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  1. This is the roleplay page. *nodnod*
  2. SILAS The old goat was standing beside his son in front of the train station, waiting for the new mayor to arrive. After Rascal had coaxed him away from his fields, he stood with the rest of the town in wait. Was it this train that the mayor was coming on? Or the next one? Silas hadn't really paid attention to the rundown on the new mayor that Rose had given them in preparation for greeting her. He figured when the whippersnapper finally got here (boy, she was taking her time) that he could just wing it and let the Mayor's secretary do most of the talking. He chewed thoughtfully on his grass stem, before finally speaking up, "...and what did you say this new mayor was, Rose?" That was a pretty good question, in his opinion.

    RASCAL Beside his father, Rascal had spaced out and was staring blankly at the sky. After hearing the old goat ask about the mayor, he rejoined the conversation, having forgotten himself. He looked to the dark blue sheep lady, cocking his head to the side to hear. Personally, the fisherman didn't see the point of big fuss Silas was making about what the new mayor was. Not like it mattered. If she was a good mayor, she was a good mayor. "When's she gettin' here?" He spoke up, finding this a more relevant question. He hoped the meticulous sheep woman knew. They were close to the same age, but the otter rarely had a chance to speak to or get to know her, considering she was in the Town Hall all the time. He sometimes saw her down on the beach, but that was a rare occasion in and of itself. He figured she was a nice creature, though. Seemed friendly enough.
  3. "What is going on?" A voice came from behind. King had returned from the woods to find the entire town gathered at the train station. His eyes were slightly bloodshot from lack of sleep last night and he rubbed them every few minuets. His axe still rested on his shoulder which was covered by what King was tired of explaining to be a large shirt, not a robe.
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  4. RASCAL The first to answer was the otter, looking toward the lumberjack with a lazy grin of greeting. "...'pparently, we're getting a new mayor, King. Tortimer retired." He explained, turning his noodle-like body so that he could see the rabbit. Today, the navy colored otter was simply wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, fishing rod slung casually over his shoulder. A fishing day for him, not a diving day. The water was simply too cold today, even for him. As soon as this 'greeting the new mayor' ordeal was done, he'd probably head to the rivers or ocean and get to work.
  5. Everyday is a brand new day for Punch O'Connor or so he would said that he's real name. A bright blue fur and his light hearted personality brigthen up his surrounding. Punch just moved from Silas' house, his father for the last 12 years, so that he could go to his shop faster. Punch's shop, Punch's cranny, is just 2 blocks away from his new house, it was surrounded by garden of roses and tree full of apple. As for today, it's a special day since there's a new mayor coming to Verdale town as the last mayor, Tortimer retired. Punch went to meet his brother and father, Rascal and Silas, in front of the station. "Hey Rascal! did she come already?"
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  6. RASCAL The elder of Silas's children had moved out a bit of time before Punch, but still made point to keep in touch with his brother. "Hmmn...not yet, Punch." Shaking his blunt head, the otter glanced over at his brother, who seemed full of his usual exuberance. That was good. "Should be here any minute though, I reckon." He yawned and stretched as the other villagers appeared to be arriving, milling about and muttering about the new mayor, giving curious glances at Rose, who apparently knew the most about the newcomer.
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  7. Thomas, white
    Tom's whiskers twitched as he opened his eyes and forced himself to sit up in bed. A yawn escaped his lips
    and he carried his gaze over to the window, realizing how high the sun lay in the sky and how late he was. Throwing himself out of bed and onto the floor he scrambled for the clothes which lay strewn around the floor of his small room. Nothing special. It was only a new mayor after all, and he was already late.

    He searched through his cupboards, there was nothing in the house to eat, not even a bone in the bin. I really should have gone fishing yesterday, he thought to himself and a low rumble in his stomach agreed. The fact that he was late really didn't speed him up much as he dragged one leg in-front of the other through his door and into the shining sun. It was a fairly hot day, which just made him feel even lazier.

