A new Idea~!

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  1. So, I am a Harbringer of Death. Whenever I get near something dead, I go into seizures, whenever I touch someone, their life flashes before my eyes. I am just a teenager.

    Your government, whichever one you want it to be, wants to use this power to fight their enemies. However, they do not know who it is, only that he goes to the same school you do. So, they're screening all the children at the school, saying it's to see who gets to go to a "great new school."

    So, they are asking the students to fill out a questionnaire and when they step forwards to give it to the official, who is hiding a box with the body of some animal, they expect the Harbringer to have a seizure, or to pause for a second after touching the official while the official's life flashes before the Harbringer's eyes.

    You see this happening, how worried I act near people, how I isolate myself, wear gloves most of the time. You've seen the seizures, but just thought it was due to epilepsy or some other thing. But, you know something is up, so you corner me, making contact with my skin, and I go into a vision, spacing out for easily a minute.

    This can be a mature romance, or a one x one romance. I don't really mind either way. I would like to play a male character, also. REPLY IF YOU WANT IN, FRIEND!
  2. Sounds like a fairly interesting idea, and I could use some practice with romance as well. Do you have any specific plot details planned?
  3. I sort of stopped thinking after that point. Maybe, at one part, he realizes it isn't safe for him to stay, so he asks your character to go with him, stating, "I do not believe I could survive without you, etc, etc, etc." I don't know, I'm just throwing about ideas.
  4. I do not really have a plot idea myself, I was sort of hoping you would supply that. However, here are some questions to get you started on the plot: Why would the government be looking for a person like that? Is he dangerous? If so, why does he represent a threat? Is being a Harbinger of Death a common condition, or is it unique to your character? Was your character born with the ability or did he acquire it?

    I will attempt to think of some general plotline myself as well, but right now, I am out of ideas.