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  1. So I just had this idea that I want to try, I don't have all the kinks worked out of it yet, but I hope that my partner can help me with that.

    It really started out as a dream I had and I actually remember parts of it, so I tought, hmm, this would be pretty interesting.

    - There is a Company or Government power in play, they have so much control over the city or country. They control the propaganda, the officials, the merchandise, the food rations. They have secrets from the public that only a small rebellion group has been figuring out. This Company could be doing government experimentations, livestock(public) experimentations, creating bio weapons ad using it on people, etc. YC would be a detective or a part law enforcment, he has been investigating this group, or rebellion and trying to find their ringleader(MC). When they finally meet YC doesn't know that MC is the leader of the group. They end up falling for each other and MC is slowly showing YC how corrupt the people are he is working for.

    Now here are some things you should know for this idea:
    - this can be put into any setting;
    Post Apocalyptic (where one company takes over saying they "saved" th world.
    Demons and angels

    I'd love for my character to be uke but he acts more like a seke.
    I prefer there to be difficulty about who is on top. ;) makes things fun.
    Bondage is okay. Any kink really. (Except watersport or any seperation of the body.)
    I have wanted to try mpreg so if you have an idea on how to incorporate that let me hear it.
    I like an even ratio of plot and sex.
    If we do a fantasy setting. No furries I will only go as far as ears and a tail.

    I don't mind doing this with more than one person too.
    I also don't mind this being a MxF either, but I prefer to be the female, I play so many male roles I want to play my own for once.
    Let's get this party started.
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  2. If I make any grammar mistakes it is because I aam on my phone, but I will try to keep it to a bare minimum. My phone does auto correct some mistakes.
  3. I would be willing to give this a try. Send me a PM perhaps so we can discuss more detail on this?
  4. Sure thing.
  5. Seems a bit interesting, but I don't really do MxM. Well, except for a certain type, but this doesn't fall into that grouping. Send me a PM?
  6. This sounds very interesting :) I would like to do this with you as yaoi. maybe include mpreg somehow?
  7. Cool PM me and we can work out the details, :3
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