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  1. Thank you very much, Minibit!
  2. Did you create this
  3. When are we going to start
  4. Indeed, Minibit, thank you! I wasn't sure of where one was able to make this thread, so this is gold. ^^ <3
  5. Me and Garaeth won't be so active today, my parents are coming from Sweden to visit us and our 3 week old baby girl. ^^ Just so that you know!
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  6. Ok who's online
  7. When writing an emote, try and write more then just one or two sentences, Ash. ^^ Like; what do they do and how do they react to a certain answer or statement or something that's happening, so that it's more then just a short post. :) And also so a person gets a better view of how the character perhaps is and of how he/she reacts to certain approaches.

    Like, instead of just; "Your mother, what happened to her?" You can elaborate it to: "Your mother, what happened to her?" Ash asked as he looked at Morywin, while he wanted answers, he was not sure if he should press on the subject or leave it.
    And then if he does something and such. :) And instead of posting several posts after one another, you can choose "Edit" at the bottom of your post if you realize something that you wanted to add before getting a response from another poster. So for example, instead of writing; Post: "I'm sorry, it was not my intention."
    Post: "He turned towards [Insert name] "And I apologize to you as well." "
    You could edit it so it said: "I'm sorry, it was not my intention." He said as he looked at [Insert name] before he turned towards [Insert name]. "And I apologize to you as well."

    Just some small hints and tips that might be useful! :)
  8. Could you guys please slow down in the IC a little bit ;w; I'm cool with a little exchange for like four or five posts, but anymore and I feel like I need a lot to catch up.

    Also Ash, I wish you were a little bit more patient.
  9. Of course, will do! ^^ <3
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  10. Sorry ill be more patient and thanks for the tips
  11. How was your parents visit?
  12. Surprisingly calm, actually. ^^ And I dread to say it but I've even missed the insane older siblings of mine so it was nice to see them as well! :3
  13. Are you into RPing in groups
  14. I'm inviting you to a roleplay group I made its a jump in fantasy RP called Cruxis
  15. I would love to, I just don't know what sort of character I would play. :P since a part of me wants to play a young and curious girl (around the age of 6-9) but that wouldn't be too good if they're going on dangerous travels and such. XD
  16. You can be a centurion a guardian of lord Ratatosk. They have physical bodies and can be any age but still have extreme power to go on quests
  17. Hmm, interesting! Would it be possible for her to shapeshift? Was thinking perhaps to a wolf pup or a feline cub, if she were to fight.
  18. Centurions can change form as often as they like into anything even people