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    • Tallmountain/ 48 Moons/ Warrior/ Male: An Abyssinian. The respected and revered deputy from ShadowClan, and the oldest cat in the group. Cinnamon-furred Tallmountain is the strong silent type. He's calm, cool, and collected, and he rarely raises his voice to get his point across. He can come off as being intimidating, especially to smaller cats, because of his great height--he's just under twice as tall as a regular tom, which is what inspired his warrior name. Because of his age and his prior position in ShadowClan, some of the other cats believe that he's prime leader material and have chosen to follow his lead. Despite coming from ShadowClan, he's also the tolerant sort and very accepting of other cats. He has no ill feelings toward kittypets, for instance. Tallmountain has no problem whatsoever breaking away from tradition and going against his superiors if he feels like those are the right things to do. He's fearless in battle and is famous for single-handedly slaughtering a fox that tried to take kits from ShadowClan's nursery a few moons back.

      Mothspots/ 24 Moons/ Medicine Cat/ Male: Kind-hearted and caring, but also blunt and honest to a fault. This spotted tom was the medicine cat for RiverClan and left them behind with only an apprentice to take care of them. He's a pacifist and will never make the first strike--he detests violence and believes there are far better and kinder ways to resolve conflicts. He tends to be painfully honest and often openly defied his leader and deputy back in RiverClan when he believed they were wrong, often resulting in tension between the three of them. Mothspots has a somewhat unusual interest in Twolegs that stems from a traumatic childhood incident. He was attacked by a dog in a Twoleg's yard and the Twoleg intervened, saving his life. That Twoleg took him to the dreaded Cutter...but he came back a full-fledged tom. The Cutter patched him up with strange twine and he healed after a few days, though his left side remains heavily scarred from the incident. The Twoleg released him and he returned home with a fascinating array of inventive ideas to improve his healing abilities. He has since resolved to pay close attention to what Twolegs do and attempt to learn more useful methods. While other medicine cats rely heavily on StarClan for advice on how best to proceed and pray for omens, Mothspots is a more practical sort. He doesn't believe that StarClan always has the best intentions and is eager to doubt any omens he receives, which irritated many of his former Clanmates.

      Wildflower/ 36 Moons/ Queen/ Female: A Norwegian Forest Cat. A pretty and rather large calico she-cat with long, thick fur, formerly of WindClan. Wildflower has only recently become pregnant and her kits won't be born for at least two moons. Strong, determined, and incredibly stubborn, she grew fed up with her flaky leader and left WindClan behind to join the newly-formed group of outcasts. She's brash and fearless, and her crass, independent nature has intimidated a myriad of different toms who attempted to court her. Wildflower is dangerously hard-headed and bold, often stumbling headfirst into dangerous situations. While she is an experienced and powerful warrior, she's also currently carrying kits and can't afford to be reckless anymore. She's not the greatest hunter due to her large size and weight, but is a fierce warrior. She fears only one thing--badgers. One attacked her when she was still a kit and she nearly lost her life in the process.
    • Old Territories
      The territories that the rogue Clan cats once belonged to. ThunderClan and RiverClan inhabited the south, bordering the Twolegplace, and WindClan and ShadowClan inhabited the north.
      The place the outcast Clan cats choose to escape to when Twolegs begin destroying their home territories. It starts out as suburbs, but then bleeds out into a massive city, which is home to many kittypets and rogue cats.
    • The Original Clans
      The Clans the rogue Clan cats originally belonged to. They are ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. None of the rogue Clan cats know what happened to their friends, family members, and Clanmates after they fled their ravaged home territories.
      The Rogue Clan Cats
      A group of cats that once belonged to the original Clans--ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan--but have fled from their ancestral homes after the area was ravaged and taken over by invading Twolegs.
      Human beings. Considered the scum of the earth by Clan cats and many rogues. Many keep cats as pets.
      Cats that belong to Twolegs. Sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly. Looked down upon by Clan cats and rogues alike.
      Cats that don't belong to a Twoleg or a Clan. Almost always wary of strangers, and for good reason--it's a tough world out there.
  1. Characters
    Jaegar/ 10 Moons/ Kittypet/ Male: Jaegar is an impulsive and curious Ocicat that resides with the invading Twolegs as a kittypet. His spotted coat is grey, but he often neglects grooming and cleaning it. Jaegar yearns for adventure and a change from the sleepy life he enjoys in his home, which he shares with some Twolegs and several other kittypets. He is fearful of thunder and sudden noises, but otherwise puts on a facade of toughness.
    Quakepaw/ 7 Moons / Warrior Apprentice/ Male: An orange and white tabby and a warrior apprentice of the ThunderClan, Quakepaw is supportive of the movement to find a new territory, since the Twolegs are quickly closing in. Quakepaw is loyal and brave to his superiors while wily to his equals and to those lower than him. He doesn't mean any harm, but is a proud born survivalist who finds a rush in hunting and fighting.
    Ottertail/ Roughly 40 Moons/ Queen/ Female: A slender brown and black shorthair, Ottertail was a respected warrior from River Clan before an ambush injury forced her into retirement. Collected and impersonal, Ottertail tagged along with the caravan of cats because she knows that she is expecting and that her future kits cannot thrive in a Twoleg-inhabited territory.
    Lostsight/ Roughly 36 moons/ Medicine Cat/ Male: An apprentice medicine cat from Wind Clan, Lostsight claims that StarClan has foretold danger for the cats who stay. Cast aside for his outrageous prophecy, Lostsight knew he needed to be part of the group that was in search for new territory. He's a slick Russian Blue with slate eyes. His name was changed to Lostsight when he once was given a message "too terrible to speak of" in a dream, and subsequently lost his sight. He relies on allies to guide him through waking life, while he guides them through his dreams. Though his sight is gone, his hearing is still intact and better than many cats'.
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  2. "This is it."

