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  1. OOC; I've never really done any forum role playing before so I do apologize if the quality is not the best!
    If your character is a jerk In-character it does not give you the right to be one Out of character.
    No character sheet is needed but you are welcome to make one if you wish.
    No god-modding is allowed, it kills the spirit of the whole thing. Example; [Insert name] hits [insert name] but takes no damage himself."
    You can be either a human or an elf, it's all up to you!
    There are two types of elves, the Forest elves, also known as the Children of the Wind, and the Mountain elves, also known as the Children of Fire.
    If you wish to say something out of character to someone, please use brackets. Example: [[Hi [Insert name]! How are you?]]
    Hope you will enjoy!
    “When I was a young child, I was told all kinds of stories about the human race, that humans were nothing but evil, greedy creatures that cared for nothing but themselves. I always listened intently to the elders and never went against their will, always staying inside the forest of Lumbria, knowing that there could come no harm to us. One day, as I had grown older and become an adult, I was out hunting with my wolf when I suddenly heard something. It sounded like someone that had been injured. I had to sate my curiosity so I went to the location of the sound and found to my surprise a human.
    However, he was nothing like what the elders had told me. He had kind eyes, not eyes of greed, I decided to aid him and so I began to know him. He told me stories of the travels he had made all across the land and he told me of the things he had seen, all while I was tending to his wound. He didn’t seem so old, so I was shocked when he told me that he was coming closer to his time of passing, there was so much I wanted to ask him and so much that I wanted to know about the human race. But I knew that he would not have the energy to answer all of my questions, so instead, I decided that I would spend his last night at his side, as a friend. I told him about the elven race, of how we have always been referred as Children of the Wind and of the beauty that lies hidden beyond what is visible to the naked eye and of the mystery that the forest holds.

    As morning was drawing closer, I felt his life essence leaving him. His body was getting colder and he wasn’t breathing as frequently as he was a few hours before. I closed my eyes and said a prayer before I stood up to leave, that’s when he took my hand and asked me to complete his travels for him. He handed me a notebook that had nothing but blank pages and he asked me to fill them with stories of my journey, he knew me better than I thought. As I took the notebook, I nodded once towards him while promising that I would fill in the pages with stories, he smiled at me as he drew his last breath and his hand fell to the ground as he became limp.

    I had set my mind already the day before on that I was going to travel the world, to see what mysteries are hidden and if humans really are as the elders had always told me. I wondered if they had people that possessed knowledge of magic, just like the elves. There was only one way for me to find out... and that marked the beginning of my journey.”
    Upon leaving the forest of Lumbria, Morywin looked around while drawing a deep breath of the fresh air; she had never gone this far from home before. Two swords were hanging at her hips, one on each hip and a dagger was hidden against the inside of her right thigh and her trusted bow was resting on her back in her quiver with arrows.
    Her long white hair was hanging down her chest, reaching to her ribs and the tattoo’s on the right side of her face were partially covered by the hood. Her elven ears had been hidden by the hood and so had her deep amethyst eyes, her skin being rather pale but it was hard to determine the full color of her skin due to the hood and cape that was draped over her shoulders to keep her warm from the cold morning air. She was wearing a red set of leather armor underneath the black cape, the colors of her family.
    Her boots reached far up her thighs, almost all the way to her hips and she was wearing fingerless gloves that reached up to her elbows. She was coming closer to the edge of the forest, the morning mist lying around her feet and spreading across the ground. She pulled up her hood that was connected to her cape and the hood covered the upper part of her facial features while carrying her knapsack over her right shoulder.

    She stopped as she heard some whining sounds coming from behind herself so she turned around to see that her wolf was there, sitting on the ground and looking at her with begging eyes.“You know that I cannot take you with me, you have to stay here.” Morywin said with a heavy heart as she crouched down in front of the wolf. She ran her hand gently across his head while frowning sadly as the wolf continued to whine.
    She sighed heavily and hugged him around the neck. “Fine, you can come with me, but you have to behave, understood?” She asked and the wolf whimpered happily while licking her cheek. Morywin smiled and then stood up, fastening the knapsack on the wolf’s side so it looked like a saddlebag. “If you are coming with me, you might as well do something of use.” Morywin laughed as she then straightened her back before correcting the bow and quiver so they were strapped more properly. “Come on, Altherus, we need to move before we are discovered and before we are followed. Let us go wherever the wind takes us.” Morywin said to her wolf as she then began to walk, her loyal wolf following her as they set out on the road.

