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    “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

    Co - GM: Azathoth
    It all changed thirty years ago, when that damn rock flew just too close to our planet, it didn't impact, simply went by, but the immediate result made you think that it had hit, hard. First earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes across the world followed immediately by a blinding flash of light across the sky, an ear piercing ringing noise accompanying the blindness. For five uninterrupted minutes the world sat silent except for the ringing, blinded eyes staring to the sky, unable to look away. Electronics malfunctioned during these five seconds, planes fell out of the air, trains stopped in motion. Many thought the world was about the end, they expected to see their pitiful, short lives flash right before them, before they were turned to dust, but they were not. This was and still is called "The Event".

    As then, everything went back to normal, or so it seemed. The momentary madness went as quickly as it came, a seemingly freak incident. Civilians panicked, scientists attempted to brainstorm solutions, and politicians tried their hardest to calm down the public, which they did, the world settling back into total bliss within a month of the incident. But, underneath it all was where all of the changes took effect. Babies were born which possessed rare talents, superhuman abilities, genetic mutations like you'd see pulled out of a comic book. But not every child born in the years after and since the Event has powers, but rather, a very low amount.

    No one man could say with any true certainty what caused the Event, but a few scientists summarized that it was a result of the strange asteroid that zoomed by Earth, gone before it could be analyzed. Others chalked it up as an act of God, which was an apt description for it. None of them expected the next chains of event to follow, brought by a select few in the new generation born with fantastical powers.

    It began slowly, the dawn of the powered man. The Event seemed to cause a golden age in technology and science, fuel efficient car hit the streets quickly, by the year 2010, no car in America used fossil fuel or gasoline, instead relying on alternative power sources. Synthetic limbs hit a breakthrough, paraplegics could walk, the blind could see, the deaf hear. Tales of the very rich replacing their boring human limbs for fancy mechanical ones which made them superhuman hummed around.

    Meanwhile, the true superhuman beings, born since the event grew, as they matured, some used their powers for bad, robbing banks, cheating casinos, even causing wars between nations. Naturally, betters hearted superhumans emerged, some adorning themselves in costumes which drew direct inspiration from comics, others in less attention grabbing, often in their own words "less ridiculous" outfits.

    Governments and companies tried to get in on this craze, multimillionaire businesses hired superhumans to help them gain the edge on their competition, while for example, the US military offered bonuses for any superhumans who enlisted in the military, where their strengths were put to use. Many superhumans went public with their powers, while others tried to ignore them, fearing they'd be shunned for their "freakish" abilities.
Five months ago the Guardians Syndicate was formed in New York City, the first successful attempt at the creation of an organized league of superheroes. Three founders, three well known heroes across the country, Penumbra, Fortuna and Phoenix, send out a calling for any superhumans of the appropriate age with a wanting to help humanity to join them at the headquarters in the New York. In the five months since the announcement of the search,a small amount of wannabe heroes answered. Fifty new members of the Syndicate. It was a start. Many were spread across the country, setting up stations in major cities across the nation. The three founders remaining in NYC.

Crime rates have slowly lowered since the Syndicate began, but, talk in the government circle has shifted towards the pushing of a bill that would force every single superhuman to enlist with the government, it has been talked as a positive, a way to keep anyone from committing bad deeds or they would face the repercussions. As it it stands, the bill is still a discussion, nothing beyond that.

Meanwhile, a more sinister superhuman group has began to appear, the Collective, as they call themselves. They stick to the shadows, recruiting in much more brutal and secretive ways, their ultimate goal believed to be world domination, but the only known facts are that they have many ties within the criminal underworld, in particular organized crime.

Who will you side with? Or might you stay independent? Sides will be chosen, battles will be fought, and won...

  • Established five months ago in New York City, now has headquarters spread across the USA in major cities. They are committed to protecting humanity as well as aiding them in goodwill causes such as building shelters for the needy, raising funds for charities and fighting crime across the nation. They are the preeminent superhuman group in North America, the first officially recognized (and successfully launched) organization of their kind. Previous attempts at a nationwide superhero group had been made in the past, but they fell apart too quickly. The Syndicate is committed to its cause above all else, and their current mission is the investigation and possible elimination of the Collective.

    The headquarters are located in Manhattan, New York, the compound is situated on the coast of the Harlem River, the main road to get to the compound is the 81st. It is gated off from the rest of the city with ten foot metal fences and contains one entrance which includes a checkpoint one must go through in order to get inside the compound. Many non superhuman people work inside the compound, though they go through extensive testings and screenings before being hired.

    The compound (open)

    Research Wing - Contains the labs, state of the art facilities in which the Collective researches many different subjects. Some of the best scientists in the country work in this lab, try not to fool around too much or disturb their work. The wing also includes an infirmary staffed by surgeons, doctors and nurses.

    Armory - Where weapons and armor are developed and stored, if you are in need of an item to help you fight then this is where you want to go.

