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  1. So I want to do an Mpreg story for fun, and my character is a young boy about twenty. His name is Daniel and he's gay, but his life abruptly changed when he meets a stranger at this party and they get it on. With that the next morning they would exchange numbers and part ways. Daniel a few months later finds out he's pregnant and attempts to reconnect with his lover. Which would be your character.

    This Rp would start at the party and then we could do a time jump to when he finds out.

    So if you would be interested just contact me.
    (P.S. it would be in a way very fluffy)
  2. This sounds like an awesome idea! I'm in!
  3. Still looking for more RP partner
  4. I'd love to rp with you. Pm my happy but.UOTE="ChanceFrenzel, post: 1676648, member: 6879"]Still looking for more RP partner[/QUOTE]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.