A New Guardian?

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  1. Nichole Marie looked around, a sudden feeling of dread overwhelming her. She frowned, turning in a circle. "I'm halfway there..." she muttered, looking up at the moon. She was halfway to the north pole, where the face in the moon beckoned her to go. Nichole felt a hand on her shoulder and she gasped, jumping away. Turning, she was face-to-face with him. She'd heard of him...the children called him Teraya. [​IMG]
    "Hello there...you look lost." He smiled wickedly. Nichole backed away, frowning.
    "Leave me alone." She said quietly. He approached and she continued to back away, though that only seemed to please him more. She began to feel slightly panicked.
    "What do you want?" She said, scowling.
    He reached a hand out to her, touching her wrist. "I want you to-"
    Nichole yanked her hand away, turning and trying to run. "Help!" She said, hoping maybe someone might hear her. She could feel that he was must stronger than her, the energy he gave off was overwhelming.
  2. Jack Frost, someone who usually likes going to the North Pole where he can play in the snow, wasn't very happy for once. The moon told of a new guardian, not that it bothered him, but because they had a new threat coming to the children that they all swore to protect.
    Of course harming children was going to piss Jack off. He was on his way to the North when he heard what sounded like a woman yelling for help. With a scrunch of his nose he began flying back to the noise.
    Landing lightly in the tree he seen a man in black threaten a girl. "Back off!" He called, flying down to swing his stick to freeze the man. He looked to the woman. "You okay?"
  3. Quickly, Teraya stepped back, frowning. He wasn't sure he wanted to deal with two guardians...not for now, at least. He backed away, then turned, taking off.

    Nichole jumped slightly, turning to face Jack. She relaxed, brushing some hair from her face. "You're Jack Frost..." she said quietly. "Y-yeah..I think I'm okay...thanks." She said, rubbing her arm a little. She adjusted her gloves so they covered her forearms once more. "I'm Nichole." She extended her hand.
  4. Jack watched her for a moment before shaking her hand, "I'm Jack, but you already knew that." He chuckled, flipping his stick to lean against. "Halloween right?" He asked, "The new guardian?" He asked again, just to be sure. He was making it snow in Missouri the night the moon showed who the new guardian was. He gave a slight smile, waiting for her answer.
  5. "Yeah, I'm halloween." She smiled faintly, raising her hand. A little black cat appeared, prancing around her hand before disappearing, as if it was just an illusion...and in a way, it was. "The new guardian? What do you mean new guardian?" She tilted her head a little. "I'm just following where the face in the moon told me to go, the North Pole." She said quietly, looking confused.
  6. "Your lucky, they plucked me up when I was recruited." Then again Jack was immature. He looked up before taking his broom in hand. "Take my hand," he held his out, "I will get you there faster." He said with a big grin on his face. "Flying is fun, I promise."
  7. Nichole paused, then nodded. "Okay..." He seemed trustworthy enough. He was Jack Frost, right? She took his hand, stepping closer and glancing around. She noticed Teraya had left. That made her faint smile falter. Where had the wicked man gone?
  8. Jack held onto the newbie's hand as they took off through the sky towards the North Pole. The ground was beautiful and every now and then you could catch animals. He was grinning, looking towards where they where going.
  9. Nichole squeaked softly the moment her feet left the ground. She closed her eyes at first, then when she opened them, she noticed a snow hare. She gasped softly at the large white expanse. "Wow..." she breathed softly, looking up at Jack, amazed.
  10. "See? Fun!" He said laughing as the flew higher and faster until they got to the North Pole. He landed lightly to the ground. "Santa! Tooth! Sandy!" He called out, walking in, "Bunny! Guess who's here!" He said excitedly as baby tooth flew to him, cuddling close. "Baby Tooth, say hi to Nicole." He showed Nicole Baby Tooth.
  11. Nichole looked down at the small creature. She smiled softly. "Hi there..." she said in a quiet voice. "I'm Nichole." she looked up and around. "This is the North Pole?" She asked Jack, quite amazed. In all honesty, she hadn't truly expected anything really, this was amazing to her.
  12. Baby Tooth sat on his head as he walked in. "Yeah, keep cookies away from the elves." He warned. He smiled as the rest of the guardians waited.
    "What took ya so long!?" Bunny yelled before seeing the girl, "Oh, hello!"
  13. Nichole stayed behind Jack, waving in a shy-ish manner. "Uh, hi..I'm Nichole." She said quietly, wishing she had her hat with her. She knew she could get it later. "I'm...Halloween." she added with a faint smile. She was quite proud of her holiday, even if it wasn't really an important one.
  14. "Found her on the way, she is our newbie, right?" He asked walking to the rest of the guardians. Santa walking up to give the speech he gave everyone else. Jack yawned, flicking Bunny's ear until he got mad.
  15. Nichole listened carefully, nodding a little, she clasped her hands quietly together in front of her. "So...a Guardian is supposed to protect the children from people like Teraya?" She asked softly, making sure she had understood everything right.
  16. The others nodded, Sandy's sand showed pictures of heroes. Jack smiled, "It's actually the best thing that could happen. Those children have hope, dreams, fun... Everything that makes a basic person."
    "Pretty smart Frost." Bunny said nodding.
  17. Nichole smiled faintly. "That sounds like a lot of fun." She said. "A lot of work, but a lot of fun." She nodded. She'd do anything to protect the children from that Teraya man...he sent chills down her back just being around her, and not the good kind of chills.
  18. "Already more helpful than you." Bunny said with a rabbit like smirk.
    "Funny, you want Sandy to show her what you use to look like?" He asked with a rose brow.
    "You wouldn't."
    "I would."
  19. Nichole looked between Jack and Bunny. She made a mental note that they seemed to be a bit competitive in a way. "Have any of you actually seen Teraya, other than Jack?" She asked quietly, biting her lip thoughtfully.
  20. "We've each ran into him one way or another." Tooth said, "That's why we asked the moon for help. He brought us you." She smiled, Sandy nodding. His hand showing the moon and a little girl following it.
    Jack grinned before it fell, "He seems to really like to scare the kids on my ice. I've been so busy making sure they didn't end like me I never got close to doing something to him."
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