    Firing range - A state of the art firing range, targets are set up all along it. One part is for firearms and explosives, the other part is specifically for power usage,

    Training Center - Includes a top notch gym filled to the brim with workout machines, free weights, yoga balls, treadmills, pullup bars and more. In another room there are several Olympic sized pools, near that is a sauna. Another part of the building contains a NBA regulation sized basketball court and an obstacle course. Finally there is a sparring center where a boxing ring sits as well as a mixed marital arts octagon. Also in the sparring center are several high tech training robots which can be programmed specifically how the user wants them to spar.

    The Hall - At the center of the compound sits the main building, the Hall. An entrance into the Hall is at the lower part of the building where one is greeted by a secretary and several guards. Inside of the Hall is a meeting room full of a large computer monitor and thirty chairs. Near that is a trophy room and storage rooms. One floor below is a prison, where any high danger prisoners are kept, typically those the police are unable to contain. Finally, one floor below that sits the morgue where corpses of dead superhumans, typically enemies are kept.

    Garage - A sprawling building, it is staffed by several mechanics tirelessly working on the vehicles of the Syndicate such as sedans, SUVs, jeeps and even two helicopters which sit on the roof of the building. Personal vehicles are also keep here.

    Recreation Center - A massive building, it is where you will find many of the Syndicate's members when they are not working. It includes a large living room with several large HD TVs and comfy furniture. Another room in the building is the lounge, which is connected to the library, which is filled with thousands of books. Another room in the building contains a Jacuzzi, small pool, ping pong tables, air hockey tables and a dance floor. Finally, there is a bar room, avaliable only to members over 21 years of age. It contains an impressive bar with many liquors along with a miniature casino containing roulettes, poker tables and more.

    Living Quarters - Connected to the main building is a living center which contains the female and male boardrooms. Each member of the Syndicate is given their own 15x20 foot rooms, inside the rooms are a bed, desk, chair and cabinets. The other part of the living center is the restrooms which also contains the showers.

    Track + Fields - A large track sits in the right side of the compound, it is a mile around. Inside of the track are grass fields with soccer goals, a baseball diamond and goalposts. This is also a sanctioned area where the Syndicate's superhumans that can fly are allowed to do so, they can often be seen floating above on nice days.

  • Penumbra (open)

    Character name - Jason Dallas
    Alias - Penumbra
    Faction - Syndicate
    Gender - Male
    Age - 28
    Birthplace - Brooklyn, New York
    Occupation - Stockbroker
    Appearance -
    Height - 5'11
    Weight - 180 pounds
    Apparel - While in hero mode he wears a dark grey jumpsuit with boots and a mask on his face. The jumpsuit is specifically tailored to his powers. In his civilian attire, he wears typical wall street clothing. Suit and ties and the like.
    Weaponry - The only weapon he carries is a dagger, which he has a sheath for on his belt.
    Equipment - He carries on him a compass, watch, grappling hook and his main mode of transportation is a motorcycle.
    Powers - Penumbra's power is invisibility, which allows him to disappear from sight in an instant. He becomes unseeable through the naked eye.
    Limitations - He becomes tired from being invisible for too long. He can still be detected by others through the other senses, such as hearing and touch. If he were to bump into someone it would give away his presence. Rain and other liquids reveal his form, also if he is on fire.
    Skills - Penumbra is an advanced hand to hand combatant, he knows several different marital arts and many ways to take someone down. He is also a skilled tactician and strategist.
    Weaknesses - Other than his invisibility he is still mortal, gunshots can still hurt or kill him.
    Morality - Chaotic good.
    Personality - He is a quiet individual, but when he does talk he tends to make good points. He has a strong friendship with Fortuna, but often clashes with Phoenix. He is not opposed to killing enemies if there is no other option, this is something he will often clash with Phoenix at.
    Bio - Penumbra, born Jason Dallas to a hard working middle class family, he didn't have many friends as a child, but excelled as a student. He discovered his powers in his early years and never gave away that he had any special powers to anyone else. He finished near the top of his class in high school, and enrolled in Fordham university.

    After graduating, he got a job as a stock broker and also began to use his powers for good, adapting a superhero persona as Penumbra, the invisible man who would strike out against evil doers during the nighttime. A simple stock broker by day, hero by night, his free time was spent learning about the gangs in New York. He spent years targeting them and sabotaging them, eventually gaining the attention of a fellow hero, Phoenix.

    The two met up one night, although cautious of each other, they began a plan to create the fire superhero organization. That plan took effect and the Guardians Syndicate was formed, with Penumbra, Phoenix and Fortuna, a hero they both later met heading the league of heroes. Penumbra's recent focus has been on the Collective, and how to stop them.