    Under the cover of darkness, a mixed group of cats drew closer together underneath their makeshift shelter--a massive maple tree. Seated at the head of the group was a tall, sinewy tom with a short, dense cinnamon-colored pelt. His vibrant minty green eyes shifted from cat to cat. "This is where we finally make our move," he continued in his low, velvety baritone. He rose to his feet, his thick tail swishing back and forth in an oddly rhythmic manner. "With every day that passes, Twolegs consume more and more of our ancestral home. Some have tried to stop them, and many were never seen again. Killed or captured by Twolegs. The Twolegs can't be stopped. Soon our entire home will be gone. Our leaders and Clanmates don't seem to realize this and are unwilling to leave. We are gathered here because we're all in agreement. We have to leave. We have to find a new home, even if it's just the six of us. We don't stand a chance surviving here, not after all the damage the Twolegs have done. The prey has already left. And we must follow."

    Another of the cats, a large calico she-cat with long, silky hair and a huge poof of a tail nodded vigorously, straightening up where she sat. "Tallmountain is right. If we stay here, we're going to starve," she insisted in her lilting voice. She sounded terribly annoyed when she continued talking. "Our Clans are deluding themselves if they think we can survive here after what the Twolegs have done. There's nothing left! They've even started taking the water!"

    The big tom, aptly named Tallmountain, heaved a disappointed sigh and glanced wistfully off into the distance, in the direction of his old territory. "I didn't know about the water, Wildflower...but just yesterday, one of their large yellow monsters killed one of our elders. I witnessed it. And that made me certain of my decision to leave." Visibly agitated, the red tom began to pace back and forth. "I bade my Clanmates farewell. There is nothing left for me here. I'm fully prepared to leave. And from our past meetings, I know the rest of you are prepared to leave as well. So I suggest we leave tonight. Now, to be precise."

    "What?!" From the back of the group, a previously silent cat spoke up. The black and white spotted tom jumped to his feet, looking startled. "Now? Why now? I thought we agreed that we were going to leave in the morning!" Tallmountain halted at once, meeting the other tom's gaze as evenly as he could. "This place is toxic for us now, Mothspots," he explained gently. "We've abandoned our Clans. They consider us rogues now. I can't speak for anyone else...but I personally want to leave as soon as we possibly can. This is not my home anymore." The spotted tom, Mothspots, scowled and sat back down, narrowing his eyes. "But it's dangerous to travel in the dark, especially when we don't know where we're going!" he protested desperately. Wildflower glowered at him like he was the bane of her existence. "Leaving in the dark gives us a distinct advantage over the Twolegs," Tallmountain reminded him, ignoring the tension between the other two cats. "Twolegs sleep during the night. If we leave now, we won't have to constantly dodge them like we would during the day. Why are you against the idea?"

