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  1. Welcome to your New Life!

    Welcome to the town of Verdale, (Mayor/Citizen)! I'm afraid our town has experienced a sort of...lull in activity and business after our old mayor decided to retire, but (under your leadership/with your help) we're sure that Verdale can become a bustling, successful town! Here's to the revival of our home!


    There's not much to explain about this rp. It's an Animal Crossing rp. Go wild (Animal pun thoroughly intended) and do what you want in regards to your character. The only things I ask in terms of character creation are: do not make all of the same animals, do not make inappropriate (or blatantly inappropriate anyway) characters, and do not make all human characters, please.


    • Characters: Please follow the character forms, and the guidelines above. I don't want to see a village full of wolves, a stripper cat, or Human Crossing.
    • Content: No cussing, gore, or sex in the public rp. I honestly don't care what you do with your characters in private messaging, but nothing that people can see if they don't wish to see it, please.
    • Don't be a jerk: No perfect characters, please, and don't control other people's characters without their permission.
    • Be friendly to each other: Please don't bully or harass anyone out of character, or make them feel unwelcome.


    Verdale is a small village situated on a cliff that overlooks a small beach and the ocean. As of right now, the population isn't very large, and it's mostly wilderness, with lots of pine trees toward the northern part of town, and broad plains in the southern part. Main Street is divided from the residential part of town by a railroad track that is the lifeblood of the town, and a river divides the residential section into thirds, starting from the mountains to the east, then leading out into the ocean to the south. The town hall and the village square are both located in the northern half of town, next to the railroad track.


    1: Town Hall
    2: Train Station
    3: Village Plaza
    4: Docks
    5: Main Street/Railroad



    Preferred Nickname: [Referring to you]
    Character's Name:
    Character's Species:
    Character's Age:
    Character's Gender:
    Villager "Type": [Uchi, Cranky, Smug, Snooty, Peppy, Normal, Lazy, Jock]
    Other: [Likes, Dislikes, Friendships, Rivalries, Family, History, etc.]


    I will cross out the Mayor's part of the intro when we receive a mayor.
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  2. I'm interested.

    And making my CS right now :) .
  3. Preferred Nickname: Circe
    Character's Name: Katrina / Kat
    Character's Species: Human
    Character's Age: 22
    Character's Gender: Female
    Looks: Should I create my own looks or go with the default character appearance?
    Villager "Type": Normal
    Occupation: Mayor (if that's okay with you?)
    Other: New to Verdale
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  4. You can go with your own looks, if you want, and yeah, you can be mayor!
  5. Preferred Nickname: Mel

    Character's Name: Rose

    Character's Species: Sheep

    Character's Age: 24

    Character's Gender: Female


    Villager "Type": Rose is very elegant, and she likes to keep everything in order. From her appearance you would expect her to be very stuck-up, but that's not the case. She is very classy, and she is very kind. Just don't mess up her things.

    Occupation: Rose is the mayor's personal assistant. (If that is alright)

    Likes: Painting, cleaning, keeping things in order, and reading

    Dislikes: Dust, disorder, bees, and arrogant villagers

    Friendships: She loves about everyone

    Rivals: No one yet

    Other: When Rose isn't working her tail off at the office, you can find her relaxing on the beach.

    (I hope this is acceptable)
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  6. Accepted, both of you! (Rose's picture is just so darn cute!)
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  7. Preferred Nickname: I believe we have had this conversation before.

    Character's Name: King

    Character's Species: Rabbit

    Character's Name: 28

    Character's Gender: Male

    Looks: image.jpg

    Villager "Type": Not too long ago, King was a happy, helpful villager. He would never miss a chance to give a hand to those who needed it and never asked of anything in return. After the incident King has changed drastically. He is now cold and distant, almost never talking. He won't help anyone unless they pay him and has gained a short temper.

    Occupation: Lumberjack

    Likes: Peace and quiet.

    Dislikes: Caves, annoying people, nightmares, thinking about Clair, and most certainly tourists.

    Other: King was once married to a archeologist named Clair. He loved her dearly and she the same. Clair traveled a lot while King stayed at Verdale. One day he received a letter informing him that there was a cave in at the ruins Clair was working at. He was devastated to find that his wife had died and hid in his house for three days. He became the King we know now, silent and icy.

    The sword you see King holding is actually a artifact found by Clair and given to him. He never goes anywhere without it.

    There are a lot of rumors about King weaved by the other villagers. They all know what happened but he won't let them comfort him.

    (Sorry if this is a bit... dark.)
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  8. Ohno, characters with dark-ish back stories are fine. Have you head the back story of the Able Sisters?
  9. Preferred Nickname: Rin
    Character's Name: Silas
    Character's Species: Goat
    Character's Age: ??? (older)
    Character's Gender: Male
    Looks: Silas is a skinny black goat with a grey beard and a grey belly, and tan hooves. He normally wears tough clothes in plain colors, and is usually seen carrying a shovel when he's working, or a fishing rod when he's not. He wears a small pair of wire rimmed glasses, and will sometimes be seen chewing on a stalk of grass.
    Villager "Type": Silas, as one of the older members of the town, has taken a sort of fatherly role towards most of the town's residents. His own children have all grown up and left the podunk town of Verdale, and his wife became deceased a long time ago. He's a rather laid back old geezer, but can be cranky towards newer villagers, and if he's disturbed when he doesn't want to be. He's rather set in the old ways, and was actually friends with the old mayor before he retired.
    Occupation: Farmer
    Likes: Calm, quiet, fishing, fruit, the villagers, sleeping
    Dislikes: Chaos, new villagers, bees, people calling him old (he can call himself old, though)
    History: Silas has been a resident of Verdale for a long time, finding a wife and having a family here while running his farm. Long after, his wife is dead and his children are all grown up. He tries to take any orphaned younger characters under his wing, either giving them a place to stay, or some advice and work every now and then.
    Family: He sees the villagers as his family, especially seeing Rascal as a son.

