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  1. Lucias looked up into the mans eyes as he continued to hold him up by his neck, staring at him with no emotion as he struggled to get out of his grasp. This pathetic human managed to get into this mess all on his own. He wound up in hell instead of heaven unlike he claimed he should have been there. Each demon had a job although everyone knew Lucias as their secret weapon. For now he simply gathered all the pathetic human souls that manage to come down here.
    The man struggled to speak trying to claw at Lucias's hand in attempt to be let free, "P-please.... your... c-choking me." The man managed to say.
    Lucias rolled his piercing red eyes out of annoyance, "Oh please. Its not like I am going to be able to choke you to death idiot."
    Lucias quickly cuts him off and smirks, "I can however do this." With one quick movement of his other hand he stabs the man right through the stomach with his bare hand, suddenly the guys struggles stop, his arms at his side, almost looking as if he died again. Suddenly the man turned into a light blue colored bright light then disappeared into Lucias arm. Blood was on his arm that he stabbed the man with. He brought his hand up to his mouth then licked some of the blood off. He scrunched his nose, "A little too sweet for my taste, " he said to himself then walked over to a tiny lantern putting the man's soul into it and securely locking it. He let out a sigh and he wiped the blood off of his hand, "Well I did my job for today," he looks up at the ceiling about to say something else to himself when a familiar deep voice filled his head.
    It was his father, 'Lucius... My son. I have a job for you I think you might enjoy."

    Lucius smirked and thought back, 'Really?... And what would that be?' He thought as he walked down the hallway.

    'You know Gabriel correct?'

    'The archangle?... Of course.'

    'Well did you know he had a daughter?'

    Lucius stopped at this sentence and there was a pause, '... No I did not. How dies this hold any importance to me?'

    'Well Gabriel has been a thorn in my side lately and I would appreciate it if my son, heir to the throne to deliver the message personally.'

    Lucius smirked, 'I like that idea...'
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  2. "Squish... Squish .... "

    Bara tried to mimick the sound her boots made as she walked. It was similar to the sound your shoes make after you've accidentally stepped in a huge puddle. Only in Baras case it was a puddle of blood. She had just come from another one of Fathers missions. What was it? A small heavenly troupe? Or rebellious group of demons? Bara couldn't remember. But it didn't really matter. They're all dealt with the same.

    Bara wandered down a path following the scent of fresh souls. It wasn't that she wanted to claim them she just enjoyed seeing the transition from life to death. They were always so puzzled when they arrived. It intrigued Bara. As she walked she began to talk to herself as usual. Her thoughts began to clash with so one else's words as her father began to speak to her telepathically. She tried to ignore it but couldn't help hearing bits and pieces. Something about some Angel named a Rumen and he had to be taken out before Lucifers target. Bars began to frown. This mean Lucius was involved. Probably another competition. Her father Abaddon was always looking to one-up Lucifer and he wasn't above using Bara to do it.

    She sighed. She didn't care about fathers petty pride. Instead, Bara wanted to go play with the new souls. As she approached the spot the new souls were to be happened upon an ugly site. There was a fresh new plaything with it's flesh being ripped upon, blood pouring out from a gaping wound, before it was engulfed. But that wasn't what came off as ugly. It was the creature that caused this. "Half blood." She whispered. In her usual enchanting voice. She didn't mean to come off so soft. It was her natural voice. She slipped off her her long silver ponytail to fall from it's bun. Under her robe she actually had a beautiful body but Bara almost always had it on.

    Bara stared at Lucius her ruby red eyes seemingly illuminating the surroundings.

    "I was going to play with that..." She muttered
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  3. "What the fuck is this place?!"
    Yelled a frightened Dimitri. He had just wakened inside a pool of corpses. His breath was heavy. He looked around. Left and right. Up and down. Red. Red. RED.RED! His mind screamed. Dimitri feared that color, for it was the color of death. I'm dead He thought. He dragged himself to what seemed like a flesh wall and leaned his back against it. Dimitri covered his mouth and nose. The stench was revolting and he was close to throwing up his insides. He closed his teary eyes and stood to his feet, his fingers brushing against the soft flesh beneath him. He opened his eyes and looked at his clothes, they were still on, bloody, sweaty.
    "What happened to me?"
    He muttered, his words slowly turning into an insurmountable sob.
  4. "Rumen! Rumen! Rumen!"