    Mothspots bowed his head a bit, glancing between their calm self-appointed leader and the angry she-cat. "I was...I was hoping I could convince Jaegar to come with us." Wildflower scoffed with pure disgust. "That kittypet? Are you serious?!" she demanded, growing more and more enraged as she spoke. "This is going to be a long and harrowing journey, even for us Clan cats! A soft kittypet will just slow us down and get us killed!" Tallmountain sat back down, his tail flicking back and forth thoughtfully. "You've been trying for some time to win that kittypet over," he remarked as gently as he could. "And so far, nothing has worked. He won't leave his Twolegs. What will make this time any different?"

    "I just..." Mothspots frowned. "...I haven't told him that we're planning on leaving so soon yet. I just want a chance to convince him to come with us. One night is all I ask for. If I can't convince him to leave his Twolegs tonight..." he winced, "...then I'll just have to accept that I won't be able to sway him at all." Wildflower rolled her eyes, but looked to Tallmountain. She hoped that he'd make the smart decision, but she wasn't exactly holding her breath. Tallmountain was ShadowClan's deputy--well, former deputy now--and a strong, confident cat, but he was also well-known among the other Clans for his understanding and willingness to give others a chance, regardless of their roots. And just as she expected, the cinnamon-pelted tom seemed conflicted. He turned his gaze on the rest of the cats, silently wondering what they thought about the situation. Wildflower turned her nose up, huffing heatedly. "You already know what my opinion is."
  3. The cats were silent as Tallmountain spoke, no movement from them but the beating of their hearts and the breaths they took. The maple tree was a much appreciated shelter, but it was no home. There was no home, no hope, no place for them so long as the Twolegs were a stone's throw from them. The cats were from different backgrounds, but the knowledge of the coming disaster had them all on the same page. If not on the same page, they were at least all gathered in the same library. There was respect for Tallmountain, and Quakepaw showed his in the way he straightened the line of his b[ack to appear more attentive. His respect was incarnated in that he held his face still as stone, didn't wrinkle his nose or turn up his nose in disgust the way Wildflower had when Mothspots brought up the kittypet again. It didn't matter how weak or soft he thought kittypets to be, or that, for StarClans' sake, Mothspots should know better than to associate with something so deeply entwined with the very enemy they were fleeing, but it wasn't his place to say anything. It was the other cats'. They were older, and had more experiences to base their words off of.

    And the cats did voice their concern. Lostsight carefully raised his voice, roughed by lack of water and his eyes focused straight ahead, unseeing. "We should have left three nights ago. We've already stayed far too long. Before we realize what is happening, we could starve to death or be killed by the Twolegs' monsters." He hadn't bothered to hide that he disagreed with Mothspots' priorities, and while he didn't doubt there were things to learn about and from kittypets, now was not an opportune time to do so. He had seen it in his dreams alreaduy. Cats would fall, screaming and miserable, while the Twolegs watched on, the only cats even partly safe from the menace were the kittypets, who sometimes considered themselves aligned with the Twolegs more than their own kind. Then again, many clan cats considered kittypets to be a different kind altogether. "However, Mothspots, if you truly believe that you can convince the kitt- Jaegar to come along with us, you should leave as soon as you can. I understand Wildflower's concern," he spoke crisply, not wanting to lose his former clan mate's favor, "but I begged many of my own clan members to leave and all but one refused. I realize that I'm in no position to pressure our food supply even further, but we should try to save the cats we can- kittypet or not."

    "You're a medicine cat. You offer a service to us, but is this newcomer going to? We can't afford to carry any dead weight. Were it not for my... situation I wouldn't mind cutting my share, but I'm not just taking care of myself." Ottertail had grown slightly in size, as she was about halfway through her pregnancy. She had originally voiced her wishes to make it to a new home before the kits were born, but it was becoming sickeningly obvious that that would not be the case. When the kits were born, they would need an abundance of food, or at the very least a comfortable and safe place. Currently, she wasn't sure she could offer any of those things. Quakepaw let out a low rumble. "We know that no kittypet could know how to hunt, nor fight should anything happen."