    After hours of travel, she and Altherus had reached the harbor of Evenloch, the main trading harbor. Morywin looked around at the different merchants and stalls in a curious manner while walking, she stopped once she had reached a tavern that the human had told her about. She opened the door and stepped inside before she made her way over to the back of the tavern where she sat down with Altherus at her side and she listened intently to the buzzing conversations around herself.
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  2. Darby had never seen a woman like her before. In fact, he never saw a woman walk about with a wolf by her side. How lucky she was to slip in the tavern without having the keeper bellow at her for bringing pets in. His sharp, blue eyes watched as she made her way near the tables he sat in at the very back. He had been here for a while, supposedly a resting stop from his own travels. Where he's going, nobody knows. That's the best thing, nobody knows that he's here. Looks like she was an eavesdropper too. Darby cupped his stubble chin with his thumb and forefinger, never straying his gaze off her. He hoped he didn't turn his tanned head around too much, giving his stare away. Curious, very curious. Unlike her, he didn't have a cloak to hide himself with - he just wore a dirtied white long-sleeved shirt, a pair of brown trousers and leather boots at his feet. He had no weapons, there was no money to buy one. Instead, he relied on his bare fists as early as he could remember. He made a mental note to save up for a good cloak of a dark color. Nobody would even notice him then.

    "Cute dog," he cheekily commented. Darby scratched the back of his head, his hands running through his short, dark hair. "Can he do tricks?"
  3. Morywin perched an eyebrow as she looked towards the man that had called Altherus a dog before a brief smirk formed on her lips.
    "He's a wolf, I'm sure you're aware of that fact... of course he does tricks, but none that should ever be revealed in front of guards." She said while she gently brushed her hand over Altherus' head to keep him calm as he began to growl. Morywin eyed the man up and down for a moment before she leaned back in the chair as Altherus placed his head on her lap.
    "No weapons? I thought that one had to be able to defend oneself around here... at least that is what a friend of mine told me." She said as she kept a watchful eye on the man. However despite the watchful gaze, there was a hint of curiosity as she looked at him, studying his appearance and him in general.
    "I wonder if he has knowledge of magic, since he isn't carrying any weapons." She thought to herself.
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  4. Darby chuckled heartily. "I have no need for any," he claimed with a slight swagger in his voice. "All I need are these." He smacked a fist and the inside of his palms together, making a small but sharp clapping sound. To tell a woman that he was unarmed because he was broke was too pathetic. He was told before that his punches were like thunder anyway. Plus, there's also that, but he didn't want to tell just anybody about it. The the reason you ran away, the words echoed in the back of his mind but he quickly waved it off. It's too late to dwell on that now, because the more he did, the more he might regret this whole traveling thing again. "I'm Darby," he introduced himself the woman. He thought twice before giving away his last name. Whether this woman was from around these parts or not, once she hears his family name from someone else, she might turn him in at any time. Perhaps if she asked, he'll give a fake one. "And what do they call you, fair lady?"
  5. She raised an eyebrow and was unable to hold back a gentle laughter. "I see, you are a man who prefers to settle things with his fists then, I take it?" She asked curiously. "My name is Morywin, it is a pleasure to meet you, Darby." She said while inclining her head politely before she pointed towards the wolf who's head was still resting on her lap. "That one there is Altherus. So, do you have a last name, or do you only go by the name of Darby?" Morywin asked as she looked at him and then motioned for one of the empty chairs by the table where she was seated.

    Altherus growled in a displeased manner as Morywin offered Darby a seat by their table, his ears leaned back as he constantly peered at Darby.
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  6. According to the soft light that burst into the tavern as the door opened, it was daytime. According to the wave of cool air that accompanied the light in assaulting her, it was morning, the only time when the temperature was tolerable in the warm trade harbor city. She couldn't even remember the name of it. Something that started with "ev". Evensbee? Ellersy? Elloboc? Kirta lolled her head from side to side slowly, trying to remember how long she had been here. She started to settle on at least two days, and then she noticed an interesting person walking towards her. Or rather, towards the back of the tavern where she was slumped over a table in the corner. She still smelled like a drunk, which normally she would have been embarrassed of, but there was a wolf next to the interesting woman. A wolf. It didn't look terribly pleased when a scruffy man approached the wolf and its owner. Despite her unpleasant stench, disheveled appearance and an obvious but minor hangover, Kirta scooted her chair away from her table and a foot closer to the odd pair, putting her about eight feet away.

    "Hi little wolf," she cooed quietly and clucked her tongue a few times, hoping to just attract the wolf's attention while the people were chatting away. She shoved the persistent mass of thick, dull blonde hair out of her face so she could see, but now that it was only chin-length it only fell back into her vision instead of staying put.

