A New Generation *OPEN*

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  1. "The year is 2044. After a Nuclear war broke out between America and China, the amount of radiation in the air tripled and the war was forced to stop because of the fear of radiation poisoning. However, the amount of radiation could not be lowered by any means and people started dying of diseases. First there were heart failures and cancers, but as time grew on, other diseases developed, most of which were incurable. With less than a billion people left on Earth, the human population is about to go extinct
    Alma struggled to walk. Her food supply ran out three days ago and since then she had nothing to eat. She had hid in an abandoned house, raiding the owners' kitchen since they were probably dead. But now, she was forced to come out of her hiding place in order to find food. Alma wandered aimlessly, clutching to walls to hold her up, her stomach wailing loudly. But there was no one to hear it. Alma did not recall seeing another living being in ages. Suddenly, her knees collapsed and Alma fell. She tried to stand up but it was useless, her limbs refusing to listen to her. Alma closed her eyes and decided to sleep, though she knew that being outside was dangerous because of high radiation. But Alma was too tired to care...
    Suddenly she noticed a presence of another person who was standing over her.
  2. Teris looks over the girl. "Pathetic. She was probably in my home too." She drags Alma inside and lays her on the couch.
  3. Terra watches the wailing girl from a distance, seeing if she'd attract any poor souls to help her. "Dammit," she mumbled when the girl collasped. So much for bait. Then someone else came out and helped her up. Terra grinned slyly and started to follow them with a make-shift dagger in hand. Making sure to stay in the shadows, the scavenging black-haired rat kept quiet to follow her possible future victims.
  4. Hunter, popping over the couch, looked over, and noticed an extra person. "Yo, you got a hobo or summin'? We got enough food for an extra person." He had a definite Boston voice. He came here from Boston, and he stayed with Teris all the way.
  5. Teris nods. "Yes. I did and she was also in here. What were you doing at that time?"
  6. Terra snuck closer to the place where the bait-girl was being taken. There were more people. "More food?" She said to herself. More food meant more supplies.... and if she played her cards right, they could be all hers.
  7. "Eh, just restin'." He replied to Teris, before slumping on the couch.
  8. Misty brushed her long, black hair off of her face and behind her ear. Her skin was pale, and her blue eyes watched the house from the garage of a house that was just a cross the road through a pair of binoculars. She pushed her glasses up her nose and scratched her head. This new neighborhood was more lively than she thought. Misty sighed. She wasn't really the group type.
  9. Terra slowly crawled atop the roof of the house, leaning over the edge to look in through an upside down window. It creaked ominously but she continued anyway with a tight grip on the edge. The other people didn't seem to notice her yet. Terra didn't see any supplies yet. She'd have to wait until they revealed some.
  10. Misty noticed something on the roof. She looked closer, and saw that it was in fact a person. "What the.." whispered Misty to herself as she examined the person from an uncomfortable angle. She was on low ground and could barely see this person she was so curious about, even from the bottom of her window. Misty rushed out of the garage door and into the house. She quickly closed the door and rushed upstairs to get a better look at the person.
  11. Teris gets angry and her face turns red. "Resting?! Resting?! I told you to watch the place while I was gone and you were resting?!" Teris flips the coffee table then sits on the couch. "Ok. I'm calm now."
  12. Terra pulled herself up when the person noticed her. "Crap." Looking around, ship jumped across the house gaps to the next roof over.
  13. Misty opened the window. "Hey! You! What do you think you're doing?!" she shouted at the mysterious person climbing roofs. She scratched her head with confusion.
  14. Terra dropped down from a roof and seemingly disappeared, her wild hair the last visible part of her before she was gone.
  15. Alice quietly moved back the black curtains an inch, observing the two people making noise outside. She needed to go soon, this place was getting too hot. Thieves, cannibals, and plagued people of all kinds migrated towards each other, bringing danger and death with them. She pocketed her gun and moved back down stairs where her bag was filled with a much supplies as she could carry. She fitted it across her back and over the two survival knives she already had on her lower back, rechecking that she had all of her weapons as she moved into the kitchen.

    And her mother told her she was paranoid to have so many.

    Alice pulled a water bottle out of the mostly empty fridge, taking a big swig as she took up a spot by the front door window. She'd better wait until idiots outside settled down. A motorcylce was kinda of hard to miss in broad daylight, anyway.
  16. A small camper van trundles though the empty streets with its occupant a boy of roughly 19 in yellow hazmat suit. the vehicle comes to a stop outside a house and the door opens and he steps out the camper van in to the empty street. the badge of the previous owner of the suit had the name Wesley on it but the name was only just readable as it was quite faded. the boy turns and get out a crowbar from the side door compartment of the driver side door and then shuts the camper van and locks it. he then goes towards a empty house and looks in though the dark window at the empty home. "meh this will do " he says him self and goes and breaks open the door with the crowbar and pulls out a torch from a mini bag strapped round his waist with his other hand and turns it on as he proceeds in to the dark empty house. As he turns around to look back though the door way he realizes he recognizes this area from his childhood before the nuclear war, This was the area which he had seen from a hill in park not far from here on bonfire night all those years ago when he was just 5 years old in the year 2031. The boy has a flash back his parents who just left him when he was 15 from his home and all they left to explain why the left was a note pinned to the table . After the short flashback the boy turns back away from the front doorway and continues further in to the house. the noise made by the boy was loud and the clatter of cans echoed out of the house though the street as he waded though a sea of old baked bean cans thinking to him self "ugh this must of been a hoarders house I doubt I am going to find any thing good here .
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  17. Hunter simply closed his eyes and smirked. "Who would visit 'ere? I got massive hearing, so if I even hear a weensy noise, I'll get mah shotty and shoot."
  18. Teris laughs. "But someone did get in here and you were fast asleep."
  19. Watching the camper pull up, Alice decided that it might be better to leave now rather than risk more people showing up; especially with all the racket the hazmat was making as he or she crashed about in a nearby house. She turned away from the window, quickly retreating into the garage. She had loved her motorcycle the moment her parents had shown it to her, adoring everything from it's sleek black and red design to all of the little gadgets her father had installed in it. She forced the thought out of her mind. There was no point in mourning now, no matter how much she missed them. Her father had been an outstanding government engineer, hince the custome bike, and had been in a far away lab when things had started going south with China. Her mother, head of the family mechanics company, had been away on a business trip to New York. She seriously doubted that either one had survived through the following horrors. Alice tightened her jaw, adults always know exactly how to screw things up, don't they?
  20. the boy finishes rummaging in the house and comes out with a few supplies and puts them in the back and gets back in the camper van quickly after noticing movement in a near by house.