    "No," Ottertail agreed, narrowing her topaz eyes. "Not right away. Anyone could potentially learn, of course." He let out a low snicker at Quakepaw's slight emotional leak. "It's clear to me that Mothspots is adamant about this. He should give it one last short. At the very least, it'll shut him up about what 'could have been' while we're traveling." Quakepaw nodded a bit sheepishly.

    He had many humans have him live in their home, but he had never shared a house with so many other cats. This new house had at least eight other cats. Jaegar scratched at the fence, with its red paint peeling on his claws. He hadn't been to the vet yet, but according to the other housecats, the humans would get around to declawing and spaying him soon enough. Jaegar didn't want to stick around to see that happen. Ever since he had moved out here, in the middle of nowhere, he had thought he heard voices in the night. The ther housecats had told him that it was just the voices of the dead, probably to scare him, but he wasn't scared of any ghosts!

    So it was to his great surprise when he squeezed through the window and leaped out into the backyard and saw the spotted green-eyes tom. The first thing he exclaimed was, "You're no ghost!" No, the cat looked unlike any other cat he'd seen. He wasn't groomed the way humans liked their cats to be, and he spoke differently. His eyes were filled with a curiosity that he didn't see in his house mates' eyes, and there was something about the tom that excited him. Maybe it was the stories that the other told him, or the way his paws touched the ground like he could speak to the earth.

    But he could never let the other know that. Jaegar would be friendly, but when the other asked him if he had ever considered running off with him and his clan, there was a lot of fear and anxiety in his heart. Dreaming about leaving and wanting to leave was a lot different than never coming back to a house. The rain was outside, and there was nothing to protect him from the thunder and lightning. Still, he entertained the idea of scampering off with Mothspots and going to a place with no humans- Twolegs, they called them. The soil felt dry underneath his paws as he sat by the fence, staring intently at the hole in the fence where the other tom would appear every night.
  4. Wildflower openly laughed when Lostsight piped up, but it wasn't pleasant laughter by any means. It sounded downright malicious. "Have you forgotten what that Twoleg-loving tom told us, Lostsight? There are at least nine kittypets living in that nest! Nine! What if Mothspots goes there and comes back with nine completely green, weak little kittypets? What are we gonna do then, huh? One kittypet is enough of a burden! We already have one apprentice to train while we're on this journey. Two will just slow us down, and ten will definitely get us killed!"

    "Wildflower..." The stern, almost irritated undertone to Tallmountain's voice practically forced Wildflower to clamp her jaws shut. It wasn't often that Tallmountain lost a single shred of his cool, and when he started growing annoyed that was the first red flag that things were about to go south real fast. The large she-cat and towering tom had themselves a bit of a stare-down. The personalities of these two cats clashed so much that they were often at each other's throats, though Wildflower was certainly more open about her disdain than the red tom was. This was still a new group, and even though the others had already gone and selected Tallmountain as their unofficial leader due to his age and his experience as a deputy, it would be some time before a cat as rebellious as Wildflower accepted him. Experienced or not, Tallmountain would have to prove himself to her.

    Now certain that the cantankerous she-cat would hold her tongue for the time being, Tallmountain swept his eyes over the rest of the cats before finally settling his gaze on a nervous Mothspots. "You will go now," he declared firmly. "Most of us..." He spared another stern glance at Wildflower, who wouldn't even look at him anymore, "...are in agreement. You have the rest of the night to convince the kittypet to abandon his Twolegs and come with us. But I do agree with Wildflower on one point." His minty eyes flashed in the darkness. "You will only bring the one. None of the other kittypets may come with you. We're only six cats, after all. We couldn't possibly handle so many untrained and inexperienced newcomers while we are traveling like this."

    Mothspots leaped to his feet again, practically beaming at the older tom. "Yes! I'll leave right now!" He instantly turned and bolted out from the cover the maple tree provided them. Tallmountain watched him go, flicking an ear nonchalantly. "...For his sake, I hope that kittypet does decide to leave. Otherwise, he'll be heartbroken." Wildflower rolled her eyes and rose to her feet, deliberately putting some distance between herself and Tallmountain before deciding to settle down for the night. It was a shame both she and Ottertail were expecting kits, and a shame Quakepaw hadn't finished his training yet. They were left with only a leader and no deputy to question the leader's decisions. Maybe she could step up, still, until the weight of her burden became too much for her...