    Fortuna (open)

    Character name - Alice Hart
    Alias - Fortuna
    Faction - Syndicate.
    Gender - Female
    Age - 26
    Birthplace - Cleveland, Ohio.
    Occupation - Former school teacher, now full time hero.
    Appearance -
    She in in great physical shape, her body toned and strong.
    Height - 5'8
    Weight - 125 pounds.
    Apparel - She is almost always seen in her catsuit, which is made of tough leather. In non combat situations she wears simple clothing such as jeans, sneakers and t shirts.
    Weaponry - Her main weapon is a silenced pistol, she also carries several flashbang, smoke and tear gas grenades.
    Equipment - A grappling hook, in ear communications device, suction cups on her gloves and boots which allow her to scale walls and several plastic explosives which she uses to create distractions.
    Powers - None.
    Limitations - N/A
    Skills - Fortuna is an extremly skilled gymnast, acrobat and parkourist, as well as an excellent marksman and hand to hand combatant. She is also able to to mask her emotions like a top actor.
    Weaknesses - She's completely mortal and also has a tough time if a mission involves children.
    Morality - Neutral good.
    Personality - A kind hearted and intelligent woman, Fortuna often cracks jokes about a situation or picks on other members of the Syndicate jokingly. She has a friendship with Phoenix and another with Penumbra that has on occasional veered to a more romantic type, though neither of them have acted on it.
    Bio - Fortuna was an orphan, both of her parents dying in a car accident shortly after her birth. She was adopted by a wealthy and caring family, as a result she was given the best schooling her new parents could afford. Despite this she never became spoiled, her most common trait throughout her life is her kindness.

    After finishing school she went to college, becoming a history teacher. She was inspired to become a hero in the Ohio area, despite possessing no powers. She trained tirelessly for many hours in many different areas. Eventually she took a trip to New York, encountering Phoenix and Penumbra, in time they would establish the Guardians Syndicate, with her as the third founding member. Becoming a full time hero.

    Phoenix (open)

    Character name - Dave Hamilton
    Alias - Phoenix
    Faction - Syndicate.
    Gender - Male
    Age - 27
    Birthplace - Miami, Florida.
    Occupation - Full time hero.
    Appearance -
    His body is muscular and strong, his hair cut short and face clean shaven.
    Height - 6'4
    Weight - 220 pounds.
    Apparel - Inspired by heroes from comics of his youth, Phoenix wears a full body dark blue jumpsuit with boots and a flowing white cape.
    Weaponry - None.
    Equipment - None.
    Powers - Phoenix has three powers, his most notable being his ability to fly. He is able to fly at a maximum speed of fifty miles per hour, this includes being able to levitate in place in air. His next power is his regenerative heath which allows him to recover from injuries such as cuts, bruises, burns and even bone breaks. His final power is his fire manipulation which allows him to generate flames from his hands at high temperatures and speeds.
    Limitations - He tires from flight, unable to fly for no longer than an hour without starting to wear. His regenerative heath has a limit, he cannot heal from more severe injuries such as decapitation, removal of all limbs and destruction of internal organs. Prolonged use of his fire manipulation causes the flames to weaken.
    Skills - Phoenix is a skilled fighter who knows several martial arts. He is also in great physical shape.
    Weaknesses - Freezing cold temperatures weaken him, eventually killing him if the exposure is prolonged. He is also vulnerable to severe injuries which can kill him.
    Morality - Lawful good.
    Personality - A kind, but sometimes head-strong and brash superhuman, he cares deeply for other humans and does whatever he can to protect them. He is opposed to killing enemies, preferring to leave them for the proper authorities.
    Bio - Phoenix was born Dave Hamilton in Miami, Florida. An only child of two lower class, but loving parents. He discovered his powers at a young age, scared by what he was able to do, his parents discovering his powers as well. After finishing high school he left home, wandering around the country, unsure of what to do with his life. Inspired by comic book heroes, he got an idea of adapting a persona of a superhero, so he did.

    He earned a reputation across the country, taking up residence in New York City, his first major breakthrough the stopping of a bank robbery which involved taking hostages. From that point he just added to his list of deeds, eventually coming in contact with Penumbra and Fortuna. The three heroes establishing the Guardians Syndicate, Phoenix spearheading the project, including sending out a calling for any potential heroes who wanted to join them.

  • Wild - Polystical
    Meta - Captian Wumbo
    Pyre - Azathoth
    Domino - MST3K 4ever
    Alpha - K-97
    Violet - TheStoryOfMyLife

  • A mysterious, malevolent group, little is known about the Collective beyond that they exist and that they are a group with many connections in the criminal underworld. Their logo has been spray painted on many locations across New York City, often near crime scenes. There are two confirmed members, but even then not much is known about them either. Prospective members of the Collective are said to go through absolutely brutal initiations to earn the right to join. The start of the initiation is the potential members receiving a mysterious card with instructions to appear at a location. One does not request to join the Collective, the only way to get in is to be invited.

