A New Destiny in Krynn

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    Divinia maritime city
    Forests with Mist

    The Kingdom of Krynn was situated within a world known as Aithiria. Once a land that was open for exploration, a strange miasma has been plaguing the entire world for as long as anyone can remember. Typically just called the Mist due to its titualar fog that sweeps over the lands. Those who enter this fog begin to see visions of themselves experiencing other lives seemingly random, overwhelming the individual with out-of-body experiences. Those with a powerful sense of willpower may be able to resist for a time, but eventually the loss of their insanity is inevitable as these visions overtake the victim, losing sense of themselves from whatever supposed 'truths' they learn within these visions. Victims of the mist slowly die typically simply from being unable to do things like properly eat or realize they're in pain from something.

    Mists move sporadically through the lands, making paths once thought safe suddenly very dangerous. The mist typically moves slowly enough that one can evade it if they see it coming, but they will only have the span of a few minutes to find an escape, at best. Certain precious mana crystals can be used to dissolve the mist temporarily, but these are incredibly rare and precious artifacts.

    The Kingdom of Krynn itself is defined by lush forests, large channels of water that split into smaller rivers headed towards a far away ocean, lakes and mountains not too far off into the distance. The capitol and only city of Krynn, Divinia - Dividing Walls - is a city build within a network of water channels, some artificially dug and filled to help design the layout of the maritime city. Originally it was a fortress city called Avalon, but ever since the Mists sweeped through the lands, war between nations has become more complicated. Avalon had since expanded past its original walls, leading into the overall name of the city as Divinia. This name has even further meaning, however, as travel from east to west or vice versa is blocked by the walls and waters of Divinia itself, up until rugged cliffsides and difficult terrain block travel instead.

    Divinia is populated primarily by humans and elves, but due to it being a maritime city there are a fair number of halflings, dwarves and even some exotic 'monster' species - or species considered to be 'Lesser' races by the Krynn Kingdom. Being called lesser rightly implies their prejudiced position in society, often deeply distrusted and stereotyped as savages, bandits, thieves, cultists... they have it rough. At best, they can typically find work at the lowest rungs of society.

    Divinia's leadership is a rather corrupt and contrived society run by a royal family that is trying its best to keep the city together under their rule. Other noble families outside of the royal family are easilly bribed and swayed by influential guilds within the city, subverting any real form of central control. The royal family's loyal guard and their own Shipwight's Guild are the biggest tricks up in the royal family's family's sleeves.

    Aithiria itself has not had any deities that have answered prayers for as long as people can remember. Only monsters who pray to the mist itself can be granted 'divine' succor in the way of dark spells, The gods have all but been forgotten, and hence the King and Queen have lost whatever divine right the people might have believed they had. It's only a matter of time before the status quo changes...

    • Shortroot Forest
      • A small, relatively sparse forest east of Divinia, Shortroot Forest was named for its trees deceptively small roots within the forest. It earned its name after a famous mudslide a long time ago. The easternmost part of the Shortroot Forest has seen some extensive logging operations from Divinia..
      Eastern Root Road
      • The road that The Dreamer's Reprieve is located. It is east of Divinia, though the road only goes north-south within the Shortroot Forest east of Divinia.
    • Dreamer's Reprieve
      • The Dreamer's Reprieve was what you would imagine many roadside taverns throughout the Kingdom to be like. Each one might've had their own personal flair, true, but each had an almost formulaic design. The Dreamer's Respite was alongside a flat path carved into a very rugged series of hills. The road was once the site of a great mudslide that had happened nearly a century ago. Excessive logging another portion of the city had weakened the roots holding the dirt together and a poorly timed rainstorm came soon afterward A tiny ravine had been formed from the mudslide, and it was found that this ravine made for a great, surprisingly level framework for road. Sure, that meant excessive rain would flood the roads... but that was not too common.

        Because of this, however, some unique positioning was necessary for the Dreamer's Respite. They were build upon a small cliff side facing the road, a short but winding path leading up from the road towards the tavern. Soft lanterns atop of well kept wooden fences adorned the path leading up, with a small nook built near the base of the path to store things like horses and wagons. The very top of the tavern had some tables set up near the front wooden porch and a pair of modest doors leading into the main floor.

        The main floor of the lobby was the more formulaic part of the tavern. For example, there were several benches and stools away from tables and the bar, places where bards and other performers could hang out and work for prestige, gil or whatever takes their fancy. The bar counter itself was directly opposite of the entryway and spanned nearly the entire width of the building, with only a small locked door to the left and a set of stairs leading up to the right. In-between the bar and the entry door were more tables furnished with chairs, a few with oil lanterns and whatever else some patrons may have left behind.
    • Phoenix Knights
      • The elite military branch of the Krynn Kingdom.
      Griffon Guard
      • A defensive branch of the Krynn Kingdom's military, specializing as border police. Their symbol is obvious.
      Shadow Mists
      • A cult formed by monsters whom worship the Mists that plague the world. They are granted divine powers through their prayers to the mists, often resulting in spells of a caustic nature. Their symbol is a dark purple dash with curved ends, a hyphen bisecting the dash, and two dots at the bottom left and top right of the symbol..
      • An unknown organization supposedly related to the Shadow Mists. However, their robes contain both a blood red version of the Shadow Mists symbol, and another symbol. A half-circle pointing up nearly enclosing a red orb. Below that half-circle is one full circle attached to it, smaller than the one above. Then, finally, there was another half circle pointing down that encloses nothing.
    • Cade Maresword
      • A cold human Griffon Guard whom may not be quite as chilly as she initially lets on. She is currently suffering some form of curse that has made her into an orc instead.
      Kylith Fenouden
      • An elven man with likely Elementalist connections who does cartography as a hobby.
      • A human who runs the Dreamer's Reprieve Tavern.
      Ser 'Richard'
      • A kitsune ranger of varying motivations..
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  2. The Dreamer's Respite was what you would imagine many roadside taverns throughout the Kingdom to be like. Each one might've had their own personal flair, true, but each had an almost formulaic design. The Dreamer's Respite was alongside a flat path carved into a very rugged series of hills. The road was once the site of a great mudslide that had happened nearly a century ago. Excessive logging another portion of the city had weakened the roots holdind the dirt together and a poorly timed rainstorm came soon afterward A tiny ravine had been formed from the mudslide, and it was found that this ravine made for a great, surprisingly level framework for road. Sure, that meant excessive rain would flood the roads... but that was not too common.