    "You are the prettiest thing I've seen in weeks. Please don't take my hand off," she said softly, clicking her tongue again and holding out her hand. It was far from the wolf, so she didn't expect it to come closer or even notice her, but she still hoped. It would distract her from her aching head at least.
  7. Yes, she laughed, Darby gave himself a pat in the back for that. Ten points for Darby. "Morywin," he repeated, memorizing it in his head. "A fitting name for a fair lady." He stood up and walked quietly towards her when she invited him to sit next to him, only to flinch slightly at the growls of Altherus. "And it's nice to meet you too." Darby muttered to the wolf with a watchful eye as he sat on the empty wooden chairs. He read of wolves before in the library - they came in packs and were highly intelligent creatures, so clever that they have their own hierarchy. Alphas, betas, all the way down to omegas. Lone wolves, as much as possible, try not to stay alone for too long and they always search for a pack to join in; even if it meant starting from the lowest tier. Yet here was one individual hound who's willing enough to stick with a person. The question was, who's the alpha between them?

    Darby hoped it was Morywin. That way, she could stop Altherus from snapping at him. Or for the drunkard who was attempting to pet the wolf.

    "So what brings you here in Evenlock, Morywin?" Darby asked his new companion, his eyes meeting her purple eyes that glittered like amethysts in a dimly lit cavern. Wow, Darby thought, she really is something new.
  8. Altherus perked his ears upon hearing the woman's voice and soon turned his attention to her instead. His ears soon leaned back again however as he started to growl once again as the woman reached out her hand, but he was staying on his spot, not intending to leave Morywin with Darby.
    He continued to now peer at the woman while Morywin was occupied with chatting with Darby. He stretched out his tongue and a small whine escaped his maws as he cuddled his chin against Morywin's lap.

    "Travels, I promised a friend of mine that I would finish what he started as he could not finish his journey across the world." Morywin said with a gentle smile as she looked into Darby's eyes. "What about you?" She then asked curiously. "Are you also a traveler or are you something more mysterious?"

    The fact that she did not even have to say anything to Altherus or pay him any attention would perhaps serve as evidence that out of the two of them, she was the Alpha.
  9. A look and a growl, then another look and a strange whine. They weren't fond looks, obviously, but wary looks. Curious at best.

    "Oh, I see. I understand, I think. New place, weird people, and no way to know if anyone wants to hurt your lady," Kirta mumbled away to the wolf who stared at her. She spoke like she was speaking to a child.

    Crawling slowly to the floor, Kirta continued to talk. "I know that feeling. Only it's simply myself that I look out for. Mostly people are fine, though. Cracker?"

    She pulled a stale cracker out of her pocket and held it flat in her hand, holding it out to the wolf who was know above her. She hoped it would make her less of a threatening figure.

    "It's not an old one. Just three days old."
  10. Altherus let out a brief and defensive snarl as the woman came closer and he pushed himself up to stand up, his back being at the same height as the table, so if one were to know his race, he was without a doubt a Dire wolf. He peered at the cracker before looking up at the woman again while he sniffed the air slightly, his tail between his legs in a defensive and hostile manner as the drunkards in the tavern were getting louder and more obnoxious with each passing minute.
  11. Kian looked around the tavern his black hood was up and it covered most of his face. He saw the wolf and a few other people but did not take much notice to them. "Perfect distraction" he muttered as he took one last sip from his mug then headed over to one of the taverns rooms that looked unoccupied.

    He entered the room and examined a chest that was at the end of the bed "This should be easy" he said to himself as he took out a few pieces of equipment to break the lock on the chest.
  12. "Oh, I wish I was something more mysterious," Darby smiled, leaning forward to the table and resting his folded arms. Then he realized that he had dodged her question earlier about his last name. Was he really that anxious about being found out? Still, no reason to be rude to a lady. "Ah, and my apologies, I'm a Kipling. Darby Kipling." Kipling was a lie of course, and it was a common family name around these parts. "I'm just a wanderer, but journeying across the world sounds like a more exciting plan." Indeed it was. Darby hadn't thought of being that ahead. Yes, he ran away, but he was still thinking about his future from here. Where should he go? Where will he settle down? How will he keep his life afloat with little to no coin? No matter what his answer was, he always feared that life would just be as monotone as it was back at home. Exploring the lands sounded risky, but adventurous. Props to Morywin for being brave for starting such a big quest.

    "Your friend," he started slowly. Morywin just used a male pronoun for her friend, so he probably should tread carefully here. "What's he like?" To you, he wanted to add, but that was too straightforward.
  13. Morywin smiled gently at Darby's words. "Kipling? That's a rather odd name." Morywin said with a small chuckle. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be rude, it's just... not common where I come from." She then added with an apologetic nod. "How about you come with me then? Could be nice not to travel alone." Morywin said. Her smile faded however at the question of her friend and her gaze soon fell upon the table, a pained and sad smile now formed on her lips. "He... He was kind and gentle. He taught me that you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover."