  • Jack (open)

    Character name - Unknown.
    Alias - "Jack"
    Faction - Collective.
    Gender - Male
    Age - Unknown, but believed to be in his late twenties, early thirties.
    Birthplace - Unknown.
    Occupation - Full time villain.
    Appearance - Jack always wears a mask. The few times he has been seen in public, he has been seen wearing that mask. His skin is a pale white, his hair slicked back and black. His eyes are a piercing blue.
    Height - 6'0
    Weight - Unknown, but he is quite lanky.
    Apparel - When he has been seen, he is always seen wearing fine dress clothes complete with black gloves. Typically dark colored suits and ties with his trade mark mask on his face.
    Weaponry - Unknown, but he has been seen wielding guns.
    Equipment - Unknown.
    Powers - Unknown.
    Skills - Extremely persuasive, strangely acrobatic and efficient as a fighter. Also, very, very intelligent and cunning.
    Weaknesses - Unknown.
    Morality - Neutral evil.
    Personality - Jack is incredibly unpredictable and strange. He is an odd man who presents himself as a well mannered, calm and collected being. Horror tales of him paint him as a cruel villain who is absolutely terrifying to anyone against him. Do not trust him.
    Bio - Unknown beyond that he is an important member of the Collective, possibly a/the leader. Named after Jack the Ripper due to him being connected to several brutal murders.

    Mistress (open)

    Character name - Unknown.
    Alias - Mistress
    Faction - Collective.
    Gender - Female.
    Age - Mid to late twenties.
    Birthplace - Unknown.
    Occupation - Full time villain
    Appearance -
    Height - 5'5
    Weight - 110 pounds
    Apparel - She always wears lingerie or tight dresses and high heels.
    Weaponry - Unknown.
    Equipment - Unknown.
    Powers - She may have mental powers, though this is not confirmed.
    Skills - Incredibly intelligent and able to put on facades, acting as someone else to gain an advantage.
    Weaknesses - Unknown.
    Morality - Chaotic neutral.
    Personality - Extremely sensual and seductive, Mistress has been reported to seduce and twist people to her will, often bribing them with promises of love and sex.
    Bio - Unknown other than that she is in the Collective and is associated with Jack.

    Shaman (open)

    Character name - Unknown.
    Alias - Shaman
    Faction - Collective.
    Gender - Male
    Age - 29
    Birthplace - Unknown.
    Occupation - Full time villain
    Appearance -
    Height - 5'10
    Weight - 170 pounds.
    Apparel - In battle he wears strange robes, like those a mage would wear in a fantasy film. Outside of battle he wears casual clothing.
    Weaponry - Unknown.
    Equipment - He always carries a large red book with him, likely a magical tome.
    Powers - Shaman is a magic user, a rarity in the world. He is a highly skilled magician, having been seen as able to teleport himself and small groups across long distances. In battle his main method of attack are blasts of strange blue lightning which emit from his fingers. He may have more magical powers.
    Limitations - Unknown, he is a very powerful magic user though.
    Skills - Shaman is an intelligent man with a deep knowledge of history, his exact skills are unknown.
    Weaknesses - Beyond his magical skills he is mortal.
    Morality - Neutral evil.
    Personality - Shaman is a sarcastic man, one who does not sympathize with the weak or misfortune.
    Bio - Unknown.

    Z (open)

    Character name - Unknown.
    Alias - Z
    Faction - Collective.
    Gender - Male
    Age - Unknown, but he seems to be older than the other Collective members.
    Birthplace - Unknown.
    Occupation - Full time villain
    Appearance -
    Height - 6'8
    Weight - 260 pounds
    Apparel - Dark colored or camouflage clothing.
    Weaponry - Unknown, but is skilled with a wide variety of firearms.
    Equipment - Unknown.
    Powers - Z is suspected to be an enhanced superhuman, possibly a former military man. The government was known to run these experiments on volunteers after the emergence of superheroes became public knowledge.
    Limitations - Unknown.
    Skills - Z is proficient with a wife variety of firearms.
    Weaknesses - Unknown.
    Morality - Unknown.
    Personality - Quiet, very quiet. He rarely speaks or shows any emotion.
    Bio - Unknown.

  • Isabella de Santa - j8cob
    Cat - AdamantiumWolf
    V - Bones
    Shifter - Raijinslayer
    Menteur - Polystical

Rules (open)

1. Follow all of the site's rules.
2. Proper grammar is needed for this RP. Post in third person in the IC.
3. This is an intermediate level RP, I expect at least a solid paragraph (five sentences) per IC post. No one liners allowed.
4. No god modding, meta gaming, killing other player characters' without permission, etc.
5. Don't be an asshole to the other people, we're all friends here (on the OOC at least, hehe).
6. Romance and swearing are cool, just develop the romance well and keep it classy. Nothing past PG-13 though, take it to PMs after that point.
7. Please do not disappear from this RP, drop a message to me or on the OOC if you're gonna be unable to post. If I don't hear from you for two weeks, then I remove you from the RP and either kill off or NPC your character.