    Because of this, however, some unique positioning was necessary for the Dreamer's Respite. They were build upon a small cliff side facing the road, a short but winding path leading up from the road towards the tavern. Soft lanterns atop of well kept wodoen fences adorned the path leading up, with a small nook built near the base of the path to store things like horses and wagons. The very top of the tavern had some tables set up near the front wooden porch and a pair of modest doors leading into the main floor.

    The main floor of the lobby was the more formulaic part of the tavern. For example, there were several benches and stools away from tables and the bar, places where bards and other performers could hang out and work for prestige, gil or whatever takes their fancy. The bar counter itself was directly opposite of the entryway and spanned nearly the entire width of the building, with only a small locked door to the left and a set of stairs leading up to the right. In-between the bar and the entry door were more tables furnished with chairs, a few with oil lanterns and whatever else some patrons may have left behind.

    There was a relatively gentle atmosphere in the tavern today, a mood only partially set by a nearby human bard who seemed to be playing improv with a halfling of the fairer sex, though she was using a flute. Most patrons seemed to be huddled around one corner of the room, all dressed up as sellswords and merchants playing and betting on card games. It made sense, considering how there were several wagons stationed outside. They could be a bit rowdy, but they were almost the only patrons in the tavern at the time.

    There was a pale yet exceedingly tall elf bartering with the barkeep of the Dreamer's Reprieve, a fair human woman with black hair and brown eyes. Elves native to the forests of Krynn were often rather tall, but this one was arguably a little over seven feet tall. He seemed relatively young, perhaps for an elf, but his demeanor was no less privileged. He was dressed in a well-equipped black robe, housing a variety of leather belts holding small bottled concoctions and other assorted satchels to dig through. He wore boots and slacks that were well suited to travel and a large, unworked wooden stave clipped to his back via yet another leather strap, though this time on a traveller's backpack. The tool of elementalists, mages who entered a friendly relationship with the stern wills of the four elements. At the side of this

    On the counter were several rolled-up parchments of paper, though some were currently sitting open on the counter as well. They were all maps, all drawn up in varying levels of detail and purpose. The white haired elven man was discussing something with the lady across the counter, speaking calmly and with a gentle yet somewhat hesitant tone, "I assure you. Ma'am. You... you would benefit a lot if you. Well. Sold these maps. Right? Here." He didn't wait for the lady to answer his apparently rhetorical question, picking up one map to show her, "I've recorded the current paths of mists travelling throughout this entire part of the forest. The legend explains how to tell at what time each point of the map will be covered in mist. I sell you these. Maps. Then, you sell at a profit!" He seemed rather enthused about his works of cartography at least, "Right?"

    The woman furrowed her brows and shook her head, "Ah, no. I'd need some sorta reputation for sellin' maps like that, don'tcha think? That'd require buying a *lot* of your maps, for a long time," she explained, much to the elf's disappointment. Still, the man did not seem to dwell on it too long, "Ah. Well, if you insist. Care to serve some orange mead instead, then?" The barkeep shook her head slowly in response, "Ah... 'fraid I don't serve that. Fresh outta oranges for awhile ago," a revelation that only brought despair to the poor man! He buried his head in his hands on the counter, letting out a sad "Damn..." as he lamented his poor luck.
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  3. Warm lights beckoned her from the darkening street. The building was primarily made out of stone and wood and the people inside would boast that they were made out of the same. The guard smoothed her short black hair with an armored hand. She had been on patrol for the past twelve hours and was in desperate need of something to calm her nerve. The rotted stairs groaned under the weight of her armor and large sword. The tavern was in an abundant supply of the local population of monster-like people. Gruff voices spoke and ragged teeth smiled at her when she entered, for she was one of the only humans in this region she knew of. She nodded to a few friendlier figures as well as the ones she had already dealt with. As a guardswoman in these parts, you had to set prejudice aside as much as you can. She steadily walk to the bar, right foot heavy, left dragging a little.

    “Evenin’ Miss. Elly.” Her voice was a lower octave than most of her gender, but it was cool and passive.

    “Aye, what could I get for you M’lady?”

    “The usual, thanks.”

    The barmaid filled a worn tankard with a swirling gold liquid. The Guard lifted the brew to her lips and drank half of it in one go.

    “Rough day?” The barmaid asked.

    She grunted in agreement as Elly swiftly moved to tend to another patron. It seemed to be an elf who, to her annoyance, cluttered the table with parchment. The golden liquid stilled and in the reflection was a woman with deep blue eyes that seem to once instill hope, now conceal darkness. She tapped the metal side of the mug lost in thought. The day had be a long one in deed, and this disturbing elf was adding to its length. She rested her tired head on her hand as she played with the remaining liquid in the mug. The elf was rambling now, but did not seem to pose a threat so she ignored the chatter and silently reflected on the day’s events of, stopping merchants who don’t have correct papers, throwing the hopelessly drunk back into the hole they called home, and trying to keep peace between the different species.

