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  1. ((Before joining, read the plot in the OC thread and post any questions you might have, there:
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    You just walked into the boarding dock. They sent a small pod out to transfer more cured people to the shuttle around Venus. You and your family (or no family) where the first one(s) on. Now the doors have opened and a young woman is standing there. You are the only person on board younger than 40, so she approaches you first. "Hello. My name is Jae. I am here to take care of you and help you. Can I ask you name?" She gently takes your hand, leading you and the others down the hall while still speaking to you.
  2. Thomas, who was also went by Tom, has been living in the shuttle for the past two years. It was strange to think about how long it has actually been since he left Earth. It was also painful to think about it and so most of the time he would just shove any thought that had link to his past into the bottom draw of his mind and he would lock it with dozen keys. Usually nothing special happened on the shuttle but today was different. There was a pod coming in, bringing new survivors. It was hard to believe that there was still someone alive on the god forsaken planet. Jae already went to pick up the newcomers and Tom accompanied here, even though he waited by the door since he wasn't a very sociable person.

    Just from the way he stood there, by the wall, it was apparent that the man has seen things that rather not be mentioned. His expression was impenetrable but his eyes showed some curiosity which cracked the cold barrier around him with a hint of warmth and welcoming. Tom stood tall, his back straight and he could be definitely filed between the taller type of guys. As a combat personnel he had to train his body but that's not where he got his muscle. His athletic stature was built way before the virus spread. There you go again, he was spacing out when he was meant to be watchful. Clenching his teeth ever so slightly, Tom focused his gaze on Jae's back and on the group of the survivors.
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  3. Jae turned to Thomas, giving him a small smile when she realized he's spaced out a little. She opened a door to her left. "Come on in, we'll inform you in here." She let everyone file in and sit before she called Thomas. "Come on, we shouldn't keep them waiting." She started to enter the room herself, but stopped, watching the door of the pod. I'll need to check that again.. she told herself when the quiet, telltale *pop* of a mis-launch told her that the seals weren't safe. I'll do it once they're settled. She walked into the room, her blue eyes sparkling. She took off her helmet, letting her black hair fall loosely a few inches above her shoulders. She always kept her hair short. "Hello, and welcome to W.T.S.A.'s 'Venus Craft 02.' It's your new home for now. If you look under your seats, you will find a small pack. That's your kit for starting life here on 02. Any questions?"
  4. Stellani moved with the crowd as they exited the pod; her few remaining possessions slung over her shoulder in a worn backpack. As the survivors were filed into an auditorium-like room, brown eyes looked up and around; The colonial station differed from the maintenance port she was used to; this place was made for living; and she felt her chest constrict as it sank in that this would be her new home; a home with a roof instead of a sky. Hopefully there were at least views into space at some point; it wouldn't be sun and clouds, but it would be better than nothing.

    The blond sat down nervously in the first available seat, setting her packsack on her knees she ran one hand through her short - almost boy's cut - hair. The murmur of people around her quelled as someone stood up to speak at the front of the room - a girl, a teenager by the look of it, maybe fourteen, sixteen? around there. The kid spoke with startling confidence as she welcomed the newcomers, and Stellani reached under her seat to find the pack as directed: it contained a map of the station, an assigned living quarter, and a call list of the people in charge of medical resources, food, security, etcetera. She scanned the information quickly as a slight buzz picked up; the few survivors observing their own packs.

    She raised a hand, unfolding her lanky 5'8" form from the chair to stand up, straightening the collar of her dress shirt with the other hand. "I have a question"
  5. Jae smiled at the girl. "Yes ma'am, what is your question?"
  6. As Jae called out to him, Tom joined the group walking at the end of it as Jae was leading. It was just to assure that no one would stray from the group and get lost though that possibility was kind of unfeasible since they were just going into another room right next to the boarding dock. As they entered, Tom took of his helmet too, revealing maroon red hair that was tied at the nape of his neck and the ends lightly brushed at the level of his shoulder blades. He hated having his hair that way since the hair tie irritated his skin but for these kind of helmets, there was nothing else he could do but 'suffer involuntarily'. It was obvious that he was possibly around thirty years old though there was some vitality in his features making him look younger. As Jae was saying her welcoming speech, Tom calmly looked over the gathering, getting closer and better look at all those face that he was more likely to see regularly from today. Then there came a question from one of the newcomers. A girl, Tom thought, considering the features of her face though her haircut could be somehow misleading. Looking over at Jae, Tom raised an eyebrow slightly hinting the unspoken that she better handle the questions and Tom would later handle the training.
  7. Stellani gave a quick smile in acknowledgement that she was being listened to "Are there any positions on this station that need to be filled, and how would one go about applying for them?" She glanced at the group around her and added "Since this will be our new home, I imagine most of us want to do what we can to keep it running smoothly"