    The chant of the crowd still rang in the Angel's ears. He had a match with another heavenly warrior in good spirits and had come out the victor, as usual. A flash of light surrounded him and all the sweat and weariness left him. Heaven was a wonderful place. Even his clothes changed automatically.


    The voice of his Father rang in his mind.

    Yes, Father?
    There has been a slaughter at the hands of demons.
    Curse them. Where? Where do I go, Father?

    A map of sorts appeared in Rumen's head.


    Rumen stepped outside heaven's gates. He took a deep breath, in and out. Wings sprouted from his back and he dived down. He planned to help redeem these demons and set them upon the right path. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Even if the sinner was a demon. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. "Here I go!" he yelled, flying through the mortal realm, the air breezing through his golden hair. Soon, his destination came in sight. He retracted his wings, plummeting towards the ground. The ground trembled a bit upon his landing. With a big motion, he pulled his right fist back to his right hip and pointed his left arm straight out at the two demons, his legs shoulder-length apart, left in front of the right.
    "Halt demons! Today, repent upon your sins!" he shouted in a commanding voice. It appeared to be a small girl and a larger man. He would let them see the light today.
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  9. Lina sat on the higher balcony with her legs dangling off the edge as she read her book intently, slowly growing irritated. From her balcony she could see, and hear most of the things worth it in heaven, the colosseum was one of them. They were shouting and cheering. "Rumen" she thought aloud, "They keep blowing up his ego he's going to be too heavy to stay up here." She shook her head. "I wonder if humans or demons have to deal with matters such as this.

    With a soft scowl she slammed her book shut and spin around to face the house, and hopped off of onto the floor of her room. She hurriedly returned her book to its proper place in one of many bookshelves scattered about. She grabbed a long white cloak and threw it over her shoulders as she left.

    She opened the door and made her way to the circle hall at a quick pace. Her father wanted to see her, and she knew he didn't want her to take her time. Her father was impatiently tapping his fingers against a tabletop when she arrived. "Gab-" "Please, father." He sighed, "Lina.. It's coming more and more to my attention that activity in the Underworld had been more than at large here lately, increasingly so. That Lucifer has been a pain in my wing for as long as I can remember, he's up to something." Lina paused and stared at her father for a moment, "A. I'm pretty sure if more people are dying and going to hell, that's their fault, not his. And B. Why are you telling me this?" "You need to be ready.. If we go to war, or some other conflict happens, and something happens to me-" "Father, why don't you tell Aaron about all that stuff, he should take your place, not me. And for the last time,I will have nothing to do with that large headed, narc-" "That's enough, Lina. He's a good man, and it's a bonus to unite the two high families" Lina sighed, " I have to go, father." She hugged him quickly, bowed, then ran off in the opposite direction.
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  10. Lucius shot Bara a look. Fuck... he had no clue what the hell her problem always was but it seemed he always had to remind her who was superior here. She may be one of the top ranked demons... but he was the son of Lucifer god damn it. He would not allow someone such as herself to disrespect him.

    Just as he was going to tell her off he sensed an angle. He turned and sure enough it was a shorter male.

    "Half demons! Today, repent upon your sins!"

    Lucius scoffed and rolled his eyes and acted like he was cleaning out his ear with his pinky, looking bored, "Oh good. A goody two shoes came to visit me. Unfortunately I don't have time for a weakling such as yourself. So..." he then looked at Bara, "Woman! Take care of this clown and I expect you to follow my orders. I have business to attend to." And with that he was gone.

    Now... To find that bloody woman... He found himself in the place he despised most. Luckily this was where being a half breed came him handy... it would be hard for someone to detect that he was indeed a demon.

    As he was on the search he suddenly felt a smaller body bump into him. He let out a growl and glared, "Hey! Watch where you are going..." he sensed it... Gabriel's daughter.
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  11. The path in front of her was clear, she didn't have to stop for idle pleasantries or traffic, she could just get to where she was going, though she didn't guess she knew where that was, just away from discussions she didn't want to have, back to her books.

    A sound interrupted her thoughts, her gaze quickly changed to face it, but there was nothing there. She continued running, her long snowy hair covered her eyes for a brief moment, and in that brief moment, she crashed into someone, causing her to lose balance and stumble slightly.