    She drunk the last of the swirling gold and retreated to a corner of the tavern to listen to the sweet music in peace.
  4. Miss Elly kept somewhat nearby after (somewhat failing) to serve the elf. She seemed to think a moment, considering something to suggest to the man, perhaps... but she kept quiet. There would be other business and sometimes patrons to deal with, in time.

    The mystery man stood up from his place on the counter, looking down on his paper posessions for a time. He was about to pack up the maps on the counter, up until he noticed the presence of the armored figure. His eyes lit up almost immediately when he processed her visage, though when he spoke he did not move from standing upright. Instead, he towered over her. He seemed rather kindly, though - a gentle visage as opposed to a more severe or otherwise serious frame that so many elves had, "Well! You look like you'd get a fair amount of. Of... travel. Of travel, yeah. Right?" He locked his hands behind his back, nearly grinning as he looked down to the fair but somewhat gruff lady. The elf continued, unabated by any silence or attempts to stop him without physically shutting him up, "My name is Kylith Fenouden. I'm something of an. An... adventurer, though I spend a lot of time making maps. I pride myself for an attention to. Detail. So!" The pale man grabbed one of his maps, showing it off to the woman. If she actually humored the elven adventurer, she would have seen that he was holding a map of the forest surrounding the Dreamer's Repreive.

    This map had a clear and concise representation of the road and trees that surrounded the roads. There were several uniquely shaded shapes on the map - shading done only with horizontal lines, vertical lines, forwards slashes and backwards slashes. There was a legend near the bottom left of the map which showed a box mimicking each of the four shaded shapes. Each type of shading had a start and end date. Kylith helped explain it himself, "This is a projection of the movement of mist through the lands in this area. I find my predictions by studying the wind itself, though. Though... I also. Well, like to think that I have a. Knack. For making very accurate mist predictions."

    Kylith gave the black-haired guardswoman a smile, "Useful, yeah? I sell them at a low cost, as far as maps go. Are you interested at all?" He asked, making no attempt to hide his eagerness.
  5. The Guardswoman looked up at the elf who called himself Kylith. Scorn entered her mind at the disturbance. Before she could shoo him away, the elf kept right on talking. The map he had was well written and organized. Many a merchant would do anything for this information, so the question persists on why exactly he came to Dreamer’s. She thought over his request for a mere moment before standing up. Her forehead could only reach the bottom of his sternum when she fully stood. A wave of disdain threaded through her mind. This elf is far too loud and talks as much as a drunk fool. She tilted her head to meet his eyes.

    “You are mistaken Sir, I am no traveler. I’m a guard whose duty is to protect this province. If you need to sell your maps, sell them to the merchants who pass through this area. If you have an issue with that you may speak to my commanding officer.”

    The harshness of the words seemed to have slightly affected the poor elf and guilt now plagued her mind. She had a bad day but it was childish to take it out on him. The guardswoman sighed and held out her right hand.

    “My name is Cade Maresword, if you need help talking to some of the merchants I know a few of them who needed my help in getting here. I, believe, they would very much like your maps."

  6. There was no small level of some confusion when the woman Kylith was speaking to... stood up. Her reply was to stand, prompting a response in the form of an arched left brow and just the slightest hint of a grimace on his lips. In fact, he even seemed to take a step back himself, even though the woman before him was not quite as tall as he was. Kylith was not jumpy, besides his grimace there was no hint of panic or anxiety being wordlessly spoken from his body save for that single step back. Perhaps he was merely being respectful of the guard's own personal space?

    Whatever the case may be, Cade had a fair bit to say to the elf just as he had to her. Overall, her response had not been entirely unexpected. Had he paid attention, the emblem of the Krynn Griffon Guard would have been visible on the shoulder-plate of her armor, designating her as a servant of public security throughout the rough-and-tough lands of the Kingdom. The titular eagle with a lion's body itself was sitting stoically with the emblem of a shield placed between its two front talons. That was why the answer was not unexpected; Kylith was a man of finding details! A symbol such as that wouldn't have gone past his aquamarine eyes unnoticed.

    Still... her response was cold. Very cold. It was off putting, almost like Kylith himself could feel a shiver down his spine from her response. Even so, Kylith wouldn't back down that easily. No, he instead shook his head at the woman in response, "Me, an issue with you refusing to buy my maps? No. No, that's not it at all. It would be selfish to just. Just... expect people to buy my wares. And I can hardly blame your. Well. Your... attitude. Truly, nobody likes being bothered. Probably, after a long day, yeah?" he mused, now returning to packing away his parchments of paper just as he had originally intended to. The elven cartographer continued on as he worked, "I'm on... hiatus, let's say, from the Elementalist's guild. So, to pass the time, I figured I would develop one of my favorite pastimes," he paused, thinking for a moment on his words. The elf sighed, "I don't need to sell my maps. It just helps pay for the food and supplies used to make them. What I really want is to have my maps have an impact on people."

    Kylith returned his full attention back to Cade once he was finished packing, just in time for her to sigh, make a gesture with her right hand and introduce herself. The young elf inclined his head respect as he, somewhat hesitantly, moved to shake her hand with his own right one, "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm afraid everyone willing to trust my maps here has already received one, however," He returned his right hand to his side, assuming Cade did not pull a fast one on the elf or something. There was a tone of some gratitude in his next sentence, "But, thank you for lightning up on me. I really appreciate the gesture."

