of those who can't stand up for themselves, and has a great sense of humor. Painfully shy when it comes to the opposite gender (if he meets an Erusian girl and develops a crush on her, his shyness would most likely be amplified by her size *hint hint*), and sometimes he can't seem to stop talking about whatever is on his mind.
    Appearance/Picture: In a word: handsome. His head is topped by an unruly forest of fiery red hair that he usually keeps at about an inch long. His eyes stand out the most partly because he is heterochromic; his left eye is a medium blue while his right eye is a bright emerald green. He has a very nasty scar that starts in the middle of his right cheek, runs over his right eye, and ends on the left side of his forehead (there is a portion of the scar on his actual eyelid, but it is normally difficult to see). Very athletic build.
    Crush: N/A.
    BF/GF/Spouse: N/A.
    History: Was born on his family’s farm in Norman, Nebraska. Went on to major in astrophysics and astronavigation at the University of New York City.
    Other: He got into a fight with a group of masked thugs during his last year of high school while trying to prevent them from mugging his mother and kidnapping his younger sister Tiffany at knife and gun-point. He managed to hold them off until police arrived and arrested the would-be muggers, but during the fight he was slashed across his face by one of the attackers with a hunting knife, giving him the scar which he still carries. Miraculously, even though the knife sliced into his eyelid, the eye itself was unharmed, allowing him to retain sight in both eyes and even his 20/20 vision. Tiffany didn't fare as well... (Someone should ask him, and persist if he's a bit resistant)
    Username: Trainbrain16

    Name: Frank Hartman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 5' 10" (2.2”)
    Personality: A very by-the-books kind of guy, somewhat strict, but adventurous and curious.
    Appearance/Picture: Brown eyes, brown hair, average build.
    Crush: N/A.
    BF/GF/Spouse: N/A.
    History: He was born and grew up on the Los Angeles Megafloat. He moved to New York to attend college there at the University of New York City, where he met and became good friends with Dirk and Megan and, by extension, Jackie.
    Username: Trainbrain16

    Name: Megan Fisher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 3" (2.1”)
    Personality: Bubbly, curious, adventurous, eager to learn, sometimes gets ashamed and embarrassed of and by her very well developed figure and the (often unwanted) attention it seems to draw.
    Appearance/Picture: Soft grey eyes, medium-length red hair, quite a few freckles, usually wears glasses. Her body (particularly her DD-cup bust) makes her look a lot older than she is, though her face can have the opposite effect.
    Crush: N/A.
    BF/GF/Spouse: N/A.
    History: She started working as an inconspicuous bodyguard at an early age (which she was very good at to say the least) Is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and proficient with a variety of weaponry.
    Other: She never knew her father, but not for the reasons you might think. (Someone should ask her, and persist if she's a bit resistant)
    Username: Trainbrain16

    Name: Connie McCormick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’ 9” (172’ 6”)
    Personality: Connie is a serious Tomboy, she's smart, caring and protective, especially for those who can't protect themselves. She is very adventurous and curious and she can get a little emotional at times. She’s very playful for her age and can be a bit clumsy or careless at times, but she’s just having fun and doesn't mean any harm.
    Appearance/Picture: [BCOLOR=#ffffff][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    She looks like this, but with a few differences. Her eyes are a deep, exotic shade of purple, her hair will reach to her waist when she lets it down, her build is slightly more athletic, and she’s got a D-cup bust.
    Crush: N/A.
    BF/GF/Spouse: N/A.
    History: She was born and raised on a family-owned farm and moved to the port city of San Salvacion to start her adult life and pursue her dreams of exploring the cosmos.
    Other: She is the captain of the E.N.S. Pathfinder.
    Username: Trainbrain16

    Name: Courtney Bradford
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’ 6” (165’)
    Personality: Incredibly excited about the possibility of studying alien life and finding other intelligent beings. Incredibly curious and would want to almost obsessively study the humans once he is aware of them, but friendly and wouldn’t try to experiment on them or intentionally do anything to hurt them.
    Appearance/Picture: Blond hair, green eyes, somewhat skinny.
    Crush: N/A.
    BF/GF/Spouse: N/A.
    Other: He is the head of the Pathfinder's research team, and the position suits him very well.
    Username: Trainbrain16
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  3. This could be interesting. I'm not tossing my chips in yet because I'd like to see where the OoC goes, but it looks cool.

    Also, @Trainbrain16, you know that any sexual content must be in the Libertine/Liberteen forums, right? As well, no sexual RP's between people under age (blue stars) and people of or above age (red stars) 18. That's the rules, so you might want to reconsider that "keep sex scenes in a spoiler in the thread" rule, because it could get you in a lot of trouble. Also, if you're going to pick a paring with another player here, it would be a good idea to have them be in the same age group (if you're blue, don't RP with red and vice versa) unless there will be no sexual content. But again, I'd advise reading the rules about this again thoroughly so to make sure that no rule-breaking happens.
  4. Thank you for the warning, I'm glad you were able to notify me of this issue before it went too far. That was not my understanding previously, but I have gone over the sexual content rules more thoroughly and have made some changes since then that I hope will be enough to prevent any major problems on that topic down the road. Just out of curiosity, though, what do you mean by you want to "see where the OOC [thread] goes"?
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  5. It basically means I'm gonna see who joins up and what kind of cast this grabs. What I'm essentially asking for right now is a spot to reserve my interest, but I'm just wanting to see who joins up and what kind of dynamics we wind up having.
  6. Alright, that fine! Just know that you don't really have to reserve a spot since the signups will be pretty much permanently open. :bsmile: (Unless somehow this becomes obscenely popular really fast and a significant fraction of the site submits character forms, lol.)
  7. Name (First and Last): Jackie Robinson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'6'' (2'')
    Personality: Very Shy yet curious
    Crush: N/A
    BF/GF/Spouse: N/A
    History: Nobody knows, he just keeps quiet
    Other: N/A
    Username: Japperton101
  8. The reason why I made the history of the character like that is to fit the plot planned for him later on...IF a female giantess falls into an interest in him. (Or something...you'll see my plan)
  9. Accepted!
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