    The spotted tom bolted through the woods at top speed, nose going a mile a minute. Even though he was in a great hurry, if he caught the scent of a predator or an unfamiliar cat he would divert his course at once. Thankfully, he ran into no such threats during his trek. At this breakneck speed it didn't take him that long at all to reach the familiar red fence. Mothspots pressed up against it, sniffing warily. The last thing he wanted to do was come face-to-face with Jaegar's Twolegs, given the circumstances. Only when he was sure it was safe did he wiggle through the open hole in the fence. Once he was through, he wasted no time.

    "I don't have time for formalities tonight, Jaegar." Mothspots hoped that the kittypet could pick up on the sense of urgency laced into his voice. "There isn't much time left. Listen..." He sat down, staring balefully at his feet. "Those Twolegs I mentioned before--the ones that have been destroying the forest...they've destroyed everything. Even Fourtrees. They've chased the prey away. They've even started stealing the water. So..." He winced. "We can't stay here any more. A few of us have decided to leave. Not all of us, though. We tried to convince our Clanmates to leave. But...they won't. So our group consists of six cats. Six cats who know this place holds nothing for us anymore."

    His emerald gaze hardened. "If we stay here, one of two things will happen. We'll starve or we'll become victims of the Twolegs. So we're going to leave, whether our Clanmates like it or not. We're leaving tomorrow morning." He whipped his tail back and forth, meeting the kittypet's gaze without blinking. "I want you to come with us," he pleaded, making a point of keeping his voice down. He didn't want the Twolegs hearing him. Nor did he want Jaegar's kittypet friends to come barreling out of the nest, either. Tallmountain made it very clear to him that only Jaegar would be accepted into their fold. And he understood that completely. Resources were stretched thin in the first place. And because Ottertail and Wildflower were with kits and he and Lostsight were medicine cats, Tallmountain was the only warrior available to train both Quakepaw and the kittypet--unless Jaegar decided he wanted to become a medicine cat, of course.

    "Come with me," he urged, taking a step backward toward the fence. "Live in the wild, like you should. See its beauty. Catch your own food! I'll even catch a mouse for you to try if I can find one, and I hate hunting!" He tried hunting once, back before he decided to become a medicine cat. He ended up not being able to kill the mouse he caught and had to leave that task to his mother.
  5. Watching Mothspots disappear into the cover of the moonlight night, Ottertail allowed herself a sigh of unease. The medicine cat was eccentric, and she still wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It was a very nontraditional thing to look for a new home, but she was running out of options. The situation was dire, but she knew she had some control over it. Everything in her power to keep her kits safe, would be done. And she knew very well there was power in numbers. They were less likely to get ambushed, because more cats could be aware of their surroundings, and it would make the group appear to be more imposing. Mindlessly scraping at the ground to file down her claws, she began to sleep for the night. She wondered what her kits would have thought about the entire situation. If they were to be raised in the company of these cats, what kind of hearts would they have? Brave? Strong? Merciful? Ah, those were thoughts for another day.

    Seeing the females getting ready to rest, Quakepaw meandered over to Tallmountain. He tried to keep his tone even, and his orange eyes from squinting or looking stubborn or unreasonable. "Tallmountain, suppose the kittypet wants to be a warrior." He paused to think. "That would be good, because Ottertail won't be able to hunt soon." He kept his voice low, careful not to wake the sleeping queen. Ottertail and Wildflower needed much rest for the journey ahead. The simple fact was that the medicine cats they had weren't hunters, and though he could understand that in their clans, medicine cats weren't expected to hunt, this was far from a typical situation. If Lostsight wasn't blind, then perhaps he could help with the food or scouting, and Mothspots didn't seem to have his heart in the hunt.