    The gentle, subdued bustle of the tavern continued on as the guard and the adventurer introduced themselves, all-around ignorant of the rather casual interaction going on near the bar counter. The bard happened to play an enduring string during his joint improv performance with the halfling lady. With the long note 'playing' the music for him, he took that opportunity to kneel down and use his free hand to gently lift the woman's chin for a gentle peck on the lips, all in a single flourish. Then, he continued on strumming as if nothing had happened, causing the halfling to be pretty overall flustered! The card-playing merchants didn't seem to be having as sweet of a time, a brief roar of commotion bursting out as someone folded their hand and caused a whole deal of ruckus as a single man scooped up all their earnings.

    Kylith glanced to the patrons and performers of the tavern, shrugging his shoulders for a moment before looking up to Cade, "You are a guard stationed in the region here, yeah? Well, I'd like your assistance in travelling further north from here," his request was suggesting he was travelling deeper into the forest. The young man nodded, "Whenever you have time; looks like you're taking a break or perhaps going off of duty. Yet, I'd rather trust you than the... other sorts with swords here..." Kylith made a sidelong glance towards one of the sellswords not currently in anyone's employ, a man with a longbow resting by his dide.. Considering the bizarre, overly fluffy set of blond multiple tails and pointed ears that the donned, he was not of any of the High Races. Kylith's glance was narrowed for a moment, up until the elf looked back to Cade, "Are you available?"
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  7. The second Cade let her hand fall to the side she gripped the hilt of her sword with her left. She knew the question that was coming next. Oh, brave and fearless adventurer please, I beg of you, help me! Only to be backstabbed and ambushed, surrounded by mist or worst. Cade thought of the two previous tracks out there and frowned. The soft light from the fireplace put a gold glow on the steel she carries. The arm gripping the sword laid out slightly in front of her. Inscribed on the metal gauntlet were words her mother had said all the time when she was just a pup.

    Even a Blue Jay whose wings are clipped.

    Can still learn to sing…

    Cade’s gaze shot back up and sized the elf. They would have to face quite a lot together, bad terrain, monsters, and the bandit clan who call themselves Mist Shadows. The group of savages would stalk the mist’s movements and loot the bodies that got snared in its trap. Luckily they would be traveling light, so terrain isn’t much of a problem, and if they avoid being cornered the other problems disappear as well. Cade noticed Kylith looking uneasily at Sir. Richard whose bow is the longest piece of equipment he has. Though it is unwise to say that to him, Cade had found out he isn’t much of a fighter. If Kylith chose him they’d be dead before morning. Cade smiled inwardly at the thought, since it was portrayed that this elf had a bit of prudence around those who were considered not of a high species. She had half a mind to ignore his request and watch him flail, but she wanted to become a knight, and that wouldn’t be such a great start.

    “I accept, we meet here at dawn tomorrow morning.”

    Cade swiftly pulled out a small throwing dagger with the Guardsman symbol and her name inscribed on the hilt. With pin point accuracy she threw it to the other side of the room and it buried itself into the wooden door frame. The blade was perfectly level and right at heart height for the elf.

    “The deal has been set.”

    “Do not be late.” Cade sneered.

    The music had stopped the second the blade hit the wood. All the patrons watch Cade start to walk out, right foot heavy, left dragging a little. As she crossed the threshold of the doorway, a great cheer rang out and the music started once more. She made her way to her commander’s office, and during the walk the guard let out a hearty chuckle.
  8. Once the offer was out there, Kylith found himself regarding the human curiously. She was definitively thinking of something, but what? Her expression did not change overly much, so it gave little for the elf to mull over. Was she truly just cold to her core? Just as she inwardly smiled, he inwardly sighed, keeping his own expression locked to that of an elven man rubbing his chin in thought. Ms. Maresword was a Griffon Guard. There were a lot more monsters outside of Divinia itself, so it was reasonable for the young elf to suppose that she must have seen and dealt with many monsters. They could not be trusted, no matter how much you wanted to believe in the good that any living heart could contain. As a guard, however, she would be hard pressed not to be unjust to the monsters whom did not openly associate with bandits and cultists. Perhaps, she had been pushed just a few too many times too...\

    Whatever the case, the guard dutifully agreed, much to Kylith's relief. He trusted his own skills to be sure, though travel in small groups was very often the safest. That relief was almost immediately broken when the guard suddenly drew a light dagger. The elf's eyes grew wide immediately, a hand reflexively reaching for his stave as his legs shifted to prepare for the worst-case-scenario. Was she just like-

    Then, the guard threw the knife not at Kylith but through the air and into a poor, innocent doorframe. Although still somewhat shaken by the sudden perceived threat, Kylith found the self control to relax as he recalled the meaning of her stunt. Although perhaps a more unorthodox and intimidating method of execution, it was a knight's oath to serve and protect to the end of a journey. At least, that was the understanding he fell upon once the human made her leave with the mention of a deal. Kylith let the woman walk away in peace.

    Turning to sit right back down on the stool he had occupied minutes before, Kylian tried to get the attention of the barmaid once more. Even if they didn't serve orange mead... he could really use something to burn away the anxiety that had built up in his chest.


    The rest of the day went fairly for the area in and around the Dreamer's Reprieve. The merchants playing card games moved on by the break of dawn. The two bards had stayed for many bells, but they left the tavern eventually as well. Many of the patrons came and went, some retiring to a room much like Kylith had done himself. He awoke recharged and refreshed, getting ready for the day's activities ahead. Just as Cade had commanded, it was bright and early by the time he stepped out of the inn room. Even the blond tailed monster, a 'kitsune' shapechanger if Kylith wasn't mistaken, was missing from the main floor of the Dreamer's Reprieve.