Character Creation Rules (Read!) (open)

1. Every character has weaknesses, for example being a mortal with no powers counts as a weakness.
2. Certain powers are banned due to being possibly gamebreaking, these include but are not limited to: mind control, mind reading, omnipotence, death invulnerability, planet eating and reality warping.
3. Your characters aren't all powerful (yet). While they can be powerful to start, they need to have a limit.
4. Magic exists, but is unknown to the majority of the public.
5. No perfect characters with no flaws.
6. I want about even numbers in the Collective and Syndicate. I also don't want too many independents.
7. Your character can die. I won't just murder them for making a mistake, but death is a possibility.
8. A maximum of two characters per person. However, the character cannot be in the same faction.

Character Sheet (open)

Character name -
Alias -
Faction - (Collective, syndicate or Independent)
Gender -
Age - (16 - 30 for superhumans. Non powered characters can be older)
Birthplace -
Occupation - (Full time hero/villain? Working Joe?)
Appearance - (Pics and or description work. No anime pictures though.)
Height -
Weight -
Apparel -
Weaponry - (If any)
Equipment - (Non weaponry items, includes vehicles)
Powers - (Don't go overboard)
Limitations - (Extent of your character's powers)
Skills -
Weaknesses -
Morality - (See alignments)
Personality -
Bio -

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  • Character name – Rose Banks
    Alias – N/A
    Faction – Independent
    Gender – Female
    Age - 18
    Birthplace – Atlanta, Georgia
    Occupation – Full time Student may become a part time hero….

    Appearance - Rose stands at a little over 5’2 and has a delicate body build with a little muscle tone from her unique form of exercise. She has a medium frame and some slight curves and shapely legs; she has striking jet black hair that falls past her shoulders in natural waves. Sharp pointed eyebrows highlight blue eyes accentuated by thick eyelashes. She always has a natural blush, sometimes to the point of red all the way down to her neck, more noticeable due to her pale skin. A scar rests on her left cheek going all the way down to pink lips. Another scar resides on her shoulder blade going all the way up to the base of her right ear that she hides under her black veil of hair.
    Height – Just over 5’2
    Weight -123lbs
    Apparel – Stereotypical teenager attire, nothing to special about it except she sticks to darker shades.

    Weaponry - (If any)
    Equipment - (Non weaponry items, includes vehicles)
    Powers – Water and Moisture Manipulation
    Skills – Can manipulate some forms of water such as liquid and solid though its gas form is somewhat of a challenge to her. She sometimes can freeze water into various shapes, also involuntarily freezing some of her limbs sometimes. On one occasion, she actually controlled the liquid in a mouse long enough for it to go out her dorm and into the hall but she is not sure if she actually did it or not.
    Weaknesses - Rose is emotionally fragile causing her to break over the slightest things though she tries to act as though it doesn't affect her, she usually has a good poker face. Though considered patient, has a short temper that may pop up out of nowhere seeing as she stuffs it down until it can’t be anymore. Her kindness and trusting nature could result in the death of her if she does not learn that caution isn't venerability.

    Morality – Neutrally Good
    Personality -
    Rose is a kind and feminine creature with a vast curiosity of the world and those around her. She keeps a level head in the mist of chaos, bringing out her courage and quick thinking side. Rose tries to remain as optimistic as she can on the problems in life but her insecurity often drags down all positive thoughts causing her to blame herself. Rose can have a sharp tongue if need be and a temper that would shock many who know her, but that’s because she hides it until she can’t. She is proud all the same and her pride motivate her to do the best she can but also delays admitting she was wrong. Success is her ultimate goal and the success of those around her.

    Bio - Rose Banks was born and raised in Georgia, the heart of the American south. She lived in a small town about two hours away from any large urban area, where everyone knew everyone and everyone else’s business and where the local reverend had a higher pull than the mayor himself Everyone especially knew Rose’s family, her mother owning the only medical center in town and being the go to doctor there, her father being the reverend of the town’s well known and respected church and eventually her brother Thomas getting a full ride to Georgia State on a baseball scholarship.

    Growing up Rose didn't have many friends; she had a lot of admirers and haters. Since her immediate family were so well known and respected many of the kids her age were jealous of all the adult attention and praise she received, it had gotten so bad that one day some of the kids in her 4th grade class went out into the forest to play and forced Rose up a tree where they put a spider on a limb and when she saw it, she snapped a branch and she fell out of the tree and onto a sharp rock causing a deep scratch on her cheek.
    She was so embarrassed and in so much pain, she had never seen so much blood from a cut before. She ran deeper into the forest until she reached a creek. Not even caring about the potentially dirty water she desperately splashed the cool water on her face trying to get the images of the laughter out of her head. Rose thought they were her friends, she grew angrier and angrier imagining the heat in her body flowing out of it and it was, she opened her eyes and the water was boiling around her hands and knees but she wasn’t burning with it. Freaked out, she scrambled out of the water amazed that the boiling immediately stopped and the water wasn’t even hot. Rose had discovered that those ‘special people’ actually did exist, and she was one of them.\

    In the 5th grade she met Molly Jacobs, who just moved there from Ohio and the two became best friends. She and her family told the town of the growing population of people who have ‘special abilities’ that were popping up around the country and a few around Alabama and Florida, bringing in an omen that Georgia would be hit next. Her father, the mayor, and her mother agreed that the special people were an abomination and had no place in the kingdom of heaven or their town.