    With a quick motion, she caught herself and regained her balance. Her hood fell to reveal a fair face behind a veil of winter. She raised a hand and moved the hair from her eyes with her middle and ring fingers. "How, there was no one there a second ago" she thought to herself. "I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't-" She paused when she saw him and recognized what he was, or at least part. "Who are you, and how did you get here?" Her thin brows furrowed in confusion as she examined him. She looked around quickly to see no one was there, thankfully. She could only tell because of extensive studies and a few experiences what he was, others would definitely take much longer to figure it out, except for maybe her parents.

    She normally didn't socialize with strangers so quickly, but the fact that he appeared out of nowhere, add was a demon, in heaven of all places, intrigued her curiosity far too much.
  12. "H-Hey! You cannot back down from a man-to-man...oh well," Rumen sighed, breaking his posture and letting his hands fall to his sides. He hadn't expected the demon to run away so confidently. Or was he really a demon? Something felt off about the guy. He elected to attend to some business over fighting an Angel? And called him weak? Real confident in himself for a guy who ran away at the sight of an Angel, Rumen figured. The Angel shook his head, deciding it didn't matter. "I shall track the courageous coward down later. Young girl, today, you will see the light!" he told the demon girl, resuming his pose.

    "I am Rumen Thune of Uriel and today you will recognize the error of your ways!" he shouted some more. "Do you wish to engage in a duel, or will you seek repentance? The choice is yours." He did not wish to fight if he didn't have to, but readied himself in case she refused. He wasn't gonna let this one escape like the other man had.
  13. Bara had never been so angry. "H-How dare he treat me like some peasant" Her words were muffled because of her anger. She began to get lost in her thoughts as usual, well talking to herself.
    ]" I'm gonna... You freakin.... Ugh!! "
    [She knew full well that Lucius had greater status but he was a halfie dammit! Bara started to throw a little tantrum. Stomping her feet and pouting, her face turning well. The scene would've been quite cute if the ground didn't shake when she stomped
    ]Her inside conversation was cut off by some lesser noise she hadn't even notice in all her rage. She sharply turned around facing the angel." Did you say Rumen? " Bara said in her usual soft tone. Her eyes beaming red making it clear that she was focused on non other than him. " How nice of my next target to come to me " As she spoke the atmosphere became noticeably colder and uncomfortable. She started talking to herself again. "Time to blow off some steam.."
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  14. "Who are you, and how did you get here?"

    Lucius scoffs. Yeah sure ok she seemed to have intrigued his interest but that didn't matter. He simply flashed her a cocky smirk and looked down at her with his crimson red eyes, "My, my. Hello I take it you are Gabriel's daughter correct? Just the person I'm looking for. I am honestly surprised you don't know about me..." his eyes glowed a bright red for a moment, "I am Lucius the son of Lucifer... And I plan on using you as a message for that damn father of yours. We are going on a trip I hope you're ok with that." He grabbed her by the wrist and teleported her to the underworld. He looked at one of his servants who immediately stood up straight, "My lord!... Back already?"

    Lucius chuckled, "Does it look like it? Tell my father I captured Gabriel's daughter...."

    He nodded, "Yes my lord!" And with that he rushed off.
  15. Rumen watched the demon girl throw a tantrum. It appeared he had been completely ignored.

    Am I going to have to go through my introduction...again?

    The girl's voice suddenly interrupted him.

    "Huh? Oh, uh, yes, I am Rumen. You know me?" he asked, somewhat surprised. He was popular up in heaven, but he wasn't sure of his status in the underworld. Well, at least this one wasn't going to run. Apparently he was a target. Not like that mattered to the Angel.
    "Alright! You blow off steam, and then once you're all nice and calm again, I'll show you the way!" he exclaimed, darting forward to rush down the demon before him. His right fist glowed with a warm light and he thrusted it forward at the demon girl.
  16. Lina sighed, she knew he probably had something to do with Lucifer, but had no idea he had a son, infamous as he is. "No, I've never heard of you, what is it with all of these men prancing around with helium filled heads?" She looked into his crimson eyes intently with her own confused bright blues.