    The elf would have walked up to Cade if she were waiting, but otherwise he would be the one who had to wait.
  9. The morning had gone as smoothly as it could. Her questing leave had passed far quicker than usual and was given a spare day off once she returned to boot. Her pack was a standard issue Griffon Guard traveling back. It held the basics, bit of food, flint, bandages and a small neatly packed bedroll. Knowing about the dangers she decided speed would be their best bet and only carried a handful of throwing knifes and her trusty longsword. The life of the tavern was dead that morning, no one moving inside and the drunkards are sleeping soundly along the stone foundation. Not wanting to intently disturb somebody sleeping, Cade swiftly climbed the small staircase and gently opened the old oak door.

    “CADE MARESWORD!!” Shouted Elly from the far side of the room.

    “Oh dear.”

    “DON’T YOU “Oh dear” ME! When will you learn to stop throwing your knives into my door?!”

    The barmaid stomped over to the Guard and proceeded to scold her. Elly’s head only reached her chin so Cade let out a sweet smile.

    “Well actually I hit the door frame.”

    Elly’s face went from pink to pure red. She grabbed Cade’s ear and forcefully tugged her over to Kylith. The elf in question was stunned as Cade was eventuality let go, but was clocked on the crown of her head. The grunts of ire could now be heard from outside at the ruckus.

    “Will you take care of this dalcop for me Kylith?” Elly gestured to Cade.

    The barmaid stomped off before he could answer and proceed to rid the front stoop of loitering men. Cade awkwardly rubbed her ear to get rid of the pain and compose herself.

    “Sorry you had to see that. Miss. Elly has known me for a long time that’s all.” Cade realized that entertainment flooded his eyes. Her stare narrowed as to pierce his soul.
  10. Oversensitive ears caused the young elf to cringe when the shouting woman's voice pierced his waking brain. And the morning seemed like it was going to go so smoothly, too...

    Regardless, Kylith took in the dispute between the two women, his own eyes trailing towards the door frame, wood still split by the dagger that had been thrown into it. The elf still keenly remembered that moment - it wasn't often that a guard drew steel on him. Or near him, as was actually the case that time. Still, he preferred keeping blades far from his person. As might have been expected, Kylith couldn't help but smile somewhat as the barmaid treated the guard with such ferocity, but he made a point to wipe that look from his face within moments. It was more important to him to treat them with respect, both Cade's embarrassment and Elly's misfortune. Though, Kylith may have also been motivated by the wish to keep any anger from being directed at him.

    The elven man nodded gently to Elly as he regarded her, "Well, we will both be taking care of each other. The roads can be dangerous to anyone, regardless of standing or race. So, don't you worry," he assured. He figured that was the best response in this situation; hopefully it was a nice, diffusing way to appease both the angry and the embarrassed. Then, Kylith turned his full attention to the poor guard. Whether she deserved the chewing out that was handed to her, he felt that hardly warranted the glare that he received from Cade. Originally planning to let the entire thing slide, the elf gave her a smirk instead, "Oh, just a long time? Unless I knew any better, it seems as if you two are betrothed." His smirk only widened. Relations between two women in Krynn were not unheard of... but they would definitively be seen as queer by the common folk of the High Races.

    "I assume you're ready to head out, then? Because I am."
  11. Color dissipated from her cheeks at the mention of her and Elly’s relationship. Her eyes dipped to the wooden floors. She grabbed the hilt of her sword to hide the shaking of her hand. A deep breath and the moment had passed. Cade retreated into a freezing voice.

    “Yes, it is dawn, so I am ready. Let’s go"

    Cade did not speak another word until they were very deep into the forest. The trees were incredibly large, which lead to vaulting over the massive roots. A few hours of silence led them to a clearing of supple earth untouched for hundreds of years. There was a small spring in the middle with old ruins on the north end. According to Kylith’s maps the mist wouldn’t bother them for the better part of a day. Monsters on the other hand would. They have been fortunate that only lesser creatures have found them. Still Cade keeps her sword within arms reach when they sit down for a quick meal. If Kylith had been talking it was to a wall the entire morning. Out from nowhere Cade finally speaks.

    “Miss. Elly and I have never and will never be in a relationship like you’ve suggested.”

    The elf looked like he was going to say something so Cade lowered her voice to an icy growl.

    “That is all you need to know.”
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  12. The response that Kylith got from the human was a little surprising, if not a bit gratifying. Ultimately, Kylith hoped that would tone down her attitude a bit, though time would tell. There would be certainly plenty of time off on the road to tell! So, the white haired elf had no objections to getting a move on immediately. He nodded and followed Cade out of the tavern. The two travelers were greeted by a sun that had just risen, casting a unique shadow over the forest that they were in. Nothing had changed outside since the last day, so making their way down the path towards the road was a simple task.

    "Going north, we'll be headed towards the town Venderlight. That's the destination." He explained, nodding lightly to himself considering how Cade had gone silent. Turning to their right from the path leading to the Dreamer's Reprieve, the two travellers began to make their way north. The road that they traversed upon was in a small sort of ravine, cliffsides facing them at either side. It was a great place for highwaymen to set up camp, but it was also one of the only accessible paths through this particular forest. This road was also rather scenic; there were old, gnarled roots that had been exposed from the mudslide years ago, poking out of the cliffs at either side.


    Eventually, they strayed from the path. Kylith regarded Cade with an arched brow, "This is an odd path. I would suppose you know the region pretty well, right? Seems like we're still vaugely headed towards our destination, though." He supposed. Then, Kylian's stomach growled. That's right... he hadn't had much to eat before leaving. Whether Cade was hungry or not, it seemed she was ready to set up for a bit of a meal herself. Considering how unresponsive she seemed to be, Kylith didn't even bother talking much himself. He just took in the silence, taking out his rations along the makeshift natural camp that they were residing in. Some bread and preserved jelly.