    The news didn’t really affect Rose at first, she was just happy that she had a secret power that no one knew about and was just loving practicing it more and more each day. As the newness wore off and she was getting used to the thought of the powers, her father’s passionate sermons and her mother’s constant berating of her kind at every meal, formed a twist of guilt and sadness in the pit of her gut that she would never shake off for the rest of her life.

    Rose began her senior year of high school and got her ultimate wish of becoming captain of the Archery club with offers beginning to come in from universities FAR away from Georgia. She couldn’t have had a more perfect life; that was until she was out practicing our in her parents private field they set up for her to practice in. She also practiced her other talent there too, for luckily for her there was a small pond near the forest line. She began her practicing like she always did by manipulating a medium sized stream of water into her hands and swirling it around gracefully when a gasp threw her off as she spun around to see who it was she accidentally jetted the water full blast at her mother, knocking her off her feet.
    It was later on that she found out she had bruised her mother’s stomach lining in three different areas. Her abilities almost killed her mom. That was a hard blow for Rose as she was practically disowned by her own parents after that given their cabin in the woods to live in only until after she graduated then she had to get out of their lives for good. And so she did, Rose took the first offer to a university farthest away from Georgia, which was New York City.

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  • Character name - Lance Guin

    Alias - Cloud (When he teloports he leaves behind a cloud of black smoke)

    Faction - Independent

    Gender - Male

    Age - 21

    Birthplace - Thermopolis, Wyoming

    Occupation - Freelance Magician/Courier

    Appearance - [​IMG]

    Height - 5ft 10

    Weight - 190 lbs

    Apparel - Skin tight blue jumpsuit with black hard plastic over the shoulders. Wears black paint over his eyes to simulate a mask

    Weaponry - None

    Equipment - None

    Powers - Teleportation - Advanced Level:
    Cloud is capable of teleporting large distances, (120 Yards)
    Cloud can teleport limited mass, equal to his own body weight (180 lbs) to speeds up to (80 mph)
    Cloud must be able to see or have been to wherever he is teleporting to

    Regeneration - Basic Level:
    Minor wounds such as cuts, bruises and light burns heal faster than normal
    Recovering from minor to moderate blood loss
    Critical wounds such as lost of limbs, damaged nerves, and internal organs cannot be regenerated, as wounds would simply close up faster and lost organs remain lost
    Cells that are fatally damaged, such as by burning, cannot be regenerated, resulting in permanent scarring

    Skills - Basic acrobatic abilities.
    Advanced fighting abilities (hand-to-hand specialty)

    Weaknesses - Cloud's regenerative abilities are what allow him to teleport successfully. Excessive use of teleportation nullifies regenerative ability for a time. Continued use will cause his body to degenerate unpredictably (old wounds opening up, internal bleeding, bone damage, etc.)

    Morality - Chaotic Good

    Personality - Fairly snarky and quick whited. Cloud is not a "people person", but loves attention. He has a good heart but hides it with his sarcastic comments.

    Bio - Raised on a ranch in Wyoming, his family kept mainly to themselves. As his powers manifested themselves at the age of 12, his family nurtured them because of how he was able to help out around the ranch. He went off to college in New York where his powers weren't met with as much understand as back home. He was distrusted and eventually dropped out.
    He makes his living by doing street magic and random courier jobs.
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  • Both of the characters are accepted! ^
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  • Character name - Sofia Julian
    Alias - Wild
    Faction - Syndicate
    Gender - Female
    Age - 16
    Birthplace - Miami, Florida
    Occupation - High School Student and soon to be part time hero
    Appearance -
    Sofia is a petite girl who stands at 5'5". She has dark brown skin and deep brown wide eyes. She has a soft look to her and is almost always smiling or smirking at anyone who's upset or annoyed at her.
    Height - 5'5"
    Weight - 125 lbs.
    Apparel - Because she's usually in a beast form, Sofia doesn't have a costume, although she really wants one and has been begging various Syndicate 'big wigs' to have one made for her.
    Weaponry - n/a
    Equipment - n/a But her dad has promised her a car if she gets along with the Syndicate.
    Powers -
    • Shape-shifting (Bestial Only): She can transform into any animal that she's seen and touched. So like if she was passed out somewhere and a rat brushed her foot, she wouldn't be able to turn into it because she didn't see it.
    • Zoolingualism - Being able to talk to and understand animals when in human form or an animal form.