    Altherus attention was turned towards the man that was heading into one of the unoccupied rooms and he soon began to growl. "Is something the matter, Altherus?" Morywin asked as she looked down at the Dire wolf who continued to growl. "Excuse me a bit, Darby." Morywin then said as she stood up. "Alright then Altherus, show me, what's wrong?" She asked Altherus that then dashed towards the room and Morywin quickly followed. She flinched as she saw a man trying to open a chest and she reached for the blades on her hips. "Is that chest really yours to open?" She asked.
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  14. All she got was a snarl. Kirta sat there with a blank look on her face, cooking up her next actions, but then the wolf and his lady both stood and abruptly walked into another room.

    "Well then," she chirped, leaning back against the wall. She silently observed the opening to the other room, curious but not curious enough to force her body to move. It didn't want to.
  15. Ooh, Darby felt his stomach turn when the atmosphere changed, the feeling behind Morywin's smile was obviously not very happy. Darby loses points for that. "I-I'm sorry." was all he could muster. Damn, he's apologizing a lot today, that's no good. "But yes, I'd love to accompany you," Even though he felt like he didn't deserve it now, it was kind of the girl to invite him. It wouldn't do to stay here in the harbor for too long, or in one place at all. With Morywin, he'll be able to see sights he never would have the chance to see and with a nice looking woman beside him too. The wolf as well, perhaps, if it starts warming up to him.

    Then Morywin had to excuse herself. "Ah, yes, of course," he nodded after her as she followed her wolf to the tavern rooms. Did the wolf knew how to use the bathroom? Wow, wolves are really smart, Darby thought to himself.
  16. Kian cursed as the lock pick broke but that was the least of his worries. "Might be my chest why do you care" he said as he looked at the wolf there was a clear sign of fear in his eyes. He had two options run or attack, he reached into his cloak and grabbed onto a white dagger incase he could not run.
  17. "Because one should not take something that is not rightfully theirs." Morywin replied while frowning slightly, her hands gripping the hilts of the swords as she saw him reaching into his cloak. "And I hardly think that the owner of that chest would try and use a lock pick to open it." She added in a pointed manner.

    Altherus began to growl in a loud and threatening manner to warn the man while his ears were kept leaned back and his tail between his legs, his fur raising slightly as he growled. "Now, leave this room without trying to open the chest and we won't have to cause any trouble, okay?" Morywin said while sliding back one leg so she was more in a charging position, in case she'd have to attack. Being a forest elf, she highly disliked the thought of having to use violence other then if it was necessary.
  18. Looked like trouble was amuck in the other room. She was very much a pacifist. Or lazy, or both.

    Kirta pulled more crackers out of her pocket and started munching, now watching the scruffy man that sat there staring after the lady and wolf.

    She didn't seem terribly ashamed to stare at anyone.
  19. Suddenly, a couple of tall, hooded men approached the bar. From where Darby sat, he couldn't see their faces well enough, but his gut could make a guess. He just hoped his gut was wrong. They murmured a few words to the bar keeper, then presented a piece of yellowed paper. From the tavern's candle light, he could see it did not contain words, but a picture. A drawing. Possibly of him. Not wanting to take his chances, he stood up and did his best to slip away to where Morywin headed to. He walked past room after room, peeking in each one to find her. They needed to leave, and fast as possible.

    He didn't want to go back now that he had a plan for his future.

    Finally, he found a door that was wide open, and the backs of the lady and the wolf behind it. Ah, thank goodness, he thought when he strode towards them. "Hey, Morywin, I don't want to rush but-" He stopped when he saw the commotion. Altherus was growling at a man, slouched down next to a chest with a lock pick while digging something around under his cloak. This didn't look good. The first thing Darby looked for was if the tavern had a back door. Sure enough, there was one, but it was at the far end to the corridor on their left. The shorter escape would be to go back through the front door, but he didn't even want to show his face to those men outside.

    "Need a hand?" Darby whispered to her, showing her a clenched fist. Hey, that makes a funny joke, he thought to himself, trying to suppress a smirk at such a critical moment.
  20. "I'm hoping it won't have to go to the extent of having to use violence..." She said low while casting a glance towards Darby. "Are you okay? It seems as if something is troubling you." She then added before looking back at the man by the chest. Altherus began pacing back and forth in an impatient manner, wanting to attack but he was obviously not going to go against Morywin and attack without permission