    Then, out of nowhere, Cade finally spoke to him. Her mind had been on his quip the entire time?! To have had such a profound effect... either she was sensitive, or he had actually mentioned something very awkward. Maybe, they were actually related? Kylith was about to ask when Cade made sure he stayed quiet. With a shrug of his shoulders, the young elf nodded to her lightly, "I understand. I won't bring it up."

    As the two of them ate, a twig snapped somewhat nearby, within the shade of tree canopies and shrubs. Kylith's left ear flicked, though as his eyes glanced about the forest, he did not see anything. The elf looked towards Cade, "I think we should get a move on. We've stayed put long enough," he explained, having finished his little meal. He closed his pack and replaced it on his back, moving towards Cade to help her with anything she might've been doing - investigating the noise, packing up, moving out, whatever.

    However, just as Kylith approached them a sudden burning sensation overtook both of them, accompanied by a sparkling light surrounding both of them. Cade would have felt a dull burning sensation, though Kylith seemed to be in a lot more pain as he let out a short yell and dropped to his knees. There was no way to dodge whatever strange sickness or spell that had suddenly overcome them, nor was there a readily apparent source but themselves. However, that changed quickly...

    The sound of more leaves and twigs being disturbed echoed around Cade and Kylith, its souce coming from one direction. These people or creatures were still a distance away, but they were closing fast. Kylith himself seemed to be in so much pain that the most he could do was lie buckled over on the floor, "Nngh... what?"

    In less than a minute, one figure emerged from behind a series of trees and shrubs, effortlessly shoving any soft plant life out of its way. This individual was standing on two legs, though most of their visage was not easy to discern due to the large black robe that covered them from head to thigh, black leggings complimenting the robe. The robe itself was decorated with black lines and two strange symbols and the person's head was shrouded by both a hood and a mask. As for any kind of weapon, the only thing the figure had in their hands was actually wrapped around them, a pair of grey large cloth gloves on. However, this figure was approaching the two afflicted travelers at a brisk walking speed.
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  13. It felt as if she was being trampled. The blast or whatever it was seemed that it was stopped mostly by her armor. But that was far from the truth. Cade awoke a moment later on her back, the pain was magical indeed with the intensity circling around her heart and racking her brain. She mashed her teeth in order to throttle the scream of agony rising in her throat. The guard focused everything she had into motions she should do. Get up. Grab the sword. GET UP. They had taught her during training to push through pain. Fumbling slightly Cade unsheathed her sword and stabbed it into the soft earth. She was now on her knees her longsword holding most of her weight. Sparks of pitch black and dark purple energy encased her. She saw Kylith struggling as well and her fears of betrayal had past. The figure was closing the distance on them quickly. GET UP her mind screamed at her.

    The clinking metal and labored pants came from the girl as she rose to one leg then another. Her sword that was previously used as a cane is now in front of her in a defensive stance.

    “My, my, look at you.” Slithered the stranger’s voice

    While watching the cloaked figure, Cade slowly made her way to Kylith. The stranger stopped less than ten feet away, waiting, no, watching. The guard kept one eye on him and the other tended the elf. His eyes were dilated and skin was pale.

    “What did you do to him, Demon?!” Cade shouted.

    “Him?” The stranger chuckled.

    Cade was now so full of rage that the pain was now gone. She shook no longer in agony but now in fury. She charged the figure. A bolt of green lightning streaked towered her. It missed as she ran forward. The unlucky tree behind her was not spared, it bubbled and melted into a pool of acid. The mage turned to run away but was sliced in the back. On his last few moments of breath he turned to reveal the lower half of his mask broke away. His skin was a sickly yellow covered in bumpy warts.


    Before Cade could perform the finishing blow, the figure had vanished. Once the danger had passed all the pain that was ignored came rushing back. Her sword made a soft thud on the ground as Cade stumbled a few steps back and collapse back to the ground. The blue sky greeted her calmly. The edges of the clearing grew darker and soon the blue of the sky faded out.
  14. ⇤-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⇥

    Cade next awoke feeling a great weight nestled in their chest, yet a flighty weightlessness about her body at large. It was a sensation that would easily be seen as conflicting and confusing, yet existing simultaneously all the same. The reason for the 'feathery' feeling would have become apparent very quickly, however; the woman was not situated against any solid ground. Instead, she was surrounded by an endless black void in the outfit she had been born with, devoid of any sensation of falling or of light. Sounds were apparent, however, such as whenever her hands brushed up against her body or whenever she spoke. Her voice traveled through this strange expanse without any manner of echo. Any attempts to move would be relatively futile; her body was not frozen, but there was no way to actually move about. What's more, if Cade were to observe her own body, she would find a black fog was severely limiting how far her vision went. Besides that fog, however, her body seemed to be plenty lit up, as if light surrounded her at all sides.

    The woman's mind would have been completely intact as well; her memory of the most recent events would not be hidden away from her recollection. Regardless of whatever she tried to think or act upon, however, the events in this strange expanse would proceed unabated. or, perhaps 'event' was a better term; there was only a single, distant voice which began to speak. This voice was unfamiliar though clearly feminine in tone, yet it also seemed incomplete. The voice would speak for a time and be understood, yet then there would be a lapse where the voice became an unidentifiable noise,

    "You must ⑇⑄⑀sten. ⑉fic⑅⑁⑂. They cycle ⑈⑆⑃⑂. They w⑀⑊ kill. Look within ⑄⑀⑉⑆. You c⑁ll Avalon. Time ⑁imited. Together ⑀⑊⑈sten⑉ w⑀⑊ ⑁m⑂rove."