    Skills - Climbing/Scaling walls and trees. Gymnastics.
    Weaknesses - She can't stay in one animal form for more than four hours. If she does she might get stuck and start acting like a regular feral beast. However if she reverts back to human form before she starts acting feral, she will suffer brief paralysis and extreme migraines.
    Morality - Chaotic Good
    Personality - Sofia can only be described as an irritating little imp. She likes to push people's buttons to see how far she can go, and she doesn't take responsibility for her actions. If she's left to her own devices she would end up breaking the law or causing destruction wherever she can.
    Although Sofia is pretty rude and unfiltered with the Syndicate members and others, she obeys her parents to appoint. However, she mostly obeys them because she's being bribed into doing what they want.
    Sofia is somewhat of a selective sociopath, because she doesn't show remorse for the bad things that she's down until someone starts crying. And even then, she'll only apologize a little and then go back to what she was doing before.
    Bio - Sofia was born as the second child of Leila and Danny Julian. Sofia was a second chance child, as before her birth, her parents had been about to get a divorce because they fell out of love for each other and their relationship was purely sexual.
    Sofia started showing her powers at age 15, when she turned into a porcupine on her birthday and startled (and injured) most of the party guests. Her parents were freaked out and they began looking for anyone to help Sofia with managing her new attributes. Her father was contacted by one of his old clients who happened to be a Syndicate member, so it was decided that Sofia would go to live with the Syndicate (a month after it was created) so she could learn how to control her powers better and not drift to the dark side.
    Sofia wasn't at all pleased with this turn out, but as she was still a child in the eyes of the law (not sixteen yet so she could not opt for emancipation), she had no say in the matter and her parents weren't all too eager to have her around all the time, since her power usage was erratic. Even after her sixteenth birthday however, Sofia decided to stay with the Syndicate because she was always at odds with her parents and she liked having all of the resources that being in the Syndicate provided.
    Sofia now lives in one of the main Syndicate buildings and balances high school with power training.
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  • ^Looks good so far, keep it up!
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  • Character name - Paul Higgens

    Alias - Substance

    Faction – Collective

    Gender - Male

    Age - 24

    Birthplace – New York City

    Occupation – Full-time Villain

    Appearance (open)


    Height – 6’0”

    Weight – 185 lbs

    Apparel – Simple black jeans, long-sleeved woollen turtle neck and black boots. He wears a black half mask to cover his lower face, including his nose.
    Mask (open)

    Weaponry – Two knives, held at his waist
    Knife (open)

    Equipment – A two door sports car.

    Powers - Paul is able to change the "viscosity", for lack of a better word, of various materials. In essence this means he is able to change liquids to solids and solids to liquids. This can include the changing of gasses. He is also able to make this manifest in his body without causing any adverse effects to himself, although this state can’t be permanent and usually lasts no more than a minute at most before reverting back to his solid state. He is able to then change again if given sufficient time to rest/not be in a stressful situation. What this basically means is that he is able to pass through most, if not all objects, given he has time to react. He needs to touch an object to affect it.

    Skills – A skilled hand-to-hand combatant who also has some proficiency in knives (Not throwing knives though).
    Athletic due to regular exercise.

    Weaknesses - Vulnerable to most things, just like any human, his durability is only a factor when using his powers. A particular weakness is electricity though, due to its conductive properties.

    Morality – Chaotic Neutral

    Personality – A clever man, Paul isn’t one for impulsive choices and would sooner flee a robbery if he saw it was going to backfire than try to see it through. Nonetheless he is stubborn and dies not yield when it comes to his opinions.

    Bio – Paul grew up in a small apartment in the rougher parts of the city. He lived with his father after his mother abandoned them without notice. His father tried his best to supply the youth with all he needed, but gangs made life hard. They extorted what little the inhabitants of the apartment block had and made life a living hell to those who didn’t bend to their will. Soon Paul’s father fell into the bottle, first only falling asleep, then gloomy mutterings and one day it was too much. The boy came back to a red painted wall and a slumped figure.

    After that he was tossed out of his home, having no means to pay rent and thus had to fall in to the same gangs that were the cause of it all. Survival was what mattered. He was given the small jobs. Stealing a handbag or stealing from a store. He was given some training I fighting and threatening. Just after his eighteenth birthday, he was given a revolver and was ordered to hold up a store. One thing led to another and he found himself in jail for a small stretch.

    There he met a man, simply named Dean, who took him under his wing. It was rough at first in jail, but the young man’s stubbornness kept him alive and learning what he needed to stay so. Simple fighting techniques or spotting someone that had a shiv. There is also where he first, by accident (since that seems the norm) found out about his abnormal abilities. He was in a brawl, the other pulled a shiv and truck at him. It pierced his hand, but suddenly it just evaporated. The strange occurrence tugged at his mind as he sat in solitary. He tried to figure out what happened.