    Preferred Nickname: Rin
    Character's Name: "Rascal" (real name is unknown)
    Character's Species: Otter
    Character's Age: 24
    Character's Gender: Male
    Looks: Rascal is a noodly-bodied young otter with a navy blue body and a lighter blue underside. He can commonly be seen wearing a wetsuit while he's working, and any other time wearing various clothes that may or may not involve a leather jacket depending on the weather. He's adopted Silas's speech pattern, which makes him sound rather lazy. He usually carries a fishing pole while working, and can also be seen with bags of seeds or saplings on him at any various time, as he likes taking care of the plants.
    Villager "Type": Rascal's real name isn't known. He was dropped on Silas's doorstep as a pup, and the old goat called him "little Rascal" to the point the name just...stuck. It's assumed Silas gave him an actual name, but no one calls him by it. He's just Rascal. As a pup, Rascal was constantly getting his muzzle into everything, which led to various villagers getting him out of numerous sticky situations. He mellowed out a little bit as he aged, and took on a love for fish and nature, and can usually be seen fishing, helping his foster father with the farm, or just laying down on a patch of grass and staring at the clouds.
    Occupation: Fisherman
    Likes: Sleeping, fishing, swimming, and taking care of flowers
    Dislikes: Bugs, bees especially.

    Will probably make another character when I see the need to.
  10. Preferred Nickname: GreenSea

    Character's Name: Punch

    Character's Species: Squirrel

    Character's Age: 18

    Character's Gender: Male


    Villager "Type": Friendly, Happy go lucky

    Occupation: Owner of Punch's Cranny (Like Nook's cranny)


    [​IMG] Money


    [​IMG]New Resident

    [​IMG]Resident of Verdale

    - Adventure REAL MUCH~!



    -Bugs beside beetle and butterfly

    [​IMG] = How Punch fond with the character


    Punch was born and raised in Verdale without knowing who his parent was, all that he knows that he was raised by Silas until the age of 10 before Punch decided to create his own living. after 8 years of hard work, he finally open his own shop, though it still need a lot of work inside out. During those 8 years, Punch studied to craft things and find novelty stuff around the town.
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  11. D'awww, Rascal has a brother now!

    But Silas has a real penchant for sucky names, doesn't he? XD
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  12. Preferred Nickname | Tommy
    Character's Name | Thomas Book
    Character's Species | Cat
    Character's Age | 22
    Character's Gender | Male
    Looks |
    Villager "Type" | Lazy
    Occupation | Professional Procrastinator
    Other -
    Sitting at home, watching TV
    Sitting at home, on the internet
    Sitting at home, doing nothing
    Meeting new people
    Sitting on the beach, doing nothing
    Sitting in town
    Laying in town
    Laying at home
    Sitting in your home

    Standing for long intervals
    Not sitting at home
    Not sitting in town
    Not laying in town
    Loud insects
    Hard work

    Friendships |~None, yet
    Rivalries | ~None, yet
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  13. XD Welcome to the rp, Jolly!
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  14. Animal Crossing RP? Why not!? :D

    Preferred Nickname: Jacob/NK
    Character's Name: Jacob
    Character's Species: Human
    Character's Age: 20
    Character's Gender: Male
    Looks: [​IMG] (This was my [not joking] male character in New Leaf before I lost my game ;-; )
    Villager "Type": Quirky
    Occupation: Fisherman
    Other: [Likes, Dislikes, Friendships, Rivalries, Family, History, etc.]
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Cosplaying
    • Literally Japan
    • Fishing
    • Astronomy/Stargazing
    • Games
    • Flowers
    • Spiders
    • Dark Buildings
    • Slow Internet
    • Weeds
    • None as of yet #ForeverAlone
    • Mother: Kat; Father: Jon
    • Location: New York (Name of my old AXing town)
    Came from the city of New York a day and a half by train from Verdale to the East looking to further his obsession with Japanese imports by getting his own home and practically plastering the walls, floors and ceilings with various depictions of characters and influences from Japan. Whatever money he earns fishing throughout the year that doesnt go towards various bills goes towards completing this goal of Otakuization. Unfortunately, due to this obsession, he has often ostracized himself from society due to his errant ramblings about one thing or another and often is seen cosplaying a female OC, saying that it is a physical manifestation of his inner fem. With any luck, he will find someone in Verdale with somewhat similar interests in the coming years.

    Also, Hi Chrono. Fancy seeing you here.
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  15. (Awh man, someone else posted another human while I was looking for a picture. Is this still okay? I mean, there's a max of 4 humans in actual Animal Crossing, so would something like that work for this, as long as more animals join?)

    Preferred Nickname:

    Character's Name:
    Viktor Rossle

    Character's Species:

    Character's Age:

    Character's Gender:


    Villager "Type":

    Works at the clothing shop.


  16. Kaz, considering the population of animals is currently greater than the population of hoomahns, I think you are fine. Three humans to six animals right now.
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  17. Humans are for suckers.
  18. Not quite. I prefer playing a variety of characters that reflect facets of myself. It allows me to explore universes that I have a hard time doing in physicality. While most of my forum characters tend to be human, anything roleplayed via other mediums vary in races. So, humans are not, in fact, for suckers but for those who like pie, of which has no relevance to anything I have said but it makes my point irrefutable.
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