    Before Cade could think very long on these words or lack thereof, the black mist thickened, blotting what little vision she had, simultaneously numbing every sense she had. The voice tried to speak more, but the mist was blocking any further sound from reaching her ears. Then, finally, the weight in her chest disappeared.


    Cade next found herself waking up right where she had last lost consciousness. The sun was somewhat past the highest point of the sky, already moving towards the horizon to set sometime in the future - meaning there was still some daytime left. However, there was a peculiar sight blocking her vision to the sky. The amber eyes, the three horizontal face paint stripes under his left eye, and those brown/gold fox ears poking out from the top of his head as opposed to human ears at his sides. The longbow strapped to his back. It was Mr. Richards!

    Like most kitsune of Krynn, he seemed to be young and appeared effeminate, though the fair monster had gone on record several times saying he was, in fact, a guy, and well into his thirties at that even though he looked more to be sixteen or seventeen. He was nudging the woman below with his right foot curiously, "Hmm..."

    As for the environment surrounding Cade, Kylith was nowhere to be found. There were two black-and-red robes lying on the ground several meters away, however... lying flat and crumpled as if there was no body within the robes. One of the two robes had a massive, bloodied gash on the back, while another had an arrow right in the back.
  15. The light was so bright when her eyes opened. There was a figure slightly blocking the sun and she could not make out his face. Her first instinct was to reach for her weapon, but she couldn’t find it within arms reach. As the figures face unraveled Cade remembered the previous events.

    “Where is he?! What did you do to him?!”

    “Quite! I have questions for you first. Like what the hell are you doing in Griffin Guard armor? And where is the woman and elf that passed through these forests?”

    She could see his face clearly now and Sir. Richard was looking down on her. They never really got along but this was odd even for him. She made a move to sit up and received a nocked arrow pointed at her throat.

    “Do not make another move, Orc. I will not hesitated to kill you.”

    “Oh come on Sir. Richard, we both know you could never beat me in an accuracy contest.” Cade chuckled

    They both froze and looked terrified at each other in silence. Cade slowly sat up with no objection from the archer. Her half plate armor covered most of her person, but at the end of her tailored trousers shown algae green skin. She furiously ripped off her gauntlets. What was once cream colored skin was now as green as the grass she sat in. Something felt off as she tried to stand. Her legs just couldn’t hold her at the moment.

    “Sir. Richard please, help me to the spring I beg of you.”

    The kitsune looked at Cade with conflicting eyes. He couldn’t believe that this was the guardswoman that he had loved locking horns with or the one that could dance so beautifully. He finally realized that her dark blue eyes that can instill hope in anyone were hers. He shouldered his bow and looped an arm around her back. Cade helped as much as she could, kicking her feet to push them to the water. He gently lowered her down and she crawled to the edge. With the water as still as can be, she saw her hair and her eyes, but everything else, everything else is different. Green skin and crimped ears. She said a silent pray thanking the gods that her tusks weren’t obnoxiously long. Her strength returning she stood back up a few inches taller than before, and another prayer was said. Cade’s mind returned to the elf.

    “I have to find Kylith, we were put under a curse and he could be far worse off than I am.”
  16. There was still a great deal of disbelief coming from the kitsune as he watched the orc stand from the nearby spring though everything that he had experienced. Still, he had personally witnessed the strange metamorphosis. Someone of the 'Higher' races becoming 'Lesser,' as many would like to put it. If it were anyone else, Richard would have loved to shove this revelation into their face. After all, he never felt lesser... at least not like how the people of Krynn seemed to believe.

    This orc was Cade, though. Initially he had played with the idea that the ex-human was some sort of shapechanger in Cade's body, though that wouldn't explain her knowing things any old shapechanger would know. Right? Not unless they were really into their role, he supposed. Besides, he wasn't aware of any shapechangers whose true form resembled an orc, so his own theory of doubt didn't really fit all that well.

    His mind made up, he followed along with the idea of a curse. The kitsune pointed a clawed finger towards the two black robes on the ground, "After you passed out, three more figures identical to the one you attacked appeared. I was able to step in and help by then; shot one of them in the back." He explained, walking over to nudge the robe with the arrow sticking out of the back. Richard knelt down to it, keeping a little bit of distance as he did, "The third managed to run off with your elven friend, though. And, the two that got injured... melted. Not even any bones or anything left, they just. Ugh..." He glanced to one of the red symbols on the robe, regarding it with narrowed eyes, his fox ears folded back. His voice mirrored that suspicion, "One of the marks here belongs to the Shadow Mists." He mentioned, pointing to the symbol on the hood. There was another, however, on the robe itself; a half-circle pointing up nearly enclosing a red orb, and below that half-circle one full circle attached to it, smaller than the one above. Then, finally, there was another half circle pointing down that was enclosing nothing. Richard pointed out that symbol, "Never seen this one before, and both the robes got 'em."

    The kitsune stood back up, turning his gaze back onto the strangely armored orc, "You were out awhile, but I... figured they'd return to finish you off. So I stayed. They went directly west, though..."

    There were several things directly east, besides a ton of forests. The town of Fallgourd, the Duchy of E'stellis, and Divinia. Richard shook his head slowly, "They could be anywhere by now..."
  17. With her strength almost fully returned, Cade stomped over to Richard. Rage and fury mixed in the air around her Orcish form. The archer reached for his bow fearing that this wasn’t Cade after all. The orc swung a large left fist.

    “Why didn’t you follow him?! I would’ve been FINE!” Cade roared.