    When he next saw his friend, Dean, he discussed in hushed tones how he made a great discovery. This was how they made their escape. It took a while and practice, but he was able to make a wall turn liquid so they could get out. Free, Dean took him to old acquaintances, gave him proper training and specialization in knives. Some knowledge in breaking into banks and they made quite the formidable team. Word spread somehow. A card made its way to Paul. A mysterious one, inviting him to become part of the group “Collective”.
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  • Accepted!
  • [​IMG]

    Character Name: “John Smith”

    Alias: Fabricant

    Faction: Independent

    Gender: Unknown

    Age: 24-27

    Birthplace: London, England

    Occupation: Full Time Hero/Villain

    Height: Variable, 6’

    Weight: Variable, 180+ lbs.

    Apparel: Variable

    Weaponry: No Default Weapons

    Equipment: No Default Equipment

    • Shape Shifting: The ability to transfigure the matter comprising his body into a replica of nearly any item or person he has sufficiently analyzed.
    • Matter Absorption: Fabricant absorbs matter to replace lost body mass, typically light objects. This ability is also how he analyzes items and people, though he has significant trouble absorbing materials that are any denser than stone, even that being difficult to "swallow". When he absorbs a person's brain he gains a significant portion of their memory, making them easier to impersonate.

    Skills: He has no special skills beyond those of the person he is impersonating, but he is capable of self-defense in any form if he deems it appropriate.

    • Doesn't Break Character unless he is absolutely certain his cover has been blown, Fabricant won’t break character. This may seem like an advantage, but when you read his bio you may come to understand how problematic it can be.
    • Strong Magnetic Fields can contain/manipulate him.
    • Matter that's physically separated from his main body deteriorates rapidly, and prolonged exposure to someone that's tearing him apart can leave him with very little mass left over.

    Morality: True Neutral

    When Fabricant is in his base form his personality can scarcely be classified in human terms. He is apathetic to the extreme, ignoring most attempts to speak to him regardless of whether they are inquiries or provocations. He also has a tendency to disregard orders or commands, striking out on his own for his own purposes, purposes which are not always in the interests of the whole. However, when he takes on someone else's form he affects all of the nuances of their persona, rarely breaking character until his goal is accomplished or he is trapped beyond his extensive ability to escape.
    It is hard to tell what his motives are, but some hypothesize that he gains some sense of satisfaction from infiltrating organizations. This theory is built on the fact that he has infiltrated an undisclosed number of government agencies, both foreign and domestic, without any employer and without any evidence to suggest that he was selling information.

    When Fabricant was a child he was found on the streets and placed in an orphanage where the beginning of his life played out with pathetic regularity, but after several years his powers began to manifest. He didn’t know how to hide or control the abilities that were causing him to change, and in their fear the orphanage turned him over to the government. The government saw a variety of potential uses for his powers, and so the experimentation began. No public records are aware of what happened in the facility where Project Fabricant was carried out, but the result was a strange creature. A creature they summarily lost.

    Fabricant was utilized as part of an advanced espionage unit, his abilities made him uniquely tailored to the task. At the time he was borderline non-sentient, and followed all orders without question or consideration. He would infiltrate an intelligence agency by absorbing and replacing an enemy field agent, he would have the memories of that agent and be able to follow through with their orders and routines without a hitch for the most part. However, after several infiltrations something went wrong. Somewhere over the course of the missions Fabricant had begun to prioritize maintaining his cover, it had led to some inconveniences but had ultimately yielded fruitful information, until he stopped reporting in. The problem arose when he decided that a member of X organization would not contact Y organization, so to maintain his cover as a member of X organization and make his infiltration successful he stopped contacting Y organization.

    From there he had fallen off the grid as the organization he was infiltrating gave him orders to infiltrate another organization, not knowing what he was, and quickly lost track of him themselves. The cycle continued unabated, the only trail he left was a string of missing field agents, but inevitably he had made a mistake. It had been a simple mistake really, one that anyone could make. When trying to infiltrate a national government he had been caught eating the Prime Minister's face, and so after years of searching for their rogue project that very same government found him, and quickly put him to work again in a place where they would be able to find him, as a member of the Guardian Syndicate...they would have had him join the Collective, but nobody would have invited him.
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  • Both characters accepted! IC may be up tommorow if people keep joining and the faction numbers are even enough.
  • I can move to whichever faction needs numbers.
  • Whoa @Azathoth your CS is a little scary lol.
  • I'm going to take that as a compliment, I think you'll be surprised at how I play him though.
  • I have no doubt, I just have a fear of anything that resembles Slenderman haha so I jumped a little.
  • I've never actually paid any attention to Slenderman, I've never read the story or played any of the games, so I want to remind everyone that any resemblance is entirely coincidental and he will (hopefully) be nothing like slenderman.
  • @Azathoth
    Omigosh two shape-shifters! We're twinsies! :D
  • Not exactly, but close enough. :p
  • @Azathoth This may be showing my age, but I'm picturing your character like Ug from Critters 2.
  • I am not familiar with either of those terms, so it does do that.
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