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Megan was stirring some coffee around in her favourite mug. It was painted white, with large black font on it saying, 'Ok. But first coffee'. She hummed to herself as she stirred the coffee with a tablespoon and she heard a knock on her apartment door. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, and then she glanced at the time. It was 11 am, who could that be? It only took her a few moments to realise that it was probably her band obsessed, brown haired best friend Courtney. They had ben best friends since high school, and saw each other quite often. Now they were both 18 and lived in their own apartments. Megan spends hours talking on the phone to her best friend who kept her up to date on all of the celebrity gossip and fangirled over the latest boy band. She wasn't at all interested in bands, she played the radio a lot but listened to whatever was on it at the time. She didn't even have a favourite artist or genre. She didn't fangirl and go to that many concerts like Courtyney either.

Megan laughed. The two were great opposites, but the best of friends. She goes over to her front door, unlocks it and then opens it to of course, Courtney who was smiling enthusiastically and hugged her best friend. She hugged Courtney back and smiles. "Hey!" She says cheerfully and let her inside.

"You'd never guess what I have Megan!" She says happily.

"More celebrity gossip?" Megan suggests, opening up her cabinet in the kitchen to make some coffee for her best friend.

"No!" Courtney says and then showed Megan two tickets to the new boy bands concert, and two VIP passes.
There was a slight sigh from the young singer, his manager and been going on and on about trivial things he need to work on. As much as loved talking to his manager, he really just wanted to go practice. The nineteen year old hot shot was exhausted from all his traveling. "Hayden. Pay attention" the manager snapped at him. He blinked a few times and then sighed softly. "Sorry, I just really want to go do something else. Let's talk about band stuff later" he said softly, looking over at his other two band mates.
Hayden was in a boy band. One that was quickly rising on the charts. It was him and his two best friends Ryan and Levi. The band was a lot of fun and a great way for Hayden to express himself. He loved singing, after all.
The manager didn't seem very amused, but nodded and let the black haired boy off to go rest or do what ever it was he would do.
Courtney smiles and then passes her the VIP pass and the tickets. "I thought we could go together!" She says.

Megan smiles and then hugs her best friend. "Thank you Megan! When is the concert?" She said. She'd never been to a concert, and was happy that Courtney wanted to go with her.

"Tonight, shall we go outfit shopping?" She asks.

Courtney was surprised when she said the concert was that night but giggles and then nodded. "I'd love to! But first... Coffee!" She says and they both laugh.
Hayden walked down the main corridor of the concert building, exploring the place a little bit. It was something he always did at a new gig. Explore around. He yawned softly, his body exhausted. He walked in the large room singing quietly.
The nineteen year old looked around at every thing, his curiosity lurching him forward in the building.
He was wandering around for a decent while when he got a text on his phone from Ryan saying they had to do audio checks.
Megan after finishing her coffee with Courtney headed to the mall with her. She goes into a dress shop, which had a bunch of beautiful and fancy dressers for special occasions in them. She looked through the clothing, trying to decide what to buy whilst Courtney had a handful of dresses.

"I'm not sure what to get, do you have any ideas?" She asks Courtney.

She nodded and then passed her a bunch of dresses. "Try these on!" She says.
The practice was slow, there were a few things wrong with the system and it took them a decent about of time to get the mixed. But alas, it was all good and well by the time they had planned to be done with the practice. People would start arriving any time now. It was getting close and Hayden was forced to stay backstage to avoid any crazed fans. The time spent in the back was aggravating. He wanted to be moving, to be on stage. He could hear the sounds of voices slowly getting louder, the concert hall filling up. He could feel the adrenaline starting to kick in an it made him happy. He just wanted to be on stage, burning energy and moving with his two best friends.

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Megan and Courtney moved through the crowd and then stood by the stage, they had front row tickets and VIP passes for after the show. Which was great! She could see the excitement on Courtney's face, and that she was jumping up and down. "Only five more minutes until the show starts, are you excited?" She asks, giggling.

Courtney nodded and then giggles, continuing to bounce up and down. "Excited! I'm thrilled!" She says.
The concert hall was pretty loud at this point. All kinds of people were in the building, talking. Doing various things to pass the last few minutes before show time. He could feel a slight adrenaline rush starting to flow through his veins. Something that always happened no matter what. It didn't matter how many times he's go on a stage. He'd always have the adrenaline rush.
Finally the time came. The lights dimmed in the amphitheater. And the sound of screams filled it. The music started to play and Hayden and his two best friends all went out for the show.
When the lights dimmed and the show was about to start, the cheering and clapping had already begun. Megan was positive that Courtney was probably the most thrilled in the room and was pretty sure she'd jump up on the stage and shove everyone out of the way to get an autograph, even though they both had VIP tickets for after the show. Megan clapped along too, there was so many people there to see the show.
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