    It seemed most of the villagers had arrived in town already already, but the new mayor wasn't there yet.

    Well, really, I'm not late then.... He thought, joining the congregation.
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  8. King blinked, Tortimer retired? How did he miss that? A sense of foreboding crept up on him but he didn't quite know why. He looked at Rose as well. The black sheep always seemed intrusive to him. Always asking him where he was going when she already knew well enough. "So who is it, the new mayor?"
  9. Rose gripped her clipboard as the villagers began to ask her questions. She cleared her throat, and spoke softly, as she always did. "The new mayor will be here pretty soon, so we need to be on our best behavior. We don't want her to assume we are some sort of heathens." She didn't want to reveal too much about the mayor, but they needed SOME information. "Your new mayor is human, and she is young. Pretty young for a mayor, actually. She's twenty-two. Anymore basic questions?" Rose let out a sigh, the mayor was taking a while. She looked at the anxious villagers and gave a nervous smile. She hoped the arrival went well and according to plan.
  10. Punch shrugged as he's really impatient when it comes to waiting, "gahh...! must resist!" Punch overheard Rose talking about the new mayor, everyone already know that she's a girl but no one knows that she's a human and young which makes Punch Excited. Rose asked the villager if they have any question and Punch directly raised his hand, "IS SHE TAKEN?!"
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  11. Humming to herself, Katrina peered out the window. The train had been late, but it didn't really matter what time she got there at, anyways - the girl was only moving to Verdale, so as long as she got there sometime that day, it'd be fine.

    "Arriving at Verdale! Verdale Station!"

    ... Or then would be okay, too.

    Kat stepped out of the train, blinking from the bright sunlight. When her eyes adjusted, she saw in front of her the citizens of Verdale. The girl didn't think everyone was going to come welcome her like this. They didn't give her any time to prepare what she was going to say!

    "Just - smile. Look pretty." The girl tried to compose herself before trying to say anything. Good impressions were important!

    Taking a deep breath, Kat greeted her new neighbours. "Um - hello, everybody! I'm Katrina, and I'm moving here. I hope we can all become great friends!"
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  12. King put his hand to his face at Punch's shout. He was about to ask about what gave this new mayor the right to be so when there she was. She looked like the weirdly optimistic type, like Rose. She came in strangely, like she had no idea why she was moving here. He simply nodded at her with his arms crossed and his axe set on the ground.
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  13. When the new mayor stepped off of the train, Silas watched her carefully, giving a small nod of greeting. The old goat was the first to step forward to introduce himself in return. "I'm Silas, good luck." He bleated, before turning to head back for his fields. Apples and cherries had to be harvested today, after all. No time to laze about when he had bills to pay and crops to grow.

    Rascal stuck around a bit after Silas had left, his head tipped curiously to the side as he investigated this newcomer. His expression was a tad less grumpy than his father's, leaning more towards the friendly end of the spectrum. "Name's Rascal. Nice to meet ya, mayor." The otter glanced casually toward the remaining assembled villagers; probably a bit overwhelming for the first....thirty seconds Katrina spent in Verdale.
  14. Jacob was running late to the meet and greet with the new mayor but he didn't want to give up on his fishing quite yet. Found quite a nice little pocket of fish; mostly bass but there is an occasional snapper hiding among the schools. After a few more snags on his line, he packed up his basket and disassembled his fishing rod, placing it in his travel tube and picked all his gear up.

    "I suppose it's time to go see the new mayor. Heck, I might already have missed her. Think I heard the train arriving a few minutes ago."

    Jacob hoisted his basket of fish onto his back, groaning a bit from the weight of it, and started heading towards the center of town. As he was walking, he looked himself over. Fishing waders and a light coat with a wool beanie on. Not much to make a first impression but its decidedly better than his usual cosplaying attire for the first meet.