    Lostsight listened, eyes closed to the exchange between apprentice and leader. The trees were rather quiet tonight, no winds coming to rustle the branches and leaves. There was an absence of wind, which was greatly appreciated. He vaguely wondered if Mothspots would be successful in bringing back Jaegar. He had meant what he said about wanting to save more cats. The RiverClan wasn't always kind to him, especially after he had lost his sight, making him a liability, but they were good of heart. Still, he mused, Wildflower was with younglings and sooner than any of them would expect, their group would expand greatly. In the dreams he had, the cats walked with many in their ranks. However, the scene was not a happy one. There would be bloodshed. Many cats had fur crusted and red with blood, some their own. After discussing it with Tallmountain, they had agreed that having a large group would be detrimental to everyone's overall safety.

    Still, what was one more cat? Wildflower and Ottertail were with child, but he and Mothspots had already predicted that at most they would have litters of threes. Kits were problematic in a moving environment, because they needed time to adjust to their world. But there was nothing that could be done but pray to StarClan that the females could hold their kits until they were somewhere safe. He had already told Ottertail he thought the kits might be due in less than one moon, which was not a good thing. They were working on a time limit. He tried to sleep, but was restless. The night was warmer than usual, but inside he was cold.

    Jaegar hardly had time to hum in delight as Mothspots appeared through the hole, because he started speaking. His words were like gentle rainfall, covering him completely but he couldn't make out each individual drop. Still, he understood. Still, he was afraid. There was an urgency about the wild tom that Jaegar had never heard before, but he always knew the other was capable of it. And he heard that other's pleas with open ears, but cold feet. "Moth," He began, missing the known courtesy to call the other by his full name, "I know you've asked me before, but I'm still unsure if I should go." He was having trouble wording his thoughts. Of course he wanted to see the world beyond this red painted picket fence, but what if things were worse out of the humans' world? The other housecats knew of his fancy to Mothspots, and they had already warned him.

    There was another like you, who ran off with a savagecat, they told him. She thought that he would take care of her, but only a week later our human brought her home in a bag. She had died in the wild, because the wild is unkind to those like us. If you'd seen her body, you would know that we're just trying to protect you. Looked like some animal had gored her right through, and her no-good tempter had no doubt run off with his pack. What if he couldn't protect himself against the wild? What if the savagecats other than Mothspots were cruel and attacked him? After all, it wasn't as if he'd never see-

    The other cats hadn't been very kind to him. He got enough to eat, but they always tried to bully him out of his food, out of his bed, and whenever he spoke of his dreams of grandeur, they all laughed. He knew that the other cats didn't mean any harm, but that didn't stop him from disliking them. The only other cat who spoke to him and at the very least humored him was Mothspots, and if he didn't go with the other tonight, then he would never see him again. And he wanted to see the other again, he wanted to look into those green eyes while the other told him of the world beyond the fence. But actually going there was an entirely different ordeal. "I'm sorry, this is all so sudden. I... I..." He began to scamper back to the house, not wanting to see the face of his friend. "I'm sorry!" He called as he jumped through the open window into the darkened house.

    He frowned, and felt a great emptiness within, as if he had made a grave mistake. It was much warmer in the house, and he made his way to the cushion he usually slept on, only to find a much bigger Maine Coon had taken his place. Hissing angrily, Jaegar sank his teeth into the other's leg, only for the other to screech violently and fling him across the room, shouting all the while. Rubbing his sore side, Jaegar looked out the window, to see if Mothspots was there. Was he crazy for thinking that maybe..? He couldn't see Mothspots out there, in the dark, but perhaps it was simply the cover of night that hid the other cat. Nevertheless, he had made up his mind. "You'll never see me again. Any of you." He hissed to the stupid cats as he slipped through the open window into the yard. Whether he could find Mothspots in the yard that was no longer his home, or out in the woods, it wouldn't matter. He was going to have an adventure.
  6. Tallmountain didn't immediately find a soft patch of grass to bed down on for the evening. Instead he lingered by the edge of the cover the maple tree provided, gazing intently in the direction Mothspots bounded off in. If the former RiverClan medicine cat did manage to win over this kittypet and brought him back, the red tom wanted to be the first cat to greet him. It was fitting of a leader, after all. Just bringing that word up in his thoughts, leader, caused an involuntary roll of his shoulders and an uneasy twitching of his tail. Was he really fit to be a leader? He was young, for one thing. Sure, he was an accomplished deputy back in ShadowClan...but a deputy and a leader were two completely different things! Not to mention, he had yet to be accepted as any kind of leader by StarClan, and therefore only had one life rather than the nine that were typically granted to a leader. He surmised that once they found a new home and settled down into one or several new Clans, StarClan might finally contact him.