    More than that, she thought, I need something to keep me busy. With Earth in ruins, almost everyone on that ship found themselves homeless, jobless, and many of them orphaned or worse. If all she had to do here was eat, sleep, and live... Stell was certain she'd lose her wits. And besides, with her background in mechanics, she might genuinely be able to help this effort, which was currently one of the most important things in Earth's history.
  8. Jae nodded. "Yes. You could be a techie, someone who works daily to keep all the wires checked, the lights and doors working, things like that, they're pretty much mechanics. You could be a medic, that's pretty much self explanatory, or you could be combat personnel. A combat personnel serves to protect the ship from anything that might dare attack the ship, and their uniforms protect them from the virus if someone comes aboard infected. Last but not least, you could just be a crew member. They keep the ship clean, they report any problems that may come up, and other than that, they relax here. I'm a First Responder, someone who teaches you all about life here, but also is the first to be notified if anything is seriously wrong with the ship and helps the combat personnel. As most of you know, this is a pretty old ship, 4 years rotating around a planet, so we sometimes have to evac areas to fix it. No casualties so far. Is that the answer you were looking for?" As she finished, her pale eyes scanned the crowd and debating which group they'd best be placed in for a tour of the ship.
  9. Stellani's eyebrows shot up in surprise; this kid had such an important position? Either she was a prodigy, or her parents were incredibly influential. Silently deciding the latter was statistically more likely, she nodded.

    "Partly; I am still curious how one would go about applying for one of those positions; surely there must be some form of human resource management" she added, preparing to memorize whatever names and contact means the girl gave in reply. If she could get in as a mechanic, that would be perfect. Home and electrical maintenance was definitely not her strong suit, but she was certain she could improvise; it wasn't as though she'd never worked with wires or home systems before. And besides, she was certain there would have to be some level of training for new workers. If she could prove her worth here, it might even work out in her favour once humanity was re-established.
  10. "Well, first we get everyone settled into their rooms and make sure they're set. Then, if someone wants to apply to be a techie or a medic, they'd inform me and I'd get them set up with someone to Shadow, so they'd know their daily routine. Once they are sure they know what to do, we set them upon a task to complete. If they pass, they're accepted. If they fail, then they're allowed to continue training or go back to being a crew member." As she finished, Jae passed a packet down each row, one packet for each person. The packet was titled 'Venus Craft 02 Manual' and there was a picture on the front of a medium sized room with a comfy looking bed in the corner and a small clothes washer and dryer opposite and a desk beside them. The caption said 'A regulation 02 room.'
  11. The door from the rest of the station slammed open, making a loud thudding sound throughout the auditorium. Oliver stormed inside, tripping over his own two feet as he fell to the ground. Crap, crap, CRAP! This can't be happening again! he thought as he got up looking around the auditorium, his face paling. He got up, patting himself down for no real reason,. "Sorry about that..." he mumbled.
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  12. Tom's initial instinct at the sudden loud noise of doors being open was to reach for his weapon but just as he landed his fingertips on it, Tom stopped himself, since the intruder was a human. Well, nothing beats the army training and ever-present alertness was his second nature. He looked at the guy, his eyebrow raised as if in question where did he come from. Anyway, he must have slip through, probably being left in the pod. "It's fine," he said to Jae, his voice somewhat husky as it was kind of a long time since he spoke last. However, he made a mental note in his min that he will have to talk to that blond guy once the briefing is over to ask him, where the hell he was that he didn't come with the rest of the group.
  13. Jae looked over to the newcomer, surprise on her face as she walked over. "Where did you come from?" She asked quietly as she handed him a packet. "I didn't see you when the rest of them got off..Did they send another one?"
  14. Oliver looked at the ground scratching the back of his head "No, I was just held back a bit..." He sat down next to Stellani Well, don't mind me, just go back to what you were saying." he said as he looked back up at Jae smiling reassuringly at her.
  15. "I was about to explain the packet. I'm Jae, the person you are to come to if you have any questions." She went back up to the front of the group. "If you would please look at the packet I have just passed out please. The picture on the front it a picture of a regular room here on Venus 02. Each one of you will be assigned a room like this, although the color schemes are different. When you open to the first page, there is a list of the major rules here on Venus 02. 1. Be respectful to everyone and anyone, no matter what. 2. Always keep a calm and clear mind. 3. If a first responder or a combat personnel tell you to evac the area, you leave no matter what. 4. Don't cause trouble or go into restricted areas. 5. It is your duty to report anything that seems out of place. Do NOT try to fix it yourself. The next few pages tell your schedules for the first three weeks you are here. First you'll each be escorted to your rooms, then you'll be called to eat dinner. After that, it's lights out at 10:30 pm. Wake up call is 6:00 am and breakfast is 7:00 am. After that you can tour the ship and get used to your surroundings. Lunch is at 12:30 pm. Any questions?" She had regained the smile on her face by this point and glanced at the time. Dang it..I'm 5 minutes early...
  16. Stellani had sat back down, and quickly moved her backpack aside to make room for the new guy. 'No problem' she replied with a quick smile, in a low voice so as not to interrupt Jae's talking.