    As he began to approach the town center, he saw that there was a congregation. In fact, most of the town was already there crowding around something or someone, presumably the new mayor. He noticed that Silas is already wandering back to his fields but that wasnt surprising. Hes known Silas long enough to know hes not much of a talker to new people, especially when the fields need tending. He supposed he wouldnt stick around long himself as not only did he have dinner to catch but he had a livelihood to make.

    Finally, he reached the center of town and the crowd surrounding the mayor. Due to his load, he decides to skirt around the group towards the other side so he can make his approach.

    "Mornin' ma'am. Welcome to Verdale. Names Jacob, fisherman. I'd love to stay and chat longer but have work to do and I do smell of fish." He says while eyeing Thomas. "As a token of my goodwill, I do have a gift for you. Dinner, in fact."

    Jacob sets down his basket and pulls out a red snapper and pulls out some meat-wrapping paper he had on him for this occasion and wrapped the fish on the spot. He dons his basket again but not before grabbing a Sea Bass from the basket and handing it to Thomas and hands the wrapped Snapper to the new mayor.

    "Good day, ma'am." He turns to Thomas, "And Thomas, try not to eat it all in one go, yea? You can pay me back for that by helping me carry my load tomorrow. Might even treat you to lunch if you fish with me. You too, Rascal, unless you're going diving. Anyhow, Ill be offloading this then heading back to the docks. Until later, everyone."

    He finishes his goodbyes with a wave to the group and heads uptown towards the market.
  15. Rascal nodded in reply. "I'll be fishin' tomorrow if it's too cold to dive, like usual." During this time of year, however, it was usually too cold to venture into the water, even with a wetsuit. January was not a fine month for diving, and the pickings were slim this time of year anyway. Not really worth it unless it started thawing a little more in town. "You be careful now, Jacob." He called after his fellow fisherman.
  16. Punch saw the mayor with his covered mouth by King, the new mayor are quite confident despite being human. Punch quickly went to her and greet her warmly, "Welcome to Verdale! I hope you enjoy your stay Mayor! my name is Punch owner of Punch's cranny, I hope you'll go there to shop!" bring out his welcoming gift and that's a notebook, " here's for you Katrina! it's a welcome gift!"
  17. Viktor, teal

    Viktor groaned as he pushed aside various boxes to get around his house. He'd only arrived a few days prior, but hadn't had the patience to start unpacking anything but the bed. He knew that was probably an important task, but... Even fishing sounded more appealing. And so the boxes remained. He had, however, managed to land an actual job in town at the tailor's shop, so he was feeling pretty good about himself, house of boxes or not.

    He'd heard something about a new mayor coming in to town, so at the moment he was just trying to make his way around his house to get ready to go watch at the train station with the others. The moment he got his last shoe on, he was out the door and headed for the station. Seemed like most of the town was already gathered, and-- Oh, the mayor had already arrived...

    Standing behind one of the shorter critters so that he could see, he quirked a brow. Her? She didn't look much like a mayor. She barely looked capable of keeping a purse in order, let alone a town. What, do they let just anyone have the job, these days?

  18. After offloading his supply of fish at the store and writing a note on it saying that he will be back with more, he proceeded to head back towards the pier. By the looks of it, the crowd hasn't moved much in the handful of minutes it took for him to climb to the market center of town.

    "Does no one have work to do today? I mean, yea, I get it. New mayor is big news but I'm pretty sure that she has work to do as well. Oh well. Not really my business I suppose."

    After a quiet walk down to the beach, he finds himself to be getting a bit snackish and pulls a nearby fruit down from its branches, beginning to eat at it.

    "I bet...I bet I can create some new bait. Hmm. Too cold to try it now, though. Yea."

    He kept mumbling to himself as he set down on the dock, reassembled his fishing pole and went back to work. It was a nice day, all things considered and he wanted to get as much fishing in as he possibly could. Better to have an abundance than a shortage of food. Especially if it's in his fridge.
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