A new digital Chance: Digimon Recode



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[align=center]It's been some time since the worlds have seen conflict. The scars of battle have begun to fade, and the digital population has been able to recover from it's decline. To help unify the efforts to keep the peace, and ensure humans and digimon did not have to turn to war again, The Tamer's guild was formed to help bring them closer together.[/align][align=center]

But as the ages move on, a new wave of change has touched the worlds, as something has begun to fundamentally altar the structure of digimon kind. It's unknown where these changes will lead, or what is causing them. But one thing people will soon realize, is that change will come soon, and they need to be prepared for those would exploit it for their own ends. Come help take a new chance on the fate of the worlds, as digimon prepare for the Recode

A new Digital chance: Recode

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We run a Free Range Forum, with wide possibilities, and many ways to create yourself as a Tamer, Digimon, or more.

We have a newly redefined system set, to encourage fair play, and make your Role-playing worth while as your characters grow.

Create your own customizations, with your digivice, your own special digimon, and even your home's layout.

We now allow for multiple plots and sub plots to run on the board, with guidance from our humble staff to keep it in order. [/align]