    And if they did...he only had one simple request. He didn't want to be Tallstar. That was such a bland, boring name, and not at all regal! No, he wanted to be Mountainstar instead! That sounded much more fierce!

    The lofty tom perked up when he heard his name being called, swiveling his head a bit to realize it was Quakepaw addressing him. "I agree. It would be nice to have another full-fledged warrior in our ranks." He paused only briefly. "But this is a kittypet we're talking about. He will have to start training from the very beginning, just like you did. Regardless of his age, you will be the more experienced apprentice. Wildflower has only just become laden with kits. She'll still be able to help with hunting and training for a few more sunrises, at the very least. But once it becomes too stressful and draining for her..." Tallmountain pulled a strange face, "...I will be the only fully-trained warrior in our group. Which means I will be responsible for mentoring both you and the kittypet. Unless, of course...the kittypet decides that he wants to be a medicine cat."

    That was a double-edged sword, at best. They would benefit from having multiple medicine cats...but this group desperately needed warriors to fight and hunt for it. Tallmountain was in for a rough and exponentially busy journey.

    Wildflower made a point of keeping herself isolated from the other cats, standing up and changing spots several times until she was finally comfortable. She had herself all huddled up on the opposite side of the tree, all by herself. Deep down she wanted to stick by Lostsight, as her old Clanmate was the only one in this group who she was truly comfortable with. But she was deeply incensed that the blind medicine cat disagreed with her, and for tonight at least she just needed to be alone.

    Secretly, she shared concerns similar to Ottertail's as the sound of the gentle night breeze lulled her into an uneasy slumber. Ottertail was much closer to kitting than she was, but even so it would only be a couple of moons until her own kits came. This would be her very first litter. Her first time as a mother. And she was downright terrified. Not only because she didn't have a safe and secure home, but because she wasn't naturally the warmest or most affectionate she-cat. What if her kits ended up despising her...?

    Mothspots, who was not the most traditional cat by any definition of the word, chose to disregard the social faux pas Jaegar committed by shortening his name. He decided to focus on more pressing matters instead. "But you have to come with us!" He shuffled a little closer, ears drooping just a bit. "You've told me before how those other kittypets treat you. This is no home for you! And I..." The spotted tom swatted anxiously at a rock, trying to combat his own frayed nerves. "I want you to come with us! I want you to come with me!"

    Even though he still had Ottertail, a former Clanmate of his from RiverClan, with him, Mothspots had never felt more alone and isolated in all of his life. RiverClan was never particularly fond of him, speaking generally, but it was still his Clan. He was utterly disgusted with them when they stubbornly insisted on staying. He even went ahead and shared one of the few visions StarClan deigned to show him--the same exact vision that plagued Lostsight--and they still didn't budge. It was one of only a small pawful of visions he'd had in his lifetime. He and StarClan never saw eye to eye. Mothspots was a logical medicine cat. He preferred to think with his head, not with the powers he'd been granted as a medicine cat. He also called out StarClan cats on a regular basis for speaking in riddles and demanded they get straight to the point if they had something they needed to get across to him. Understandably, that offended not only Clan cats but StarClan cats as well, and now StarClan only shared visions with him and gave him omens when they were truly desperate.

    Mothspots let out the breath he'd been holding when Jaegar turned and barreled back into the Twoleg nest. A negative voice within him told him to just give up and leave. The kittypet obviously wasn't going anywhere. But Jaegar, hardheaded as ever, defiantly ignored it. He sat up as straight as he possibly could, ears perked and eyes wide and attentive. The sounds of a scuffle erupted from within the house and the spotted tom was sorely tempted to jump up onto the windowsill and peek inside, but he was able to restrain himself at the last minute. And his decision paid off! Barely ten seconds later Jaegar made his return, hopping down into the yard. Mothspots immediately trotted over to the other tom, purring and affectionately rubbing his heavily-scarred left side against him.

    He didn't even have to ask. "You've made the right choice," he remarked simply, backing away toward the hole in the fence. "We should get going. After you!"
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