    The fist slammed into a tree trunk. The bark cracked and there was a large snap as the tree fell to the ground. The tantrum left Cade as quickly as it came. She was always a bit short tempered, but this, this was a whole new level. Richard was half way to nocking an arrow when Cade settled down.

    “Sorry, I guess I’ll have to keep a closer eye on my rage from now on.”

    “Well, Finally! We’ve been waiting for that for entire year!”

    Richard tried lighting the mood and made the guard sheepishly giggle.

    “Good, your laughs the same.” He said much more quietly.

    Cade only slowly nodded. This will take some getting used to, but there’s still a lot of her that’s unchanged. She picked up her forgotten long sword and did a few practice swings. Slash, guard, parry, thrust. She’ll need you practice her footwork with her taller frame, but her skills have be manly untouched during the transformation. If a single punch could knock a tree down when she’s enraged, she wonders what will happen to one of the bastard’s face. She gathered her pack and returned to Richard.

    “The Griffin Guards have a saying: The Clever mouse hides in the largest kitchen with the most chefs too busy to notice him. They’re going to Divinia and if I go now I might be able to catch them. Your welcome to come to if you have the, equipment, for it.”

  18. The apparent young man waited as the former Griffon Guard packed up what supplies there still were; Kylith's own supplies would have been left behind. Whoever had attacked them were no mere bandits, considering there were a fair number of gold coins to be had in that pack of his. All of it, left barren on the ground. Furthermore, it might've been surprising to note that Richard hadn't taken anything, either. Or well, relatively surprising, at least. He was a ranger more than a sellsword, after all. Survivalism was his game.

    If the woman didn't mess with the elf's gear, however, the kitsune would have made his way towards it instead, "Whatever he's got could come in handy with getting to the city, if you don't get there in time at least." He suggested, holding said pack up to Cade. The short monster continued on, "Truly, you're going to need something of a plan if you plan to get into the city. There might be a few Griffon Guards looking like you, but nobody would recognize you. Many men can be swayed by enough sparkle, though."

    There was a brief pause, a consideration in Richard's eyes, before he continued. He had his motives however mysterious, emotional or even possibly selfish they may or may not be, but he nodded to Cade, "I can help. My wild form can fit in a fair number of small spaces. More so than how I look now."
  19. “Take his pack, there is a few pieces of parchment in there that he would want to be saved. As for a plan…”

    Cade looked to Richard, everything had been changed now. The orc undid the fasteners that held her left metal shoulder pad in place. She looked down at the armor. The polished steel shot her green complexion back at her. The Griffin flew as proudly as ever and the shield is strong as always. The shield, the symbol of Krynn’s defensive force. The force that protects citizens directly within the walls and borders. The other half of the army is considered to be an offensive force. They deal with invasions and conquering new lands. Instead of a shield, a swords is clutched in the beast’s talons. The memory was fresh as it were yesterday.

    In the warm glow of a setting sun a familiar kitchen held a girl. She was young and beautiful she looked longingly out the window. Another girl joined her who was maybe a year or two younger.

    “Is it true you gonna join the army big sis?”

    The older girl patted the other on her head lovingly. “Yup, who else is gonna scare the bad guys away?”

    “Well I’m going to join too!”

    “Why? You adore this area, leaving it won’t help you at all.”

    “I’ll join the guard then! And we’ll both work hard to join the Phoenix Knights!”

    The other girl smiled and hugged the younger one. They laughed and embraced; the glow of the sun blurred and brightened the vision until the shine of steel and green was all that was left. Cade sighed and returned the metal back to its original place. She swiftly adjusted her armor to fit her taller frame and slung the pack on to her back. Determination fill those blue eyes. Her mission to deliver the elf safely to the next town was not over yet.

    “We need to go, if you can track them even if a little bit it might tell us how many there were or if Kylith is alright. I know some people in the shadier parts of the city who might have saw something, that is if we don’t catch up to them first.”
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  20. The kitsune was ignorant of the flashback going on within the orc's head, as she stared into that armor of hers. He merely figured she was a bit sentimental, or something like that. Regardless, while she thought the ranger moved about the scenery, looking for a place to hide the pack. It was his specialty; he had many caches hidden throughout several forests. Eventually, he found a nice series of trees and shrubs that seemed good, only after sniffing at it several times.

    With the pack hidden, the kitsune retreated from the pack and rejoined Cade, who was now partially speaking to the man himself. Cade received a brief pause, then a nod of understanding, "Ah, I can try to track them, yes. Let's go do that, then."

    While Richard would be willing to chat further, the urgency of Cade's need to break this curse seemed to make any chatting unlikely. So, the two of them began their journey east, the kitsune following whatever trail was left by the ambushers. He had to use his handy sniffer plenty of times as they traveled, "Mh... I think... that they were all human. Pretty odd for Shadow Mists..." he trailed off, his doubt rich in the tone of his voice. As he tracked, though, he had more to say. This time, something more personal to Cade, "So... you feel fine. Right?" he began, still focusing on the forage and scents of the forest floor, his tails swaying from side to side rhythmically, "I guess you kind of just rested, so maybe not tired. But I'd be freaking out if I suddenly lost my tails, got taller and my ears shifted around."

    Regardless of Cade's reply, Richard eventually stopped. He investigated the rather typical forest environment for a few moments. If Cade tried to get his attention, he didn't seem to react; he was focusing too hard now. Eventually, his efforts lead him to a bed of leaves recently disturbed. He pushed them aside, revealing a magical rune drawn into the floor in magicked ink, just barely glowing with fading enchantments. Richard sighed, "Damn... looks like a portal was here. Doesn't look like we can reactivate it from here."
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