    Okay, now she was really interested. "A message?" And her father thought something was going to happen to him.. Right. "A trip?-Hey!" She started to interject when he grabbed her. A burning sensation went into her back and within a second all she knew changed from pure light to fire and darkness, just like that. Was this the Underworld? It had to be.. More a response to shock than a legitimate question. "My Lord!" She turned quickly to the one who spoke, and as it scurried off she yanked her arm away.

    "Captured? You happened to bump into me and teleported, that's cheating. Hardly anything to boast about. And I have a name, thank you very much." Her interest peaked to the point she didn't even think about teleporting out herself, or even trying to fight. She brushed herself off and fixed her hair as she examined her new surroundings. Different. So much different. It was the only thing on her mind other than what was going on, and the curiosity of a strange feeling when she was grabbed.
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  17. He sighed and looked at her with irritation, "You have a big mouth you know that? And its not like it matters how I got you. I was searching for you anyways and- Wait! I don't have to explain myself to you," he scowled just as he was about to add to that sentence he noticed Rumen and Bara were just beginning to battle. He growled and yelled, "Hey! Woman! You have still not beaten him. Do I have to do everything around here!?!" He said, glaring at her furiously.
    He looked at Lina who was grabbed by two guards. One held each arm, "Ok good... Now we are gonna wait and see how long it takes for Gabriel to realize his precious daughter is missing." He had his guard up in case either Rumen or Bara attempted to attack him, "And I suggest you behave! I gave up battling an angle just to fucking get you!"
  18. "And you have a giant ego and like to hear yourself talk. Your turn." She looked over to the point of interest to the demon and shook her head. Just then two guards grabbed her by each arm, further fueling her irritation. "Fine" she retaliated. "Starting.."

    With a quick motion of her leg she swept the guard on the left off of his feet, causing him to fall and let go of her to try to catch himself, and with the momentum she already had going, she threw the opposite guard across the dark setting with surprising strength. His bones made a loud snap that echoed as he slammed into the wall.

    Immediately after she was done with that one, as the other tried to get up, she thrust her heel into the back of his head in such a way that rendered him unconscious. She then quickly dropped down and sat on the dead like figure below her and crossed her legs as if getting comfortable on a large cushioned chair. "Now. Starting now, I will behave." She flicked a bit of rubble from under one of her long fingernails. "Provided you people stop touching me." She added, not even looking at the demon.
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  19. Bara was focused on the incoming Rumen, her eyes narrowed as she took a wide stance. Of course her focus was blown away by Lucius' ranting. "I-I have a name!" She yelled back. Only he could irritate her to this point.

    Bara turned and continued to yell at Lucius. " Stop acting like I'm doing your dirty work! This is my m-" Suddenly Bara began to feel a warm sort of light approaching. She forgot all about the Angel and by now he was probably a few seconds away from her. Instead of fearing the impact she seemed more irate about being cut short mid-way of telling Lucius off.

    Instinctively and in one quick motion Bars spun around, ducked under the angels fist and stretch her palm outwards. Her palm landed perfectly in the middle of his chest, stopping him dead in his tracks. "D-Don't interrupt!" She hated when she stuttered. It took away from her seriousness. Bara jolted her outstretched arm forward. It looked like a simple push but thts simple motion had enough forced to send the Angel flying. Most creatures were lucky to come back from that with collapsed lungs or fractured ribs.
  20. Rumen looked at the male demon when he yelled.

    Huh. I guess we took a little long to start. He's already back. Maybe I should cut back on my intros. ...nah. It's probably cause she threw a tantrum. I almost had to do my intro twice. Huh, speaking of tantrums...

    The girl demon was yelling at the boy once again. Suddenly, her words were directed at him, waking him from his thoughts. "Whoops," he said, feeling her palm reaching his chest. His wings came out again and flapped once, sending himself in the direction of the impact to soften the blow. "You got guts! I like it!" he shouted, slowly landing back on the ground and retracting his wings.

    He turned his head towards Lucius to check if he planned to attack. He seemed defensive though, so he was going to turn back to Bara until he noticed something.

    "Huh? Gabriel's kid? What're you doing here?" he asked before remembering Lucius talking about getting her. "Kidnapping, eh? Well wait right there for me, I'll fight you right after this one!" he declared, turning back to and pointing at Bara. "Shall we continue?" he clenched his fists again as he asked.
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