A New Color Choice Listing for the Chatbox!

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  1. The color list in the chatbox hasn't been updated in YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS.

    And since a few people have complained some of the colors are too dark or that there is not enough shades of certain colors, we thought it would be fun to get hexcode and color name suggestions and remake our color list with a brand new listing!


    A color HEX code. (That is the #000000 number.)
    Your name suggestion for the color.

    These color suggestions need to look good on a BLACK BACKGROUND because that is the background for the chat! You can suggest as many colors as you want.

    it is 100% okay to suggest a color with a similar or almost identical shade to someone else's color. We ARE going to need lots of colors like this. You can even try to hijack someone else's color with a better name if you're a dick. 8D

    NEED HELP FINDING COOL COLORS. TRY http://www.colourlovers.com
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  2. #DB2464
    Magenta Rose

    (Yeah, I suck crap at names.)
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  3. #2347FF


    You know you wanna! =D
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  4. #whatever hexcode Mustard already is in the cbox.

    Let's call it "Mustard".

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  5. #f6a123

    Peregrine's Orange! You'll find it in practically any avatar I use. :)

    But... It probably can't be called peregrine orange, can it. Can it?

    Otherwise... amber!
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  6. #6600EE - Manakete this is like my color, yo
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  7. #b4b1ac We should call this one Opossum. It's the same color as their fur. =3
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  8. There's already a cbox font color called Amber. ):
  9. We COULD rename old colors, but we will try to avoid that for the people that have current favs in the list. O_O
  10. I think a nice Mint like this might fit nicely - #98ff98
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  11. Well, crap!

    Uhh... sweet orange, summer, sunrise, apricot, warm fire, canyon, marigold, autumn honey.

    Any of those work?
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  12. Mauve - #9E718B
    Sand - #E5C999
    Custard - #FFECBA
    Mulberry - #9B296C
    Mintblue - #9EE2DB
    Strawberry - #FCC9C9
    Apple - #F24C3A
    Honeydew - #C8E5AE
    Clementine - #FCC05F
    Milk - #FCF1E0
    Dusk - #A784CC
    Moonlight - #CCB3E2

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  13. I think this would be a Lemon Drab

  14. #9483EE - rendezvous
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  15. Please please don't rename colors, I can't even SEE the colors on my browsers until I send my first message. Miss seeing the colors when selecting, I think that was when I used Firefox... Stupid Safari!
  16. #e900f9
    Yurippe's Hair

    Angel beats. Anyone?
  17. I feel like being that jerk for you Diana. =P

    I referred to site 1 and site 2 for codes originally. Gave up when most didn't appear.

    I've even attached a screenie for you.

    Colours that I like in particular are:

    Burlywood | DEB887
    Cadetblue | 5F9EA0
    Chartreuse | 7FFF00
    Chocolate | D2691E
    Alicewhite l F0F8FFJ
    Antiquewhite l FAEBD7
    Rosybrown | BC8F8F
    Papayawhip | FFEFD5
    Peachpuff | FFDAB9
    Sandybrown | F4A460

    Marigold l F6D354

    I really wish we had more red though like:

    Tomato | FF6347
    Redvelvet l 990E28
    Gryffindor l D8254D
    Pepperoni l

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  18. I like Autumn #D12C71
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  19. #AC5252 - Primrose

    #B39696 - Rebirth

    #91C5C7 - Mist
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  20. Can we just do all the colors???? Like a rainbow font....that would be interesting...no?
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