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  1. After another argument the 7 Archangels and the 7 Demons plan to battle... little did they know the legend of what would happen if this battle took place... Something far worse would escape the earth destroying them all. A group of four fellow angels and demons discover this legend and must work together in order to prevent it from happening.

    -My Character Sheet-
    Name: Lucius Driuza

    Age: 200 but looks 21

    Height: 6 ft

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

    Species: Half Demon and Half Human.

    Parents: *Father* Lucifer, *Mother* Rorrehma Driuza

    Personality: Lucius is a violent, short tempered man. He is cocky, arrogant and refuses to follow orders from anyone. He is stubborn, tough, and has a very sarcastic and dark humor.... However despite all this he does have a kinder side to him from his human half, he rarely shows it to anyone because he sees being kind as weak so he rarely shows it. However if you do manage to get into his cold heart he will see a kinder side to him. He doesn't trust easily and rarely shows any emotions.

    Bio: Lucius has had an interesting past. His father 200 years ago decided to find himself a queen... What he didn't know was the woman that Ruby taking the role of the queen of the underworld was human. Yes despite the fact that she was human still managed to find stuff attracted to her. of course in the end she did wind up pregnant with Lucius. The agreement was after he was born she herself will be turned into a demon, which of course she accepted.
    200 hundred years later the Prince Lucius showed his wrath to anyone who stands in his way looks like his father. Even though the other demons attempt to teasing about being a half breed he will slit his throat within seconds. The other demons are now wise enough to never disrespect the Prince of the Underworld.


    *Writers Note: Not including myself I want there to be 3 more people in this RP. There will be 2 angels and 2 demons (one of the demons is of course me). I want the other demon to be a girl, and I want there to be a boy and a girl angel. Of course there will be some romance happening in this just like any other RP but I picture it as a AngelxDemon type of thing. This will create more conflict!*
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  2. (getting started on the demon girl bio )
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  3. @Adira, I'm literally in the process of making her, I probably should have posted that I was working on that character sheet with the original post. ^^'
  4. OOC: Yes you should have, but never mind then. Have a lovely rp!

    Edit: Also you should move all Character Sheets and OOC Chat to the OOC. And just so you are aware, You can not close the rp to new members. So if you were hoping to stick to 4 characters and not allow anymore I'll have to move this to a different forum. Again Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  5. Name:



    Body Type:






    For those of you like me who find it easier to copy and paste and then post (especially if you use mobile iwaku) ^^
  6. Haha thanks Zella!
  7. Name: Abara ( Everyone call her Bara except for her father)
    Age: 160 ( looks 16 )
    Height : 5'4
    Body type: slim/petite
    Species: Demon
    Parents: Abaddon ( Demon of a Destruction )

    Personality : Bara is mostly quiet. She doesn't talk anyone unless it's necessary and even then it's likely to be only a few words spoken from a soft calming voice. She does however talk to herself abit. And though she's withdrawn she has somewhat of a short fuse. Abara is a terribly lonely person but she doesn't have a tough shell. It's easy to get a reaction out of her. For example she snaps when better call her by her full name.

    Bio: Being the daughter of a demon as respected but mostly feared demon like Abaddon has led to an incredibly hard life for Bara. From the time she was a child she underwent harsh training to snuff out any weakness that may lay dormant in her. "kill...destroy..." That is all she remembered hearing for the first 100 years of her life. Whether it was other demons, angels, or even the occasional mortal town. Because of her power most demons feared her, which led to Bara becoming terribly isolated and lonely. Bara hated it. She hated feeling like a monster. This led to a slight detest for Lucius. She could tell he wasn't ALL monster like her and it irritated her. It made her jealous

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  8. AWESOME character sheet!
  9. Thank you :)
  10. I'm confused. Is it a jump-in or are the character numbers limited?

    If characters are limited:
    1. Why is it in jump-ins?
    2. What's open?
  11. Limited, male Angel is left.
  12. Name: Celina Elspeth "Lina"

    Age: Looks to be about 21 in human years, but has existed for a few hundred.

    Height: 5'5 1/2".

    Body Type: Thin, Fit(though not obviously muscular). Lightly curved at the waist like an hourglass.

    Species: Angel.

    Parents: Gabriel and Elspeth. (One of two families who rule/govern heaven)

    Personality: Lina is mostly closed off in the sense that she keeps to herself. She's very polite (at least out loud) but shy in her own way. Exceptionally neutral for an angel. Not angered easily, but hey, irritated and angry are two different things, right? Thankfully her respect and manners are usually what comes out of her mouth instead of her smart, sarcastic comments. Those usually stay in her head... Usually.. Much too curious for her own good, usually about things she shouldn't be curious about.

    Bio: Lina (at least in her own opinion) has a relatively boring life and past, especially for a "princess" among angels. Always curious, her father kept a close eye on her, two, actually. This resulted in her usually being rebuked before she ever found anything of interest or any real fun. That was at least until she learned better. She grew quieter.. More clever. Then she found some things that resulted in scars to remind her each day she got dressed, and each night she lay down to rest. But most of her life was spent studying things most didn't study in heaven, and being taught to become part of the high circle of angels, and to maybe take her parents place. She tried her best to avoid that and pawn it off on her brother. Outside of her family she was just the isolated angel, aside from when the males attempted to grab her attention and try their luck with her.
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  13. Ok great! Now we just need a male angle! :)
  14. Name: Rumen Thune of Uriel

    Age: 182 (Looks 19)

    Height: 5'10

    Body Type: Fit, but not imposing.

    Species: Angel

    Parents: (Father) Uriel and (Mother) Thune

    Personality: Cheerful and laidback. He enjoys helping people and is fairly simple-minded. However, he does have a strict code of honor that he always adheres to. Feels a compulsion to help those less fortunate than him, which is a lot of people.

    Bio: The son of two angels, Rumen had a relatively easy life. He was raised as a warrior of Heaven and was gifted with the power to match thanks to his heritage. The other warriors of heaven couldn't stand up to his overwhelming might. But he didn't let it get to his head. Well-liked, kind, and cheerful, everyone was jealous but few could get themselves to hate him. Of course, as the paragon of light, he must have a code of honor. He refuses unfair fights and will do anything to ensure justice is always served. He is already part of the higher circles of angels, thanks to both his birth and natural abilities, and is set to replace his Father soon. Though sometimes he resents his luck. When you know you've pulled the winning lottery ticket, that means you have to watch everyone around you pull the losing ones.

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  15. Awesome! I'll have a starter up in a bit! :)
  16. Hey everyone just wanna thank you all for waiting for each other to reply! Means alot cause I normally don't do group RPs due to the fact no one waits for others. REALLY appreciate it!
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  17. Just letting you know @Kaykay if Rumen calls him a coward to his face he would more than likely beat the shit out of him XD.
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