    She looked back up attentively when the First Responder began to explain the booklet, following along as the pages were explained. Well, aside from an early start this didn't sound too bad. Provided people weren't too rigid about who did what where and when, this might even be a decent place to stay while humanity collected itself.

    She thumbed through the uncovered pages of the pamphlet quickly: it looked like any questions she may have had could be answered in there, so she kept silent in case someone else needed to ask something.
  17. "Thanks" he said in a hushed voice, trying not to cause anymore of a distraction than he had before. He listened closely to Jae, staring at the cover of the pamphlet. I should just be able to read this later if I forget something....
    Oliver's hand quickly shot into the air after questions were called for, not bothering to be called on "When's dinner? Oh, and second breakfast, or elevensies... What would the punishment be if someone were to break the rules?"
  18. Jae glanced over at the raised hand and took a deep breath, listening to his questions. "Dinner is around 7:00 pm, but it varies depending on when the medics can arrive there because their schedule gets messed up in the afternoon sometimes. There isn't a second breakfast, and what's and elevensies? And if you were to break the rules, well, it depends on which rule and your punishment would be lined with the rule. Example, if you broke rules 1. or 2., you'd most likely be stuck in room confinement for a week. If you broke rule 3. and got out of it unscathed, you be stuck in room confinement for two weeks. If you broke rules 4. or 5., you will probably end up in our cells downstairs for a week." She gave them a small smile, as always, before glancing back at the clock. 2 minutes left...why won't they let us leave early? She sighed in her head at the thought, but kept her brightness outside.
  19. "Ch, it wasn't bad enough that I had to get up a 6:30," Alice muttered angrily, slightly crumpling the papers, "Now I go to bed at the same time and get up even earlier than I had to during school." She hated this place, hated it so much it made her stomach feel like it was going to empty itself. She hated the bright smiles of the personnel that screamed 'you're lucky to be here, so be grateful'. She hated everything from the fake lights and metal floors to the windows that reminded her how far away from home she was.

    At the same time, she was sad. She missed Earth so much she felt dizzy and sick. It felt so wrong to be here when she should be on Earth. Apocalyspe or not, she was born there and that was exactly where she had wanted to stay. She thought of the soldiers that had forced her here, away from the people who might still be waiting for her to come back with dinner. Ha, she doubted it. They probably thought she was dead.

    She looked at the packet again, instructing her on exactly how she was expected to live her worthless life here until she kicked the bucket and was probably thrown off the ship. She wished her glare could set it on fire. At least back home she could choose where she lived and whether or not she wanted to get up to face another day in the ruined world. She wondered if she could somehow get in enough trouble to be sent back to Earth. She hated all of these rules, too.
  20. After a minute or two Jae stepped towards the door. They can gripe at me all they want, I'm done in here. She turned to face everyone after opening the door. "Okay, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to.." she broke off as another *pop* sounded, this time a little louder. A yellow light flashed in the hallway and she quickly closed the door. "Better yet, everyone, stay seated." She turned to face Thomas. "A seal broke." She mumbled, turning on her communicator to speak to the techies. "Hey, we've got a broken seal, Auditorium Pod entrance 2....yes, they are in here...Are you serious? All of them?...Okay. Give me two minutes and I'll start repairs, I've got to get them out of here first." She turned back to the audience. "Okie dokie, so, we've got a minor break, no problem. I need all of you to follow me and do exactly as I say." As she stepped away from the door, beckoning Thomas to follow, the light outside the door was pulled off the wall. Jae winced slightly as it was clearly heard smashing into the opposite door. She put her helmet back on, her voice amplified through the mic as she started towards a door on the opposite side of the auditorium. "Everyone, stand up silently and follow me quietly. I'm going to take you to the rooms and you'll go to the room number on the front of your packet. Top right hand corner, cover of the packet is a number. That's your room number." She pulled open the door and started out.