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  1. A place where people find comfort after a massive 'space' attack.

    How it all started:

    A scientist in a space shuttle had supposedly made the cure for cancer. When they brought the shuttle back down, the 'new medicine' reacted badly with the Earth's atmosphere, causing it to become a deadly disease. No one realized it at first until the bacteria was found mutating in some tests. By then it had spread all across the world. First, people would cough and sneeze, then they would get rashes and bumps, then they would receive shortness of breath, and most would die of lung failure, heart attack, or literally their brain would stop working. This new disease sent the world into anarchy and chaos. People called the disease 'The Alien From Science' or just 'T.A.F.S.' for short. The world was rapidly dying, and the human race was on the brink of extinction when a young college student found his daughter was starting the sick decline towards death. He quickly re-opened his lab and started the official race for the cure. Scientists all over that where still healthy enough joined the race. Moments before her final words, he had found it. Quickly the father gave his daughter the cure and waited anxiously. And, as you all guessed, she lived. She was only 10 at the time. Now she is 16 and the leader of the 'World Travel Safety Agency' or 'W.T.S.A' for short.


    The girl's name is Jae Rasti. She is corporate leader and model for the W.T.S.A. He father died two months after the cure was found from exposure to chemicals. Her mother had died of the disease the year before. Her goal is to keep this from happening to anyone else. The problem is, everyone left is very few, and the disease shifted to resist the cure. Now most of the remaining human population lives in a space shuttle around Venus. It makes a full 'Earth Rotation' to make it seem like home. The problem is, after being in space for 4 years, the shuttle is starting to wear. A new one was supposed to be sent, but was never received. Jae helps around, but so far a lot of her job has just been evacuating and area that was close to collapsing or rupturing, then strengthening or fixing it.

    Now to you, yes, you, the reader:

    You just walked into the boarding dock. They sent a small pod out to transfer more cured people to the shuttle around Venus. You and your family (or no family) where the first one(s) on. Now the doors have opened and a young woman is standing there. You are the only person on board younger than 40, so she approaches you first. "Hello. My name is Jae. I am here to take care of you and help you. Can I ask you name?" She gently takes your hand, leading you and the others down the hall while still speaking to you.

    Link to IC thread:

    Answered questions:
    1. You can be a newcomer, a techie, a medic, a combat personnel, or just a crew member
    2. There is no limit of how many people are on the ship
    3. Transportation between planets or ships is provided by the W.T.S.A. anything else is walking
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  2. It's definitely an interesting setup, the station decaying and the need for a new one sets up a direction for the story right away, and post apocalypse allows for all kinds of creative survival efforts. I would be interested, except for one thing I'm confused about.

    Assuming the scientists/medical researchers researching a cure from a material in space are human... wouldn't the research area have oxygen, aka earth's atmosphere? Why did it react to the atmosphere on earth and not the atmosphere in the space craft/station, when for humans to survive in it for any length of time, the atmospheres would have to be identical? This is a plot hole it's kind of hard to write around; I'd change the cause for the reaction (Earth's pollution, accidental combination with another chemical, theft by a germ-warfare terrorist group or hostile agency, etc)
  3. I see your point, I didn't think of that. It reacted to the HCl in the air (Hydrichloric Acid from pollution) and caused it to mutate..=) Thanks for pointing that out =D
  4. Let's see if we can get a few more people here...hmm...
  5. Question time!

    Any supernatural allowed? (Telekinesis, etc)

    Is the entire RP to going to be written in the present tense like that? ('They tell you' instead of 'they told so-and-so') cause I'll be honest I find it a little awkward to read, and more to the point I don't want to write in that style.: writing is usually done in past-tense, third person without referencing any person as 'you' or 'me' outside of characters talking
  6. 1/2 way. Things like telekinesis, flying, and invisiblity are actually build into the armor and equipment the members recieve, but humans don't really have superpowers.

    And no, that was just the explaining part. If I tried to write present tense, It would be a fail. It took me 20 minutes to make sure the whole thing was in the same tense. I often write in past tense, so no worries.
  7. Hmm, I am thinking about joining. So all those people in the space thingy have already been there for 4 years or have just been evacuated to the shuttle?
  8. The people on the pod that just met Jae came from Earth, a few of the last few survivors who are completely cured. Everyone who didn't just get off the pod has been on the shuttle for a range of Brand new, or 2-4 years. This pod is the first one for 2 years.
  9. So if I decide to play would it be ok if my character has already been on the shuttle for about 2 or 3 years? Or does my character have to be a newcomer?
  10. It's perfectly fine for your character to be on there for two to three years. =)
  11. Yay! By the way, the shuttle has everything that you'd find in a house right? How many people are in the shuttle already?
  12. Right now there is: The captain ('Cap'), 3 technicians/mechanics ('Techies'), 14 combat personnel ('Defenders'), 1 First Responder (Jae), 20 crew members that do whatever else needs to be done.
    A first responder is trained in every position, so whenever they need to be somewhere, they will be there first and can hinder the situation from getting worse, so technically a First Responder is a techie and a defender, plus they train the newcomers on the daily lives and chores of the crew members.
  13. Ooo, can I be a combat personnel? (would go for a captain but want to keep the ambition for myself xD )
  14. Sure =D The captain stays in the front deck, so no one really talks to him
  15. Hmm, if he stays in the front deck then there won't be much interaction. I am opting for the combat person then ;)
  16. Yep, he won't be. And awesome =D you're welcome to join anytime =)
  17. I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty of joining Jae in picking up the newcomers ;D
  18. A thought! I don't usually do group RP's for the reason that a lot of times not everybody is on the same page and the RP gets confusing and frustrating

    Would it be okay to have in the top post of this thread a couple things like

    • The population capacity of the shuttle
    • The technological age: is space travel common/established? A new thing? Do only the very rich have space-age technology like hovercrafts etc, or is it common?
    • A basic description of what it's like on there (is a living quarter like an ordinary house or more like a military barracks?)
    • How things like transportation/provisions work (is there a market or are there rations doled out? Is it small enough to walk/elavator everywhere, or are there teleporters/hovercrafts/small shuttles?)
    • As the rp goes on, what specific things are breaking down and what effects they have (e.g.; a hull breach in a certain area means no one can access rooms X Y and Z unless they've learned to breathe space's vacuum)
    • The information of what crew positions there are, which are needed, etc.
    I'm really excited for this RP but I'm also nervous it'll get confusing and frustrating as more people join; I want to be able to keep playing! Also more details on the setting might help new joiners get their bearings and create characters for it :)
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